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 Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 4-1]

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PostSubject: Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 4-1]   Sat Dec 08, 2012 4:16 am

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Kanna Aikotsuki
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Age Appearance: 20
True Age: 30
Height: 5'2”
Weight: 120


Personality: "If you don't ask, I don't tell." is one of the rules that Kanna now lives by. There was a time she was a lot more open with anything about herself, but times have drastically changed in that manner. Not many people realize it, but she actually refuses to speak about herself unless asked specifically about something first. At times this makes it difficult for her to trust others, people to trust her, or for her to make any friends. She feels that if someone was actually wanting to be her friend, they would show their interest in her by asking questions and getting to know her. If they do not, then she figures otherwise. In this aspect, she also doesn't usually ask other people about themselves either. She just figures that if she doesn't ask, they shouldn't tell. Rarely does she become interested in another persons background or likes and dislikes anyway. Most of the time she doesn't want to know. She is just uninterested in the lives of other people and trying to make friends with them. "I will not lie." is a simple, but very troubling second rule of this young woman. It is exactly how it is stated. Kanna will not lie. It doesn't help that she's also very blunt and rude sounding when she talks to people. This is another aspect that can sometimes get her into trouble. Not everyone takes her comments as easily as others. There have been times she'd offend a person and they would want to beat her up. She's been lucky up until now, because other people usually step in and tell the person to back off. It also doesn't help the situation that Kanna always has this slightly stoic, uncaring look on her face. Emotion hasn't been the easiest thing for this young woman to show for a very long time.

It is very hard for Kanna to actually make a friend, and to call someone a friend is a lot harder. These are people that have stuck around through all of her blunt comments, gotten to know her, and have created a certain level of trust and care between Kanna and them. A very hard thing to do with her, but once it's happened it's a bit different. A friend will see her smile, giggle, and maybe even laugh. A friend will find out where she lives, something she usually keeps a secret. A friend she might hug, she will protect, and will help out whenever she can. A friend is someone she has a good amount of loyalty to. Become Kanna's friend can change the way she acts around you a lot. Family is a different story. With family she acts the part. Not acting as in pretending, but she is who she is when it comes to her family. She'll protect them even if she dislikes them because there is a certain moral obligation to do so. If they hurt her, she'll forgive them because they are her family. Around her family she is a mother, a sister, and a daughter. She'll cook for them, clean for them, help them when they need it like "a good woman" should. Now for the man she is interested in or loves, Kanna is truly a completely different person. For her to fall in love with someone, it means that they hit friendship, 'family' status, and then pushed further into her heart that she would maybe want to spend the rest of her life with them. With the one person that has the ability to do this, she'll be shy, open, passionate, loving, happy, cheerful, excited, and protective. Protective Kanna is a very interesting and sometimes scary part of her. If someone hurts this man she has decided she loves, she can become a deadly assassin if she wanted to, or at least have the attitude of one. Though, the protective part doesn't always come from them being hurt. Kanna gets jealous very, very quickly and it's a strong jealousy. She will not ever like even seeing her man speak to another woman. This will show quite obviously when she starts glaring and vaguely insulting the woman that is talking to him. If it gets too annoying, she'll get up and walk away. If she does that, she will not be the one to return.

Kanna is subject to likes, dislikes, hates, loves, and fears just like most people on the planet. Kanna is one of those people who likes sitting in a park and reading a book. She'll take some time to relax and have a cup of tea if she has time. Or she'll hang out a home and cuddle into a warm blanket. In other words, Kanna likes to be left alone so she can relax and enjoy quiet. There are times she'll like being around other people, usually when she feels lonely, but most of the time she just wants to relax. Kanna makes it quite obvious that she dislikes liars. She'll give a couple of chances for someone to tell the truth, if she believes they are lying, and if they don't, she'll likely want absolutely nothing to do with them again. There is nothing in this world that Kanna hates more than being treated like she is an idiot. She doesn't like being corrected, told she is wrong, but someone treating her like she is stupid can immediately put them on her "F*ck off and die" list. There are times, depending on her previous mood, that she might even attempt to harm someone for talking down to her like she's an idiot. Kanna has always loved the relaxing feel of water. She loves having a pool in her backyard just to go swimming. She loves taking showers just to soak under the water. It is just a very comfortable and relaxing feeling to her. She likes the fact that she can hold her breath for so long because she'll purposely lay at the bottom of her pool for a while just because of how good it feels to her. Now, Kanna's fears are all linked together in some way. She fears men. This isn't a fear that will make her scream and run away, no. It's not that bad, but she does have a fear of men. If they get mad at her, she'll get nervous. If they yell at her, she'll likely tremble a bit. Now if one moves to strike her, the fear will vanish and she'll defend herself. A couple other minor fears are her fear of losing the man she loves, being alone, never seeing her son again, and fire.

