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 Serenity Verdant [Approved 0-2]

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PostSubject: Serenity Verdant [Approved 0-2]   Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:14 pm

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Serenity Verdant
Appearance Age: 21
True Age: 64
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7”
Weight: 135


Personality: Serenity Verdant is a complicated woman. She isn't complicated for other people, but for herself. Because of an overwhelmingly difficult past, Serenity is constantly cautious, hesitant, and doesn't seem to trust anyone. Not trusting people and being so hesitant does not allow for an easy way to make friends, nor does it allow her to be in society the way most people can. Serenity is used to being used and mistreated by most of the people she has met. She's not used to being free and being allowed to do what she wants, so she doesn't do very much either, unsure of what rule she might be breaking or what person she might be angering. She's very distant from people, very rarely giving important or deep details about herself. When and if she attempts to make a friend, or someone attempts to befriend her, she will let go of minor details, but nothing that she feels would give them the edge on her. Even though she will push herself to try and make a friend at times, most of the time she is very reclusive. She withdraws herself from mainstream society, doesn't keep up with fads, doesn't ever wish to be popular, and can't handle being in crowds for an extended period of time. Most people would classify her as anti-social, and they are right in many aspects of the word. What Serenity wants and what she acts on are very different things, unfortunately moving herself to be despondent, hopeless. She is slightly depressed a lot of the time and has really lost hope and faith in herself. She has so many problems bringing herself to trust people, so she's never has anyone important to her. She also doesn't remember being important to anyone outside of the governments that are fighting over control of her.

Serenity's position is not just caused by distrust of those she meets, but of a big problem that she has not learned to control, and at times she wonders whether she would even want to control it. Serenity has a tendency to lash out physically. Many people lash out by yelling, insulting someone, crying, screaming, but Serenity actually gets violent. Being violent towards certain situations and types of people are a major and constant hindrance for Serenity when she is trying to make a friend, or find someone to care about her. The types of situations she lashes out in differ. It usually results after feeling fear, not immense fear, but even something as simple as being startled by a loud noise or someone jumping around a corner to scare her. Small instances such as those result in quick, sudden, and reflex driven retaliations that have gotten people hurt many times in the past. Then there are instances when people attempt to hurt or capture her. These instances result in full blown rage, battles, and many people getting hurt as well. Another type of situation comes when she gets angry. Slight irritation and annoyance doesn't cause anything, but actual anger and even frustration can trigger her to feel like hurting someone or breaking something. She does her best to control her anger, and she has gotten to a point where she can do it quite well, but there are times that it can slip through, though once she realized it she calms herself down the best she can. The way she is able to do this is by listening to music and singing along with the words. Because of this, she keeps a music player on her at all times, usually an ipod millennium. She never wanders around without it.

The less depressing and frightening aspects of Serenity lie within her calmer traits, such as gentle way of behaving. Serenity is not a monster, no matter what other people try to say about her. She's misunderstood, scared, and often backed into a corner. Her history has brought her up in the manner of an animal, and if an animal is backed into a corner and being scared they can become very dangerous. If left alone, they can be beautiful, gentle creatures that are just trying to live out their lives. It may be stranger comparing someone like Serenity to an animal, but it is true. She also has a gentle nature about her that is actually her norm, as long as previously mentioned circumstances do not arise. Although she doesn't laugh and rarely smiles, she's kind and has an innocent nature. She's spent her entire life caged or on the run, and though she has learned to fit in to society over time, there are many things she has problems picking up on. For instance, she doesn't always understand the meaning of a smile or smirk. She doesn't get the meaning of a wink, or why people shake hands. She follows these customs when it is expected, but doesn't understand them. She's very attentive. She pays close attention to people and their actions. She's observant in a manner that allows her to learn and attempt to understand. A common problem with Serenity and her mannerisms is the lack of empathy for people. She's quite impartial to people and their feelings. She's blunt, though not in a rude manner. She's unreservedly straight forward, not realizing that someone's feelings may be hurt and using her honest tendencies to get points across in ways that can be offensive to people. Serenity doesn't offend people on purpose. She was merely never taught how to speak to people in normal ways, and not everyone has the patience to tell her otherwise. If she offends someone, most just avoid her after that and don't talk to her again, continuing to never be taught how or when she should say something.

Serenity looks around at those around her and sees everything she wants. She sees family, friends, people who love one another. This is everything that she was denied as she grew up and her heart desperate longs for it now. Serenity wants to be loved. She wants to make a friend. She wants to be part of a family and have a place she can call home. She doesn't to be chased anymore, to be hunted like an animal by the governments that are after her. She wants all of the bad to stop so she can live her life. Serenity just wants to be free... But she knows that no matter how much she begs, prays, wishes for it, it's likely impossible. She doesn't feel that she'll ever be completely free from the constant danger and fear of capture. She fears that one day this will happen and she'll be turned into a weapon for some country instead of being able to live like normal people. She hoped that with the realization of spiritual powers within so many humans would have pushed them all to leave her alone, but that has not been the case and she doesn't understand why. These realizations, thoughts, and fears plague Serenity's mind and she can be caught crying herself to sleep a lot of the time. She's often depressed and goes through times where she begins to feel that everything is completely hopeless and that there is no longer any point for her. She has no goals in life beyond that of finding someone to care about her unconditionally, so she gets dispirited. She'll do her best to bring her out of her little depression and it usually works, but day by day it starts to get harder and harder to do. Sometimes she wonders if she is worth it...

