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 Kasumi Minori [Approved 2-3 Magus]

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PostSubject: Kasumi Minori [Approved 2-3 Magus]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 11:48 am

Magus Template


Name: Sayuri Kasumi Minori
True Age: 1,300 (Birthday is August 28)
Gender: Female
Personality: Kasumi was once known as the happy, always-smiling lover of Iori Sugiura many years ago. However, those times have long passed. Kasumi is now a cold, empty shell of her former self. The once-exciting beauty still has moments where she feels a warm feeling inside of her, but those are simply too rare to mention beyond this. Kasumi's mind is dulled to pleasure, and her body is dulled to pain. She can be called nothing less than a walking doll. Nothing, absolutely nothing, can cause her to feel the way she did about Iori. However, Kasumi can surely put on a good face to make those around her think they can.

Kasumi blames herself for what happened. In fact, she blames herself for everything. Everything is because what she did. She feels herself to be almost sub-human. She does not deserve anything. She believes that she only brings sadness and pain, as that is all she has seen her actions bring. And if Iori is near her... she doesn't want to be near her. However, her body starts to tremble... as Kasumi is truly afraid of Iori. And because of that overwhelming fear, her body will not listen to her. Kasumi is truly paralyzed with fear when Iori is around. Her mind, body, and soul all want nothing to do with her anymore. Kasumi already hurt Iori, and she doesn't want to hurt her more. Due to lacking many types of sensation, she cannot truly experience things despite having knowledge and common sense. Despite her mild and passive personality, she is the type that cannot stop on her own accord after straying once.

When it comes to defending herself, Kasumi is definitely ruthless. She can not feel pleasure, let alone regret (aside from what happened with Iori), so why show mercy? She doesn't want to cause her oppressors to suffer like she does. But that does not mean that Kasumi does not want others to suffer. Those who wronged her, except for Iori, are primary targets. There are also those like Daisuke, whose brother was a victim of hers, who she doesn't necessarily target, nor try to explain herself or apologize. Kasumi will strike first, not hesitating a bit, if they even act slightly confrontational.

Origin: Emptiness

General Appearance


Kasumi is not a stand-out person when it comes to beauty. Her skin is slightly paler than normal, but her dark amesthyst-colored eyes create a dull contrast to the rest of her body. Her hair varies between jet black and a deep, dark violet depending on the lighting in the room. Her hair is always kept neatly trimmed, ending at her mid-back. However, Kasumi's outfit helps make her hair appear violet. Her dress resembles that of a nun's, but the sleeves have a dual, ornate rectangle pattern. Beneath her dress, she has knee-high boots that give her an extra 2cm in height.
Animalistic Traits: Kasumi has no animal traits, not even mentally. See Fukan Fuukei.
Appearance Age: Approximately early twenties
Height: 155 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Blood type: B

Natural Abilities

Fukan Fuukei: (俯瞰風景; lit. Overlooking the Scenery) Kasumi is, in essence, a "blank Sugiura." This means, unlike 98% of the rest of the Sugiura, Kasumi has nothing that identifies herself as a Sugiura. Her Reiatsu is an "empty" type, which is the second rarest of all other Reiatsu types (the rarest is the illustrious "spiral" type). Empty-type Reiatsu holders have an ability, whether they realize it or not, that allows for their Reiatsu to be perceived by all but a small margin to be any reasonable race they desire. This means that Kasumi, as a Sugiura, could mask her Reiatsu as a Vizard, Shinigami, Sugiura, Quincy, or Human. She could not, however, make her Reiatsu appear as that of an Sinner, Arrancar, or Hollow. However, if Kasumi uses Sugiura magic, then the cover is blown and her Sugiura Reiatsu is shown. Her Magecraft, however, does not share that drawback, as it could easily be seen as another race's ability.

Basic Magic: Kasumi is rather exceptionally talented when it comes to Sugiura Magic. However, she is not a prodigy by no means when it comes to Sugiura Magic in general. Her skills in Energy Petal and Hana Moeru usage is, however, seen as that of a Master and a prodigy. Despite not having a fire attribute, her Empty attribute allowed her to learn, and Master as well, Hana Moeru. When it comes to Kasumi's usage in either of those, her Empty attribute plays a beautiful and skillful role. Kasumi can make the petals caused by either to appear like any flower she has seen in three dimensions. Thus, looking at a picture of a flower will not allow for Kasumi to use its appearance for those spells. However, Kasumi has another skill in magic. It is, ironically, a very intimate spell class. By taking her own reiatsu signature, she can convert it into a sperm-like form. This allows for her to impregnate someone without having male genetalia.

