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 Zeref, the Dark Wizard [Approved 0-3+]

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PostSubject: Zeref, the Dark Wizard [Approved 0-3+]   Sun Dec 16, 2012 3:53 pm

Fake Sugiura Template


Name: He has many names. The one of this body is 'Zeref', the 'conciousness of the end'. The entire entity he represents is called 'Cubia', while the main form of power it takes on was dubbed the 'Angra Mainyu' by the Sugiura. His appearances in different times all carried varrying names, but the most common general name - and the translation of the word 'Cubia' from old Guardian Beast dialect into modern languages - is 'Shadow of Life', or, if read differently, 'End of All'.
True Age: As old as the Sugiura Dimension, born when it was created at the dawn of time.
Gender: Cubia has no gender, although this body is modelled to be a male.
Personality: The black mage. The end of all. An existance truly evil... or so the stories go. According to legend, the body 'Zeref' was an existance filled with malice and hate, one that envied the living and tried to devour the worlds with his army born from nothingness.
If any of that is actually correct, it surely is quite hard to tell now. Zeref, in this time, takes on a melancholic and sad appearance. His voice is quite soft and somber, completely unlike one expected from a dark lord. He is rather reclusive, and prefers not to be around anyone that he hight hurt with his uncontrollable powers. With a heart filled with a strange kindness, he tries to protect the innocent as good as he actually can whenever possible, but most of the time he would cause greater danger instead of actually helping.
Also, Zeref feels the death that happens around him, even if he is not the cause for it, over great distances. His mind is unable to fully comprehend that, or his own kindness. He often seems rather cold because of his distancing from the world, but his human-like soul causes him to cry tears of sadness whenever he is forced to kill a great amount of life, or feels a lot of death nearby. Even remembering his own past can often cause him to shed tears without him noticing at all...
But the real danger is only when death stops making him sad and no longer causes him to cry. The more manicial the people around him are, the more they want to kill one another - the more evil Zeref becomes. His mind can easily sway over into his enraged forms, where he aims to bring about the end of everything again - normally he, for some reason, doesn't want to end everything, but whenever his nature surfaces, he sure as hell does want to do that.

The real reason behind these conflicting character traits are rooted in Zeref's creation. He is the mind of something made to destroy - Cubia, the shadow. But as he has a mind that is connected to his sister, Aura, he developed emotions and care for others over time. So, while his destiny is to eventually end everything, he does not want to follow his nature at all - trying to understand himself is his biggest drive. At times, he even searches for ways to destroy himself - but in the end, should this 'Zeref' die, a new mind of Cubia would just be born, one without his emotions. And even though he is supposed to long for a time where everything ends...
He fears what might happen to him if he was to succeed. For Zeref fears nothing more than being left alone.

General Appearance

Zeref takes the appearance of a young man despite being hundreds of years old. He wears red or black and tan robes with golden trimmings and an open collar, along with a large, white, flowing toga draped around his main body and across his chest. He has black hair that sticks upwards at the top, dark eyes and an unusual set of sharp canines. He also wears a circle-shaped necklace.
When enraged his eyes change to a reddish color, with a black ring around his pupils, giving him a much more menacing appearance.
Animalistic Traits: None
Appearance Age: Can vary between teenager and middle-aged man on a whim.
Height: 1,75 meters
Weight: Average

Natural Abilities

Basic Magic: Zeref is capable of using every 'basic' spell of the Sugiura freely. He also possesses a couple of unnamed elemental magics, which allow him to form basic blasts of the basic four (fire, water, wind, earth) or form small constructs out of them.

End's Touch: As Zeref is a part of the 'end', everything that is killed by him disappears from the worlds forever, quite similiar to the destructive force of the Quincy. According to his own words, being sent to the 'end' is actually quite peaceful, as it is a place without conflict or pain. He is also able to inflict this on the victims of others by touching their bodies before they fully die, dooming them to fall into the end as well.

Energy of Spite: Zeref's energy is not grounded in any known reality. While it feels and functions quite similiar to Reiatsu, it is far darker and more malicious than spiritual energy usually is. Any attempts to analyze it usually end with the equipment used to do so exploding or at least stopping to work.

