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 WIP: From Shadows

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PostSubject: WIP: From Shadows   Tue Sep 10, 2013 5:48 pm

Shadow Beast Template


Name: Lucifel
Nicknames:Luc, Shadow
Titles: Shadow King
True Age: ~16000 Years
Gender: Male
Personality: Lucifel is bitter, sad and vengeful, all rolled up into one particularly creepy package. He's a Shadow Beast - a Guardian Beast powered and created by nightmares and repressed memories, instead of dreams and legends. His morals thus seem quite... alien, but he's also more 'human' than most higher level Guardian Beasts in his behavior.
Most of his mind is ruled by a grudge against those who wronged him in the past. Maybe it is a bit petty, but he doesn't forget those that are disrespectful or hostile towards him, and he especially won't forgive those that took his country and title away from him. He wishes to pay those that wrong him back in full - steal from him, he'll steal from you. Attack him, he will attack you. Try to kill him, he'll try to kill you. But he only gets truly angry and immeasurably more dangerous if you endanger two kinds of people: his subjects, or the ones he considers equals and 'friends'. He will dedicate his entire life to ruining yours, that much is for sure. If you kill one of his friends, he will not settle down till he kills everyone you care for, before executing you as well. His hatred for Zefonse can only truly be understood with this in mind - Zefonse not only killed a lot of the soldiers that were originally Lucifel's subjects, but also was the major reason for Cubia's defeat, scattering and sealing, the only person that Lucifel saw as superior to himself. If you like Zefonse, be prepared for him not to like you very much.

There's more than spite and revenge to him, though. Lucifel is a very fair, just and friendly ruler to those inferior to him - but he demands respect. People should respect his decisions and rule, even if they still go against them after he listened to their stories. To those fighting under him, he is like a father - watching even over new recruits as well as old veterans that retire from active battlefields. He respects military people from each race and faction to a greater deal than he'd ever respect a politician, as he himself is more warrior king and less boardroom king. But is he honor-bound? Maybe, but in a different way than most men. Honor for him comes from strength, and the burdens of it - those that are powerful should use power responsibly, but not be afraid to use it to defeat enemies. Honor also only exists in clear duels to him.
The same principle applies on the battlefield. There is no honor amongst dogs - and there certainly is no honor amongst soldiers trying to kill each other. Lucifel endorses the use of every single dirty tactic in the book if it ensures survival and victory for him and those on his side - he isn't above taking hostages, killing prisoners of war to break morale of the enemy, or above chasing down and killing weakened and running enemies. Deserters get thrown into chains and used as slave laborers for their disobedience, but only get killed for their actions if they tried to join the enemy.

Lucifel isn't actually pessimistic, as some might think of one in his position. Instead, he's an idealist, someone who sees the positive and gets the hope out of every bleak situation. He's maybe not the greatest strategist, but one of the bravest - he won't risk his men in a risky move, but his own life is something he often gambles with. Maybe he's even a bit of a fatalist, as he often storms headlong even into incredibly strong enemies.
However, this is probably also the closest he gets to being 'evil'. When not ruling over anyone, when he is the only one he has to worry about, Lucifel is a blood knight - he wants to use his power, even if it kills him. He respects power, and only power - those that obtain power after being weak are especially worthy of admiration in his eyes, since he himself was like that as a child. He might be a bit narcistic with that, too. Unlike what you hear of in legends about Shadow Beasts, though, he does not generally try to kill people for no good reason, and he also doesn't go around abducting and eating children. If it weren't for this bloodlust - that he is able to surpress if need be - one could mistake him for a normal Guardian Beast having a bad day.

Why did he even join forces with Cubia then? Simple, because Cubia was stronger than him - and because Cubia promised a perfect world for shadow beasts, a desolate land where the strong crush the weak and rule supreme until the ultimate end. Lucifel himself doesn't desire such a world - but he knew that many of his subjects did, and did what was best for them, not himself. Which is why he can't forgive those that betrayed him to join with the winning side after the war was lost, and who claimed that he forced them to fight for evil.
It is actually his own, unyielding loyalty to his people and his own honor - the lost duel - that is responsible for his position and fate, as a nightmare from times long past, as he is still haunted by a war long since lost.