Tsūkaku Zanryū: (痛覚残留; lit. Remaining Sense of Pain) Kasumi has an interesting form of a form of Congenital insensitivity to pain (CIP), also known as congenital analgesia. For patients with this disorder, cognition and sensation are otherwise normal; for instance patients can still feel discriminative touch (though not always temperature), and there are no detectable physical abnormalities. Kasumi differs from this, as she has extreme hypoalgesia and extreme hyperalgesia. Her hypoalgesia comes from 99% of her body. If you stab her arm, neck, leg, etc. Kasumi will not feel the pain of it. She'll feel the knife, and the blood, but not the pain. However, her hyperalgesia is located in one spot, her stomach. Even just poking it will cause her to double over in pain. Her stomach isn't weak in the sense of keeping food down, but it is weak in terms of structure. All of her nerve receptors in her stomach are recieving the rest of her body's pain. Kasumi is normally seen with her right arm tucked in over her stomach, protecting it from further harm. As well as having CIP, Kasumi also has Sexual anhedonia, also known as pleasure dissociative orgasmic disorder. Normally, a human being is able to feel pleasure from an orgasm. Upon reaching a climax, chemicals are released in the brain and motor signals are activated that will cause quick cycles of muscle contraction in the corresponding areas of both males and females. Sometimes, these signals can cause other involuntary muscle contractions such as body movements and vocalization. Finally, during orgasm, upward neural signals go to the cerebral cortex and feelings of intense pleasure are experienced. However, Kasumi does not feel the pleasure. She can feel the contractions and such... but there is no pleasure. The cause is due to her past.

Magecraft Unleashed

Mujun Rasen•Boukyaku Rokuon: (矛盾螺旋•忘却録音; lit. Paradox Spiral • Oblivion Recorder)
This is Kasumi's main weapon and trump card. Mujun Rasen•Boukyaku Rokuon is split into two halves, Mujun Rasen and Boukyaku Rokuon, but they are too closely related to have them both be separate Magecrafts. Mujun Rasen is something akin to the infamous and deadly Mystic Eyes of Distortion and the equally powerful Mystic Eyes of Refraction. In fact, one could call this deadly spiral a fusion of the two. However, Kasumi does not use them as separate abilities.
When used, Mujun Rasen•Boukyaku Rokuon changes Kasumi's eyes. Her pupils are surrounded by a spiral of crimson and emerald lines with a slight glow.
Thus, it is possible for Kasumi to be spotted in the dark by the slight glow from Mujun Rasen•Boukyaku Rokuon. The main ability of Mujun Rasen is to create an exceptionally powerful duo of rotational axes. She can create axes of rotation anywhere within sight and warps them telekinetically, which causes gruesome dismemberments and deaths. Her left eye twists leftwards and her right eye twists right; a channel is needed for each direction. When perceived by those who can see "impossible things" or "concepts," the bending appears as red and green spirals. Of course, the more she uses Mujun Rasen, the easier it is to see the spirals. The strength and size of the spirals are controllable, up to a level where it can twist massive ships into nothing but mangled hunks of steel and as small as to tie a knot with a titanium needle. Kasumi can also change physical objects trajectory as well as how they are being fired.Thus, Kasumi can cause a lightning attack begin spinning or turn a massive 40mm anti-air shell into an exploding drill bit. The limitations are simple. The main one, which is slowly being countered by the power of Boukyaku Rokuon, is that she can only twist what is in her line of sight. The next is that it slowly eats away at her eyesight (50 threads and she'll be blind, unable to use the ability unless Boukyaku Rokuon is advanced). The final drawback of Mujun Rasen is pertaining to its final ability. She can only change trajectories of objects she can see. This means that she can't change a bullet's trajectory unless it or time is slowed down. Boukyaku Rokuon is more advanced than Mujun Rasen. However, Boukyaku Rokuon is not on the same concept of Mujun Rasen. Boukyaku Rokuon is a sort of clairvoyance. The abilties of Boukyaku Rokuon rival that of precognition and Projection's initial stages when Boukyaku Rokuon is at its peak. Boukyaku Rokuon allows for Kasumi to briefly see beyond her line of sight. Currently, she can "see" an extra 50 cm in either direction, giving her a 180-degree field of vision. However, using Boukyaku Rokuon causes her mind and body extreme stress. Of course, she can not feel the pain, but the stress is still there. If she uses the extra 50cm too long (5-7 posts), she begins to feel extremely nauseous. Any longer and she will begin vomiting and will collapse.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Kasumi, or —as she was originally named—Sayuri, was born to a small family in the far east regions in the Sugiura realm. The village they lived in was slightly off of the main path of the route from the capital to another large city. The largest building in this small village was an inn ran by a family whom the Minoris owed much debt to. However, their debt was too much. In order to stay alive, Kasumi's parents gave up their only daughter to the family as payment. Of course, this other family was not the ideal patriarchy the Minoris saw. This family, the Oukas, did run an inn, but sleeping was not what occured there. No, behind closed doors, the Oukas ran a brothel.