Odd Biology: Since he has a duality of Sugiura and Guardian Beast traits, he posesses a few traits that are usually unique to either race. For example, he has no biological 'heart'. In its place, he has a whirling mass of black material, which holds a grand total of 9 'Core Medals', completely black round objects. Each of them holds a fragment of his power, and the one in the very center is his 'Heart of Hades'. He can still be killed by stabbing through this mass like one would kill someone by piercing their heart, it is a lot harder to actually do though, since the mass is a lot more durable than a biological heart. If a few of his Core Medals are removed, Zeref will lose part of his powers until they are regained - until his death, the Core Medals are indestructible, as they connect directly to the End. It is also rumored that originally, Zeref had 81 Core Medals, which are now spread across the other living fragments of Cubia... And should he regain even only part of them, his power might grow even higher.

Dark Pulse: Zeref's body releases pulses of dark energy whenever he is close to living beings for too long, withering plants, killing plants and potentially unpowered humans with one touch of it. Powered humans might feel a little sick at it, as would most spiritual races, but it wouldn't be able to kill them.

Acnologia: A concept embedded into Zeref - the more he understands the value of life, the less controllable his powers are, and they randomly kill things around him with Dark Pulse. However, the more evil and murderous acts he sees, the less he values life himself, and the moment he forgets about the value of life, he fully awakens and becomes able to utilize his highest form - as well as controlling and enhancing Dark Pulse to severely damage even spiritual beings that get hit by one. Thankfully, Dark Pulse has to be concentrated for this, and no longer affects everything around him. This applies to all of his magic - he cannot use any of it as long as he truly values life.

Enhanced Durability: Zeref is able to withstand large amounts of punishment relatively unscathed even when he is in a sleeping state, punching him straight in the face may send him flying - but it won't actually hurt him much.

Miracle Worker: Zeref, no matter his sealed and broken form, is still a being most mortals would call a 'god'. While he cannot conciously cause miracles to occur, if a miracle actually happens beforehand to himself, it can happen. Should the Mind of Cubia ever feel true empathy for a person, able to fully comprehend them and their mind, it will unlock the 'Miracle' sealed within him and allow for one impossible thing to occur. This could be anything from someone returning from beyond the grave, to restoring a lost power, rebuilding a destroyed city or just something small like giving fresh hope to the mind of someone who gave up. (STAFF APPROVAL FOR USAGE NEEDED)

Sacred Weapon: Zeref carries a transforming sword, usually in the form of a necklace, called the 'Rave'. A sword forged with ten concepts combined, each transformation has a different use, strengths and drawbacks. These are:
  • Eisenmeteor: a gigantic cleaver-like sword, as big as Zeref himself - and double the width. It lacks special properties, but can crush enemies with the sheer weight. As it is a normal sword, it cannot be affected by magic.
  • Explosion: Like the name implies, this sword unleashes explosions on each swing. The drawback are the strong vibrations of the sword - the explosions will never harm the wearer, but the vibrations can potentially tire out the wielding arm or even cause damage to the bones of it. It looks like a normal longsword.
  • Silfarion: A sword of wind, which increases Zeref's speed to double the norm. It also makes him lighter, though, and thus weakens his defense. It can unleash razor winds by being swung. It has the form of a curved cutlass.
  • Rune Save: Can cut intangible objects, but not tangible ones - the ultimate anti-mage blade, it cuts through magic and energy, but cannot harm other people at all. Stabbing someone with it has no effect, but can dispell magic placed upon them, or magic-like conditions of other races. Is a long sword with runes engraved on it.
  • Blue Crimson: The sword splits into two, a red fire and a blue ice sword, each able to unleash small blasts of their respective element. The main use is to bypass elemental defenses or strike the opponent with one element to break their guard and finish them off with the other.
  • Mel Force: Can create vacuums and blow away enemies. Other than that, it behaves like a normal blade, and looks like a longsword with a handguard that goes around the wielders entire hand for maximum protection. The vacuums it creates allow the wielder to move faster than the speed of sound easily, or can throw an enemy off balance.
  • Gravity Core: Even bigger and heavier than Eisenmeteor. So big, in fact, that it is twice of Zeref's height, and double the width of Eisenmeteor. It can affect gravity around it, but is still a very unwieldy and hard to use sword with incredible destructive and nearly nonexistant defensive power. Obviously, it is also quite slow in windup, but once it comes crashing down, the gravity-enhanced weight accelerates it quickly. By executing a standing, sideways swipe, it can also send out an orb of gravity to pin someone to their standing point with the force of it.
  • Million Suns: A light-aligned blade. It deals three times the normal damage against evil creatures, and can send out waves of cleansing light that only affect the wicked.
  • Sacrifar: This sword turns the wielder into a mindless killing machine, by shutting down all emotions but rage for three posts. The sword is also dark-aligned, and will thus deal more damage to those of pure heart.
  • Ravelt: The hidden tenth form, unuseable by Zeref. Said to be the 'heart of the sword', it is supposedly superior to all the other forms, but nobody can say for sure.