Is she worth it? She doesn't know. That is something that she has come to the conclusion that someone else must tell her. You can tell yourself that what you do is right, who you are is right, that you're a good person, that you're sane, that you're beautiful, but the fact is that it means nothing if society thinks the complete opposite. If one person believes with all of the heart that taking the life of an innocent person is the right thing to do, it is obvious to society that it's wrong. Whether people like it or not, if you're the only one thinking something, you're likely wrong. This is how Serenity thinks about herself. She looks in the mirror and sees someone that she considers a good person, but she questions it. She sees someone beautiful, but is she right? She wants someone else to tell her this. Even if it is just one person, she'll be happy with it. The problem comes with whether she feels it's a trustworthy statement. What type of person believes someone that they have absolutely no trust in? She's not like that, so even though she's been called 'cute' or 'pretty' before, it was always by someone she did not know or trust, so the 'compliment' flew in one ear and right out the other. Because of her own distrust and beliefs on this, she doesn't compliment anyone either. If she thinks or feels something, until someone has trust in her or she trusts them, she will not tell them anything that she figures they'll assume is untrue. The only time she'll accept a compliment like that is if it is a child. After observing the behaviors of children, she noticed that a lot of children had little crushes on adults and teenagers. She thoughts about this and realized that this is when they are innocent and their attraction is true. Their heads are not filled with the meaningless babble of media driven beauty, so it's honest and innocent attraction. So when a child compliments her, it gives her confidence in herself. She loves it.

There are only a few things in the world that Serenity can say she 'loves' or is her 'favorite'. It's hard for her to come up with these things or get a hold of them. To even figure these things out, she sits and thinks really hard about the reasons behind them. When observing those around her and how people get to know one another, she takes mental notes and realizes certain patterns. People ask each other what their favorites are a lot, what people like, what they don't like, and what they hate. It took her a while to realize all of hers, but once she did, she has always planned to use them in conversations that she may come across with people. After thinking really hard, she came up with her own as well, and each have a reason. Her favorite color is blue because of the sky and how open it is, giving her a sense of freedom and tranquility within the color. She loves milk for it's taste and the nutrients it offers. She loves peaches, it being the first fruit she had out of the clutches of the government and it being so juicy and sweet, perfectly ripened. A little girl gave her a hard candy, caramel flavored, called a “Werther's Original”, her first candy. The first, easiest, and most delicious meal for her is lasagna. Her favorite day is July 4th, the day she was able to escape from the military base. She loves the winter, never seeing snow before she escaped and finding it beautiful. She enjoys listening to love songs, her favorite being Justice, by a sister duo who are also her favorite singers. Her favorite movie is Ancient, but she is able to relate to it in her own way, Annie. She has two hobbies, reading for her own mental adventure, and swimming for the calming feeling she feels while in water.  She prefers to be clean and will even break into someone's house for a nice shower. She also bites her nails at times, usually showing she is nervous or a little irritated.

The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of of the people who sit and let it happen. a very important quote that Serenity came across while being forced to study certain parts of history while she was caged up. The meaning of this quote touches her heart in a way that not many things can. Once she read this quote for the first time, she was struck with a realization. She hated evil. She hated it when people looked at her like a science project, but what was worse was the people who pitied her, yet never did anything to help her or make her more comfortable. If they were going to treat her like an object for war, fine, but do not look at her with sorrow in your eyes if you're not going to do anything to help. It angered her when all of this happened, so she told herself that she would not sit back and watch while someone was hurting. She would not let another be hurt when she knew for a fact that she could help. She would not be evil. That quote gave her the definition of evil and now she lives by it when the situation arises. Upon that hatred, she also hates and despises bullies, the people who do the evil. She can't stand someone who would do harm to another for no reason or for their own gain, nor will she ever understand why someone would do such a thing. It angers her. What she considers evil is also one of the things that have the ability to spark violent reactions from her, though these are more controlled and intentional. She made a promise to herself to stop evil, and to not be evil. She would not break a promise she made for herself. If she couldn't trust herself in such a simple manner, why would anyone else trust her? It would make everything she was working towards (being a good person) pointless, at least that is how she feels about it...


~* 2035-2045: Serenity was born in America on August 15th of 2035. At an extremely young age, she showed what her parents were assuming was minor telepathic abilities. She was able to life things, move them around. Though her actions were all innocent, it frightened her Mother and Father terribly. Neither of them had abilities like this, nor did their parents. Spiritual awareness wasn't completely spread around at this time either, so they assumed their child was possessed, evil, a demon. A couple of years passed and their mental state was slowly dwindling, wondering how much more they could take of their 'Demon' child’s' existence. Serenity could sense her parents fear, though she did not understand it. She loved them. She told them that constantly. She cried at night, praying that they would wake up the next day and accept her. She stopped using her powers for a while, but it didn't help. She heard her Mother say “She's probably just buying her time... We need to get rid of her.” and she broke down. What was a child supposed to do about her parents not wanting her? She was only five. She couldn't handle this, and soon began to resent her family completely. Her Mother and Father started spreading the news of their 'Demon' daughter. People gathered, questioned, her parents told her to go to hell. She begged them to stop, just to love her as any parent would love their child. She pleaded with them, but nothing helped. They were scared of her, and disgusted with her. After time has passed and the media calmed down about the 'Demon' girl who never showed her powers to give them any evidence, Serenity tried her best to live her life normally. Unfortunately her parents didn't want to allow this.

A few more years passed and on her tenth birthday something horrible happened. Her parents finally snapped and attempted to kill her. She was sleeping and was suddenly awoken when being dragged out of bed and towards the kitchen. She screamed and screamed as she was dragged. Once they made it to the kitchen, she was struck with dread when she saw her Mother standing there with a knife in hand. She screamed more, “NO MOMMA PLEASE!” Her Father pinned her to the ground and hurried his wife to get it done. “MOMMA NO! PLEASE! I'LL BE A GOOD GIRL! I PROMISE! I SWEAR MOMMA!” Serenity screamed louder and louder, but nothing seemed to be working. She turned away from her Mother and looked up to her Father, “DADDY WHY!? I DON'T WANNA DIE! PLEASE! I'M NOT BAD! I'M NOT BAD!” Serenity continued to scream and struggle against them. Out side of the house, a man was walking by and heard the horrified screams of the ten year old girl. He alerted the authorities instantly, but didn't want to hesitate helping a child that was obviously about to be killed. He ran in, charging through the door, and followed her screams to the kitchen. He caught Serenity's mother about to stab Serenity in the back. He  did not hesitate at all to strike her as hard as possible to get her away. Serenity's mother was knocked out and her Father instantly went to fight the man. The two fought and fought and the sight frightened Serenity enough that every metal object in the kitchen began to shake harshly, and then began to float. “STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!” Serenity screamed and they stopped. They looked at the knives and other metal objects that were floating around and just stood there quietly, out of fear. A moment later, the authorities showed up and stared at Serenity in shock.

