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 Yggdrasil Order

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PostSubject: Yggdrasil Order   Fri Dec 14, 2012 6:31 am

Yggdrasil Order
"To make right what once went wrong."

The Yggdrasil Order is an ancient cult that had supposedly disappeared millenia ago. In the past, they were the leaders of nations within the united Guardian Beast Empire - collected under their guide and goddess, Aura. After her disappearance, the Empire collapsed, and with it, the Yggdrasil Order vanished, and their base underneath the Hulle Granz Cathedral disappeared into thin air. With that, the entire remaining South fell into chaotic disorder, with only Mac Anu remaining as a last city of the Guardian Beasts.

However, millenia later, talk about a strange order of beings called the 'Undead' appeared all over the Guardian Beast lands, acting independently of the soldiers of king Zefonse. When asked for who they were, they simply pointed at Mac Anu, and told them that 'they're back'. This group was nothing other than the next generation of the Yggdrasil Order - resurrected, from leaders of nations to avengers of the Guardian Beast and Undead races, and under the lead of the resurrected Aura, they aim to cleanse the Guardian Beast Realm from all evil - they're allies to all those that fight for peace, and enemies for all others. Their order is strictly forbidden from enacting acts of evil, and are to punish evildoers in their lands and others, and also to never actively try to kill each other - disputes are to settle either peacefully or in a fair fight without risk of death.

The Realms

Much like Squads in other, bigger organizations, the Yggdrasil Order is split into 'Realms', each with their own 'Emperor' protecting them, and being assisted by other Undead or Guardian Beasts. Each Emperor has one 'Prince' that fulfills the duties other organizations would assign to a Vice-Captain, and they are the natural successors should their Emperor fall in battle or retire. The Realms are:

The first and last line of defense of Yggdrasil, Asgard are directly assigned to protecting Aura. Each member is handpicked, making them alike to a Zero Squad, although their members are generally not required to be as strong - just loyal. Aura herself is always counted as the Emperor of this Realm, no exceptions. They make official statements on behalf of the order, and handle diplomatics.
Emperor: Aura (Silim)
Prince: *Special Permission Only*

Wisdom department of the Yggdrasil Order, they keep record of all the Guardian Beast history, the Undead stories, and of the fallen comrades. They also specialize in healing and strengthening magic, making them the 'medics' of the Yggdrasil Order. Unlike other organizations, that have their medics under strict orders to help every wounded person, the Vanaheim will not aid those that are not fighting for the same goal, letting wounded enemies die without remorse.
Emperor: Open
Prince: Open
Members: Open

Alfheim is the main armed force of the Yggdrasil Order. The first to deploy, the last to get out, they have a balanced structure and battle-ready members. Especially the leaders need to be able to fight and kill without remorse if need be, so their lead is usually assigned to a great warrior.
Prince: Open
Members: Open

Responsible for earth, this group of Undead are fighters close to humanity, that are always ready to help out the mortal realm in times of danger. They are especially good at both defending positions and evacuating innocents, intercepting threats on earth so that the Alfheim may arrive and destroy the enemy. They fulfil the same function within the Guardian Beast lands, holding positions, setting up base camps, and being generally defensive fighters.
Emperor: Open
Prince: Open
Members: Open

The darker side of the Yggdrasil Order, Svartalfheim is the home of assassins, killers and spies. They go behind enemy lines and into their organizations to find out secrets and strategies, and kill priority targets. As such, only Aura knows who is actually a member of Svartalfheim, all other members of the Yggdrasil Order think them to be Alfheim members. The sole exception is the current Emperor, who is known to other Emperors through meetings.
Emperor: Open
Prince: Open
Members: Open

Nation of the dead, Hel is resonsible for finding the fragments of Cubia and sealing them. Obviously, that makes them the realm with the highest mortality rate, and only exceptionally strong and corruption-resistant Undead should enter it. Unlike other Squads, they have no set in stone normal combat role, and have members of all orientations.
Emperor: Open
Prince: Open
Members: Open

As the deepest Realm, Muspelheim are the 'jailers' of the Yggdrasil Order, being responsible for catching people that are deemed to hard or too dangerous to simply kill. They often work together with Svartalfheim, but unlike them, their identities are not hidden, as they are more of a direct quick assault unit than an infiltration one.
Emperor: Open
Prince: Open
Members: Open

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PostSubject: Re: Yggdrasil Order   Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:41 pm

I'd like to apply Krieg for the Alfheim Emperor position. Here's his app:

Diablo Cortar ~ 0-3+
Dracula ~ 0-3+
Ravana Ichiro ~ 0-3+
Albert Wesker ~ 0-3
Hijikata Toshizo ~ 0-4-
Renamon ~ 0-5
Krieg ~ 1-1
Shyanne/Canaan ~ 1-1
Okita Souji ~ 1-3
Simon Barabbas ~ 1-3
Zachary Torren ~ 1-5
Hanako Ikezawa ~ 2-1
Abiru Kobushi ~ 4-3
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PostSubject: Re: Yggdrasil Order   Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:49 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Yggdrasil Order   

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Yggdrasil Order
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