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 Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]

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PostSubject: Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]   Sat Dec 22, 2012 7:20 pm

Guardian Beast Template


"Now pray, little children of life. For only a strong prayer can change this world."

Name: Aura, Goddess of Life
Nicknames: Aura
Titles: Hope of Dawn
True Age: Difficult to say. Aura's individual incarnations last a few thousand years each, before withering away and being reincarnated into a new form.
Gender: Female

General Appearance

Appearance: Aura appears in the form of a 'girl'. On first glance, she appears to be very young - however, a simple look into her dull, green eyes makes one realize that she is much more 'ageless' than 'young'. Within those dull green eyes, one seems to stare right through time itself, making it very uncomfortable to keep long eye contact with her without having a strong and old mind. Her hair is odd and defies physics, 'flowing' around her like the waves of the ocean, and is in a brilliant blonde color. On her body, Aura is known to wear a mostly white, beautiful dress, although she has no actual feelings of shame. The ornate accessoires of her dress give her a 'divine' look, while she has completely fair and soft skin that never tans or burns. She is, in a rather amusing case, self-concious about her small chest size and hates it when people point it out, often saying that her former body was 'better' in that regard.
It is implied that Aura can freely change her appearance as long as she has more power, and her current form is simply taken to be 'easier on the human eye', and her true appearance would drive a normal human insane. While not properly describeable in human words, it definitely transcends our known dimensions.
Animalistic Traits: Her wing-ears are actually alive and real.
Appearance Age: Ageless

Natural  Abilities

Natural Techinques:

  • True Divinity: The only 'natural' ability inherint to Aura is that she is a true god - created at the dawn of her world, she is more essence than person. She is the god of an 'aspect', to be precise - she is not an 'omnipotent god' like the one told of in christianity, for example. She is more like other gods in tellings, ruling over a single aspect - in her case, life itself is what she governs. Thanks to being the 'first' and 'prototype' of her own people, the Guardian Beasts that she created, she is constantly in 'Beast' form, and doesn't have any lower forms.
  • Perfect Memory: Aura is physicially unable to forget something, causing her to have a perfect, photographic memory. While her own mind and thoughts might change or twist her memory like it does for mortals, but on a smaller scale, usually. Trying to read her mind is thus a daunting, but not impossible, task.
  • Mind Link: Aura can meld her mind into the one of another. This can be used as telepathy to talk without words or without anyone noticing, but is also extremely dangerous - because of her long life and perfect memory, Aura can potentially overload a human brain in seconds and cause their mind to die off. A mental attack requires Aura to be in striking distance of someone, and it causes a searing pain in their head during which a disruption of her concentration can cancel the Mind Link. This also allows Aura to invade someones memories and read them, but that also causes a searing headache for the duration, and can drive a normal mind insane through the 'presence' that Aura's spirit emits at any given moment.
  • Reincarnation: Aura is an avatar of life itself. As such, she is nearly impossible to kill properly - as a goddess, her strength depends on the health and belief of their people, the Guardian Beasts. Every few thousand years, Aura renews herself, by reincarnating into a new body. However, if she loses her belief and strength by too much death of her own people, her reincarnation fails, forcing her to slowly disappear without a body until she dies. People that can see the divine may reinvigorate an Aura in this state by sacrificing some of their own strength, as Kite did for her after her 'death'.

Other Weapons: None

Guardian Beast

Element: Life/Light


Beast Appearance: Her usual appearance is her 'Beast' appearance at the moment.
Beast Abilities:

  • Healing Touch: Simply being touched by Aura's hands infuses those of good hearts with her energy, which can heal nearly any injury. While more dire injuries may take a few moments, Aura can save people even from normally mortal injury with this power. Besides this incredible healing effect, Aura's touch also causes clarity of mind in those that feel it, and can give hope even in the darkest of times.
  • Unnatural Glow: Around her body, Aura is coated in a weird, shining 'glow' that makes it virtually impossible to overlook her. This ethereal glow is not real light, and is more of a perception that mortals have of her true form - it makes it known that there is far more to her than meets the eye. It may even frighten people at first because of the sheer 'otherness' it has.
  • Alien Biology: Aura's body is an enigma in itself. She doesn't seem to posess any actual organs inside of her body, and doesn't require food or drink to live. Instead, her strength of body and mind is directly linked to how many Guardian Beasts are alive, and on how many people believe in her - prayers directly give her strength. While she has blood, it is of a far lighter color than human blood, and instead of a heart, she posesses a 'core' that circulates her blood - this core is made out of an incredible collection of life and energy, and is most likely the closest to a 'true' form that mortals can observe when looking at Aura. Even if her entire body was destroyed, as long as the core exists, Aura cannot die. Her blood also has healing powers even surpassing her healing touch - a single drop of it can be enough to cure an entire town of a deadly disease. Her internal organs are not simply 'missing', but rather 'replaced' by odd constructs of light that nobody is able to fully comprehend.
  • Life Spread: While Aura can also simply float, when she walks over any ground (even artificial ones) small plants will spawn around those places and spread for a short distance. When on infertile ground, they will simply die and disappear, but on normal earth, they will spread into a small following of fertility behind her.
  • Part of the World: Aura is not only a person, she is also part of the Guardian Beast Dimension itself - thus, any attempt to harm her in her native world will be countered by the world itself. A strong wind will bring off course even the fastest projectiles, the ground itself may rise to protect her, and even feral Guardian Beasts will instantly come to her defense.
  • Miracle - Resurrection: Aura would be a poor excuse for a goddess if she wasn't able to conjure actual miracles - and one of the possible ones is to bring people back from the dead. This is a power that channels a special kind of energy - the energy of memories. By using the memories held dear from those close to the killed person, and the prayers and beliefs in all that is good in the world, Aura calls back the spirit of the killed person, regenerates their body, and restores them to life, imbuing them with a part of her own essence. This process can actually turn people into Guardian Beasts - the longer ago a death has occured, the more likely this is to happen. For a Guardian Beast to be resurrected, their Core Medals or, if they don't have any, their body needs to still be intact at least partially, while humans and Quincy need their former body to be properly resurrected. Spirit beings do not require a body to be resurrected,  but instead it needs to be done in an area with a strong collection of spiritual energy and particles - or someone with high Reiatsu needs to substitute in for it and give part of their power for the revival.
    The revived person will be weakened and disoriented at the start, but they can usually regain most, sometimes even all, of their former ability and memories. The more people have fond memories of the target, the easier and smoother a resurrection becomes.
  • Miracle - Ascension: Sometimes, legends become Guardian Beasts - this is thanks to Aura weaving her people out of legends in the first place. However, not only legends, but also people can become Guardian Beasts - usually, this is reserved for heroic or anti-heroic beings of human or Sugiura origin, although cases of other races are not unheard of. By causing an Ascension, Aura uses her power to weave legends to create a 'vessel' for a person, turning them into Guardian Beasts - without any requirement for them to die previously, but their former body and powers will definitely be lost and change. Ascension cannot be used on those unwilling.
  • Word of Command: While Aura certainly doesn't like actively using it, she can load her voice with power. When doing this, Guardian Beasts feel an incredible urge to follow her command, no matter what it may be - it is possible to resist this power, but to do so, one needs to be incredibly powerful and resistant. Guardian Beasts bound by a contract with a Sugiura are more resistant to this, but Undead are just like normal Guardian Beasts under this effect.
  • Absolute Terror Field: When in need to protect herself or others, Aura is able to conjure her own 'self' into the outside as an energy shield. As a layered beehive-barrier, this Field can withstand even great impacts, and can keep people away from Aura or a target. Once broken through, the field regenerates once the perpetrating energy or object leave the direct affected area, meaning closing the distance to Aura while the field is broken is the only way to truly avoid this. While within her own dimension, Aura's Absolute Terror Field becomes so thick and multi-layered that breaking it is more wishful thinking than possibility.
  • Blue Earth: Her adoration of mankind made Aura able to use this power, although she can only use it on earth. While in the living realm, Aura can 'bless' a human with this power - which then allows them to channel the power of the planet, and all those living on it, for one single attack. It cannot be used more than once per thread or event.
  • Curse of Aura: While Aura seems like a nice person, one shouldn't forget that her morals seem 'good' from our standpoint - but are actually alien morals that just so coincide to be similiar to what we call 'good'. Aura would never kill someone directly, but using this power, she can 'curse' an entire bloodline or clan if need be. Those curses are, at their weakest, time-limited bad luck charms, and at their worst, cause an entire kingdom to crumble. These curses are at their strongest when Aura feels utter disgust over someone or a group of people, and she cannot decide on the content on a curse - it forms as she speaks the curse, and thus, becomes whatever represents her particular disgust the most. As Aura is unable to hate, she cannot cast actual death curses.
  • Blessing of Aura: The direct opposite of the Curse, this can strengthen up to an entire bloodline of those that swear their loyalty to Aura. The more she trusts someone, the stronger her blessings get, but they can only be used sporadically. It is said that a Blessing is upon the entire Sugiura race, allowing them to survive even a large crisis mostly unharmed, and being the reason that the Corruption of the Grail can be controlled by certain Sugiura. A direct Blessing was laid upon Shimura, to protect her from any corruption caused by the void.
  • Breath of Life: While vastly weakened, Aura is still able to animate objects, concepts and even slight ideas to life, in certain ways. They act as 'summons', and are usually too weak to stay alive without her power supporting them, making them battle pets to protect Aura. As she does not directly cause harm, she can use summons to fight, but still not kill.

