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 Captain of Division 8 (Completed)

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PostSubject: Captain of Division 8 (Completed)   Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:56 am

Shinigami Template


Name:Bujuro Tawara
True Age:752
Bujuro isn't a prideful man, he doesn't give himself praise for anything that he does in his life. He simply believes that he is an instrument and a tool to be used as necessary. To him being prideful is a weakness as one may have overestimate their abilities. He is quiet the opposite, he constantly talks down upon himself so that he may continue to get stronger, often calling himself weak so he may continue to rise in his pursuit of the ultimate power to protect himself, and everyone else around. His quest for power doesn't stand in his way of his sense of justice, as he knows not all power is good.

Bujuro isn't scared of fighting for what he believes in and truly believes that no one can grant him his goals and that he must obtain his goals ultimately by himself, as ones own power helps shape their own future. In truth Bujuro is striving to strive effortlessly, but for eternity.

Bujuro likes to be in large crowds, but doesn't like being the center of attention. Instead he gets his pleasure from making other people happy and smile. He is willing to engage in conversation, but sometimes can ask questions that might bother some people, however Bujuro believes that asking questions is the easiest way of getting to know someone else. When he is on the other end of the stick he doesn't really share much about himself, he simply says he is not interesting and that he is boring, but if a person is capable of cracking open Bujuro by giving a little push he will smile and tell them more about himself, but overall he is more willing to listen to whatever they have to say being an open ear.

With his Squad
Even though Bujuro doesn't hail himself as anything special he knows his duties as the Captain he is somewhat responsible for everyone under him so he tries his best to aid them with advice and guide them best he can, as he can't just tell them no or turn them away when they require his help. Even though he is of higher rank he treats all of his comrades with respect no matter how low of a rank they are.

Before Battle
Bujuro a battle begins Bujuro feels that it's necessary to introduce himself to his opponent he will also state his reason for fighting. He will then wait opponent to introduce themselves giving their name and he will also ask them their reason for fighting, if they do not to this he will ask them to state their reason for fighting. He will then ask them would them are they fighting until the other is bested or ask if they are fighting until the other no longer exist. If they state the latter he will ask them do they have any last wishes or last words for their loved ones that they would like Bujuro to deliver to them, if they don't survive the battle with him. Before they begin he will ask them one more time if they are willing to do this. Once in a battle to the death he attempts to kill his opponent immediately, and will not spar them as they already made a declare on his life, and his allies. If the battle continues to Bujuro will continue to keep his mouth shut, he will not speak to his opponent no matter what they have to say he will continue attacking until they are dead. Bujuro however knows when he is beaten, despite him not being prideful he isn't the type to just role over and die. For others Death unfortunately is their last and permeate residence. He will then keep his promise to his fallen opponent, if there request was reasonable.

In battle Bujuro is willing to stand alone against very powerful enemies, if it gives his allies a chance to escape or if he must protect them. Bujuru is tries to be the first person on the battlefield and the last to leave, not out of pride, but because he feels he must as it is his duty to protect all. However, if he is given an order he will not disobey it. At heart Bujuro is a warrior and he isn't afraid to die for the right cause, but is unwilling to give his life for someone who is already dead, as he thinks it's pointless. As stated before Bujuro is a warrior, not a warlord, but simply a sword, and a shield in the right hands, Bujuro can be a great ally to all as he doesn't pose a threat to anyone unless it's completely out of his hands.

Bujuro and his Zanpakutō get along fairly well, but Rokude Ryouja is rather lazy at times, sleeping most of time, and only really wakes up for battle. As he doesn't mind Bujuro waking up, he will begin lecturing him telling him what he should do, or advise him in what he needs to do. Bujuro sometimes makes fun of Rokude Ryuouja by calling him Yamato no Orochi, as he Bujuro recently found out there is a movie called the Journey to the West By doing this it greatly annoys his partner, while amusing himself. Together they work as a strong unit, but Rokude Ryuouja feels that Bujuro needs to keep learning.

