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 Naomi Ebisawa [APPROVED, 3-1]

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PostSubject: Naomi Ebisawa [APPROVED, 3-1]   Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:38 pm

Shinigami Template


Name: Naomi Ebisawa
True Age: 231
Appearance Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130



Personality: Naomi is a little strange because of how her life has gone. She doesn't realize that she is a shinigami in a fake body (gigai). In fact, a lot of people don't realize this. She's been in this gigai for so long, that she seems like a normal human with powers that don't entirely make sense. Sure, it can still be sensed that she has the power of a Shinigami, but Naomi wouldn't be able to tell you much about that. She's grown up quite ignorant of a lot of things because of an event that she now only thinks of as a nightmare: her parents' death. She lost her memory that horrid night, but is unaware of it. In fact, all of her memories are stored within one thing: her Zanpakutō spirit Natsume.

Naomi just wants to live a normal life with the person she thinks of as her sister. She doesn't want really anything more than that. She's not had a fun for fair life, but Natsume is the one thing she has that doesn't make her feel lonely, or like a waste. She's brought so much fear into people who didn't understand her because she didn't understand herself, so she doesn't want to continue that cycle. She's convinced herself that isolation is the only way to deal with the problems she feels she has. Doing anything but this would cause more pain than she'd like. Naomi is very kind and sensitive, so causing other people pain and having them fear her is something she absolutely hates.

Naomi is quite gentle and sensitive about things she doesn't really need to be. One of those things is the power of her Zanpakutō, which is another thing she isn't fully understanding of. Her power is to call for help; this is something that she has pretty much been doing for her entire life, so she finds this fact ironic. The only thing she's really wanted is someone to be there for her, is someone to be a friend, is someone to not hurt her, or someone to not break their promises. Her power pretty much speaks to her ultimate desire in life. In a way, Naomi sees her power as a blessing. Not only can she ask people to help keep her and Natsume alive, but it means that they wanted to help her.

Character Background:

Naomi Ebisawa lost her family to something she can only remember calling a "monster" years ago. She remembers the screams of her Mother as her body was torn apart by the beast with the white face. Her Father hurried to her side and tried to pick her up, only to be stabbed through the gut. Naomi felt a sharp pain as well. The monster's horn stabbed through her Father and into her side. She was bleeding badly. To get her out of the way, the monster used it's horn to knock her petite child body into a wall fifty feet from her parents. As her body hit, she slid down and watched the monster devour her family. Her eyes darkened and her mind began fading into blackness as the sounds of ripping flesh soon fell into the background and her mind blanked. Her body fell to the ground and everything was gone.

Naomi awoke in the hospital three months later, her body attached to machines she did not understand. She looked around for a while, unable to move as the weight of her own body held her down. She was weak, tired, and scared. She felt something caress her hand and turned to see a girl around her age smile at her. Before she could say anything to her, a nurse came in and caught her attention. Naomi looked to the nurse and then to the girl again, but she was gone. Confused by the disappearance of the girl, Naomi asked the nurse where she went, but the woman only acted confused over what Naomi was saying. Things were explained to Naomi about her being found in the wreckage of a building collapsed, but at this point she was too young to understand what any of it meant, and she couldn't remember...

Naomi was sent to an orphanage after she was cleared with the hospital. She was quiet and alone. Nightmares plagued her nights and sleep became something she missed. Her quiet and isolated nature caused the other kids to pick on her, to bully her until they made her cry and backed her into a corner. This happened for so long Naomi became used to it. She was in desperate need of a friend and began praying, asking for someone to be nice to her. Soon, a young girl who's face she remembered from the hospital appeared before her and the two began to talk. They became closer and closer. When Naomi asked her name, the girl said, "Natsume." It was a name Naomi had loved the sound of for so long. From there, the two became best friends and ended up calling each other sisters.

Strange things began happening with the other children in the orphanage. When they bullied Naomi, they'd suddenly be pushed and didn't seem to understand that Natsume was standing right there. If they harmed Naomi, things got worse. People began calling her a "demon" and stayed away from her completely. Natsume told Naomi that she must have the powers to be invisible, which means she could always protect Naomi. This only strengthened the girls' bonds. Over time, the protecting that Natsume was doing for Naomi began to scare the adults in the orphanage. They witnessed strange events where things were thrown, kids were picked up, and some were pushed. It wasn't long before they all decided to have Naomi checked out for mental illness; the strange events got too much for them.