Magecraft Unleashed

Zeref has unique workings in his body. Since he is actually a Guardian Beast, his body, created out of the black liquid of Cubia, takes on characteristics of a Magus Sugiura, allowing him for his unique Magecraft – however, the beast and cores within him also give him released forms that resemble a 'Beast Type' Sugiura, with himself being the beast and the artificial body serving as the Sugiura blueprint.


Zeref's unique Magecraft, based around the power of the void, nothingness, and end times. It is known as a Lost Magic, for even the oldest other Guardian Beasts have forgotten how it functions. It draws power and origin from dark emotions and negativity present in all worlds, weaponizing them in a magnitude of spells. These spells are rather weak or even useless while Zeref is in his 'sleeping' state, but grow exponentially in power the more anger and evil Zeref holds in himself. The spells can also self-activate to protect him if he is knocked unconcious, in their strongest possible form - his sleeping body will speak the words, and after awakening, Zeref will not remember using magic, but still see the destruction around him.

Spell List:
  • Hate Spike: This sends out a black 'tentacle' equipped with spikes at the enemy, with a red tint surrounding it. it can branch out to the sides like a growth of roses, into a magnitude of thinner, but still incredibly thorny and pointy tentacles and growths, while being a very fast-to-use spell that can be thrown out almost permanently by Zeref, making it his signature attacking magic.
  • Null Zone: This spell is channeled for a short time before being used. It creates a quickly spreading 'zone' of black goo on either the ground or in the air, even being able to flow completely against the laws of physics concerning fluids. Magic effects in the Null Zone are nullified, this includes almost all known spiritual effects - Cero disappear, Kidō does not work, Zanpakutō reseal themselves until the zone is left. To be part of the 'zone', part of the 'origin' if something has to touch the Null Zone (for example the magician using a spell standing in the Null Zone), or said 'magic' has to touch the Null Zone fluid. It does not affect Zeref's own magic, however. The fluid can also be manipulated after it has been used with hand gestures from Zeref, doing so requires great focus and thus renders him immobile. Should he manage to somehow get the fluid into the body of his enemy, it will sear through their power and sap them of most of their strength almost immedeatly, but that is quite hard to pull of.
  • Malice Binding: Zeref shoots a black orb. Should it hit a target, it will deal searing damage and trap the enemy in a dark glowing light-cage, which will hinder or deny movements entirely for a short time. This spell has a two post cooldown.
  • Minus Sphere: Zeref encases himself instantly with black arts, 'killing' attacks hitting the barrier that can not overpower it with sheer force. Those attacks are reduced to half effect. Close quarter attacks will deal half damage as well, and the enemy won't be able to see Zeref inside the sphere, making aiming difficult to impossible. Has a short duration only, and a one post cooldown.
  • Devouring Pillar: Zeref swipes both of his arms in a circular motion until the bottom of his hands meet. The hand on top has the index and middle fingers pointing upwards, while the other hand has the little and index fingers pointing downwards. While doing this, he is surrounded by a dark aura. This spell created a huge vertical explosion, and it's blast radius is controllable with a maximum of two miles when Zeref is at high power. This magic is capable of killing a big group of weaker beings instantly.
  • Door of Oblivion: This spell opens a rift that allows Zeref to easily warp between worlds, but nobody else can go through them without going insane from the revelations within, since it travels directly through the void of nothingness. In combat, Zeref can open one of the pitch-black portals and make monstrous growths appear out of them to attack enemies, like gigantic claws, tentacles, or maws.
  • Touch of Spite: Zeref loads his hand with magic and attemps to touch either the enemy or their weapon with it, injecting a great amount of void energy into them instantly. This causes extreme physical pain to the enemy, and while not normally fatal, the sensory overload of the nerves can cripple someone for some time or even permanently.
  • Wall of Pain: Zeref swipes his hands to the sides, creating a free-floating violet wall whereever he aims in a 40 meter radius around him. Things or people that pass through the Wall of Pain lose their momentum and become heavily slowed. Also, the wall reduces the defenses of people passing through them by shredding their natural ability to absorb and take damage.
  • Lay Waste: Zeref summons a ball of energy that explodes after half a second, making it hard to aim. It deals double damage to a single target, making it less effective in crowded fights or when fighting on the ground, as both the actual ground and possible obstacles count as targets. Lay Waste has a short windup time before it 'phases' in on the target location in the form of a transparent orange glow, which is then replaced by the pulsating black orb that explodes after the mentioned half second. On its own, Lay Waste is rather weak, but can be used rapidly.
  • Defile: Zeref leaks out his void energy into the ground underneath him, this spell does not work in the air. Touching this ground will potentially damage and/or slow anyone passing through. The area is a circle with a radius of 10 meters. Jumping over it or simply moving extremely fast can weaken or nullify the effect of Defile.
  • Ignite: Searing flames of the void shoot from Zeref's fingers aimed at the enemy. While they only deal little damage on their own, they bypass almost all common defenses and hurt the target directly. Because of their concentrated nature, they have a cooldown of three posts.
  • Phasewalk: A short-range teleport, used to escape otherwise fatal situations. Up to three Phasewalks can be chained together, but each one will cost double the energy to use. After using at least one in a post, Zeref can not Phasewalk for three posts.
  • Syphoning Strike: Zeref enhances his next melee attack, dealing a small amount of enhanced damage. With each successful Syphoning Strike in a thread, the next one grows more powerful.
  • Requiem: The ultimate Voidcraft spell, it attacks all enemies in the area with an extremely strong, red beam of energy that is nearly impossible to dodge or nullify. On the downside, this spell has to be channeled for an entire post, during which it can be interrupted by silencing Zeref's voice, knocking him away from his current position, or nullifying all magic around him. Has a six post cooldown.