Other Races
Bujuro doesn't hate or dislike any other races as far as Arrancars or Quincy. He simply views it as a misunderstanding between one another. He isn't one to try to attack another of a race simply because of their identity. He tries to learn, and understand each individual he tries to become something of a diplomat for foreign territory.  
General Appearance

Bujuro appears to like wearing his hair style in thin well kept manner, but layered over his eyes from time to time. The length of his hair moves to all the way to the back of his ankles, all the while two of bangs hang forward over his eyes. The way he wears his hair it's most often tied down in order to keep it from getting in the way of combat. The ebony colored hair itself is naturally smooth, and usually smells of fresh spring water. Due to the length of his hair sometimes he is mistaken for a woman, if looked at from behind but this is only do to it's long manner. He washes it once in the day and once at night. He sees no reason to cut it as he likes it roaming. However as long as his hair is, it has never touched the ground. Every two weeks or so however he will trim it.

Face & Head
Bujuro has a very muscular jaw line with oval shaped silver eyes that hint understanding that, Bujuro knows of sadness in his soul. . Upon his neck he wears white prayer beads with black roses on each one of them, that shine brighter under The Sun & Moon's light. Upon both of his ears are small ivory diamonds that glow brightly when light hits it.His eye brows are very thin, and no where near bushy. One might look at them and thinks he gets theme waxed. His face contains no beard, or mustache it's smooth to the touch. He does however keep a very thin pair of side burns upon his face with he tips pointed. His lips are larger than normal for a man of bronze skinned. As he is originally born in Africa as African man, however his lips do not stand out any more so than the next man's.

Upper Attire & Torso
Bujuro has a finely tone upper body of a Shimigami his age. His body isn't withered or hulking in size, but simply by looking at him one could tell his body is in excellent health. His abs, and arms are well defined with a shimmer of glisten. The white shitagi, and black kosode are completely divided down diagonally leaving it as a simple one sleeved upon his right side. Attached to the upper the attire.

Distinguishing Feature(s): 4 Kanji signs on each of his abs, (except 2) and one in the center of his chest being the last kanji symbol.
1st Kanji Top right Abdomen-Denial
2nd Kanji Top left Abdomen-Anger
3rd Kanji Bottom right Abdomen-Bargaining
4th Kanji Bottom left Abdomen-Depression
5th Kanji Center of Chest-Acceptance

Bujuro himself doesn't really remember how he got these, but simply chooses not to remove them, as they could have some type of meaning to them or simply that they were placed upon his body for a reason. Until he can think of a decent reason he has chosen to let them reside beside his skin.

Upon his right shoulder Bujuro has a tattoo that has come from his past a tribal set that heavily resembles claw markings. The rest of his tribal tattoos are similar to his wife's but are hidden underneath the cloths of the Death Gods.

Upon his left shoulder a tattoo that highly resembles Rokude Ryuouja is placed on display. Starting from the wrist swirling his way all the way up to shoulders. As it swirls it slowly starts to get bigger, with the starting point actually being the tail, and the end of it being Rokudes head.
The Color of Bujuro's Reiatus is a dark blue , and produces an electric like aura from his body, while the shape and official form of his reitatsu is that of his Zanpakutō. At least until he switches gears.

On his left hand Bujuro wears a white bandage which extends all the way past the forearm, but doesn't succeed the elbow. Upon the sleeved arm is usually where he keeps his badge with his divisions insignia wrapped snugly upon his clothed attire.

Lower Body & Attire
Bujuro has a black hakama, a white hakama-himo which are made of silk as they appear slightly more roomy than the standard but are great for mobility.
Black tabi, and waraji are the standard.

When he is not preforming his duties, or rather when he has free time, Bujuro will usually wear nothing more than a light dark blue robe, with a picture of the moon stitched in. Even without looking very hard one can easily see the light that reflects off of it, and come to admire that it's supposed effect is the moon's illumination. Around the areas of the moon seem to be shooting stars falling in a golden light. It's sleeves stretch no further than his forearms, allowing for more room for comfort, and mobility. The legging he chooses to wear with this outfit are a pair of ivory leggins that seems to have a pair of blue flames coming up to the outside of the thigh area on both sides. They stop before they reach the hip, but overall they seem quite comfy. To finish off this attire, he wears a simple white tabi.

In his Gigai form whenever he is so lucky to travel to the human dimension Bujuro wears a dark pink dress shirt with the cuffs folded back. The inside of his chest is covered by a simple white t-shirt which hides his boarding chest. His black pants are firmly ironed with crease running very strongly down the middle. His dress shoes also hold the color of ebony and are finely polished. His earring are kept in place still shimmering in the lights.