The man who saved her, her mother, and her father were all questioned about the incident. Serenity sat in a room alone, handcuffed to a bolted down table and blindfolded. No one knew how to react to what they saw. Hours passed and her savior was let go. Her parents were charged with attempted murder and child abuse and thrown in jail, immediately deemed unfit to take care of their daughter. The police went to speak to Serenity and told her what was going on. She began to cry. “Why do they hate me so much?” she asked, choking on her own tears. She just didn't understand how they could hate her. Until today, she did her best to be good. During their little interview, someone dressed in a black suit and looking very important came to them and told them that this was a matter of “National Security”. Serenity had no idea what that meant, but it sounded bad. Serenity was questioned for hours and hours about her powers. She wasn't given anything to eat or drink, and ended up passing out. Ours later, she woke up in what seemed like a hospital room with weird wires attached to her. She got scared and began screaming for help, but no one came. She screamed louder and louder, beginning to rip the weird out of her skin, ignoring the pain. Suddenly people began bursting into her room with guns and just scared her more. She instantly reacted and threw all of their guns from their hands. She couldn't understand how she did it, she just did. After that, she pushed them out of the way and ran out of the room. She darted down a few halls screaming for her parents when suddenly she felt something hit the back of her neck. She stopped, pulled it out, saw a needle of sorts, and blacked out....

~* 2045-2067: Serenity was trapped, held prisoner by people she had come to know as her 'family', at least that was the bullshit they attempted to brainwash her with. For six months after her imprisonment in this hell hole, Serenity fought to get free. She punched, kicked, bit, screamed, kneed, elbowed, and even headbutted. No one would let go, and if she ever got free they would send more and more of these men in military suits to capture her. Each time they would shoot her with these little needles. She didn't know exactly what they were filled with, but if she got hit with them they would cause her to pass out. Each time she passed out, she would wake up tied down to a bed, in a bright white room, with wires attached to her. It started becoming a pattern. Finally, she gave up and began doing as instructed. There was no way she was ever going to be released from this horrid place. After discovering her powers, which they said were dealing with magnetism, they began to test her. They pushed her every single day, injecting her with adrenaline at first. They wanted her to keep going, get stronger, master her abilities. First they forced her to lift and move small objects made of metal, such as bars and poles. She did that easily, having already known the basics of her powers. After those easy tasks, they made her lift chairs and tables while people were sitting on them, just to make sure she'll be in enough control to place them down gently. After more time passed, more testing was done, her limits were continuing to be pushed, and the had her lift an entire tank and toss it across a room. Though it wore her out, they drugged her up again and made her do it even more. During these tests, they had guns pointed at her and that gave the lead Doctor an idea.

“Serenity... Stop the bullet.”  he told her, signaling to a soldier. Serenity looked at him as if he were absolutely insane. There was no way she was going to be able to do that. Stop a bullet? He's crazy. “I can't do that.” she told him. “Do it now!” he demanded a soldier to shoot her. Serenity watched a soldier take aim and tried concentrating enough on it. The soldier pulled the trigger and Serenity was shot. She fell back onto the ground, holding her arm. “God damn it, Serenity! Failure! You, go patch her up. We'll try again next week. She'll stop it then, or we'll keep trying!” the Doctor demanded. Serenity laid there on the ground and looked towards the soldier that shot her. He was looking at her with a suspicious look. Serenity knew why, but no one else seemed to notice. How did the sharpshooter of the group miss his shot? Most assumed he had intentionally shot her in the arm so he wouldn't kill her. That was not the case. He was aiming for her head. Serenity had actually altered the path of the bullet enough to not die. Serenity was picked up from the ground and taken off to the medical station to have her bullet wound taken care of. From that day on, she was pushed even harder. The day after she was shot, they tried something a bit slower, but with more power. They shot an actual RPG at her from a mere fifty feet away. Scared of death, she began to panic and as it was shot, it was like a new sense activated. She was able to feel the way the rocket was moving  and ended up guiding it's path into a metal wall about one hundred feet away from everyone. They all cheered. “Nice job, Serenity. You got it!” the Doctor said, complimenting her efforts for the first time. Something about that made her feel a lot better, even motivated.

After proving to the Doctor and the scientists behind him that she was actually quite powerful and could possibly be used in the war that was just starting, they decided to calm her down on ability training for a while. She was scrawny, weak. A soldier couldn't be weak, so they began training to increase her strength, speed, and stamina. They began running her ragged. The base was located in the middle of a desert, so they made her run. For miles and mile, there was no civilization, so she could not escape. Each time, knowing she'd likely starve, dehydrate, or get attacked by some animal if she did not, she returned to the base. She knew they they were following her as well. Her powers had begun to advance in a way that she could sense the different types of metals around her. From what she could tell, when she was moving the distance she could sense was just about fifty feet. When she was perfectly still, she could sense four times that amount, up to two hundred feet. She kept testing it on the runs, trying to get it to move farther and farther. It started to work, but after six months of intense physical training, they decided to move back to harnessing her abilities and teaching her to actually fight. To make sure she wasn't getting rusty, they shot three RPG's at her at once. She easily redirected all three, satisfying them all. The Doctor was actually seeming to be proud of her progress, which was motivating her to work hard. Little did she know, they knew that his approval was motivating her, so they made him do it every now and then to get her to work harder.