When she was first seen by a psychiatrist, Naomi tried to be honest with them. She was asked about anger toward the other children, violent thoughts, and things along those lines. They prodded her for answers as to if she thought she had powers, but Naomi denied it completely. They all said her mental state was fine and sent her back to the orphanage, but nothing got better for her. Naomi always had Natsume by her side, but that changed when Naomi got sick. She suddenly became very weak and Natsume said it was her fault. Natsume told her that she would have to go for a while if Naomi wanted to regain her strength. Naomi begged her to stay, but Natsume faded from sight right there. A bit later, Naomi discovered a diamond bracelet on her wrist and assumed it was a gift from Natsume.

Things got weirder and weirder for Naomi and the other children at the orphanage. No one would adopt her because they were warned of "mental illness" and "strange events" that caused the other children to get hurt. This turned any potential parents away from Naomi immediately. No one wanted to adopt a problem child. At least, until she turned thirteen. A young couple with hearts of gold asked her if she wanted to have a life with a family instead of with all of these children who picked on her and Naomi gladly went with them and took Natsume as well. Unfortunately, this seemed to be the worst idea. A month into her stay with her new family, the house was attacked by a white masked monster; it was like something from a nightmare, something from her past that she couldn't entirely remember.

Her adoptive family was murdered that night and people tried to blame it on Naomi, but zero evidence pointed toward the young girl. Naomi was sent back to the same orphanage where people feared her even more. Children were actually told to avoid her and no one was nice to her. It got to the point where Naomi stayed in isolation; this was where the "bad" kids would go when they needed a time out. The adults began using the children's fear of Naomi as ways to punish them. If they did something wrong, they'd send them back to sit in the room with her. The children this happened to often cried in the corner begging her not to hurt them. Not once did Naomi ever hurt them, but the fear never lessened. Naomi kept to herself, not wanting to be a bother to anyone or see them fear her anymore.

Another attack by a white masked monster. Natsume had returned to Naomi's side a couple days before, so Naomi was no longer lonely. The problem was, Natsume kept telling her that the monsters will attack every time she returned. Naomi didn't care because the monsters never hurt her; the monsters only seemed to hurt people around Naomi. She didn't realize that this was just luck. Natsume knew this was a bad idea, but decided to do what made Naomi happy, and because of this another attacked a few days after she returned. The orphanage was practically blown to bits. A large black hand busted through the door and grabbed Natsume, dragging her out of the room and throwing her against a wall. Naomi ran to help Natsume, but the monster turned to her and was ready to attack her now.

A woman with long black hair: this is what Naomi remembered. A woman in traditional Japanese clothing appeared and slayed the monster without a second thought. Although she didn't ask the name, the woman was Kei Makabe. This woman's strength and bravery shocked Naomi. No one had ever been able to take out the monster like that. Soon after, the woman left without saying a word. It was almost like the woman didn't even realize Naomi was there. After a while, Naomi got old enough that the orphanage no longer wanted her around. After this final attack, the kicked her out and used her age as a reason for why she shouldn't be allowed to stay in the orphanage for any longer. Instead, she could get off her ass and go get a job like other people did, as if she even knew how to do that.

Naomi hadn't even been allowed to go to school. Anything she knew how to do was because of one brave woman who tried tutoring her every now and then while she was at the orphanage. She could barely read, couldn't write, and anything above basic math was lost to her. Without really any education, Naomi was never allowed to get a job and forced onto the streets. She never really got a chance at life. It didn't matter because there were more attacks. She constantly had to run. Natsume always stayed by her side though. Most of the time, when they ran from these white masked monsters, the two ran hand-in-hand, ready to die along side one another if that was to happen. A white masked monster chased them from the city and out to a large field, where the girls soon regretted going.

