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 Kazuo Saionji [Approved; 1-3]

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PostSubject: Kazuo Saionji [Approved; 1-3]   Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:29 am

Shinigami Template


Name: Saionji, Kazuo
True Age: 2260
Gender: Male
When you learn that the Captain of the Seventh Division has a little brother, Kazuo is one of the last people you expect. But once it sinks it, everything makes sense. Kazuo is a little haughty to the point of feeling that he's capable of keeping up with the rest of the Captains in just about every aspect. Whether or not this is true is subjective, but Kazuo believes he can. In fact, the only people he says that can best him in anything are the Captain-Commander, Kenpachi Zaraki (in strength only), and his older brother.

And just like his older brother, Kazuo has a thing for his hair. He let his hair grow out long from a young age and has kept it that way for years. He says the reason he's shorter than his brother is that "my height went to my hair." He isn't as anal about his hair as his brother, but still do not touch it without his permission. And that's generally only given when he offers for someone to touch his hair. Currently, the only person allowed to actually style it is his older brother. He is afraid to ask if he could style his brother's in return...

Being the little brother to Captain Saionji (the elder) comes with both perks and downsides. The biggest perk is the fact that there are now two Captain Saionjis and both seemingly like to play off of the confusion. On the contrary, the biggest downside is that the younger brother is always being compared to the older. And Kazuo is used to it. Well, it still gets to him. He's always strived to be like (if not better than) his brother. Not because of a major inferiority complex (although he does have one), but rather because he admires the older Saionji sibling. This is actually more shown when it comes to women, as he won't argue with anyone who says his brother is more attractive. Although, if he hears it, his brother will usually chime in and go "No he's not," which always makes Kazuo's day a little better.

Kazuo is also a lot more relaxed than his older brother. While he still is in the same mindset that someone should train to be what they want to be—that hard work always pays off—Kazuo allows for more personal time in his regimens. In fact, that is part of the reason he has taken up the mantle of being the new head of the Shinigami Calligraphy Club, which now has a location in the Seireitei as a meeting place instead of the Kuchiki manor. And when he is not doing his duties as a Captain, Kazuo will be doing new calligraphy works to hang in his office. He has been trying to get his brother to attend more meetings, as he feels it'd help him out with being calm. Plus it'd be quality family time, but Kazuo wouldn't say that to his brother's face.

Kazuo is still very much like his brother even though they are not entirely alike. Kazuo has a pride that echoes his brother's while also carrying a demeanor that is more approachable. Although he runs his squad harder than most, he regularly informs his division members that they can approach him any time (unless he is with his brother) with questions or concerns. He is a rather nice guy, and he can be calm to an almost-unsettling degree. Someone can point a sword at him and he'll push it away saying "there's no time for jokes like this." There is one thing you don't do in front of Kazuo, and that's badmouth or insult his brother. There are only a few semi-negative terms he will allow to be used—namely: strict, hard-ass, and stoic. Anything more and Kazuo's nearly-all-smiles demeanor disappears.  

General Appearance

Appearance Age: Mid-to-late 20s
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190 lbs

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:
Unnatural Reiatsu: One reason people might have a hard time believing Kazuo is a Captain is because of his reiatsu. A combination of natural training and the Zanpakutō itself has allowed for Kazuo's reiatsu itself to manifest differently. So long as his Zanpakutō is within its sheath and within 30 feet of him, he produces reiatsu less than a normal soul. He basically has the presence of a small bird in terms of size comparatively. This made him a perfect fit for the 2nd Division. Effectively, Kazuo's reiatsu is forced within his Zanpakutō's sheath. Once his Zanpakutō is drawn, it is basically a flood of power. He says the only person who can identify him so far is his older brother. He has trained himself to be able to use shunpo while this is going on.
Zanpakutō Spirit Manifestation: For three hours a day, Kazuo can manifest his Zanpakutō spirit. Sumeragi has no abilities of his own, and doing so does not allow Kazuo to use his Shikai or Bankai.
Shinigami Abilities:

  • Hakuda: Grandmaster. Much like his brother worked hard with Zanjutsu, Kazuo worked hard with Hakuda. Without much effort, he can turn a non-lethal blow to lethal and vice-versa. His skill is to the point where Kazuo can do most things that may take two hands for a Captain with just a single one. He is also capable of using some moves and stances meant for kicks for punches and jabs and vice-versa as well.
  • Hoho: Grandmaster/Master. Although he is no Soi-Fon or Yoruichi, Kazuo is rather speedy. He is about the same speed as his brother, but the difference in them is the fact that Kazuo can keep his reiatsu hidden while using Shunpo. He has the nickname of "Damasen," meaning "Silent Flash" because of this. He also has begun to train in working in Hakuda with his Shunpo and other Hoho moves.
  • Zanjutsu: Above-Average. Kazuo isn't too bad with Zanjutsu. He's nowhere near his brother's level, even though he will train with his brother whenever he has the chance. This is mainly due to the fact that he is using a near-oodachi-length katana for techniques meant for a much smaller normal-sized katana.
  • Kidō: Advanced. Kazuo is above average for Kidō for a Captain. He knows Hadou 1-50 and 58, but he is more well-versed in Bakudou—knowing 1-81. He personally prefers avoiding using Kidō, as he can not hide his presence at all. His personal favorite is Hadou 58, as it is much stronger for him due to the length of his Zanpakutō.
  • Shunko: Although he is no master of it, Kazuo does know Shunko. He learned it from a now-friend who is also a Captain.

Zanpakutō: Koroshin-no-mai takes the form of an 85cm-long (33 inch) katana. It is hard to determine whether this would qualify as an oodachi instead, but Kazuo insists that it does not meet the qualifications of the 3 shaku needed for an oodachi. Its handle is a plain black, and its sheath is a deep red. Its only other defining feature besides length is the fact it has the same tsuba as his brother's. The length is its true feature, as it was not always this length. It was originally much, much shorter in the form of a wakizashi. Upon attaining Bankai, the length increased tremendously. Sumeragi still wields the wakizashi form.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Dance and Sing (踊りと歌う; Odori to Utau)
Other Weapons: Although not technically a weapon, Kazuo's gloves have a metal-lined palm. This allows him to grab bladed weapons with ease with no risk of hurting himself.

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Sumeragi (皇)
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: What is it like to have a second Lieutenant? Well, you can ask Kazuo. His Zanpakutō spirit is known as the "Second Division's Sub-Lieutenant." If Kazuo is busy with paperwork, Sumeragi will gladly assist. Kazuo says Sumeragi reminds him of himself at a younger age looking up to his older brother. And that's basically right. Sumeragi calls himself "Kazu-san's Assistant," and is happy to see Kazuo whenever he can. When he is alone, however, he is constantly in a contemplative position and is known to not see or notice anyone else talking to him. In fact, the only person he's trained himself to snap out of his trance by hearing the voice of is Kazuo.
Zanpakutō Spirit's World: It looks like a rather elaborate Japanese-style palace or temple. There are numerous calligraphy prints across the wall, and all are ones that Kazuo has personally painted. Although, these are just duplicates and not the actual prints. There is only one room in the palace or temple, and it is surrounded by what looks like empty audience benches. The only notable feature in the audience benches is a single sign which reads "Reserved For" and the rest is scribbled out. It appears the first letter was a J though... The benches themselves are scarlet with golden trim, much like the rest of the inner world. There is a pile of books on calligraphy and dance in one corner, which is where Sumeragi is mostly found.

Shikai Name: Koroshin-no-mai (戮清之舞; Cleansing Killing Dance)
Shikai Appearance: No Change
Shikai Abilities: Koroshin-no-mai has only one ability. That ability allows Koroshin-no-mai to slice through energy weapons and constructs like they were not there. This does not mean he can cut through a spiritual being or their Zanpakutō (in its sealed form at least, if their releases qualify for what it can cut, then they can be). Instead, this means he can cut through things like a Quincy's bow and arrows, which are made entirely of energy. When he cuts through something like that, it destabilizes it, forcing it to dematerialize shortly after. This means he can cut Kidō, barriers, and etc. so long as they are energy-types. If it is a Zanpakutō's released form, if the energy being attacked is the actual Zanpakutō (for example, Byakuya Kuchiki's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi: Shuukei Hakuteiken), then it is reverted to its un-released form. This does, however, reset all cooldowns on Zanpakutō.