Army of One

Zeref is rumored of being able to create countless minions from his own body. Obviously, this is not a power he can access on a whim. Only in his Stages of Guilt is Army of One even aviable, and then it is largely limited. The minions he can create have minds of their own, and each represent a fragment of Cubia themselves, for the most part at least. He can also create weaker minions, roughly as strong as the average Hollow, that do not have a mind of their own and follow his orders without question.

Guardian Beast

Zeref's unique released forms are called the 'Stages of Guilt'. They all enhance his magic to higher strength - compared to his unreleased body, the increase is 4x for the first, 12x for the second and 30x for the third.

Origin: End


[b]Corrupted Appearance:
Zeref's true nature awakens, flooding through his veins and giving his eyes their red, unnatural glow.
Corrupted Abilities: Corrupted Zeref has no direct new abilities aside from one - he can call other fragments of Cubia in the vicinity of his current position to his side, and they will follow each and every one of his commands without question. The Corrupted Dark Wizard will relentlessly hunt down his enemies and slaughter them without mercy. His real advantage in this form comes from another passive he unlocks, the ability to 'Multicast', making him able to utilize more than one spell at once and combine their effects. He is limited to 2 different spells or 3 charges of the same spell in Corrupted stage, while Unchained and End increase it to 3/4 and 5/6 respectively.