The war stopped before they could actually use Serenity the way the wanted. 2057. Years were passing Serenity by and she was still not allowed to leave the base. Hundreds of DNA tests and experiments were done, thousands of bullets had been shot at her, she'd thrown or completely crushed at least seventy tanks – most at the same time. She was losing count of everything. She was getting more powerful and skilled than people thought were possible. The Doctor had become a Father figure for her. She worked to make him proud, but lately was noticing that he was becoming distant with her. Walking around the base, she overheard the Doctor talking about her. “Yeah. She's definitely ready for an actual war. Too bad it ended. We could have really used her to annihilate the enemy....” was what she heard. It hurt, but she knew that this was the reason they had been keeping her around. “So what are we gonna do with her now?” someone asked. “Don't know... Take her blood, harvest what we can... Then eliminate her.” the Doc replied. Serenity wasn't expecting the utter betrayal. They were using her, she knew this, but to just throw her out? “We've got the data we need and frankly I'm sick of playing babysitter.” the Doctor continued his conversation. Serenity walked away and went back to her room, furious. She was crying, screaming. She began throwing things around. Her anger overwhelmed her and her powers began to move random items through out the entire base. She was in her room and tanks began floating, guns were flying around, metal pens, paper clips, chairs, tables, anything made of metal was starting to move around. This was an amount of power that she had not shown before and it intrigued the Doctor.

For the next few years Serenity was angry, trusted no one. She was waiting for them to throw her away. She did her best to keep them interested, pushing herself more than they had even tried. One time she was going hard enough that she was standing in the middle of a field and they shot fifteen missiles at her. She stopped all of them in mid flight, held them still, and then turned them to face the scientists and soldiers that were keeping her prisoner and lying to her. She didn't know what did it, but she stopped them and set them down after shutting them off. She was immediately captured and locked up in a glass room to prevent her from escaping. She still could escape if she wanted to. Her powers were not limited to the room. She could sense metal from where she was at and just blast herself out. One day she woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. She could sense movement of extremely small metal particles. They were everywhere! She didn't understand. She walked over to the door to her room and looked around. She couldn't see anything, but a lot of them were moving, some were still. Suddenly a bunch were coming closer and closer. She watched and waited, but was instantly disappointed when two guards came around the corner. She thought she was imagining things until she followed what she sensed and it passed her by. “Metal... in the human body?” she thought to herself. After that, she asked the Doc for one thing, a book. Without really thinking, he allowed it and she began to read. She couldn't put it down. “Iron in the blood...” she smirked, “That could be useful.” After that, Serenity would end a book and ask for another. The Doc became suspicious of what she was reading and then began handing her books that he wanted her to read.

Making her read a history book was probably a bad idea for the Doctor. She came across a quote and what it meant. It was said by a man named Albert Einstein. Serenity thought long and hard about what it meant. ”The world is too dangerous to live in – not because of the people who do evil, but because of of the people who sit and let it happen.” This began to make her hate people around her. She noticed more things about them, the way they looked at her. She was either an experiment or she was pitied. If people felt bad for her, why did no one help her? Why could she not be free? This question came through her mind every day until finally she was done. It was America's Independence Day. People were drunk, partying, having fun watching fireworks while she was stuck inside. She tried to sleep, but some men came to her room. They were making fun of her, insulting her through their drunken states. A few more showed up and joined in on the fun. One decided to actually open her door to get in her face. She sat up in bed and knelt down in front of her. He placed his hand on the side of her face and held her still. Little did this soldier know, they had modified her room to where her energy would not be able to escape it, which is why she was always stuck. He had just opened the door. This man leaned in to kiss her when a pen shot through his temple and out the other side, into the glass wall. The man fell, dead. Serenity immediately turned on the others, using the same pen on them in the same manner. She went through the base killing everyone she came across, heading to where the larger crowds were celebrating the 4th of July.

To get everyone, she had to force open a large metal door. Easy, but it caught everyone's attention. The Doctor attempted to calm her down, to tell her to turn around, but she refused. After such, she proceeded to kill them all. She had a playground full of weapons. They had taught her to stop bullets, to redirect missiles. Now it was all being used against them. It didn't take long at all. Soon they were all dead, except for the Doctor. She walked up to him and he stood there as if he wasn't afraid of her. The two stared at each other, almost like they were reading each others thoughts. She had once felt that close to him, but now... The Doctor took in a deep breath, slowly let it out, sighed, and then stepped off to the side. “Go... Have fun.” he told her. What his motives were, she did not know, but he was letting her go. She could have killed him, but like before, she just couldn't. He was the one person who gave her purpose. As she stepped away, she stopped for a moment, “I promise that I will not do evil from this day forward. I am letting you live because you gave me purpose, whether a lie or not. I don't want to be evil. I don't want to do evil... I'd rather make the world a less dangerous place. Don't come after me... It's time that I get to be free...” And with that, Serenity ran off into the desert. She kept going in a single direction, waiting and hoping that she would find something, some place, some person to show her to civilization for the first time in twenty two years.

~* 2067-Present Time: Serenity's life was not exactly going to be easy after breaking out of a military base and killing every member inside. The American government wanted her back. The 'massacre' as they called it, hit the news and devastated the citizens of the country. They called it a terrorist attack, but never put the blame on any country. Serenity stowed away on a boat and was taken to New York. At this point, Serenity was completely unaware of the normal customs when living in a normal city. She was always provided everything from a roof over her head, to food, to medicine. She walked around this bustling city for three days before she began to get worried about what she was going to do. She needed food and didn't know how to get it. She passed by restaurants, a few she went it, but when she was told to pay she didn't know with what. She was constantly stuck washing dishes. After that, she'd sit behind the restaurants and sleep when she could. It seemed she had become a regular at this little noodle shop. It was family owned and they paid attention to the fact that she was constantly around. After a while, it wasn't hard to deduce that she was homeless. The head of the shop, the Father, asked her if she needed a place to stay. Nervous, she took it. She was sick of sleeping outside. Winter was coming as well and she didn't want to be stuck out in the rain and snow. They told her that she could stay for free if she worked in the store since they were short handed and she agreed. There was one major problem, Serenity had not interacted with people like this.