Bankai Name: Fukyū Koroshin-no-mai (不朽戮清之舞; lit. Everlasting Cleansing Killing Dance)
Bankai Appearance: The main change comes from his sword, which now no longer has a blunt edge save for a small one-inch strip above the tsuba. The reverse edge is now just as sharp as the main edge. The second change is that Kazuo's left armo is armored in a red Samurai-esque armor.

Bankai Abilities: He retains use of his Shikai's ability with both edges.
Enhanced Durability: Kazuo's left arm is practically a shield. It allows him to grab energy blades and weapons with no risk of them harming him. It can also block a good portion of Kidō, but a spell larger than his arm is not going to be entirely blocked. It's entirely possible that if he tries to block a spell too large, he will be nothing but his left arm.
Gekkounomai: (月光之舞; lit. Moonlight Dance) The main ability of Fukyū Koroshin-no-mai is from the front blade of Koroshin-no-mai. When he cuts with the first blade, there is energy destabilization even within spirits. This does not mean they are suddenly fading away. No, this means that where they are cut is cut off from the rest of their body in terms of being able to channel energy through it. For example, if he cuts someone in their left arm, then their left arm is unable to use Kidō until they are healed. This is rather effective when combined with Gakounomai.

Gakounomai: (鋼牙之舞; lit. Steel Fang Dance) The secondary ability of Fukyū Koroshin-no-mai comes from the reverse blade. Because it is harder to wield backwards, Kazuo rarely has the chance to use it. When the reverse blade strikes something, the wounds it creates can not be healed naturally (either by time or by a racial regeneration). Kidō does work, but it takes twice-to-thrice as long to heal someone with it. It is best to have someone with a dedicated healing ability that is much stronger than Kidō to heal the affected.

Tengoku no Odori, Saigo no Kōi: (天国之踊り、最後之行為; lit. Heaven's Dance, Final Act) Not Yet Achieved (it's in here so I didn't lose the name, plus it's fucking badass-sounding)

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Just like his brother, Kazuo didn't have a depressing past. In fact, his past was rather cheerful... even though it was rather stressful. You see, Kazuo was brought up in his brother's shadow. However, Kazuo enjoyed his brother's shadow. He trained just as hard as his brother did, but he was never quite as good as his brother in many aspects. However, he did learn one thing. He was slightly faster than his big brother.

When his older brother entered the Shinigami Academy, Kazuo applied as well. Unfortunately, he was rejected at that time. It took another ten years for him to be accepted, and by then... well, Kazuo had grown his hair out. Many women loved his hair, and it was thanks to his classmates that he learned how to best take care of it. Upon graduating, he was placed in the same division as his brother... and the two stayed together in the same division, transferring together whenever needed, much to the chagrin of their Captains.

When his older brother became a Captain, Kazuo became his fourth seat. Kazuo enjoyed being the Captain's little brother, as he had a blind eye turned to him on quite a few occasions. When the previous Lieutenant died, Kazuo was promoted to Lieutenant instead of the third seat. During that time, Kazuo strived even harder to become a Shinigami worthy of his brother's praise and began training for Bankai. He eventually gained it, and immediately went out to find his brother to tell him the good news.

Unfortunately, Kazuo found his older brother in the midst of a hard fight. The opponent was simply regenerating too fast for Big Saionji to be able to harm. Kazuo stepped in, revealing his much-longer Zanpakutō... and then told his brother to step back for a moment. He released his Bankai, and was able to make short work of the regeneration with the backslashes of his blade. Upon defeating the opponent, he told his brother "Oh, I was just here to tell you I now have my Bankai... Cool, huh?" It wasn't long after that that Kazuo was requested to be promoted by his older brother, and he was soon approved for the position of Captain of the Second Division.

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PostSubject: Re: Kazuo Saionji [Approved; 1-3]   Wed Feb 04, 2015 4:43 am

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Kazuo Saionji [Approved; 1-3]
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