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 Ayane, Ichijou (WIP)

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PostSubject: Ayane, Ichijou (WIP)   Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:49 am

Tsurugi Human Template


Fake Name: Kazari, Ayane
Real Name: Ayane, Ichijou
True Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: At first glance, Ayane seems strangely normal. She's short for her age (and concious of that fact), likes sweets, has a cute and beautiful smile and is generally a very nice girl... at first, that is. In truth, Ayane is more than just a little bit messed up inside of her own head and mind, and her sanity is questionable at best. This doesn't really show around normal people at all, which is the main reason for her seeming so 'normal'.
In truth, Ayane is obsessed with justice. Multiple events in her own past, and the contract with her Tsurugi, have driven her to a point where she sees justice as the absolute goal and meaning of her own life. As a 'warrior of justice', she'll deal out severe and brutal punishment without even batting an eye - in fact, she derives some sort of sick pleasure from inflicting her 'justice' upon the world, a satisfaction on a mental level not matched by much else in the world. In that, Ayane is blind - she hides her true, old name behind an alias, and never considers other people for the most part - justice is absolute, there are no circumstances that make crimes tollerable. If you steal, she'll cut off your hands, no matter your reasoning, and she'll do so without even the slightest bit of remorse.
However, her justice is of course not perfect. In fact, most people would call her obsession and brutality incredibly worrying, and her mental state reflects that. Ichijou wishes for nothing more than for someone to approve of her and her ways, to praise her and adore her. She wants to be a true hero, a shining light of justice, bloodied by the enemies of all that is good in the world. For that approval, she'll do whatever she can, just so that her Tsurugi and those that she saves may encourage her and believe in her. She's insecure, and although she'd never admit to it openly, or even to herself, questions the truth of justice.
Pure anger and despair is her only reaction to the true face of justice, which is why she always denies it. She won't have it - people calling her a murderer or criminal are just jealous of her justice, or even worse, are evil people that just wish to break her, a true defender of justice. Since Ayane is still rather young, barely even a woman, she tries everything in her power to shut those people out - but in doing so, she also shuts out the rest of the world she wishes to serve as a soldier of justice. Whenever she is not driven to do something or pursue a goal, she can suddenly be grasped by panic attacks simply because too many people look at her - she's incredibly self-concious and critical, and nervous even around only few people. But the one person she's scared the most of is herself, in a way...

This refusal to interact with the world at large also leaves Ayane naive to the world, though. A few nice words, standing up to an evil person, or simply caring for her or others, could quickly earn her admiration. As she doesn't see herself as particularly attractive or desireable, any compliments can and will startle and confuse her - she's not exactly mean to people she cares about or anything like that, but she doesn't know how to reply to those words and actions.
Thanks to a trauma out of her own past, Ayane refuses to let anyone touch her, and reacts both agressive and evasive at any attempt to even so much as touch her on the shoulder. The only exception so far is Masamune, who is like a father to her.
Still, what she wishes for most, even more than just praise and justice, is someone who just accepts her. Who sees that she is just not quite right in the head, but won't try to forcefully 'correct' it - someone who is honest, brutally so if needed, but not mean-spirited. In other words - a true hero, someone she can look up to and run after, to become just like that... And to find the true meaning of justice through such a hero.

General Appearance

Appearance: Photobucket
 photo concept011_zps4c77e902.jpg
Appearance Age: 16-17
Height: Rather short
Weight: Lightweight

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities: Enhanced Regeneration: Thanks to her contract, Ayane has permanently obtained enhanced regenerative abilities within her body. While not using her spiritual power the effect is lessened, but even broken bones heal within only a few days for her because of it even in that state. While fuelled with Reiatsu, her body heals at a rate where one can literally watch bones snap back into position, skin close up, and lost blood being replaced almost in a stream shooting forth. The only injuries that Ayane can't recover from like this are injuries to brain and heart, all other organs are not a problem to regenerate. Even if she was skinned alive, she would only take minutes to fully heal. While most users of Tsurugi have exceptional healing powers, hers are on a totally different level, suggesting she had latent powers of regeneration before forming a contract.