On Serenity's first day on the job, she was told to wear a 'cute', but at the same time conservative uniform. Apparently they attracted customers, mainly men. Serenity wasn't one to care. She did as told, wrote down what people wanted to eat, brought them their food, and charged them the correct amount. She kept no tips, giving them to the Father for the food she would eat. She did this for hours and was beginning to get bored, but was constantly told to keep a smile. Then, a group of men came into the restaurant and were very loud and obnoxious. Serenity wasn't the one waiting on them, thank god, but the youngest daughter of the family that was so kind to her was. The men began flirting with her, as she walked away her butt was smacked, and they laughed. The girl's Father asked them to stop and they said they would, but as his daughter returned to their side, she was pulled into their lap. She tried getting away, but was held there as they failed at flirting with her. The girl's Father ran over and pulled his daughter from them and demanded they leave. When they said they were just having some fun, he continued to demand it. They were assaulting his daughter and disturbing everyone else in the restaurant, they needed to leave. Serenity stared at this entire scene with a blank expression until the next little instance. They grabbed at his daughter again and pulled a knife on the Father. Serenity instantly took hold of the knives, pulled them from their hands and brought some up from the kitchen. Each of them had at least six knives pointed at them. “LEAVE!” Serenity demanded and they darted out the door. All the knives were put back where they were supposed to be and she continued her job for the next ten years.

What happened next tore Serenity's heart, completely shredded it. Over the years, many people had come in and out of the restaurant. Some people were nice, some were rude, some caused trouble, some ended that trouble, and some were of higher ranking in a certain government ladder. Serenity had no idea who he was, but he became a regular. He talked to her, was nice from what she could tell. He asked her questions about herself and seemed interested. She always left out the details of her experience with the military, but one day she slipped and her identity was confirmed. An hour later, a full military response was brought out and this little restaurant was surrounded by soldiers, tanks, and helicopters. Serenity was upstairs at the time, where the family stayed. It was her turn to be on break and she was not expecting this. Suddenly a barrage of gunfire shot through the first floor of the building. Serenity ran downstairs just in time to see the people that called her family drop to the ground, blood splattered everywhere. She ran over to the only one that was still breathing and stared at her. She'll never forget the words, “Serenity.... run....” the girl who called her big sister fell dead in her arms. Serenity could not even cry. She was angry. At that time, a few men, assuming they had actually killed Serenity, ran into the restaurant without realizing she was still alive. Serenity's reaction was of pure rage. She pulled the guns from each of their hands and turned them on them, shooting each through their eyes. Serenity walked out of the restaurant and into the street. Everything was aimed at her and instantly fired. She merely stood there and stopped everything about five feet from her body, turned it around and shot it right back at higher speeds than what they could fire it at. These powerless humans died before a real battle even started.

After such a sudden and devastating loss, Serenity was thrown into a deep depression. She had repetitive nightmares of that night, her 'sister' dying in her arms after being shot in the neck. She was in London now. She couldn't really understand how she got here. She just hopped on a random ship and hid in it until it made port. She had no idea where it was going. She only knew that she needed to hide and get away from the people who were after her. So now, she was overseas. How she was going to live here? She didn't know. She pretty much repeated the process that she did in New York. She went around to find a place to eat and sit out back to sleep. This place was a lot less busy, but no on ever noticed her presence. She tried finding a job, but they didn't seem to like the “American Accent” she had. She was shunned by many, though there were a few who weren't very hostile towards her, mainly children. She had a habit of sitting in the park and staring of into space when she wasn’t scavenging up something to eat, so they were around a lot. When their parents weren't looking, they'd talk to her and she'd talk back to them. They weren't looking at her different because of where she was from. They treated her like any other person, and it was something that Serenity could enjoy. It upset her when this cute little girl that she talked to a lot actually asked, “How come you never smile?” There was no way to explain that to a child, so she just told her, “I don't have much to smile about.” It got to the point where Serenity was becoming known and slightly trusted by the parents. All she ever did was talk to them, so she never understood why they thought they would hurt their children.

Soon, she found out the real reasons behind a lot of people's distrust in her. A woman, the Mother of the child that really enjoyed talking to her, came and asked her if she was the woman that murdered all of those people in New York. Serenity did not deny it, but the moment she spoke the truth, everyone stepped away from her and refused to allow their children to talk to her anymore. Serenity quickly left that area so they would not be bothered by her anymore. It seemed that the word of her past had made it all the way to London, so what was she going to do now? She had no idea. For years, Serenity wandered around, moving from town to town, city to city, and finally ended up moving into Asia, making it to Hong Kong. The problem was, she was being followed and she knew it. Because of this, Serenity continued looking around for a place to fight them and finally get rid of them. She made it into a desert and could tell they were also ready to fight, since they were intentionally moving in on her. As they did, more and more kept closing in. They had her completely surrounded. She looked around and saw weapons of both Chinese and American. They had actually joined together to take her down. She couldn't believe this. Serenity began her fight, throwing tanks into the air at helicopters. Stopping bullets and sending them flying back. RPG's that were shot off were deflected and sent off into the distance until they hit ground. The battle went on for at least an hour and Serenity was getting tired. They had to be running out of ammo, soldiers... something! Finally, Serenity dropped down to a knee and tried catching her breath. They began to ready two missiles, large ones that she had never seen before. Their soldiers backed off, tanks left, helicopters got out of the way as fast as they could. It seemed that they were just slowing her down until she no longer had enough energy left to defend herself, just so they could bring out.... whatever this was.

The first one activated, but was yet to be released. It was charging up and then slowly built up momentum until it suddenly shot forward in an instant. Serenity's eyes widened. She had a barrier up, a strong one, but it was not enough to stop this from not effecting her at all. Her body was blown back. She was thrown at least a hundred feet. As she was in the air, she forced herself to twist enough to catch herself and land, sliding across the floor. Before she even had a chance to regain her composure, the second on was shot off. Her eyes widened even more. She watched the rocket fly towards her and could seemingly do nothing. She was unaware of it, but her subconscious and fear had erected another barrier around her body, this one much thicker, stronger, and wrapping around her like a cocoon. She blacked out, her body fell, and for twenty years she was in a coma. After y ears of blackness, Serenity's eyes shot open. She was in a room like she had been before, white walls, plastic table, and she was strapped down. She sat up, but was feeling weak. A woman came in, thought she seemed very nervous, and began taking care of her. She was brought her clothes and explained as to what happened. She recognized no one. These people though, made a big mistake, two of them in fact. First off, they were told not to let any metal near her. They were foolish enough to not check this woman's glasses. That wasn't even the bad part. Serenity's first instinct has never been to hurt someone. Their biggest mistake, was bringing back the Doctor. The moment he appeared, Serenity charged him and forced him to the floor.

