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 Some things about Tsubine

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PostSubject: Some things about Tsubine   Fri Aug 16, 2013 1:11 pm

These are just random little facts and such that didn't fit anywhere in his application.
  • Tsubine can not cook. He could probably burn a bowl of a cereal by pouring ice-cold milk into it. It's that bad.
  • Tsubine has no real taste for art or fashion. Anything decorative or "fancy" he owns was not picked out by him.
  • Tsubine does, however, do the occasional wood carving. Most of them are done with his sword, allowing him to have precise cutting.
  • Tsubine is a night owl. He doesn't like the daytime unless there's a battle. He'd rather listen to the cicadas cry at evening than birds chirping in the morning.
  • Although Tsubine does not like firearms, he is generally well-trained with them.
  • Tsubine hates lightbulbs and replaced all the ones in his office (when he was Captain-Commander) and his castle with candles.
  • Tsubine, despite being from far inland, actually has a strange liking for seafood—except for oysters.
  • Tsubine travels to Earth every 50 years to get a list of "greatest strategists of the past fifty years." He studies them greatly. Most of the books he owns are books on strategists.
  • Tsubine has a quote he says when buying a sword: "A good sword bends. A cheap sword breaks."
  • Tsubine sleeps with his swords above his head.
  • Tsubine has a hard time keeping up with technology. He has a hard time operating cell phones, and he'll even reply to automated ticket machines.
  • Thanks to his schooling when he was younger, Tsubine is fluent in Japanese, Russian, Latin, German, and English.

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Some things about Tsubine
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