As Jai the Shinigami new reporter. Bujuro will remove his Captain's Hiori leaving himsef wearing nothing but a Shinigami clothes

Appearance Age: 27

Natural  Abilities

Unreleased Abilities: Ointment that seals cuts
The sealed state of Rokude Ryuouja is that of a tanto. The edge of the tanto is ebony with it being very shiny, as Bujuro polishes his blade every day for forty minutes each day. The fang is no more than eleven inches in length itself with the width of it being half of that itself. The cross guard is that of black 2 inch triangle. From each end or tip of the triangle hangs an ivory claw. The sheath of the Rouke Ryuouja is a 12 inch long and just wide enough to hold his Zanpakutō comfortably. The silver hilt of his Zanpakutō is a 3 inches wide and 3 inches long making it an easily comfortable grip that rest comfortably in his hand. At the end of his hilt Bujuro has had a member of the 12th help him customize it by placing a forty two inch rope at the bottom. The rope is heavily color black, and the with a small amount of white lion fur giving off the appearance as a Lion's Tail. Bujuro uses this as a belt, as well to keep his Zanpakutō next to him at all times.
Zanpakutō Release Phrase: Suffocate before my power.
Other Weapons: (What type of weapons does your character carry other than their Zanpakutō?)

Zanpakutō Spirit

Zanpakutō Spirit Name: Rokude Ryuouja
Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance:
Ryuouja Rokude appears as a black dragon with metalic scales, broken horns, and no wings. He is the size of a high school basketball court with his tailed tip that of a small spear head. The beast teeth are razor sharp and jagged with various coliseums heading in the back. His eyes reflect the color of a dark blue slit upon his pupil. Similar to that of a snake. His over all appearance is similar to that of a Kamoto Dragon.

Shin Rokude Ryuouja has slight variations to his appearance.
His eyes no longer hold the deep sea blue, but instead change to the ivory color of winter seasons themselves. His tail spits into seven separate tips. While a total of six arms produce from Shin Rokude Ryuouja's anatomy. His whole body now contains various veins of electrical energy roaming from his body. His pair of wings produce gradually fromg his back allowing him to take flight or maneuver more easily. While his horns regrow to a full steeled tip, and he gives birth to a moderate sized mantel of hair running from his skull. His overall size now is that of a Football Stadium.

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: Rokude Ryuouja is generally a very tough stoic spirit who normally prefers to let his powers do the talking. He is not a bully by any means (quite the opposite) he just comes from a sense of pride which he believes that actions speak louder than words. He is also extremely honorable and extremely overprotective of Bujuro. Even though he gets lazy from now and then when he is sleeping, he is never to tired to lecture Bujuro, and tell him that he isn't prideful enough, as a warrior himself. He feels that ones with pride and confidence hold power to overcome anything, and constant bitches at Bujuro until he learns that. Even though Rokude Ryuouja isn't really a bully, he to try to get Bujuro to spar or clash with other Zanpakutō as he likes to test his skills against other Zanpakutō to prove who is the King of the Jungle. As long as his and Bujuro's heart's beat they will continue to fight as one.

Zanpakutō Spirit's World:
The Area known as the Inner World is very vast and lush. It holds a massive body of water, and a large area of green land. The area is's climate is that of a tropical breeze, with the heat and cold making a perfect combination of no more than 75 degrees. The air always smells great, and the sun is always shining. The inner world doesn't really have a ton of stuff to do, but
Bujuro likes to come here and play tag with Rokude Ryuouja, but when he's caught Rokude Ryoouja usually playfully mauls his partner. There is also plenty Rokude Ryuouja usually likes to take his naps near the lake so he may drink whenever he wakes up.

While inside of the heat of battle however the area begins to become polluted with a thick blanket of smoke. The smoke begins to fill the air and darken the inner world. This is always reflective to whether Bujuro is emotionally upset or if he is fighting an intense battle. The longer the battle or the emotional distress the smoke will begin to heat up quickly damaging the area. However to Rokude Ryuouja this is what he wants a fight an intense battle between him and another spirit as he want to prove his pride and might. Giving off a slight hint that Rokude Ryuouja has a slight inferiority complex.