Name: Masamune
Type: Shinuchi
Curse: To create ultimate justice and punish evildoers, those that refuse to do good, or create evil, will face tormenting pain from the armor.
Smith: Mastersmith Masamune crafted this armor himself after his clan was whiped out.
Standby Form Appearance: Photobucket
Humanoid Form Appearance: Photobucket
Personality: Masamune is a rather quiet being. He rarely talks more than what he needs to, and his serious and no-nonsense attitude make him seem much like a soldier. He cares only for two things in the world - justice, and his Musha. Protecting his wielder is a natural instinct for him, and he will risk everything to make sure she will not come to greater harm. The same can't be said about other people, though - even those suffering will rarely see any sympathy from Masamune, and he has no problem killing the more unfortunate of the world to execute justice either. His brutality when dealing with executing criminals is something to behold and rather gruesome, efficient and almost cruel in how methodic and cold it is.
Only when following 'justice' does Masamune show any emotion. He is incredibly hostile towards any he considers criminals, and if not for his Musha, would attack anyone he sees as a potential threat to justice right away with killing intent. His utter distrust for people spreads to everyone but his wielder. His anger barely seems to change his normal expression, but his voice will generally become a whole lot louder when enraged, and eventually it'll reach the point on which Masamune snaps and tries to kill criminals himself if he has to. To Masamune, all crimes are equal, and justice is an absolute, perfect 'good' in the world, and the only thing able to save the world from destroying itself. As such, he will always defend his own ideal of justice, and not allow anyone to insult it.
Masamune also seems to have little thought for anything but his mission of absolute justice. Anything that doesn't have to do with battle or justice can easily confuse him or take him by complete surprise, making it rather easy to get him 'mad', which is not to be confused with his usual anger - this weird state of his mind, where he seems more like a man than the machine he usually resembles, is a fragment of the man he was before becoming a cursed blade. Although he doesn't call it a curse - to him, justice is a 'blessing', and will not accept the title of cursed blade.
However, a curse stays a curse no matter what it is called - if Masamune causes suffering and unjustice with his actions, and becomes fully aware of them, he is hurt psychologically and physicially. His ignorance may very well be a natural instinct to protect himself from that.
History: A long time ago, a clan of fighters for justice existed. Their title was 'Masamune', and they were known across the entire Sugiura Land as the ultimate vigilante police force - they didn't accept the authority of any kingdom or any ruler, and always followed their own, harsh rules of justice to force peace into existance. But one day, the Masamune Clan disappeared forever - and this is the story of how and why. A sad tale of blood and murder...
It all began on a routine mission for the Mastersmith Masamune, the current leader of the clan, and possibly the best swordsmith to ever be born. It was known that people killed even their close relatives and best friends only to obtain one of his blades, thus he made the vow to never again forge another blade unless justice itself was threatened. He was not only a mastersmith, but also the best swordman of his clan, and the most just of them all. His life was nearly perfect that way - he was good at whatever he did, he had a loving wife and a young son back home waiting for him.
But that day should not go as usual. They had been called in by one of their agents within a nearby village, and upon arrival, the case seemed clear - a weak, humanoid Guardian Beast had tried to steal some food and water from a restaurant to survive. The next course of action was just as clear - as a thief, Mastersmith Masamune himself cut off both hands off the Guardian Beast, leaving it behind on the roadside next to the village, crying, lost and mutilated. Not a single bit of guilt entered his mind - not even after a girl in white asked him if he did for following this harsh justice. As the Guardian Beast expired, he once again stated the obvious to him - that justice was never something he would feel guilt for.
That was the first, and only, time, that Masamune saw them. Two green eyes, dull like deep forest water, and never again did he feel that much fear at once. What was behind those eyes was something ancient, wise, and incredibly powerful. But all this girl said once looking into his eyes was... So be it. May justice be your curse.

And so it became his curse, and the curse of everyone else that carried the name Masamune. At first, nothing seemed different as the group went back to the grounds of their clan... which was engulfed in smoke and flames. In terror, the group of elite fighters stormed into the burning compound, dead set on saving their loved ones and friends... But only one person was destined to survive this day.
The curse had already entered every single one in the family. A 'justice' so strong that it forced cruel and harsh punishment for even the slightest transgression, and what one man may see as justice, another may see as injustice and murder, thanks to not knowing details - but the curse didn't allow for people to ask for context. It did not take long for a minor misunderstanding to turn into mass slaughter and fighting in this state, and before the day was over, even the Mastersmith would feel the claws of justice in his flesh...