“You bastard! This is your fault! Why are you people after me!?” she yelled at him with a fierce anger in her voice, one that she had never expressed before. Soldiers aimed guns at her, but none of them shot. They knew she could take hold of them at any moment and they would instantly be killed. “Serenity, we're not here to hurt yo-.” he said, but she began to choke him. “Liar! I told you to leave me alone! I told you not to follow me! People have died because you did not listen! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!” Serenity tightened her wrist around his throat. At that moment, a dart was shot at her, but she stopped it right before it hit her neck. She turned it towards the person who shot it at her and shot it right back. The person began to convulse on the ground and died right there. “So that's what you're trying to do to me, huh?” Serenity smirked and then stood up, letting go of his throat. He stood up, coughed, and held the place where she was choking him. Serenity sensed around for something she could take hold of and apparently the entire building was plastic, at least this floor of it was. “Foolish...” Serenity said as a metal bar shot up from the floor below them, and then more, and more, and more. Her powers had advanced through time. She only had to sense the magnetic fields around items to take control of them. So anything within her range was a weapon for her to use as she willed. Serenity created a shield of metal around her, using it to carry her out of the building. People shot at her, and those she could not see them, she could sense their metal. You'd think these people would learn! She merely fired it right back. It continued like this until she was out of the building. Once she was out, she traveled for five miles before lowering the shield. She landed in the middle of a Forest. She had no idea where she was, so she just kept walking. It took about an hour, but she finally made it out of the forest. She found a town, but was too weak to make it there. She collapsed at the edge of the forest and laid there for a while, attempting to rest and regain her strength.

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Inhuman Strength/Durability: For years, Serenity was forced to push herself in ways that most humans never thought possible. She was told to run, jump, kick, punch, throw, eat, and drink all on a set schedule and all to enhance and advance her development from a young age. This has allowed her body to develop it's strength immensely. As if her body was evolving, adapting to survive the harsh treatment and the ability to handle the immense power she held within herself. Serenity's natural strength allows her to lift the back end of a mini-van about five feet off the ground. She can punch and crumble a brick wall under her fist, or dent a steel door without causing harm to herself. This also goes into how tough she is. Her body is well beyond that of most humans, allowing her to take massive damage without the smallest threat of death. Serenity could get hit by a big rig truck, get up, flip him off, and walk away without injury. She can fall from a six story building without breaking a bone. A normal blade, no matter the size, will have a hard time cutting her skin. Some assumed this was some sort of extension of her powers, but no link has yet to be found. Serenity's intense training and the constant medical enhancement given to her by the government that kept her locked up for such a long time is what she has blamed this 'mutation' of her body on. She assumes it is some sort of side effect from the steroids and enhancements.

Inhuman Speed/Agility: In the same manner that Serenity feels her strength came from, she also feels she developed the ability to move quicker, run faster, and farther than most humans would even dream. This advancement isn't as high as her bodies strength and durability, but she can move very fast. Serenity's abilities would be compared to the cliché persona of a ninja. Jumping from building to building, dodging high speed attacks, moving through obstacles much faster than a normal person are just a few examples that can show Serenity's unnaturally high movement speed. Although she's not massive, she's not exactly short. Her longer legs and arms not only give her a 'model'-like figure, but allow her to move a lot faster as well. Her body is quite flexible, more agile than the normal human being. Having been forced through so many battle exercises and courses, there was no way she would not be able to move the way she does. Serenity could be seen easily jumping over a large wall or climbing up one if she wanted to.

Electromagnetic Sensory: Over time, Serenity's sensory for certain types of objects became very apparent to her. Her abilities had just begun with the sensory of metal, but after time passed, she learned to sense the electromagnetic fields all around her. A lot of people have some sort of energy sensing technique that allows them to figure out where someone is, but Serenity's doesn't work that way. She doesn't sense hers or anyone else's energy, or how it reacts with the environment. Instead, she completely senses the electromagnetic field in a seventy five to one hundred and fifty foot radius around her. This allows her to pick up practically every single detail within a certain radius. If Serenity is not moving so she can concentrate, the distance that she is able to sense is doubled. While moving, the distance she is able to sense is at seventy five feet. The reason for this is because Serenity has to spread out her Qi enough to connect to the magnetic fields to pick up the details she feels she needs. Now, if she wishes to use minor detail, yet have the maximum distance, she can. Maximum detail shows everything from the numbers people dial on their cell phones to a paper blowing along the street. Minimum detail allows to show larger objects and the directions that they are moving; people and where they are walking.

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Qi Abilities

Type: Gōngnéng (External)
Appearance change: None

Electromagnetism: Serenity has the ability to generate and manipulate electromagnetic fields. In Serenity's case, electromagnetic fields are fields of magnetic and electric energies that surround and move through certain types of items around her, namely metals and their alloys or electrical wires. Metals that she is able to use are iron, cobalt, and nickle. The currents that move through objects made from these metals and any of their alloys that she takes control of, allow her to bend, shape, lift, pull, push, and throw the item she chooses. The main way that you'll see Serenity using her abilities is gathering electromagnetic fields around objects to lift and move them the way she wants to. Because electrical wires and things of the like have both metal and electricity moving through them, she can also be seen taking control of these, which in tune can be extremely dangerous, especially since she can pretty much bend them to her will. Because of her extreme advancement in her own powers and the understanding of them, Serenity also has the ability to differentiate between the two keys of her powers and use them separately, which is explained below the Electromagnetic Abilities.

Electromagnetic Push: One of the offensive manners that Serenity uses her abilities in, she manipulates the electromagnetic fields around her to gather rapidly in a certain area around her. The fields condense enough to where they become slightly visible to those around her. Once she chooses to fire them off, the fields would shoot towards a target at high speeds. If the target is hit, their body will feel like it is being slammed into by a wall, yet at the same time being lifted up and pushed back by a strong wind.