Shikai Name: Rokude Ryuouja
Shikai Appearance:
After saying the Shikai Incantation Rokude Ryuouja enter body will seemingly slowly vanish as a black and white embers. These embers will begin to ignite on Bujuro's arms rapidly coating his left and right arm in a metallic black steel snakes skin. The gauntlet like arm guards have various ivory branches in them, as they appear similar to blood vessel veins. The entire Shikai covers from his claw tipped fingernails up to the shoulders as well. The finger nail shaped claws are no more than 1 inch long, and since it's in it's release form it is very capable of blocking attacks with any part of the arms, however unlike most or Zanpakutō the range of his Zan is far shorter than others possibly forcing him to participate in close hand to hand combat.
Shikai Abilities: Rokude Ryuouja shikai ability is to generate an electromagnetic pulses that will magnetize the target. This ability is called the Surge. After the physical connection is made with the inanimate material or opponent. Bujuro's attacks will now be drawn towards that opponent or inanimate material that has been magnetized . This effect is completed in two ways. While coating Rokude Ryuouja in reiatsu and making physical contact such as blocking, or touching. This may also be released in a small condensed sphere of white reiatsu that is shot from his hands. Bujuro must also magnetize the inanimate material in order for it to be drawn towards the opponent. The magnetized objects that draw towards the opponent can only be inorganic. Meaning One can't pull or push another person into another person. However a person may be magnetized as well. Things such as another Cero, or ect can't be magnetized since it is made up of another reiatsu.
It's travel speed is four times faster than a normal bala. This effect last for four post with, a four post cool down on the magnetized object.
The size of the Surge is two centimeters.

#1 {Shikai}
Name -Electro Chamber
Attributes:Spiritual, Instant,Attack
' Effect 'Rokude Ryuouja releases up to two small invisible spheres that have a blue current of lighting roaming around it making it visible if the opponent is keen on perception. The Electro Chamber will then follow in pursuit of it's target with the speed of a bala. (Only if they are magnetic will it continue following them, if not then it will travel linear) If contact is made with an Electro Chamber it will continually electrify. While electrified it produces 4th degree burns and can seriously weaken movement 3 turns by 10% Cooldown will step in once the technique passes away.
(May Stack)

Post Durations:3

#2 {Shikai}
Name Lighting Bang
Attributes: Strategic
' Effect 'Rokude Ryuouja produces a bright white orb, and launches it into the sky. The flash will explode in a very intense and blinding burst of light. Damaging the eyes of all excluding Bujuro. All who see these blinding light will be completely blind for one post, and will have their vision greatly hindered and disoriented next post

Range: 110 Meters
Post Durations:One
Cooldown: Two

Technique Name: Thunder Ward
Technique Category:Deffensive, Utility.
Technique Range: Self 8 Meters.
Technique Description: Rokude Ryuouja forms an electromagnetic barrier around it's self and Bujuro. When hit the Sphere Ward will release a bright, and large flash deflecting the blow, and or absorbing the impact. When contact is made whether physically or spiritually Bujuro's cooldowns will all be lowered by one. If the enemy has been hit with the Surge and they attack the sphere physically or spiritually. They will begin to experience physical exhaustion, making it harder to continue the battle.

Name: Railgun
Attributes: Offensive, Projectile, Explosive
Effect: Fires a projectile made of magnetic reishi that deals concussion like force. It isn’t lethal, but it is capable of knocking opponents out if three or more times. The blast travels seven times as a bala. If the opponent is hit by electro chamber it will stun the opponent temporarily paralyzing them for one post.
Range: 80 meters
Duration: Instant.
Cooldown :None

Technique Name:Tesla Claw
Technique Category:Offensive, Utility.
Technique Range: Short-Mid 40 Meters
Technique Description: Description: Rokudo Ryuouja strikes the opponent any where upon their body allowing them to become electromagnetically charged . He may even fire this as a projectile from his claw. While struck with the Zanpakutō a white electrical bolt will appear upon the object and continuously glow. The following post the opponent will be pushed violently back as if it was a delayed explosion. The following turn after they will be blind for one post. This technique is similar to a flash bang. If the opponent has been hit with The Surge. This technique will increase the duration of blindness by one post for each time they are hit.
Preparation Time: N/A
Duration: Instant