Unchained Appearance: The shackles placed upon the power of the end are lifted - Zeref is now surrounded by an unnatural dark glow at all times paired with an aura that one can easily describe as pure 'evil'. While his magic obviously grows, he also unlocks the more unnatural traits of his body.
Unchained Abilities:
  • Horror Claws: The Black Aura solidifies around Zeref's hands, granting him incredibly strong claws able to be paired with his close combat magic. The claws are far stronger than steel and inflict the one struck by them with a special poison - this poison slowly spreads paranoia throughout the enemy to make them lose will to fight and succumb to death.
  • Blight Storm: Zeref unleashes his dark aura as a weapon, throwing it at the enemy in the form of a rapidly spinning 'tube' moving at them. The size is variable, and seems hollow in the middle, but after a short charging time a destructive energy blast is fired right through said middle. The outer 'tube' is mainly there to keep someone from escaping, as breaking through it or generally being hit by it sears one's flesh off like very strong acid, and could potentially poison the affected person and lead to allergic shocks from it.
  • Agony's Embrace: Dark Spikes shoot out of the ground like a gigantic claw-hand, in order to rip into the enemy and bind them in place with their deadly grip. If used on more than one target the radius increases, as well as the amount of claws shooting out of the ground. A high-area Agony's Embrace can easily slaughter an entire army of weaker minions completely. All damage done by Agony's Embrace benefits Zeref, by building a shield out of dark energy around him that absorbs 1.5 times the amount of damage he has done himself.
  • Devour: Zeref expands dark energy right infront of him into a giant maw. While this attack has a very short range and can be dodged easily as a result, the damage done by these gigantic maws is insane, and can't be defended against with regular means - most shields would simply shatter. If something is killed by Devour, Zeref's own durability and endurance increase, while healing him.
  • Spell Vampirism: Each spell or ability used by Zeref in Unchained or End form cause him to regenerate health equal to 1/4th of the damage done to living things.


The grand finale of Zeref's power - the terrifying being of the End, the appearance that once shook the Guardian Beasts into a dark age as it appeared as the head of Cubia. One major thing that is different, though, is the 'source' of this power. While Corrupted and Unchained are direct representations of Zeref's own power as the 'head', End is a combination of energy drawn from the very being he is a part of. Thus, most of the End form recquires him to obtain more Core Medals to increase his power, otherwise it won't be much stronger than abilities unlocked in Unchained. This should not lead one to mistake End form for weak, though - his thirty times magic increase and growing physical power are already enough reason to beware. Just keep in mind that with more cores, the actual abilties of End Form grow higher in potency and effect.
Once The End empowers Zeref, it unlocks another 'Lost Magic' that was formed by fusing other Lost Magics together, making it one of the most devastating Magic Styles known. However, it also limits the amount of time it can be used without more Core Medals acquired by Zeref quite a bit. The name of this style is 'Void Slayer Magic'.
List of Spells associated with this Lost Magic:
    Shadow Dragon's Fade: Zeref fades into the darkness and shadows around him, making it hard to impossible to tell where exactly his body is in the aura surrounding him. This obviously helps him evade and counter-attack a lot more easily.
    Fire God's Flame Coat: Zeref creates fire around himself and his close combat attacks. These flames have a special property of 'destruction' instead of 'burning', meaning they work under water, without air and anything else one would associate with fire. The pain and damage caused still resemble actual fire, just more destructive. It does not usually spread across material one would consider flammable, though.
    Wind God's Rejuvination: A 'fake healing' spell that regenerates damage done to a body, but can't refill energy reserves or stamina, by breathing the air of the void onto the target. Works on Zeref himself as well.
    Shadow Dragon's Claw Attack: Zeref forms a claw out of the shadows surrounding the battlefield and slashes with it. The range on this attack is only limited to where shadows are, and yes, he can potentially attack people with their own shadow with this, although such attacks are rather weak since these shadows are not embowed with his power.
    Fire God's Brilliant Flame: Zeref creates two spheres of god fire, before crashing them together, creating an expanding explosion right infront of him to devastate the enemy. Since it is a wide-spread attack, the single-target damage is not that high, but it has knockback power.
    Fields of the Dead God: Zeref roots the power of the End deeper into the ground than ever before, expanding a Defile field of over 3 miles. It is now strong enough to have a negative effect on anyone but the creatures of the End or the few people he'd give his life for (complete trust) by making it so that their endurance is drained faster and that their eyes will waver if their Willpower does not allow them to shake the power of. Standing on this defiled ground can kill people by pumping them full of End energy.
    Requiem of the Dying Dragon: Zeref sings the last song of the dying dragon gods, creating a vortex of raw magical power around him for an entire post, increasing his defense. If nothing manages to silence his voice, gigantic bolts of red energy will drive down from the sky onto the enemies, and explode onto whatever they hit into a magnitude of smaller beams, which in turn cause explosions and smaller beams again, until all the power of the Requiem is used up. Possibly the most destructive power Zeref can unleash at once.
    Shadow Dragon's Last Shout: Zeref unleashes a wave of shadow energy from his mouth, blinding the senses of those hit by it. A full on hit can disable all six senses of spirirtual beings at once for at the most half a post. Non spiritual beings are robbed of all their senses permanently.
    Ravelt: To unleash the final form of the Rave sword is to understand the world completely. It combines the speed, attack power and durability of all the different forms into one ultimate sword, and it can only be unleashed once Zeref becomes 'aware' and 'awakens' to his kind self while in End form.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Zeref is one of the oldest beings to have ever existed. He was not 'born', thus has nothing like 'parents'. Instead, when Aura was created by her dimension, he also came into being - as the shadow to her light, the symbolic end to the beginning she embodied. Still, he was not 'evil' per se - the one we know as Zeref today was the concious mind of the shadow back then, and lived in harmony with Aura and the Guardian Beasts that came into being.
Still, his powers were of darkest night, so he always had to keep his distance from normal Beasts, lest they'd be corrupted by the shadow within him and his 'meaning' - to end life. In order to make it easier for him to live like a Guardian Beast, Cubia split himself - as a godlike being, it was quite easy to seperate his 'aspects', and the concious mind became Zeref, the Dark Wizard. Obviously, this also lessened the burden on him immensely, as the rest of Cubia was now at home in the deepest south, sleeping underneath the Hulle Granz Cathedral, the oldest building in the Guardian Beast Dimension.