Everyone has things that they are attracted to about other people. The same goes for Kanna. She is only into men. Becoming bisexual or lesbian is not something that has ever crossed her mind. The men she is into are tall, usually have dark hair, and have an athletic build. They have to be strong, intelligent, and witty. The perfect personality for a man Kanna would be into is along the lines of passionate, a little aggressive at times, romantic, protective. They would also have to win her trust, which as stated before is hard. The biggest turn off for her would be bad mannerisms. She's been around people who were just disgusting in her eyes. For example, a man who would open a door for her, catch her if she fell, and would step in between her and someone that looks as if they would hurt her is perfect for Kanna. On the other side, someone who refuses to be polite, is a pathetic weakling, easily frightened, or an idiot would completely turn her off. The one thing that could catch Kanna's heart in this manner is intelligence though. She is highly attracted to intelligence, cunning, and wit.

Side Notes: Closet Gamer, allergic to seafood, flirtatious drunk, not really shy... at all. Majored in Business.

Character Background:

Kanna Aikotsuki was born on September 19th of 2069 to a loving mother and father. Both of her parents were quite well off. They gave Kanna a wonderful childhood, giving her anything she needed, but making sure not to spoil her at all. By the time she became a teenager, Kanna's body hit puberty and developed rather quickly. She was blessed with an hour glass figure and large bust that immediate attracted the attention of the boys in school. In middle school, she met her first boyfriend who seemed to actually care about her. They dated for six months, but Kanna caught him cheating on her with another girl. It broke her heart, but it was just middle school, so she got over it rather quickly. Moving onto High School, where things were supposed to get a bit harder but still be "the best years of your life", Kanna met another boy. She began to develop a serious crush on him, but made sure to keep it a secret. A friend of hers noticed her shyness when she was around him, so finally the subject was brought up and she was convinced to tell. Once she did, immediately after that, that same friend went and asked the boy she liked out and ended up stealing him away from her. Kanna dumped that entire group of friends, literally telling them to "F*ck off" and moved on with her life.

Kanna avoided relationships until the middle of her Junior year. She didn't expect it at all, but one of the more popular boys in school actually asked her out. It was obvious that he wasn't exact from around there, but that didn't matter to her. She actually decided to give him a chance and was soon entranced by him. His name was Logan Drakeford and she was falling in love with him. The two of them seemed to be the perfect couple. Upon the day of graduation, after them being voted the cutest couple twice in a row, Logan proposed to Kanna in front of the entire graduating class. Kanna excitedly accepted and soon the two were married. The two of them got scholarships to the universities that they wanted to go to. Although they were both going to different places, their relationship still seemed strong. They had moved in together, and for the past 3 years have shared a nice life. Kanna now being 21 and Logan being 22 years of age, the two were starting to drift apart for reasons Kanna did not understand. On his birthday, she decided to surprise him by coming home early and cooking a huge dinner, but when she walked into the house she was horrified at what she saw. He was on the couch having sex with another woman. Furious, Kanna kicked the woman out and the two argued. Logan soon apologized, but Kanna wasn't having it. She kicked him out of the house and he went to live with his parents for a while.

One day, after getting sick, Kanna took a certain test and it came back positive. She was pregnant. Not wanting her child to live without his Father, she called Logan and gave him another chance. After nine months, the baby was born and things began to change even more. Kanna and Logan were both able to graduate college and gets jobs before the birth of their son Jesse. They had agreed that if it was a boy, Logan could name him and Kanna could name it if it had been a girl. Being blessed with a son, Jesse was chosen. Three years later, when things just seemed to be settling down, Kanna got a phone call from someone she will never forget. It was a young woman and she asked for her husband. It was then that Kanna was informed of a year long affair that had been going on between this female and her husband. Kanna confronted him about this, calling this new woman of his a whore and using words along those lines to also describe him. He hit her. She fell. It wasn't even a smack. He used his fist. She didn't move out of fear and shock, but he moved in and grabbed her by the shirt and struck her five more times before he stopped. Their son was luckily in bed and had not seen this take place. Kanna covered it up with make-up and began walking around like a robot. Any time she talked back or disagreed with him, he'd do something to physically assert his power over her. Being as small as she was, Kanna was unable to fight back at all. She literally began catering to his every need, begging him not to hit her when he became upset.