Bankai Name: Shin Rokude Ryuouja
Bankai Appearance:
Bankai Abilities:
Rokude's ability in Bankai greatly increase his Shikai ability, but gains an extension to it's power.The sphere will be able to repel and damage things of a physical nature; this means swords, spears, kicks, punches, and bodies.The damage one suffers from attacking the sphere is effective on the nerves of the opponent damaging them, and lowering their reaction time by 20%. Whatever body part that makes contact with the sphere will be stunned for two post. The shield will also repel things that are equivalent to level 40 or under Battle Kidō with not so much a scratch but as it gets above 40 it can start to penetrate the shield. If an attack infiltrates the initial outer wall of the sphere; it will be able to repairs itself with in a few moment. When the Bankai's ability is up against powerful techniques of LVL 88 Kidō or a Gran Rey Cero it may be overloaded and shut down temporarily, for three posts. It will eventually regenerate after the three post have followed. In addition -
Melee Attacks infused with Reiatsu (say Shunko) of a high enough level (60-80 Kidō Scale) can pierce the force field. Above 80 will bring the sphere down temporarily.

Name Electromagnetic Lightning Chamber
Class:Offense,, Affliction,
Attributes:Instant, Spiritual
' Effect ' An Upgraded version of the Electro Chamber. It follows the exact same properties of the first with improvements allowing it to be used offensively. It's speed is two times that of a normal bala.
Offensively:When released if the sphere is within 13 meters of it's target it will pull them toward it(if magnetized and begin shocking them intensely (but not enough to kill them). For next three post the lighting will lower the victims reiatsu by 8% for three post. Once released the victims body is so damaged that their body can not be healed by Rieasu easily as there is a magnetic force that it begins to repels it. Making it require double the post to heal
(May Stack)
Post Durations: Three
Cooldown: Four of these may be used before a Eight post cool down is in effect.

#4 {Bankai}
Name Rapture
Attributes:Augment, Recovery, Finisher
' Effect ' Shin Rokude Ryuouja will release a strong blast in of Reiatsu inside the atmosphere. The Orb will sit there and begin spreading as if it is a cloud. It will remain there for two post. After the two post are complete. Bujuro can call down a very large white lightning bolt to strike himself dealing no damage, but breaking him from physical and mental restraints, such as Kidō or if he was stunned as long as his mind is able to work mentally it is capable of breaking out of high lvl 97 restraints and stuns. It frees him mentally by shutting off his brain and simply rebooting it in an instant equivalent to a blink. When the lighting makes contact with Bujuro and Shin Rokude Ryuouja. His physical prowess increased drastically x2. Giving him increased speed, strength,reflexes l . When this technique is activated it modifies his bankai's ability of resistance from spiritual and physical attacks by twenty..While restoring 30% of his Reiatsu and Stamina. If the enemy happens to be caught in the blast they will be stunned for one post equivalent to a lvl 99 Bakudo. Once the stun is over their damage output, strength, speed and reflex will be 1/2 for four post.

This is indicated by having white lighting overrun the Armor.
(May only be used 2x)

Name: Magnetic Decoy
Class: Utility
Attribute:Instant, Spiritual
Effect:Creates a doppelganger of the user. The doppelganger will pull non physical techniques such as Kidō, ceros and other reiatsu or non physical techniques. Once it is hit it will result in a flashbang effect blinding the foes.
Range: 10-110 meters
Duration: 4 Post
Cooldown: 6 post.

Attributes: Offensive, Blade, Throwing Projectile.
Effects:  Creates a sword of made of electric reishi. The lightning blade reaches about twelve feet in length. The blade can be thrown at opponents to impale them with great speed dealing heavy damage easily piercing their body.
Range: 20 meters when thrown.
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: None

