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 Victadove vas Alexandros [APPROVED, 5-5]

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PostSubject: Victadove vas Alexandros [APPROVED, 5-5]   Sun Dec 09, 2012 6:33 pm

"There is beauty in all things. Even your defeat."


Name: Victadove vas Alexandros
Alias: Whitehawk
True Age: 75
Appearance Age: Early 20s
Nationality: Prussian-Italian
Gender: Female
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 52kg

Personality: The first thing that most people will need to understand about Victadove is that she is, for all intents and purposes, a woman who consistently wears masks around the people that she deals with. Knowing her political position, she has come to realize that showing her actual face to people is a sign of weakness; she needs to show this mask in order to garner her position. She has taken it upon herself to be seen as a common enemy of all people, in order to unify them against her. When she usually deals with others, she takes the position of a difficult-to-deal-with, harsh and abrasive woman. Those who do not know her intimately, know her as a 'bitch'. Those who piss her off are executed without remorse, as are traitors and fools that decide to attack her without honor. She has quite a staunch ideal concerning honor, and believes that the best deaths are ones gained in battle between two people. She'll allow her men to mercilessly slaughter armies in her name, but if the general appears, she will make certain that she is the one who fights this person, and she is the one who lands the killing blow--if she dies, then it was not meant to be.

Then, you see her true face--the face of the woman that cannot bear to be seen. The face that looks out at the world and only sees a place that needs to be fixed. She hates Artemis--not what it stands for, but because it's the only place that allows itself to. She cannot stand to see injustices anywhere, so to see only one place taking this on infuriates her. She's a loving, kind person--she doesn't really fit in the idea of a terrorist, and she knows that she will eventually be tried--and most likely executed. She wants to be executed for her crimes when she finally gets her wish, or she will die trying to get her wish--but maybe something will convince her not to throw her life away. She acts masculine in public, but is very feminine and cute when she's taken into privacy. She knows little about sexual experiences--having been a fighter in more ways than one for most of her life--so if someone were to try this with her, she would be very confused and even slightly embarrassed. She's completely different to the face that one is usually used to.



Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

The Humanity Codex: Victadove is a strange human. In fact, she is quite possibly one of the stranger ones--she doesn't exactly have a power. Instead, there is an age old database of knowledge within her brain; one that she can access at will and use the information of easily. alongside this, she has perfect muscle memory that coincides with this database--it means that she can effectively do anything that is within her own limits, and her limits are high.

Anything that you can think of; from something as menial as dusting a room, to a full-on martial arts battle--Victadove is capable of doing as if she had mastered it. Want her to take apart that AK-47? Sure. Want her to repair this machine? Sure. As long as the skill is within a public domain of knowledge, she can use it to its fullest. Of course, we all want to talk about combat, don't we?

The easiest way to say it is this: Victadove vas Alexandros is a jack-of-all-trades. If you challenge her to a match of judo, she will be able to fight you on the level of a Master. If you challenge her to a sniping shoot-out down a 1000ft range, she will hit most of the targets on the mark. If you challenge her to a cook-off, she will most likely surpass you in cooking skill--but it doesn't mean that she has the knowledge to pick the best ingredients. Basically, her powers limit her knowledge to the actual, physical actions. In the case of the cooking--it means that she knows exactly how long to leave things for, how much to stir them, all that kind of thing.

Of course, she's probably not the best in the world at each of the things she does. Because of the fact that her knowledge is limited to the general domain of knowledge from that aspect, she cannot, for example, fight reliably against someone schooled in a domain of martial art that differs from generality. Difference and originality are her weaknesses. Therefore, it is easiest to call Victadove a 'Jack of all Trades, Master of None.' Shockingly, this also causes her to age slowly--it's not known why.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: We don't talk about Victadove's childhood--little is known about it, anyway. Her parents raised her lovingly, and she grew up in the midst of WWIII tensions. She watched the war break out amongst them, but still wasn't sure what to do. Being born of noble blood, she didn't really have much she could do to help--but she still tried. She eventually found herself joining the UN Peacekeeping forces, moving around and assisting those in need of help. It was about this point that she discovered her wishes for peace. As the war continued onwards, she saw men and women dying around her--it wasn't enough that she couldn't help them, even with her powers she was having a lot of difficulty. Eventually, however, the Black Spot Incident occurred and the war was ended. Seeing the uselessness of the UN, the ESF was formed and disbanded the former world organization. With nowhere else to go, Victadove quickly and simply transferred into the ESF--she decided that they may have a chance at fixing the world.

She was trained for and entered the SOF. Her skills that the Codex entered into her brain made her the perfect operative--she was sent on some of the more dangerous and 'off-the-books' missions--sometimes alone, sometimes with allies. Amongst these allies, she discovered and became friends with the woman known as Michiru Takenada--Victadove was about 5 years Michiru's senior, but they hit it off quite quickly. Throughout their missions together, their consistent time alongside one another and the fact that they were each saving the life of the other caused a spark to appear--a spark of romance between the two. It was small, at first, but eventually grew into a relationship between the two. They both knew that it would be frowned upon if discovered, so they intended on keeping it a secret for as long as they could handle it. Eventually, however, they were discovered mid-kiss by a superior officer, around 2068.

It looked bad for the two of them. If they could not come up with a sufficient reason, they would both be expelled from service through Dishonorable Discharge. Victadove thought quickly, however:

"I'll personally accept the Dishonorable Discharge." The General gave a bemused look, wondering if he should take this claim seriously. He raised a finger, but Victadove wasn't finished, "I understand that I am a powerful asset of the ESF, and that it would be in your best interests to force the Discharge upon Michiru here. However, if I she is discharged without me, then I will personally take it upon myself to go AWOL. You will not find me." An AWOL soldier looked worse than a Dishonorable Discharge. "If we are both discharged, then I will do everything in my power to destroy the ESF--and I have more power than you think." Her eyes did not lie, and the man knew that she was serious. "Therefore, sir, I request that you please discharge me, and me alone." He nodded and sighed, resigned to the fate of what was to be.

Therefore, Victadove was discharged alone--and all contact with Michiru was lost. No matter what she did, her letters simply didn't receive replies. Convinced that this woman didn't want anything to do with her, Victadove set her sights on peace once more. In her eyes, Artemis was the best place for peace... and yet it was Artemis alone. Artemis was the best model for a perfect world... yet it was Artemis alone. She didn't understand--why didn't anywhere else have the same quality of life as just Artemis? She thought it unfair and cruel. She thought it too wrong. She wanted it gone, and for the world to see that for peace, everyone needed to be in on it. Therefore, she decided to do something new.

She would become the enemy of the world itself.

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PostSubject: Re: Victadove vas Alexandros [APPROVED, 5-5]   Wed Dec 04, 2013 1:57 am


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Tier: 5-5
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Victadove vas Alexandros [APPROVED, 5-5]
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