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 ENN Broadcasts

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Beast of Possibilities

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PostSubject: ENN Broadcasts   Sat Sep 07, 2013 6:48 pm

Earth News Network
151 Countries, 1 News Network

  • Welcome to Earth News Network. I'm your anchor this evening, Jerry Bailey. Tonight we start off with a report of strange things happening within the Earth Sphere Federation military. We send you to our military analyst, Kathy Grighte. Kathy.
  • Thanks, Jerry. Tonight we are reporting on an update on a recent scare over Berlin. Two weeks ago, we reported that there was a flight of ESF fighters flying towards Berlin. The report stated that they had been loaded with bombs and had taken off without request. Within two hours, an ESFAF spokesman announced that the situation had been handled and there was nothing to worry about. Tonight we have Colonel Jesse Baker from Earth Federation General Staff to provide more details on the situation. Colonel Baker, thank you for coming on.
  • It's not a problem, Miss Grighte.
  • So what can you tell us about the situation over Berlin?
  • Many parts of the investigation are still underway, but what I can tell you is that there never was a threat. The fighters that took off never did. We do not know what caused all of the radar systems in the area to pick up the fighters' IDs, but we are looking into it. We sent four other fighters into the area to intercept the 'runaway' fighters. As flight one entered intercept position, they reported no contact. They increased speed and matched the altitude of the runaway fighters, again no contact. When they reached the approximate location of the runaway fighters, we lost contact with flight one. We ordered flight two to shoot down the runaways, as we thought they had shot down flight one. Before flight two could engage, the runaway signal disappeared and flight one was back in contact. They reported light jamming and could not reach outside of the clouds. With no sign of the runaways, the two flights returned to their respective bases.
  • You say that the "runaway" fighters never took off. Couldn't you have gotten in contact with their air traffic control tower to confirm?
  • We tried, but that base's communications lines were being repaired at the time and were not working. We were lucky someone at Berlin's air force base had the runaways' base commander's personal cell phone number at got in contact with him that way. That's when we confirmed they didn't have any aircraft missing. Not long after did the radar signature disappear.
  • Could this be the work of someone hacking into the networks?
  • Our security is top-notch and it should be impossible for anyone to get into the networks from the outside. However, that is part of the ongoing investigation, I can't comment further.
  • Could the runaway flight have crashed?
  • We checked the area where we lost contact and saw no signs of them crashing. We also canvased every air field in the area and found nothing.
  • Are new security measures in place due to this?
  • I can not state specifics, but all air bases and terminals are now more guarded. I wouldn't try to break into any of them anytime soon. [laughs]
  • [chuckles]I'll take your word on that, Colonel. Is there anything you'd like to tell our viewers?
  • Despite this recent incident, the skies above you are as safe as they ever were. We strive to protect each and every one of you.
  • That wraps up this segment, thank you for your time, Colonel Baker.
  • Any time, Miss Grighte.
  • Back to you, Jerry.
  • Coming up next, have scientists gone too far? Is this mysterious picture real? Find out after these words from our sponsors.

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Beast of Possibilities

Posts : 881
Join date : 2012-11-27
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: ENN Broadcasts   Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:19 pm

Earth News Network
151 Countries, 1 News Network

  • Breaking news from the Moscow office of the ESF. As of 13:00 GMT, the city of Sevastapol will be put under Martial Law under direct command of the ESF base Ares. Here is the report by General El-Baz of the ESF General Staff earlier today announcing these measures.
  • I am General Youssef El-Baz, head of the Earth Sphere Federation's General Staff. Based on recent security threats, we have decided to protect the headquarters of all ESF Armed Forces Ares by declaring Martial Law from the city of Simferopol to Sevastopol effective tomorrow at 01300 Greenwich Mean Time. For those wondering what this entails—all schools will be closed. All public transportation will cease except for railway services. Not including in the exemption will be all underground railways. All international flights are to be redirected to nearby airports outside of the region. The streets will not be patrolled, but key points—such as bridges, tunnels, overpasses, underpasses, and large intersections will be guarded. All airports and large public gathering places will have a military presence. All nonessential government buildings will be shut down for the time being. Police are to be equipped with riot gear and there are to be no officers off-duty. Patrol officers in cars for traffic crimes are exempt. Sevastopol has a much stricter guideline, however. The entire area over Sevastopol and 5 kilometers in any direction has been declared a no-fly zone. The Port of Sevastopol will be closed and under lock down. All ships are to leave the docks before tomorrow at 01000 GMT. No recreational watercraft are allowed to leave the Bay of Sevastopol. If a personal watercraft is not inside the Bay docked, it may be transported to the Bay but may not be sailed there unless escorted by an ESF Navy vessel. All weapon stores are to shut down until Martial Law has been lifted. Any and all expenses occurred during this are capable of being reclaimed from the ESF via an A839 form, which all business owners will be receiving in the mail. Ares itself has been declared a fire-at-will zone. Any vessel, man, vehicle, and/or aircraft within a 1/2-kilometer range of Ares will be fired upon. Traffic priority and right-of-way is to be given to any and all military and police personnel. We are opening up the bomb shelters if anyone would like to take temporary refuge inside there, please see your local police office for a map of the shelters. We apologize for the many inconveniences this will cause, but it is our best plan as of now.

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Beast of Possibilities

Posts : 881
Join date : 2012-11-27
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: ENN Broadcasts   Thu Oct 03, 2013 3:36 pm

Earth News Network
151 Countries, 1 News Network

  • This just in. Apparently there has been a breakout and mass shooting at one of Russia's most secure courts. The 1st International Circuit's Moscow headquarters was assaulted earlier today by an unknown party. Reports say that the world-known terrorist mastermind Sergei Munokov escaped during this incident. Sources tell ENN that there were multiple explosions and casualties are climbing into the hundreds. There are also reports of gunfire as well. Sergei Munokov was, according to one government source, the target of this operation. Many may remember that 53-year-old Munokov was the mastermind behind the 2085 Paris bombings that left 429 dead and thousands injured. The Russian government—long criticized as the host of the International Court for the Earth Sphere Federation—immediately denied any involvement in the incident. The United States President, Jack Clancy, is set to make a press conference within two hours. No other world leaders have set to make a press conference, although the nations bordering Russia are going into meetings to discuss the possibility of Munokov escaping into one of their countries.

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PostSubject: Re: ENN Broadcasts   

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ENN Broadcasts
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