Name: Holy Ground
Attributes: Support, Trap, AOE, Utility.
Effect: By sending an electromagnetic charge through the ground the user covers ground in a field. It provides a safe haven for the user increasing the amount of reiatsu as long as they stand upon it, Including foes.  The electric surge can be discharged sending a bolt from the ground keeping each bound to the ground, and stunned physically for two post. This includes even Bujuro as neither he can move physically.
Range: 225 Meters
Duration: Five
Cooldown:Once per Thread.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: New Existence
Bujuro's was born into a world of chaos with men as monsters and women as beast. They all had spirit, and courage a power that wasn't gifted to many humans. Unlike them however Bujuro was one who wasn't so primitive his mind worked well for age, and he was a mental prodigy. One day his clan came across another tribe, and he was traded for food from his, father, his brothers and sisters, his family was gone. He was once again alone, however his new tribe were courageous, and brutish. They were strong, and fearless, but unlike them Bujuro could feel fear he was a coward in a tribe of warriors. No one in this tribe fought for him to eat or for a place for him to sleep. They decided to test his combat prowess against a female. Bujuro was forced to battle the tribe member called Allaysia. She was a warrior unlike him, and she had proven her worth time and time again. As they stepped into the circle of the beast around them Bujuro charged forward to attack Allaysia. All he could remember seeing is her standing over him with her foot upon his chest as, if he was some sort of prize. His eyes gazed upon unrivaled beauty, and he feel in love with something so strong, and fierce. She soon straddled him, and had begun battering his face with her fist, as he blacked out from her fury he smiled. With that smile upon his face he promised himself that he would get strong enough to protect her, and make her his wife.

The next day Bujuro had awoken, with his body sore, and aching from the pain. Went outside to wash his face in a medium body mass of water. As he looked town into the water he could see his face still slightly bruised. He smiled slightly, as Allaysia approached the lake as well. He pushed her into the lake smiling, and laughing however she didn't find his joke too funny, and decided to chase him. They ran for several hours far away from the tribe, as she finally caught up to him, and proceeded to beat him unmercifully for the second time, he was knocked out while she passed out from exhaustion. Picking up the woman who had kicked his ass for the second this week, Bujuro made his journey back home. As Allaysia entered the dream lands, Bujuro slept sitting down watching over the war goddess. Bujuro left his den in order to scout the area for a flower whose beauty matched that of one who held his heart, but he could not find one inside the living grounds so he left determined to find a the perfect flower he set out into unknown grounds which feral beast called their home. He picked up the perfect flower to bring back to her, but the boy was obvious to a predator who though of him nothing more as prey. Bujuro heard a loud roar and began sprinting with the prized object in hand however his speed was not enough, and soon he was attacked by the beast. It's claws removed pieces of flesh from his back, and began striking against his torso. The girl named Allaysia had come to his aid, and struck the lion down with few blows. Bujuro stood up, with heavy injury. He placed the blood soaked flower in her hair, and closed his eyes.

As he was healing Bujuro asked the war goddess would she marry him, and he she said yes, if he survive. His soul ignited with the will to live for love. With in two weeks Bujuro was standing on his own to feet. Ever since then he had begun his training to be a warrior equal that of his wife, as such he had begun fighting to tame the beast who attacked him. Even though he came back injured every time it was slight and non threatening. Bujuro's prowess at combat from the wild animals he tamed, and trained with were second to none. As he loved his wife to much to best her in combat or even display his talents. Soon Allaysia was notified that she would become one of the wives of the chief. Immediately Bujuro was enraged, he went to speak to the chief, about this, and Bujuro was ambushed by twelve of elites high warriors. They dragged him out of the village, and tied him to a tree. He was then shot struck multiple times by the ones who used to call him brother. This would be the last Bujuro had every saw of them.

Two hours later Bujuro had awoken with his animal complains by his side. They had rescued him from death, he had been informed that his whole tribe was eradicated by another. Bujuro had made his way back to the tribe, where his wife soulless corpse had laid. Determined to make vengeance his he talked to his animal complains to aid him in his vengeance. In the cover of nightfall Bujuro had tracked down the tribe who massacred his own. He held a large bag of thirty black snakes that slithered through the village, they injected their venom into every living member of Bujuro's nemesis. The lone warrior had returned to his tribe by daybreak. It was a grave yard, with no burials being preformed, he decided to bury his fallen comrades, burning each corpse that they may light the way to the spirit world. As the Bujuro prepared to ignite the corpse of the one he loved, He found himself unable to destroy such beauty. He held his wife's shell in his arms, and the dark mist entered his lungs slowly taking his life in the process.