General Appearance


Animalistic Traits: Pointy ears, beastial red eyes. Otherwise, highly humanoid.
Appearance Age: True Form: immeasureable, Humanoid form: 30
Height: Humanoid: 1,70m ; True Form: 2,20m
Weight: Humanoid: ~70kg ; True Form: 200kg

Natural  Abilities

Natural Techinques: What can your character do when not released power-wise?
Natural Abilities:

  • Powered by Hate: Lucifel literally grows stronger when hatred is around him, no matter who it is directed at. This turns him into a 'force of nature' in battle and war - he is not just some warrior, he is the embodiment of all of the hatred in a battle. This strength boost mainly affects his physical prowess - when surrounded by hate, Lucifel can easily shrug off wounds and heal with a very fast rate. He's also able to exert a lot more force with his body when the hatred grows strong. His own hatred can't be used as a power source, though.
  • Weakened by Love: As the polar opposite, pure love nearby will weaken Lucifel's powers and body. Enough 'love' present in combat can strip the force of nature powers from him.
  • Demon Fire: Lucifel can conjure red flames from his energy, which can be thrown at the enemy as fireballs. Their individual power isn't exactly high, but it is enough to defend himself when faced with minor threats.
  • Masking Presence: Lucifel can pass as a normal Guardian Beast right until he uses any of his other abilities.
  • Immortality: This power only takes effect while Hatred powers him. Lucifel is unable to die when two conditions are met: The hatred around him is boiling over, and he himself is filled with nothing but bloodlust and hate. His body will continue pressing on, even through deadly wounds - cutting him in half would probably only stop him until he figures out how to fight as a torso. Once the power of hatred beings to weaken, the rest of it is immedeatly used to stabilize any fatal wounds and keep Lucifel alive, in a state between life and death.

Other Weapons: Lucifel doesn't carry any weapons on him when not using his released forms.

Guardian Beast

Element: Shadows


Tainted Appearance:
Tainted Abilities: The Tainted form shows great physical power and endurance. Resembling a gender-less nightmare king, it feeds off of fears and dread to increase in power, while starting to show the true power within Lucifel.

  • Drain Life: Only useable on direct contact with either Sugiura or Humans. Lucifel grabs onto his enemy and drains their Qi out - this is potentially fatal to humans, and can greatly weaken Sugiura. Those that rely on Qi for their abilities are able to resist the drain to a greater degree. The drain is cancelled once skin contact with the victim is lost. All Qi drained is added onto Lucifel's 'inner sanctuary'.
  • Attack Mimic: An ability born from enhancing Lucifel's eyesight, he can immitate any move he sees nearly flawlessly. Attack Mimic is limited to melee attacks - of course, Lucifel would need an appropiate weapon to copy a move. With some observation, Lucifel could copy entire fighting styles as if he was a master in them. However, each attack copied in this way will be lost after the current thread is over.
  • Immitation Dance: Once he drains Qi from his enemies, Lucifel becomes able to use it until he runs out of stolen life energy. The power obtained by Immitation Dance depends on the Qi he drained - he will create a copy of the power of the person he drained from. Meaning he can either immitate a martial art using Qi, or even Qi blasts and energy manipulation using it.
  • Improved Attack Mimic: If Qi was drained from a human or Sugiura that doesn't usually use it, then Lucifel can opt to either use it to simply strengthen his body - or he can use it to immitate a Qi ability by sight alone. He needs to see the Qi ability of the other person for at least 3 posts prior to copying it, and he can't copy special moves of the ability not used in his presence beforehand.
  • Taste Their Fear: Lucifel grows stronger if his enemy fears him. This makes each attack used by them on him less effective than usual, increasing their possible feelings of dread further by making him seem invincible.


Unleashed Appearance:

Unleashed Abilities: Taking on the form of the falling angel, this corrupted form of Lucifel enhances his true strength to the true potential. Wielding the sword named Empty Mirage, he cuts down his foes one by one.

  • Enhanced Attack Mimic: Lucifel now becomes able to immitate sword moves after observing them. Furthermore, he gains an understanding of Reiatsu-fuelled powers, and any powers fuelled by energy similiar to it. He can't directly copy them, though.
  • Drain Heart: If the Unleashed Lucifel manages to get a hold of a spiritual being using Reiatsu or similiar energy, he will steal 'information' from their soul. If this contact goes on for long enough, he will gain enough understanding - together with Enhanced Attack Mimic - to immitate special moves of his enemies.
  • Enslaving Immitation Play: When using an enemy move that he has copied through the combined use of the above abilities, it differs greatly from copying a Qi move. Those are limited by Qi he steals - copied Reiatsu moves use his own energy reserves. His versions of attacks are 'corrupted' versions of the original, and can have quite the large differences - let's say one of the attacks he copies is a thrown projectile. The copied version could either be shot from his left hand as a projectile, or turn into an energy wave attack from his sword. Each copied move can be used up to three times maximum, then it needs to be copied again which will take another 3 seen uses of the enemy with the move.
  • Crippling Lack: There is one glaring negative to all of this. Unleashed Lucifel lacks any special moves of his own - without something to immitate, he is unable to use his Reiatsu properly to form attacks.


Beast Appearance:

Beast Abilities: In Beast Form, Lucifel sheds his ability to grow in strength through fear, by turning into the true Shadow King he is. He wields his spear in combat, piercing his foes with extreme power and godlike strength.

