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 Llort (Hollow) [WIP]

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PostSubject: Llort (Hollow) [WIP]   Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:01 pm

Hollow Template


Name: Llort
True Age: 379 yrs.
Gender: Non-Gender
Hollow Class: Adjuchas

General Appearance

Appearance: See picture for a more detailed look of Llort. The hollow's main appearance is that of a very long and tall being. Skeletal to the extent it has numerous bones popping out of its skin, Llort's body is covered in a mixture of skin and bone providing the hollow added protection from its enemies. While Llort does have an elongated head, the larger part of its skull actually contains other organs, besides a brain. It is extremely heavy due to the amount of organic tissue making up its body. Its skin is a dark black, with contrasting white bone giving llort an unsettling appearance to those who lay their eyes upon it.
Character Appearance:

Hollow Mask: Llort's mask is that of the popular meme of the twenty-first century, the troll face. The white hollow mask covers Llort's face, wrapping around the hollow's head instead of being a flat picture. The black lines associated with the troll meme are engraved lines of darker hollow bone that gives Llort's mask a feeling of depth. However it should be noted the eyes of the troll design are actually Llort's hollow holes, the hollow actually have two on its face, instead of the normal one near its heart.
Mask Appearance:
Appearance Age: Llort, due to its physique doesn't have a true tell to its age, though it can be argued it appears older because of its personality, Llort does not have many discernible features to give an individual or group a reason to believe that Llort is old or young.
Height: 23 ft.
Weight: 627 lbs.

Natural Abilities

Overall Ability: (This is where you will tell us all about your characters special abilities. Please make sure that your powers don't start off at their strongest because Hollows do progress through different stages. This being said, you have the creative freedom to invent any powers you can imagine.)

Techniques: See list below.

=Technique One: (Air-Walking) Llort is able to manipulate its spiritual energy so that it can walk in the air, solidifying the area around parts of its body as if it were a real surface so it can move about freely in the air. It takes little to no energy to use this ability.
=Technique Two: (Acidic Touch) Llort's body gives off an estranged spiritual energy that harms those who touch the hollow. Its energy causes burns, which are similar to acidic burns, on the victims body or weaponry that touches Llort. Though the burning is not very serious it does stop regeneration and repairing abilities in that burned area. This ability is passive.
=Technique Three: (Garganta) Llort is able to tear a hole in space to move between the hollow dimension and that of the world of the living.
=Technique Four: (Negacion)
=Technique Five: (Cero)
=Technique Six: (Bala)
=Technique Seven: (Gran Rey Cero)
=Technique Eight: (Regeneration)
=Technique Nine: (Soul Separation)
=Technique Ten: (Soul Devouring)
=Technique Eleven: (Pesquisa)
=Technique Twelve: (Hierro)
=Technique Thirteen: (Sonido)

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:
Roleplay Sample:
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PostSubject: Re: Llort (Hollow) [WIP]   Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:00 am

Archived due to inactivity.

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Llort (Hollow) [WIP]
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