Now as a timeless Guardian Beast, Zeref was a very peaceful and gentle being and advisor to Aura. This only started to change when the old spirit of the world - Morganna Mode Gone - started her rebellion and tried to twist the beasts to her side. As for the first time, a big c0nflict broke out between Guardian Beasts - and the negativity resonated with Zeref's mind, awakening his darkest side slowly but steadily. Noticing this, and knowing herself powerless to stop it, Aura was forced to banish Zeref away, and sealed him even further in the south than the rest of Cubia - under the glaciers that pierce the skies after one passes the ethereal stone fields.
During the ensuing conflicts across the world, multiple of the seals placed all across the dimension got damaged. These seals were the ones keeping the Cubia Fragments in check, and with them breaking, the negativity and destructive emotions of war slowly seethed into the End, nudging it towards awakening... And also causing some of it's power to slowly leak out and corrupt a couple of beasts who would later become known as his Apostles. One example of an Apostle that still lives to this day would be the old snake, Roa.

As the war neared it's end, thanks to the help of a traitor, a knight and an ancient human warrior, the activity inside of the seals apparently broke down. Worried for the safety of her people, Aura issued an order to strengthen all the seals on Cubia, and made sure herself that Zeref was still sleeping in the deepest one - and for some time, peace returned. The scars of war healed slowly but steadily... But also, the corruption of the Apostles that had been tainted by the End, started to grow and spread, unknown to Aura and her children. Growing and splitting, like a deadly form of cancer, deep within the roots of the Guardian Beast society.
And finally, years after the first Guardian Beast War, the time had come. A group of Apostles managed to destroy the seals placed upon the main body of Cubia and on the mind of it - throwing Zeref and the other aspects into the main body, the End of All awoke with the power of All The Worlds Evil pulsating within it, having collected all the negativity and murderous urges of the first war. On that day, the skies above all lands darkened, and no sunlight reached the grounds of the Beasts for as long as this next war went on.
As Aura realized what the black clouds meant, for the first time during her life, she felt fear striking deep into her hearts. It had been centuries since the last war, if not even millenia - but there was no time to hesitate. With a loud call, all the able Beasts were called to fight this threat - a threat that had already turned the once beautiful meadow around Aura's cathedral into a vast, desolate wasteland of cold stones and charred earth. The mere presence of the fully awakened Cubia was strong enough to cause calamities all across the endless dimension of the Guardian Beasts.

As the army of Aura finally amassed under her command, so did an old friend of hers, a former human, and his companions. As they amassed under the triumphant banners, they were filled with hope - even against the darkened skies of this world, their honor and pride, with the colors of the beautiful Beast cities, managed to outshine the fear. And so, they all confidently went into battle...
And walked straight into a hell that nobody could imagine.