A few more years passed and Kanna was weak. She was depressed, rarely spoke, never went out, and was confined to the house, excluding grocery shopping and picking their son up. She was able to hide the pain well in front of Jesse, but she could tell that the boy was starting to realize what was going on. He was seven years old now and seeing his Mother cry in her bedroom every day was not the best thing for a healthy young boy. One day, Kanna came home from grocery shopping and noticed everything of hers was packed, which was only two suitcases. When asking Logan what was going on, he told her to get out so his new girlfriend could finally move in. He said, "I'm sick of her having to sit in that stupid apartment with our three year old son while you're here living it up." It was just then that Kanna realized that her husband had another child. Heartbroken, but defeated and weak, Kanna did as she was told and grabbed her things. She tried bringing her son along, but the moment she did he literally pushed her out the door. He said he wasn't going to allow her to see him ever again. Kanna was only able to fight the custody case for three months before she lost and her husband was given full custody. They accused her of beating the child and used that as a reason for her husband beating her. He told everyone that it was in defense of their son because Kanna "just wouldn't stop". And because they believed him, Kanna lost her home, husband, and son all in one night.

Homeless, depressed, and suicidal, Kanna was doing anything and everything she could to survive. No one would hire her because of her husbands lies during their court case, so getting a job was almost impossible for her. For weeks she slept on the street, the bruises left by her husband finally fading, but she was just getting weaker. A nice old woman hired her for a small corner store and was even able to give her a decent check for her work. After a while she was even able to get a small apartment. Things were a bit better, but she still cried at night knowing that she could not see her son and that her son was likely being treated badly by her husbands new whore. The divorce papers came, she signed, and that was done. Kanna felt free, but like a huge part of her was missing. A month or two passed and Kanna noticed a man kept coming into the store to talk to her. One day he asked her out. She was hesitant, but decided to give it a chance. The two dated for two years. Everything was good until she moved in. Things began to change. He was acting a lot like her ex-husband. One night when she asked him to clean up the kitchen because she wasn't feeling well, he got a rough with her. He grabbed her hair and dragged her back to the sink, forcing her to clean up the kitchen on her own. She knew then that she was right back to where she was before. Then, a week after that, he came home drunk. She merely asked about his day and he threw a bottle at her. She attempted to run up stairs to get away, but he grabbed her and dragged her along the floor and threw her on the couch. He went into hit her, but something new happened. As he went to strike her, Kanna raised her hands and a bright white clear energy shot from the palms of her hands, sending him flying back into the wall and knocking him out. Not even asking questions, while he was knocked out, she packed up her things, called a Taxi, and left.

Because of everything that happened in her life, Kanna became distant and didn't trust anyone. She didn't tell anyone anything about herself, stopped dating, and returned to a state that she was at before. She returned to her apartment and continued working for the elderly woman. For four months she was depressed and trying to find some reason not to end her life. She couldn't find anything. One day, she decided it was time to do it. She left her apartment and walked down the street towards the city. Once she got there, she took an elevator to the top, and walked out onto the roof. There was nothing in her mind that was telling her to do different. There was nothing that was telling her she should turn around and keep trying. Kanna Aikotsuki's plan for this day was to jump off of this building and die. She was at least fifteen stories up, but she didn't care. The young woman walked over to the edge and almost fell backwards when trying to climb over it, so she ripped her skirt to make it easier and kicked off her heels. She climbed over it, looked down took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and without hesitation... leaned forward....

Natural Abilities

Abnormally High Durability/Pain Endurance: With how much this little lady has been assaulted in her life, it is not shocking that she can take a hit from those that are stronger and larger than her. She doesn't bruise easily at all anymore. Her body has built up it's own defensive way of handling being punched or struck in similar ways. Being hit still hurts her, but she can last a lot longer than most people when taking more and more damage. She's been thrown around, cut, pushed, and hit with random objects. Something that would knock most people out would have to be done 2-3 more times to her. She can walk around with broken bones and act as if she is not even hurt. There are times that she is just so used to pain that she doesn't notice she has been injured until someone else points it out to her.

Reishi Abilities

Type: Zhànlüè. Reishi From Within.
Appearance change: None
Abilities: Kanna's reishi moves through her body similar to the manner in which blood flows through her veins. There is a network of pathways that surround each organ in her body. They weave through all of her organs, creating a new 'layer' of invisible veins that she has running through her and allowing each of them to effect her when needed. Kanna's ability is to use this network of reishi that runs through her body to exert it from certain points on her body, but mostly her hands. Once this reishi has been gathered into the points on her hands, she can manipulate it to her will, whether condensing it, accelerating it, or bending it. Once she chooses what she it, the reishi comes from her hand and can be very slow and extremely fast. There are two ways it can look when it comes out. Her reishi can look like a bright white smoke that seems to glow, or it can look like it is distorting the air and similar to that of ripples within water with the same glow that the smoke-like form gives off. Kanna can use her reishi to heal, create barriers, attacks, or even make herself invisible to regular eyes.