Bujuro had arrived into the spirit world unaware that he had actually even died. He was just at a lost alone, and unable to understand where he was heading. He asked around as to where he was and they simply told him District 64 in the East Rukongai. Bujuro began to wonder around town looking for something to eat. His stomach yelled with anger, he could hear telling him to feed it. He then saw a trio who appeared to be passing out provisions, he approached the group and he asked for some with a polite smile. His stomach roared loud enough for everyone with in thirty feet to hear the grumbling of the beast. The trio dressed in ivory and ebony laughed at the oblivious one. He questioned them asking were they making fun of him, to which they said no, but if he was that hungry he had some spiritual energy which could be of great use as a Death God. Wanting to learn a bit more, he had begun traveling with the trio as they deployed mounts of information. As he reached the steps he saw a woman, who he instantly recognized. He just stood there in awe unable to say anything. His body, and mind was in shock from sheer astonishment that his soul mate was brought here.

Bujuro joined the Shinigami Academy that same day hoping that he would be able to reunite with her.

During his first year Bujuro began to study with large group of students, as he was new to this world, and hollows sounded unreal to him. He was very confused, and couldn't understand or grasp the concept that something undead would be able to devour souls. He still had a hard time believing that he was even dead to begin with, but his determination to see his wife again would fuel him.

During his second year. Bujuro was targeted by other Academy Student with Hado spells 1-4 as they became very abusive in shadows not displaying this type of ruthless assault in front of higher graded student. During these assaults Bujuro began to toughen up his body as he was becoming adapt at taking some of these beating on a near everyday basis. One day he had enough of their cruelty, as he himself had begun practicing Bakudo and Hado for a simple surprise. As they engaged him in a three on one he began using higher level spells in order shut their assaults down. As the three laid unconscious Bujuro stripped them of their clothes and asset. However for him this wasn't enough of a pay back for the Shinigami. He tied them up and displayed them in front of the Academy.

During the next year Bujuro had found himself taking an interest in demonic arts, so he continued to learn these spells as a way of offense, and defense. This was something that he truly liked and decided he would harness it's power for it would be an aid in battle.

The next Year Bujuro had become well known by everyone inside the Shinigami academy, he was one who preformed at the top of his class, being able to preform the functionality of the Shinigami with effort, and help from his peers. As he edged a little bit closer to the end of his year he wondered what Allaysia's years were like in the Academy.

With two years left Bujuro no longer had to attend class, as he learned everything that possibly could be taught. He mastered what he was able to falling short in some areas, but for the rest of his time in the Academy Bujuro took his time to preform Jinzen for ten hours for the next two years. During the next two hours he would study the laws of the Soul Society. After countless sessions of Jinzen Bujuro had finally hit a mile stone obtaining Shikai with his partner by his side. His expedition of becoming a death god was becoming true. His life as a student was over, and his life as a member of the Gotei 13 was just beginning.

Straight out of the Academy Bujuro intended to join the 11th Squad for the sake of finding his bride. However, he was drafted by the 10th Division instead. He started as an unseated member accompanying many of the squad members no longer to be an observer. Bujuro immediately began using Kidō as a means of distraction as who could ignore bright and beautiful colors. As He was one of the few who didn't have a water Zanpakutō the 10th Divsion needed some time to preform and gather enough water to push back the mighty Hollow as the group only had 12 Shinigami with neither the Captain or Vice Captain being present. Bujuro was the only willing to act as a decoy so that the Hollow would be unfocused at the large volume of water that was being gathered. Their mission was successful and Bujuro was praised for his courage allowing him to ascend the hierarchy of the 10th division to that of the 5th seat.

Bujuro's last stop Division Eight. The Silent Guardians the one who support the the supporters of the Gotei 13. Having migrated once again to another Division through hard work in effort. In this division Bujuro didn't really do anything to make himself stand out. He was well liked by his squad mates as he was always helpful and gave well put advice. During his 3rd year with Squad Eight he kept silent, and helped particularity off the battle field. However during a mission most of the Eight Squad were off helping other squads with their duties leaving Bujuro and his Captain alone on a mission. They were simply going to lead plus to their proper home, but unknowingly a lot of plus had already begun their hollowfication. Greatly outnumbered Bujuro stood by his Captain fighting side by side against the horde of hollow. The two fought until Squad 11, Squad 4, Squad 7 and the Kidō Corps came to their aid. Both he and his Captain survived the attack, but would need medical attention. As they laid there side by side in the hospital beds they laughed. His Captain thanked him for his bravery, and offered him the position of his Lieutenant, to which Bujuro accepted gracefully. After a strong Twelve Years of service, Bujuro's former Captain had retired, and Bujuro had gained enough experience to begin leading a group of Shinigami as his own. He was now a Captain, with pride, and duties.