A man in the all black traditional Japanese outfit; it was just like the woman from before. Daigoro Ito was this one's name, though she did not know it. Everything that happened here was strange. Natsume and Naomi were running, but they both fell. Naomi figured it was their death, but Natsume called out toward someone, screaming for help. Naomi looked up to see a hand suddenly appear in Natsume's hand. A moment later a woman in golden armor with a shield and sword appeared over them and stopped the white masked monsters attack. The battle was brief; the monster could not handle the strength of the woman in armor. Within what felt like moments, the white masked monster was slain and the battle was over. Naomi and Natsume were safe from the monster, at least for now.

With a nod from Natsume to the woman in golden armor, Natsume pulled Naomi to her feet and ran off. Naomi was so confused at what had just happened. Natsume was hiding something and Naomi wanted to know what. Natsume gave in and finally explained how her powers worked, leaving out quite a bit of information in the process, but getting the picture clear for Naomi's sake. They had the power to call for aid, ask for help, and make an ally. It was the oddest thing Naomi had ever heard of and many questions came to her mind. How did she get this power? What did it mean? Did it have something to do with the white masked monsters? What was a Zanpakutō exactly? And many more, but Natsume convinced Naomi to wait until she was ready to tell her the horrors she knows...

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities: N/A
Zanpakutō: A diamond bracelet
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: N/A: Calling for her sort of just works...
Other Weapons: N/A

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Natsume Ebisawa
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:


Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Natsume is kind, supportive, warm, loving, and loyal; this is everything that Naomi is, but actually expressed without hesitation or fear. Natsume is Naomi's best friend and sister all in one. There are no two closer. The problem is, Natsume remembers everything that Naomi doesn't. Natsume remembers the night Naomi's parents died: In fact, Natsume is the name of Naomi's mother. Natsume knows Naomi is a shinigami, a powerful one at that. Natsume remembers that Naomi's body was forced into a gigai by her dying father in hopes of saving her life, which caused the rift between Naomi's memories. This is all stuff that Natsume understands, but knows Naomi is too sensitive and unaware of her own situation to understand it. Natsume feels she has to keep all of this a secret to make sure Naomi doesn't snap. It is way too much to remember and way too much to feel all at once. Natsume has chosen to help Naomi along slowly instead of tossing all of this information at her at once.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: Natsume doesn't remember the inner world very well at all; she spends too much time in the world of the living to really connect to it like she should. Their inner world is actually quite simple; it is a maze. This maze moves for miles upon miles and every now and then you will reach a door. This door connects to the inner worlds of people that Naomi and Natsume have made a contact with. Depending on the nature of that contract, whether often used or not, the door can be unlocked or locked. If unlocked, Natsume and Naomi can travel from inner world to inner world. (This will be given permission for, as with everything else in Naomi's powers.)

Shikai Name: N/A
Shikai Appearance: N/A
Shikai Abilities: Naomi has to be one of the oddest shinigami in existence. She has no set weapon, nor does she have a release phrase that defines her Zanpakutō. What defines Naomi's Zanpakutō is the strong bond she has with Natsume, her Zanpakutō spirit. The need to have a friend, be accepted, and often requirement of someone else's aid is what has also defined Naomi's Zanpakutō. Naomi's abilities allow her to "call for aid". When she is in need of help, Natsume's powers take hold. An unseen portal that allows Natsume to speak directly to the Zanpakutō spirit of another shinigami appears to the side of the shinigami. When Natsume calls for help, the Zanpakutō spirit has the ability to step out of their shinigami's inner world and fight for/with/along side Naomi and Natsume. The Zanpakutō spirit will see a hand appear in front of them, and it is their choice to take it or not. (Everything stated here will require permission from the person who own's the shinigami in question.) Besides being able to call for help, Naomi seems like she has no power at all. Her shikai is pretty much a contract that another Zanpakutō spirit has to "sign" by shaking hands with Natsume. By doing this, a door is created within Naomi's inner world: see Zanpakutō Spirit World for this info. The Zanpakutō spirit is able to fight at the full capacity that their shinigami has the ability to fight at. This means that if they had bankai, they could use bankai.


Bankai Name: N/A
Bankai Appearance: N/A
Bankai Abilities:
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PostSubject: Re: Naomi Ebisawa [APPROVED, 3-1]   Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:10 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [×]
  • Appropriate Age [×]
  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [×]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [×]

Tier: 3-1

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Naomi Ebisawa [APPROVED, 3-1]
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