Reishi Network Effects: The reishi veins that are running through her body and surrounding her muscles and organs keep her body healthy, fit, and strong. Because of them, she is able to move her body a lot faster than the average human. She also has the ability to punch a brick wall and crack it without hurting her hand. Kanna does not get sick very easily at all because the reishi is constantly accelerating the white blood cell count when her body is threatened with illness, allowing her to keep from being sick. Kanna's body also has an above average flexibility that allows her to maneuver very well.

Tomoshibi Shouheki: This is Kanna's form of a defensive barrier. This barrier takes the appearance of distortion, seeming to ripple the air like when something hits still water, but it is really just the constant movement of her reishi in certain directions. It is in the form of a half sphere and can only block in one direction because of this. Just like most of her abilities, this one centers from her hands and can form instantly. This barrier can be anywhere from just enough to surround her own body or a large group of people. It blocks both energy and physical attacks of all sorts, but can only be put up for a mere 5 seconds, so any attack continuing after that two seconds will likely strike her. She can erect this barrier up to twenty feet away from her body, but for every five feet it is away from her the time it can stay up will drop by a second.
5 feet away, 4 seconds
10 feet away, 3 seconds
15 feet away, 2 seconds
20 feet away, 1 second

Tomoshibi Kire: This is literally a strip of reishi that shoots forth as fast a bullet from a gun in an attempt to do damage to an opponent or object. Kanna shoots this out from the tip of her finger towards her target. It shoots out in a flat strip, not round like one would think, and can cut through even the toughest of metals. The attack can keep going for up to three seconds and has a range of three hundred feet. She can use this once every two posts and a maximum of five times in one thread. This strip of reishi can seem invisible because of how fast it moves, but can be seen is "ripples" of her reishi in the air and has a white glow to it.

Hayai Uwaoui: This is Kanna's way of hiding from people. She literally makes herself invisible by covering her body with a cloak of her own reishi and bending the light. When she bends the light, she has it move around her instead of hitting her body, causing those who look at her to see what is beyond her, not her. She can also use this ability on other objects or people, not just herself. It also isn't limited to one person, but a maximum of three. If she does use it on more than one person, they will have to stay within three feet of her position, otherwise the cloak will lift and she will not be able to cover them anymore. This lasts for a maximum of ten posts, has a five post cool down, and can only be used twice per thread.

Jiko Fukkatsu: (Last Choice) This is Kanna's self healing technique. By exerting a massive amount of reishi from her body and into the muscles and organs of her own body, she can rapidly heal any wound that has been inflicted on her. This includes the restoration of limbs, organs, and broken bones. This is literally a last choice technique that takes days to finish. She will activate it and literally lay in bed in a self-induced coma for seven days. When she wakes up, 98% of her reishi will be gone, she will be weak, and likely need someone else around to take care of her. She can only use this technique once every two months without major damage to her body or extremely long recuperation times. ( Once every 5 threads )

Kaitsuu Fukkatsu: This is Kanna's open healing technique. This is much easier to pull off and doesn't take anywhere near as much time or reishi that Jiko Fukkatsu does. By emitting her reishi from the palms of her hands, Kanna can heal the wounds of other people by accelerating the white blood cell count. This healing technique can come in two forms. The first form comes in the glowing smoke form. Her reishi will form in the palm of her hand with the appearance of glowing white smoke. She'll place it near an open wound, the nose, or mouth of a person she is healing. It will seep into one of those and it will move through their body to accelerate the healing process. This is usually done for internal injuries and sickness. The second form comes similar to that of a small barrier. Creating one in the palm of her hand, she will place it over the wound of a person she wishes to heal. Anything within this small healing barrier will begin to have the healing process accelerated as well. This form will usually be used for external injuries such as cuts, scrapes, and burns. This can be used for the duration of her lasting reishi. The more reishi she uses at once, the faster the healing process for the wounds and/or sickness will go. This technique cannot heal broken bones, only organs, muscles, skin, and tissue.

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PostSubject: Re: Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 4-1]   Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:39 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: And now I need to finish Snopy. He has a life to save :3
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Kanna Aikotsuki [APPROVED 4-1]
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