So there he stood, as the day ended and the light of the sun was fading. On his sword that would never break, blood reflected the red of the flames around him in a grotesque, yet beautiful way, and to his feet, they laid bare - his child, beheaded by this very blade. The wife, stabbed through the heart by his best friend - and the best friend drowing on his own blood, slowly expiring. He was the last - the last of the Masamune. His mind was dull - any emotion had left him. No tears were running down his cheeks - for there was no reason to feel guilt for justice, right? All other emotions had been burned away - the wounds on his body were deep, and most likely would be fatal, but he didn't feel any pain. All he felt was satisfaction, and the overwhelming power of justice within his own mind.
But if he were to die, then justice would end forever. No other person would ever carry the full power of justice within them. So, through the flames that burned away his home, he entered his workshop for the final time.

All throughout the night, the hammer could be heard, tempering the steel and mystic energies. The fire that had consumed his home and was causing his workshop to break down more and more now helped melt and infuse the thing he was creating - the ultimate work of a smith. A Tsurugi, one unlike any others before it - a perfect armor, without any fault or error. Beautiful was it, the blue armor - and terrible were the weapons he forged onto it, to instill fear into the minds of all those against him. And as his life finally left his body, the will of Mastersmith Masamune lived on... within the cold steel and eternal curse of this weapon, forged from blood, bones and unholy fire.
He was Masamune. The one without a name. Not a warrior, not a force of justice, but a living curse and weapon, created from the pain of an entire clan...
Tsurugi Unleashed

Calling Phrase: "If there are demons in this world, I will kill them. If there is evil in this world, I will kill it!"
Armor Appearance: Photobucket
Height: Roughly 3 meters
Weight: 600 kg
OS Name: Justice Drive
Fixed Armaments:
  • Booster Shields: The shoulderpads of Masamune have giant engines installed in them and allow for fast flying speed for the armor, but they are also incredibly durable and can be snapped onto the arms to form a protective shield infront of the main body. Doing so against an attack that is too powerful may damage the boosters and thus reduce mobility in the air slightly.

Optional Fixed Armaments: (What armaments and equipment can be mounted?)
Hand-held Armaments: (What armaments and equipment can be hand-held?)
Seven Powers: As one of the most prized Tsurugi ever to be forged, Masamune is a Shinuchi boasting a set of seven Karakuri – or “Mechanisms”. However, it would be more appropriate to refer to them as the “Seven powers.” This alone makes Masamune an anomalous Tsurugi among his ancient brethren. Whereas most Tsurugi boast a Shinogi encompassing their entire arsenal, Masamune can use both his Karakuri and Shinogi. From an outsider’s point of view, possessing seven tricks up your sleeve in addition to your ultimate ability – is an offensive dream come true. However, such foolish men are blind to Masamune’s true nature – to what his Justice requires. For what Masamune – slayer of the wicked – requires as necessary compensation in using his grand power… is the user’s own flesh and bones. Of course, Masamune himself believes there is no greater sacrifice than your very own body. As one following the path of justice, you must be prepared to part with everything in order to bring every percent of your power to bear and defeat the nefarious warriors who spread their vile evil over the entire world. In addition to his seven Karakuri, Masamune is a magnificent fighter—who countless times in the past staked his claim as a mighty warrior. When evil stands before him, when justice Is burning intensely within his heart, Few warriors are capable of standing against his extraordinary might.

  • Mugen Juuseishi: Although it is the weakest among Masamune’s arsenal, Mugei Juuseishi is an ability which finds most of its worth in disrupting the flow of the enemy opponent’s offense. Using the flesh and bone of the pilot’s fingers, Masamune is able to utilize a special function within his palm that allows his fingers to be used as bullets. Similar to how a gun is fired, each of these finger-bullets carry enough power to pierce through an enemy Tsurugi’s armor – and in the case of humanoid opponents, they are capable of felling, if not outright, ripping through the entire body. From this alone, however, Mugen Juuseishi does not bode an extremely fatal threat. Due to the short striking distance, Masamune charge within range of the enemy in order for the bullets to do sufficient damage. As such, the fundamental way to avoid them is by staying outside his range. Of course, when the opponent does intend to clash with Masamune, it is in that moment of time that this Karakuri ability truly finds its strategic worth. During any enemy engagement – for example, when two opponents are clashing their swords together in a display of strength – Masamune can utilize the finger-bullets from this vantage point, throwing off the enemy’s intent to attack, disorienting them, and allowing Masamune to end the battle with a powerful counterstrike, all in a single instant. Another application is using the concussive force from the bullets to send the enemy flying, allowing Masamune to gain a favorable distance away from the enemy. In addition, due to the fact that these finger-bullets require nary a sliver of energy, they can return to Masamune’s armor at will. And if they do not return, due to a Tsurugi’s regenerative abilities, Masamune can easily forge new ones to carry out his will.

