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 Roa, the Serpent -WIP-

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PostSubject: Roa, the Serpent -WIP-   Sun Oct 05, 2014 3:43 pm

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name:  Michael Roa Valdamjong / Shiki
True Age: Current Body: 17, Returning Spirit: ~10000
Gender: Currently: Male - Before: Everything at least once
Title: The Serpent of Akasha / Ancient Mage
Personality: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences)

General Appearance


Original Appearance:

Appearance Age: Young Adult
Height: 1,75m
Weight: Average

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities: [list]
[*]Ancient Lore: Roa is quite old, and has a talent for obtaining and remembering all kinds of information from each time he gets reincarnated into.

Reishi Abilities

Type: External
Appearance change: Violet, pink and blue glows around himself while the power is active.
Name: The Immortal Mage
Abilities: [list]
[*]The Endless: Roa is a parasitic soul. Originally a Guardian Beast, he, when killed in any conventional way, will assuredly reincarnate into a different body. Reincarnation, though, is not a nice thing for the 'host', who basically gets possessed and trapped in their own body, unable to ever act again until their deaths, when Roa leaves them behind. The only limit is that Roa only reincarnates into either Guardian Beasts, or other species where the ancestors have bred hybrids with Guardian Beasts before, and thus still hold some of their blood within them. Such is the case with his current host, a youth named Shiki. Shiki is very resilient to the control Roa exerts over him, comparatively, but still unable to properly fight back against the immortal being that has taken over his soul. Each time Roa is killed, it takes at the very least 100 years for him to return, sometimes longer, but never shorter.
[*]Numerology: A special soul-art known as a 'sorcery' from ancient Guardian Beast lore. The user can 'see' the world in the form of complex equations, and use numerous ways of interacting with it through spiritual means to change the makeup of the world, giving the user a power to warp reality as they see fit, limited by the amount of energy the user can actually use. A weak user without much energy would be very limited, for over-exertion of this power will kill the user (and would cause Roa to reincarnate). Furthermore, the current host also dictates in which form the reality warping can be used. Thanks to the natural affinity of Shiki, this Roa uses Numerology to create 'cutting forces' and 'interrupting intersections' in the form of lightning bolts, with some minor actual lightning thrown in.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: (Three paragraphs or 15 sentences minimum)
Roleplay Sample: (Two paragraphs or 10 sentences minimum)

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Roa, the Serpent -WIP-
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