  • God-Killing Spear: The weapon Lucifel wields lacks any name, but has incredible power. It cuts right through energy thrown against it, making Lucifel very good at defending against any energy move thrown his way. That isn't to say he wouldn't still take some damage from spiritual moves thrown at him - explosions and huge energy attacks tend to not care too much about being cut in half - but adds to his defense.
  • Honored Dagger: This dagger is not meant for direct combat. Instead, it exists to serve as a clean way to leave the world for Lucifel, should he feel his honor and right to live destroyed - only he can draw it from it's scabbard, and a single stab at himself will kill him without fail.
  • Energy Maelstrom: When in this form, Lucifel loses the ability to drain life energy directly, and his enhanced Attack Mimic is lost. Instead, every time he is now hit by an energy attack - no matter the type of energy - he will absorb part of that energy. The first time a move is used, it will hit him for full effect - but each subsequent attack will be less effective, until he becomes completely immune to that particular attack. What's more, after being hit by an attack once without deflecting it at all, Lucifel obtains the ability to use his own version of it for the rest of this battle. Each usage will require energy from him as a special move normally would, and will be altered in strength to his levels, turning them into the 'new' corrupted special attacks. Each special attack HAS to be channelled through his spear now. This can be quite inconvinient for projectile attacks, as those will force Lucifel to use his spear as a throwing weapon. Each copied move has a 1 post cooldown.
  • Whirling Retribution: Possibly Lucifel's strongest move, it has to be prepared in advance. An entire post has to be spent charging it up prior to the post using it - during the charge, Lucifel can't move from his position. Taking on a defensive stance with his spear, once the enemy attacks next, Lucifel will whirl the spear between his hands - so fast that it becomes a blur. Then, no matter which attack is used - Kidō, melee, energy, falling giant rock - will be deflected and absorbed into the spear without allowing damage to Lucifel. Afterwards, the Shadow King will execute a blindingly fast attack with his spear to impale his enemy - the strength of this stab depends on how strong the move was that Lucifel deflected. This move has a five post cooldown. Using this can potentially destroy Lucifel's spear, making him unable to fight - this danger increases the stronger and more alien the energy is he absorbs.
  • Deflecting Whirl: When a strong energy attack moves towards Lucifel, he can channel his own Reiatsu into the spear and whirl it with high speed, much like Whirling Retribution. If he can mobilize as much energy as the attack moving in on him, the attack gets corrupted by his energy and thrown back at the original user. This move has a two post cooldown.
  • Hundred Spear: After a short charging time, Lucifel executed a volley of fast spear jabs in front of himself to skewer the opposition.
  • Brandish Spear: With a mighty overhead swing, Lucifel brings down his spear and unleashes a spreading wave of energy before himself.
  • Shadow Claw: Lucifel stabs his spear into the ground, and a spike made out of condensed black shadows breaks out of the ground beneath the opponent. The attack is more powerful in shadowy areas, but weakens in complete absence of light.
  • Black Dash: Lucifel steps into a shadow and melts right into it, teleporting to another shadow in a 200 meter radius. The shadow needs to be static and big enough for his body to concievably slip out of it - he can't teleport into the shadow of his opponent directly.
  • Strike from the Blind: A move abusing trickery and shadows. Lucifel stabs his spear through his own shadow, and it will then shoot forth out of the shadow of his opponent, teleporting partially to surprise them.
  • Crescent Sweep: With a large sweeping motion, Lucifel releases a silver energy wave from his spear, reminiscent of a crescent moon being thrown as a projectile. The energy wave has cutting ability, but no explosive power.
  • Crescent Shield: Lucifel makes multiple half-circle slashes infront of himself, creating an energy barrier for additional defense in front of himself.
  • Full Moon Cannon: Lucifel cuts a perfect circle into the air slowly, which turns into a magic circle around the mirage of a full moon. Energy is collected around the tip of the spear and then fired as a large, piercing energy beam from the weapon. Lucifel has to remain stationairy during this attack.
  • Full Moon Impale: Lucifel cuts a circle into the ground or air undear him, upon which the magic moon circle appears beneath him. His spear starts glowing in silver light, before he jumps up high above his enemy, before attempting to impale them with an attack from above.
  • New Moon Impact: Lucifel's strongest attack that doesn't rely on his opponent sending an energy move into his direction. Lucifel jumps high up into the air, his spear being charged with his own Reiatsu. He then throws it at his opponent at the highest possible speed, before teleporting into the shadow of his opponent and attempting to hold them in place with physical strength for the impact of the spear. Should the spear pierce the enemy and Lucifel, then the Shadow King will not take any lasting damage. If the enemy escapes though, he takes full damage from the spear impact if he can't get out of the way himself.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)

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PostSubject: Re: WIP: From Shadows   Thu Oct 24, 2013 7:20 am

Reserving the rights to check this, since it almost looks done.

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WIP: From Shadows
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