  • Kappuku Touteki Choukan: Kappuki Touteki Choukan – throwing intestinal tract disembowelment - is yet another gruesome ability among Masamune’s seven Karakuri that focuses on close-range combat. As its gruesome name implies the component necessary in applying this technique in battle – are the pilot’s very own intestines. From the belly of Masamune’s armor, long intestines are shot out at supersonic speed. They are not, however, used to strike the enemy – rather, their true purpose is to ensnare the foe within its mighty grip, throwing them around the battlefield as effortlessly as a child would throwing around a rag doll. Whenever the enemy intends to escape outside the range of the intestinal attack, Masamune can use them to pull the enemy into his danger zone, allowing him to strike the opposing foe with his blade. In conclusion, though it is not praised for its destructive damage overall, this Karakuri is far from useless. Considering that it uses Ayane’s intestines as a weapon, this technique in particular is no doubt painful to execute, let alone endure.

  • Onken - Roppon Kussou: Moving into another gruesome Karakuri in Masamune’s arsenal, Roppon Kussou is by far one of the most powerful among his seven powers. Performed by using the bones from the pilot’s very ribcage, six ribcage bone tentacles are thrust through Masamune’s chest armor, flying towards the enemy at the speed of sound. Due to the density of the bones, these tentacles boast a much more deadly threat than its predecessor – Kappuku Touteki Choukan – of which he can use in combination with Onken. These ribcage tentacles possess the ability to ensnare and hold onto enemy, but to pierce through every part of their body, impaling them in an endless assault. Capable of piercing through enemy Tsurugi’s armor, these ribcage bone “swords” possess such strength that Masamune can throw his enemy away as far as 1000 meters. Moreover, since it can be used in conjunction with Kappuku Toutei Choukan, not only does the enemy have to worry about the ribcage tentacles, but intestines as well, making for a bloody combo of repulsion that would test the extent of any man’s sanity. In conclusion, it is best to avoid these weapons at all time, lest you find yourself turned into little more than skewered remains.

  • Roar of the Universe: Weaponized willpower. For justice, Masamune went as far as to sacrifice his own child and wife, and every single one of his friends - the wielder is imbued with that willpower, and becomes nearly unable to die while within the armor. The same goes for Masamune - even ripped in half, the Tsurugi would not perish easily. In effect, this holds the wielder concious no matter how grueling a wound is, and gives incredible renegerative powers - the only true way to kill Masamune's wielder is to remove the head or heart. Every other body part of Masamune and the wielder can be replaced and regrown, unnecessary flesh and bones encasing an undying will. Roar of the Universe makes Masamune able to fight even when all other Tsurugi couldn't, but it comes at a price - the wielder feels every single wound at full conciousness at all times, and the pain does not numb down if it overloads the nervous system, surely driving any lesser mind using the Tsurugi completely insane. This ability disables itself if Masamune's own will wavers, but the wielder cannot disable it.

Shinogi: Return Period
Shinogi Abilities: The ultimate counter and vengeance of justice. This ability is incredibly strong, but also anomalous compared to other Shinogi abilities. Instead of focusing everything into an attack, or utilizing the special properties of the armor, Return Period turns taken damage into power. To utilize this ability, the armor has to take the full brunt of an incredibly powerful attack - like another Shinogi or high-level Bankai attack. After surviving the attack, the armor takes vengeance on the attacker - by completely replicating the attackers motion, energy and even weapon if need be, Masamune unleashes the strongest attack of the enemy right back at them at full power and in perfect execution. Doing so does not require any energy from the wielder or Masamune whatsoever, and is powered purely by the will of justice. A weak-willed user of the armor will find themselves unable to execute Return Period, no matter what damage the armor sustains.
Shinogi Drawback: Not taking any energy and sending the strongest attack an enemy could possibly execute sounds like a good idea on paper. The only drawback is quite obvious, though... To use this, Masamune needs to take damage. And not just a little bit - the attack can't be deflected or absorbed. Only an attack that either breaks through Masamune's guard or hits him unguarded can be copied, and only after the armor and wielder take the full damage of it. And while executing this move does not require energy, recovering from great destructive power does, especially if the wielder is gravely wounded in the process of both taking damage and attacking, since Return Period needs to be executed almost immedeatly after taking the hit.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)
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Please archive.

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Ayane, Ichijou (WIP)
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