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 Maximillian Jürgen-Haaz

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PostSubject: Maximillian Jürgen-Haaz   Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:04 am

"Thousands of our people will die!"

"...do I look like I give a fuck?"

Name: Maximillian Jürgen-Haaz
True Age: 199
Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 32
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 156lb

Personality: Maximillian doesn't actually give a damn about you, your wellbeing, or anything related to your life. You are nothing more than a being standing in the midst of his gloriousness, and he will tell you as such no matter what you try and reply with. He is the King, and the Power. A General who commands men and Arrancar with the same level of brevity, Maximillian will do anything in his power to ensure that his goals are furthered. Right now, his goals are aligned with that of the Espada, as he views the Shinigami as a blight on existence who do not deserve his kindness, or his mercy. If their goals did not align, it would be clear to Maximillian that he would not require the Espada for his work.

His apathy is clear in his every action, as he is more than willing to send platoons of loyal soldiers into the depths of Hell to continue his agendas. He knows that he can easily get more troops--nobody really wants to be his Fraccion for very long. If he acknowledges your existence, it is entirely likely that you are either a useful tool, or something else. It is rare for him to consider somebody for romance, but also understands that it may be necessary to further his own bloodline. He wishes for his purity to continue on through the world--but also knows that it is unlikely that he will be able to do so without love. It is still a detestable thing right now.

He is a tactical genius, and will often try not to involve himself directly on the front lines, especially if he knows that he is throwing soldiers into a death trap.  When he is forced to fight, he attempts to gain the enemy as an ally first: if that fails, then he will try to make the fight as swift as possible. He never fights one-on-one, as he is far weaker in a fight than your average Espada. He will attempt to defeat you by throwing minions at you until either you tire out, or he runs out of minions. If you tire out, then you will be swiftly executed, Maximillian taking your head as a prize. If he runs out of minions, he will turn tail and run.

He is disgusted with the fact that he is only the Eighth Espada, and aspires for much more. As he is a terrible combatant, however, he has never prevailed--or even attempted.

General Appearance


Mask Fragment: Maximillian's Mask Fragments are above each of his ears, curling around those ears as if they were earpieces. They do not cover the ears.

Hollow Hole: Maximillian's Hollow Hole is situated underneath his eyepatch, where his right eye should be.

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities:

Presence of the Kommandant: Maximillian is very good at commanding weak mooks. Any Arrancar a full tier below him is almost guaranteed to be unable to resist his commands, no matter what those commands are. It does not matter if the commands are suicidal, or against their morals. Anything that is not an Arrancar has to be a full two tiers below Maximillian to be able to be ordered around by him. Strong-willed characters (read: PCs) can resist his orders.

Zanpakutō Appearance: Maximillian's Zanpakutō appears as an officer's sabre that sits at his hip. It is not very well-kept in appearance, but is also not very well-adorned.

Other Weapons: A single flintlock pistol that fires miniature Bolas. These Bolas are at about a quarter of the strength of the average one, but can be fired off at a high rate.


Resurrección Name: Soldaten Ohne Ehre (Soldiers Without Honor)
Resurrección Release Phrase: To me!

Resurrección Appearance:

Maximillian regains the sight in his right eye, and his voice takes on a heavily distorted quality that is unintelligible for most people. If one is under the effects of his Presence of the Kommandant, they hear his words perfectly and clearly, no matter how far away from him they are--or whatever plane of existence they are in. Higher-ranked Espada can also make sense of his speech.

Resurrección Abilities: Firstly, the ability Presence of the Kommandant is increased in power, allowing him to control Arrancar up to half a tier group below him, and non-Arrancar up to a tier group below him.

Kommandant's Eyes: Not only regaining the sight in his right eye, Maximillian gets another boost to his sight. Capable of seeing the status of his own army (and subsequently disregard it), he can command his troops to wherever he sees fit.

Army of the General: While he can generally find mooks to do his bidding, he is also capable of creating his own soldiers. He is capable of creating, per round, up to one-hundred 4-5 tier Arrancar, completely under his control. While easy to kill, they can pretty much be summoned without any kind of real effort--but he can only summon two-thousand per thread. This is the capstone power of his Resurreccion.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Death does not matter to a Kommandant. When the Nazis began to work with their Krieg upon the world, Maximillian threw himself into the war without any real care. He drove soldiers to their deaths in his attempts to purge his enemies, and eventually found himself in control over one of the many Concentration Camps throughout Germany (because he was costing too many soldiers). He took to this job easily, but still had a want to control men. He did not  care about killing. The power involved was what he wanted. Even when he died, he did not give up on his dreams of power.

With such a corrupted soul, it was clear that he was going to devolve into a Hollow. Honestly, it's a surprise that he didn't devolve at a faster rate than he did. The transition to Arrancar was quite swift as well. The rest of his story doesn't particularly matter--just know that he eventually found himself in place as the Octava Espada. Suits him enough. For now.
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Maximillian Jürgen-Haaz
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