From that moment on he understood that he was a tool. A sword for the people, a shield for the Soul Society and his fellow Shinigami. But the most important thing to him was finding and protecting Allaysia. He was the armor that would not be penetrated he would protect her heart, and unlike the previous life he would be there.

Roleplay Sample:
Old Naruto RP with my character ._.

The four hundred scarlet flares began to waltz wildly, and untamed as it it gave birth to light in the darkness. The Hokage was one with this darkness, as he was alone in a room which held no illumination, but that of the candles. This dim-lighted room was voluminous, making it's existence well over three hundred meters, and Hazama sat in the middle of this ivory chamber that held nothing but himself candles. The riverbed beneath him was made from the very trees of Konoha's lands themselves. They were a deep wood brown, with a slightly tint of crimson that glistened from the refection of the flames. It took Eighteen hands to polish this wood each day, and Hazama's hands were one of those that gave aid to this task. Even though he was a Hokage he firmly believed he should dally a function in this endeavor. There where a total of two exits in this chamber, one being a sliding screen door at the end of three hundred meters, and the other being it's opposing analogous at the omega of the room. Seven Foot, Eleven Inched human ascended to his legs, with his fingers engaging in polka. He optics began to skeet, and he he went into a temporary hiatus before unlatching his eyelids. His facial expression hadn't changed, but his eyes... his eyes went through a metamorphosis which his akin called the White Evil Eye. His face now branded and laced with vascular tubular blood vessels that began branching around his visage. His tongue slithered around his bottom lip, leaving a very thin coating of saliva.

Hazama erected his arm forward with it's palm unobstructed, his left arm bending at his side at a ninety degree angle. His solar plexus began to constrict as he began to absorb zephyr through his nasal and mouth. He raised his right leg and took a slight onward slamming it into the foundation. The audio melody popped generating enough sound to pop ones ears, His body moved in harmony as he simultaneously expelling a large burst of fuuton chakra. The Hyuuga's mass would then recoil fifteen meters opposite from where he previously held his anatomy. Before his anatomy even finished migrating backwards, Hazama had already crouched his brute with his arms slanted left and right. This stance was very familiar to him, and one of his most prized to employ. A large green circle was deployed beneath him, it's light was fierce and blazing with energy. Hazama began delivering blows to the air as he was simply shadow boxing with another man in the form of a shadow. Each blow made a sharp high-pitched blast with every stab that was made. Hazama's muscle's began to tighten while the bang away continued to drizzle from his abdominals. With his final palm striking upward a burst of moisture ejected from his body as he stood with both fist forward in a thrusting position. The flares had finally given out, and whisk of each candle head was no more, but a crippled string. There was no more light in the darkness, the creators of light had forsaken Hazama, and thus his enlightenment was gone, and over.

The seven foot ten lockets of hair were wet, and waving from side to side as Hazama transcended towards his domain of living. Hazama himself had been a training for six days and six nights without proper rest the shinobi was slightly exasperated, and his next assignment was a shower, and possibly a good nights rest unless fate itself had other plans for today. Hazama shut the door to his personal Doju behind him, and took a gaze around his village viewing his people and the land he was to protect. He stood ERECT holding his position watching attempting to watch everyone in Konoha with his eyes.
(I don't type like this all the time, but it's one I thought I did pretty good at)
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Um did I do something wrong? My apps been done since Sunday. I'm not in a rush or anything but I just waned to know if I missed anything or ect though.
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I'm checking the app, I'm just sick so it's taking a bit.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox
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That's fine. Do I need to add goals and weaknesses? If so I can, just didn't see where to post it.
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Look, don't worry about it.  I will get it done soon.  I'm sick, have a migraine, and have been needing to leave for the restroom frequently (plus I have class work to keep up with which isn't helping).  As a result I am moving slowly.  When I am done getting through the app and judging everything I will make a post informing you of the result.


"Snake, we are not tools of the government.  Fighting was all that I was good at...but...at least I always fought for what I believed in."   -Gray Fox
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Captain of Division 8 (Completed)
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