Kasumi's name was changed to what it is now, but she was not given a surname. This was because... why would someone who would only be a doll need to leave? Kasumi was raised so that she would not leave the inn, and instead helped inside with cleaning and cooking. Of course, Kasumi was not the best at either of those. However, the Oukas learned something about Kasumi one day in which she cut her left middle finger open and continued to cook. She felt none of the pain from it, and thus the Oukas got the idea that she could be 'used' countless times.

Over the next countless number of years, Kasumi's womb was used many times to the point to where she was infertile. It was then when, in the middle of coitus, one of the men grabbed her stomach to position himself properly. In a fit of pain and rage, Kasumi's mind began to spin. Her origin had painfully been awakened. Without thinking, the male's neck was simply twisted off by Kasumi's Mujun Rasen. Of course, the sight of a head going through a wall and blood coming from under a door would surely be a call for alarm. When the patriarch of the Oukas opened the door, he saw only his adopted daughter sitting there, nude, covered in blood. She was mumbling, and as he got closer to grab her to snap her out of this... his arms both twisted in opposite directions. They looked like someone had just wrung the water out of a wash cloth. Kasumi then applied it to her adopted father's entire body.

Kasumi stood up, then walked out of the inn. As she did, anything and anyone in her way was twisted until they did not have a form. Kasumi's eyes were once dull red, the same color of the blood around her, but now they had the green and red swirls, crushing anything in their sight. The inn's structure could not sustain itself after the damage was done, and thus collapsed, killing the rest of the inhabitants. Kasumi then spent the rest of the night destroying the village, trying to stop the pain in her stomach. Kasumi's eyes brought upon the destruction until there were only two left, who were then subsequently killed. Of course, none of those people could have stopped her pain. Her pain was simply time-based, and as soon as she was done massacring she found a pair of matching eyes and hair. They did not match themselves, but rather they matched Kasumi's. Kasumi had met the old woman before. She could not remember the woman's first name, but her last name was Minori. Because Kasumi connected the dots, she took that woman's surname as her own and left the village, which is still nothing but overgrown rubble to this day.

Men would grab this beauty and rub against her, mainly in the front. Of course, this would incite pain in her stomach and she'd immediately respond with that person's body twisting. Kasumi learned to not let people near her and began to twist the people before they could get close to her. But one night, Kasumi's guard was let down. Kasumi had decided to try out drinking alcohol, as she had heard that it could have healing properties. Of course, it didn't. Kasumi simply sat there, getting more and more wasted until she could not remember the rest of the night...

She awoke next to a red-haired beauty. Her name was Iori Sugiura, and Kasumi only learned that name days later. Kasumi and Iori's relationship blossomed over a period of many centuries until one day a relative from Kasumi's massacre of her village threatened that. His name was Daisuka Miwakami. Daisuke was the brother of the first person Kasumi had murdered, and he knew who she was thanks to his visits to the inn those years ago. Daisuke charged at Kasumi, trying to stab her when Kasumi decided to take a knife which Iori had given her and stabbed Daisuke before his knife could reach her. Iori arrived to see Daisuke on the ground, dead, and Kasumi standing over him. Iori cursed Kasumi and Kasumi, who had finally found someone who could make her smile, was crushed. Kasumi could not defend her actions and thus ran far away and has not stopped running since.

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PostSubject: Re: Kasumi Minori [Approved 2-3 Magus]   Fri Dec 14, 2012 3:59 pm

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Tier: 2-3

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Kasumi Minori [Approved 2-3 Magus]
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