There was no glory in this battle, and no honor. What they went on to face was unimagineable - the darkness that had taken over Zeref was a monster so alien, that no normal eyes could even truly comprehend it, and multiple people went insane from seeing it. The curse of the Evil was so strong, that weaker hearted individuals killed themselves upon looking at him, just to make the whispers in their mind stop - even one of the friends of Aura's trusted companion was amongst those unfortunate souls. The darkness enveloped cities and devoured them underneath the black waters - the 'fluid' body of Cubia, filled with evil and curses. Pushing this back was nearly impossible - the fluid was protected by those that had fallen into the waters, as it corrupted them and turned them into it's own soldiers, under the commands of the Apostles, who all had become monstrosities themselves, filled with the power of the End.
Quickly, the war to push back the End, became a war to run away from the End without dying. Front after front was lost - millions died, and with each death, Zeref's sister faced incredible pain and sadness, finally becoming unable to even leave her sanctuary for more than a few minutes without collapsing. Even her comrade slowly lost his hope, as his friends turned against him under the influence of all evil.
In a desperate attempt to save one of his friends, he became immersed into the dark waters, forced to see his own evil and the evil of all others. It drove him insane, even if it was unable to convert him into an End soldier, until he was struck down with Excalibur, breaking his madness. Zeref had nothing of his kindness left - he didn't even recognize Guardian Beasts that he had called friends prior while slaughtering them.

But finally, there was one last bit of hope. Being left with nothing but a broken empire and a dying race, Aura made a wish to the world that had birthed her, to her mothers spirit in the wind, and to the gods of long forgone times before time - that, if only to grant mercy to her people, she'd give her own life to end the rampage of her beloved brother. And this earnest, pure wish of a goddess made it real - the Wishmaker. The Holy Grail, the ultimate secret of the Root, appeared before her... And so, Aura spoke her only wish, as the world encased her and kept her from perishing herself. With the last of her love for Zeref, she asked for peace for his soul.
The resulting scream can still be heard to this day in the war-torn areas that have yet to recover. The power of Cubia's main body stripped away, the wishmaker used the only vessel strong enough to permanently bind a god - itself. And so, it became the Cursed Holy Grail, holding the main body of 'Angra Mainyu', All the Worlds Evil. The last magicians of the Guardian Beasts got a hold of the other fragments, and sealed them away - all but Zeref, who had vanished ever since Aura's wish.

Years passed, and the world slowly recovered, although the Guardian Beasts remained a shadow of their former self. Again and again, sightings of Zeref were reported, but as their society died down, so did the reports. Aura disappeared from the open, and many Guardian Beasts fell into feral natures. In that twilight, Zeref wandered the world and places of war - filled with deepest regret.
But then, the Sugiura arrived - and with them, new hope for the Guardian Beasts to survive. Zeref still prefered not to be seen by others, but quickly noticed that his powers came awfully close to a 'Magus', making it easy for him to hide amongst Sugiura for short periods of time, as to not endanger them with his aura. When a few Sugiura heard legends of the Wishmaker, he was one of the hidden voices trying to keep people from finding it. When the grail was released by the Sugiura for the first time, he helped them from the shadows - as they resealed it, Zeref made sure to absorb the black fluid that had already escaped from within it, to keep it from corrupting the world.
He was also seen searching for the King of Heroes, in attempts to cleanse him from the darkness, but to no avail. Once again aimless, he merely drifted through the worlds, not caring about conflicts like the Winter War or the war with Ender, as it was of little significance as to which mortal ruled over the others, keeping away from conflicts to keep his dark side sealed, closely keeping the Rave pendant from his sister to his chest.
However, when the second grail war happened not too long ago, Zeref kept himself hidden once more - but when he saw the opportunity, he drained strength from the artifact, to make Takuri able to smash it into pieces, sealing the main body of Cubia into the End dimension between dimensions again - with only a few parts left where it could spill out.
But still, the danger remained... for each death, each inconsistency in the soul cycle, strengthened the End of Everything. Even now, it is only a matter of time - millenia or days, at some point, all worlds will end.
And Zeref will be there at this end - alone and forgotten, to float forever in nothingness until the next multiverse is born, to be then gone and lost forever as well. For such is the fate of an immortal that carries the End in him.
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 15 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is 15 sentences [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [Omit]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [Omit]

Comments/Notes: Everything looks to be good to me, Approved.
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I am moving this app to WIP because of a few MAJOR problems.
1) There are references to another site (see: Ender)
2) Age is far too high. I recommend doing something akin to what was done with Aura.
3) The Grail has been removed, thus references to it need to be removed.

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Zeref, the Dark Wizard [Approved 0-3+]
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