Rail Gun Effect: After lifting up any piece of metal she chooses to use, she manipulates the fields around the metal to charge up. After charging up for two seconds, the field will shoot the metal object forward at immensely high speed and incredible force behind it. Smaller objects being used may not do massive amount of damage, but they'll have the ability to shoot through or penetrate thick steel walls. For example, using a pen in this situation will allow it to shoot forward in the manner of a smaller grade bullet. Larger objects that are used have the ability to do massive amounts of physical/blunt damage. These objects are more similar to high powered missiles without the massive explosion on impact.

Magnetic Touch: When placing her hand on a person, by adjusting the electric current that moves through their muscles and applying a magnetic current within them, Serenity can literally turn someone into a human magnet. The magnetic charge can be powerful enough to drag cars along the road, so a person who would be effected by a powerful magnetic force would have to be careful of where they were because they could accidentally bring heavy, sharp, or pointy objects flying towards them. The  magnetic field around them only lasts for a short amount of time, that being 2-6 rounds depending on the strength of the field. The stronger fields, one's that can drag cars along, would only last two rounds of posting. Weaker fields, one's that would only make a coin slap to the side of your face, would last up to six rounds of posts. To place a stronger field, she must make physical contact with them 3 times to activate it; a weaker one would only need 1 time for physical contact. The way it works is that the field gets stronger with each contact, so they'll start out weak, but with each added contact the field becomes stronger.

Electromagnetic Shield: This is the most powerful defensive ability that Serenity has up her sleeve. This shield is an extremely dense electromagnetic field that is rapidly gathered around Serenity within a twenty foot radius. This shield is powerful enough to defelect most incoming attacks, whether energy or physical based. Because energies all have some sort of electric current, his shield is able to deflect most attacks that someone is able to throw at her, even if they are not made of metal. Now, this shield works in the manner that it can stay up as long as she feels she needs it to, but it can be forced down with enough pressure, weight, or damage being done to it. She can pull up three of these per thread, though the third is quite taxing and can leave her weak and without very much energy. The reason it takes so much energy is because of how powerful it actually is. The way this ability works is firstly, it starts out right by her body, a mere centimeter from her skin and then shoots out until it hits it's twenty foot radius. Those caught within this twenty feet will be pushed back away from Serenity with a high amount of force, similar to being hit by a car. The shield then stays up until she calls it off, slowly draining her energy while keeping it up.

Electromagnetic Flight: By manipulating the electrical currents within her own body and creating a magnetic field around herself to connect with the electrical currents within herself, Serenity is able to mimic the idea of flight. This is a very simple technique that she uses all the time, even just to get from place to place, but she will definitely be caught using it in combat. Serenity is able to fly at speeds up to two hundred and fifty miles per hour and because of the electromagnetic field she creates around her, she doesn't have to worry about bugs splatting all over her teeth! This takes no energy at all, so she doesn't have a limited amount of time for use. It doesn't take any energy because she is using the fields within herself to create this effect.

Electricity Manipulation: Taking out the 'magnetic' and sticking with the 'electro' part of Serenity's powers, allows her to deal with electricity. Because of her advancement, this is not a hard task for her. She can generate, absorb, and manipulate electricity.  Very simple examples of her control of electricity are the basic abilities of shooting off lightning strikes, shorting out a circuit, or creating/generating electricity through out her body. Shooting off lightning strikes usually comes from the trip of her fingers, but as it's shot off, she can also alter it's current pathway to help her hit a target, though it's hard because of the speed lightning moves at. Shorting out a circuit is as simple as setting her hand on a power box, altering the current, and causing someone's lights to go out. And then generating electricity through out her body can allow her the ability to enhance or protect her body.

Electric Shock: After generating a certain amount of electricity in the palms of her hands, Serenity merely places her hands on someone to electrocute them. The longer the connection stays, the more damage is done to the person. Serenity will either stop on her own, or keep going til the person passes out or is dead. Because this voltage is not as high as actually being electrocuted with a power-line, or being shot by lightning, death would take 4 rounds of posting, unconsciousness 3 rounds of posting, severe burns 2 rounds of posting. Any effects not currently named, caused by normal electrocution applies through one round of posting. For an example of how this works, one Serenity has touched someone, their body will shake and spasm in the same manner that electrocution would cause. Through out any of this time, they could regain some sort of control and kick her away. She can only do this once per thread, meaning that if she makes contact with someone it's one time, but she can charge it up three times per thread. Also, because the electricity around her head is visible and obviously there, common sense says dodge. The charge can last up to 2 rounds of posting, then she'll have to charge again.

Electric Blast: After gathering and condensing electricity in the palm of her hand at an extremely rapid rate, Serenity throws it forward like one would a grenade. If it hits a person, they person will be effected by two seconds of electrocution. If it hits an area, the ball will charge a five foot radius around the area it hit with electricity for 5 seconds. During these five seconds, a person would have to avoid the area or risk the chance of being shocked or electrocuted. Serenity can conjure these things fifteen times per thread. They are one size, which is pretty much the size of a basket ball. It moves with the momentum of Serenity's throw, so it all depends on how hard she has chosen to throw it at her target.

Lightning Bullet: With this attack, Serenity generates a large amount of electricity, but condenses it down into a small bullet like projectile. Although it does not look menacing or dangerous in any way shape or form, that is very, very wrong. For one, this bullet moves just as fast as lightning once shot off, making it damn near impossible to see. It's actually easier for someone to sense it's movement and use that to dodge it, if they have the skill to do that. Like a bullet, this projectile shoots through the objects it collides with, moving through and piercing object. After losing it's momentum, it slams into it's next object without moving through it, but unlike a bullet, upon impact it creates a small explosion, capable of denting a thick steel door. She can create five of these in a day.

Lightning Bolt: This is one of the more simple and easiest attacks that Serenity has. It is the same cliché lightning bolt shot out from the tip of Serenity's finger towards a target. It dispels upon making contact with anything, and moves at half the speed that lightning does. This attack does semi-blunt and burn damage to the target it hits. Upon impact, it has the ability to stop them in their tracks through the force behind the electricity that was shot, but will do minor to moderate burn damage to the skin, depending on the precautions taken by the enemy and the durability/resistance the enemy possesses. Serenity can use this attack practically an unlimited amount per day because of the small amount of energy it takes in the first place. She practically regenerates her energy fast enough to shoot off three of these at a time and still keep going for another three hours before feeling fatigued.

Electric Enhancement: Enhancing her body is one of the ways that Serenity chooses to fight when she's not facing government weapons. Most of the time she'll just use her abilities to alter the paths of anything metal, but there have been a few times where she has fought someone who was not carrying or using any to attack her. Serenity came up with the ability to enhance certain aspects of her own body to be able to keep up with the speed, strength, and ability to take one hell of a hit from an enemy. Starting off with her speed, Serenity generates electricity through out her body to stimulate the nerves in her body to increase her speed and reaction time to the absolute maximum, allowing her to simply dodge things that move as fast as bullets. This technique even increases her brain activity, allowing her to solve problems much quicker and increase her reflexes. The same thing goes for Serenity's strength and durability. By charging the nerves and cells in her body with electricity, she can make it where her body is much stronger than before. It allows her to increase the amount of strength behind her hits and toughens her body enough to help her take a hit easier than before. When saying she can take a hit easier than before, it means two things. One, Serenity's body takes less damage, and two she feels less pain than normal. During this enhancement, all three enhancements are active at the same time. It lasts for four rounds of posting, giving her a 75% increase in all speed, strength, and durability, allowing her to last much longer and do more damage. Once the four posts is up through, Serenity's energy is depleted by 50%, so if she's not careful, she can end up useless in battle. This is a final move, not to be taken lightly.

Electric Aura: A smaller, less costly version of 'Electric Enhancement' because it doesn't do everything that does, is this Aura she creates for herself. Serenity generates electricity through out her body and creates an aura like effect that allows her to take 50% less damage than she would without it. The aura is visible to all, so there's no surprises and gives off a decent warning when someone attempts to attack her. That is said because it's not smart to make physical contact with a person that has an electrically charged aura sparking out around their body. Making physical contact with her can cause someone to be shocked/electrocuted themselves, so most people will figure this out and decide to keep to long range attacks. This lasts for six rounds of posting once active and can only be done once a day.  

Magnetism Manipulation: Just like with Electricity Manipulation, taking the 'electro' out and keeping the 'magnetic' part of Serenity's abilities, allows Serenity to manipulate magnetic fields separately from electric currents. In Serenity's case, her magnetism is set around the attraction and repulsion of magnetic metals and their alloys. So, when she's using these abilities, she's concentrating on pushing and pulling things in certain directions, or causing other things to do the same. Yes, Electromagnetism is pretty much the same thing, just without the electric current, but Serenity has found that using them separately creates a much easier, more basic foundation of her powers and causes them to use much less energy than when using them together.

Magnetic Ball: Similar to Serenity's 'Magnetic Touch', this allows her to turn any item or person into a magnet. Instead of touching someone, this is used as a projectile. Serenity generates magnetic field and wraps it around itself multiple times until it creates a ball. This ball is shot towards a target. If the target it hit, they will be surrounded by a magnetic field that attracts all metals within a fifty foot radius from their position. This magnetic field is much stronger than in the magnetic touch ability she has. This field can cause large trucks to be pulled towards the object/person, and easily drags cars, mini-vans, and any other metal objects from their position. Depending on the object, the magnetic pull can be strong enough to lift the item up and seemingly throw it towards the magnetic object/person. Serenity does these things to force another person to not only watch out for her, but for items that might be threatening to squash or stab them. Since these objects do not hold her own energy and are merely reacting to a magnetic field attracting them, it can make it very difficult for people to realize where things are coming from and will force them to be much more aware. Serenity is able to do this to three people/objects all at once, up two three times a day. Each magnetic field lasts for two posts.

Magnetic Shield: One of Serenity's defensive abilities, though it's very simple to use. By gathering a magnetic field that she has taken control of or generated herself, she can put it in front of herself to repel any incoming metal objects. Objects that are repelled can be less than or equal to four times Serenity's own weight. She can also put these around other people if she feels the need to protect them from harm. She can use this twenty times a day and use four at a time. If she chooses to use more than one, the cost of the energy used to create the shield is reduced by 50% and also decreases the amount of weight the barrier can repel. For instance, if she uses four at a time, the amount is less than or equal to her own weight. Three at a time, less than or equal to double her weight. Two at a time, less than or equal to three times her weight.  If something heavier than the needed amount hits the barrier, the shield will shatter after .5 seconds, giving Serenity or the person she is protecting a very short window of opportunity to get out of the way.

Attraction and Repulsion: With this ability, Serenity is able to place a magnetic field at a certain spot and either attract or repel the metals within that area. This is how Serenity has been able to alter the paths of bullets, missiles, and RPG's in the past. As the projectile is flying towards her, she places a field on the side and in front of the object to repel. The repelling magnetic field being in front of the object as it is flying towards her causes it to slow down. The magnetic field on the side of the object, causes it's path to be altered enough so it won't hit it's original target. The same goes for attraction. When she chooses to use an attracting magnetic field, she'll place the field behind and on the side of the threatening projectile. When placing the magnetic field behind the projectile, the metal is pulled towards the field and slowed down in that manner, and like before, the field on the side of the projectile alters it's path enough so it will not hit it's original target. Using an attracting metal field is ten times as powerful as using a repelling magnetic field, so Serenity will likely use the attraction on high speed, extremely heavy, or high powered projectiles that threaten her, such as high powered rifles being shot, regular bullets, or something as heavy as a wrecking ball. This like RPG's  are not as fast, so she can use the repelling technique to take care of them. If she is able to gain enough control over the object, Serenity can even use this to alter it's path enough to send it right back towards the person, though her main power will come in here.

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Application Checklist

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  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:  ...I feel like Yuichi or Sumika need to meet her.  DEY CAN SHOOT ALL DA LIGHTNING BOLTS!  Anyway, approved.
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Serenity Verdant [Approved 0-2]
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