List of Summons:

  • Vashta Nerada: The Shadows that Melt the Flesh, the Vashta Nerada are microscopic life-forms and usually not dangerous to any living being directly. They obtain a higher mind when in a large swarm by linking together. They hide in the dark and in shadows, and can mimick the shadows of surroundings for cover - either extremely brigt light will reveal them, or when there is a shadow in the darkness. When called upon in a large number, their razor sharp tooth can turn them from scavengers into ruthless predators, but they are weak defensively - they sneak at targets using shadows as cover. When not detected, they can potentially devour someone the moment they notice. A sentence made famous about them is "If you have two shadows, it's already too late."
  • Earth Golem: The earth Golem can only be summoned when there is actual earth underneath, but the kind is not important - rocks, sand or normal mud are all viable and change the properties of the Golem, like how hard he is and his consistency as an object. While not really the brightest in the lot, the Golem is big, slow and surprisingly strong. He is, however, also not really durable and can fall apart easily when hit, unless he is made out of hard rocks - but even those Golems can be shattered with some blunt force, and are even slower than normal Earth Golems. They are mainly a living cover and anti-building summon.
  • Air Elemental: Aura breathes life into the air coming out of her lungs, creating a small wisp-like creature. Without a solid body, it will expire rather quickly (1-2 posts), but can attack the enemy viciously with cutting winds. Or just knock someone that Aura wants to play a prank on off balance with a breeze.
  • Tangleroots: Animated plants are quite the danger in forest and plain areas, creating entire pieces of land that want to bind, strangle or beat someone up. While not really dangerous to powered beings, it is at least a hindrance and annoyance.


The name of Trueform is deceptive, since her actual true form can't be comprehended by mortal races. Instead, Trueform is the name given to the appearance and body she had back during the golden times of her existance and life. As such, this form is seen as 'lost' nowadays. While Aura can in theory change back into this form, doing so would consume her energy rapidly and possibly kill her permanently. To properly support Trueform, she first has to regain the faith of her people and others.

Trueform Appearance:  photo 8ad96a193f5b41d6a351e115eae73099_zps5be931df.png

 photo 693e0cce272ad024ef8678baa11f7412189_zps813a7752.jpg

Aura's Trueform has more 'alien' features about itself than her normal Beast form. Her hair is reminiscent of flowing, silver water, while her deep and still somewhat dull eyes are seemingly filled with endless symbols that nobody can actually read or understand.
Trueform Abilities: Trueform grants Aura only one single ability - her old divinity in condensed form. In practice, this means that she can manipulate the Guardian Beast Realm around herself - she can freely control the weather, make the seas rise, an entire forest sprout out of nowhere, or raise a mountain from the desert. Even the twinkling stars and moons in the sky can be controlled by her very will. However, Aura is still Aura - she can't use this power to harm anyone, doing so would go against her very nature.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Before the dawn of our reality, there was another world. One can't say that it has been a certain amount of time ago - time as a concept didn't exist until our reality started. Thus, the old world had existed both instantly before ours and millenia beforehand. That reality that had ended left behind a single 'mind', the mind of their living 'end'. That end was called Morgana Mode Gone, the Queen of Demise. But eternal loneliness was not a fate that Morgana could endure any longer.

When time began to move, when the big bang happened in the world of real matter, she stepped forward - and with all of her power, all of her will to create instead of destroy, Morgana crafted a 'daughter' out of the dreams and hopes of the world she had destroyed. From all aspects of the reality she knew, she flung a light into this new, unknown time - and she called that 'Hope of Dawn' by her name for the first time. Aura, the Goddess of Life, was born on that day, in a dimension far removed from the universe that would later contain the human race.
When she was first created, Aura was in a 'sleeping' state. Together with her, a shadow was created - just like light casts a shadow, life itself also created one. Those twins were in perfect unison at the beginning - an absolute balance of life and death, light and shadow, in the form of two gods. However, with sleep comes a dream - and so, the two newborn gods dreamt, and their dreams joined into one another. And from that dream, a world was born...

That world was what we know today as the Sugiura Dimension. From their sleep, the two gods formed land and sea, air space, stars in the sky and moons circling the endless world. As a rather alien dimension, it did not contain a normal 'space' and 'planets' like earth, but was instead an endless planet, with a light like a sun and many moons circling it, like the dream of perfection the two had. Night and day were defined by how much light there was, nothing else. From their point of origin, the land then started to fully form - the first plants were growing just 'moments' on the scale of time after the creation of these two.
However, the gods were still the only sentient beings in this world, with Morgana watching over them. As a goddess of life, Aura felt alone even in her sleep, and her power reached out to the world. Using the legends and dreams of the old gods and worlds that existed before our current ones, they formed the first Guardian Beasts - beings of infinite power to protect this world, and their goddess. Within due time, these Guardian Beasts reached sentience themselves and build a civilization much unlike our own, and they worshipped Aura as their goddess of life.

Thanks to their world developing, the spirits of the two gods slowly awakened from their sleep. However, noticing that she herself was feared and slowly forgotten, Morgana started to feel resentment for this new world. And instead of accepting her fate and disappearing, she instead started to influence the world - with her power, she poisoned the two god-children, to keep them sealed and make herself the new goddess. Gathering her own followers, the Queen of Demise created the first crisis of the Guardian Beast Dimension, surpressing the people and forcing them to stay within the cities they had developed my creating feral monsters to roam the lands outside.
In this time, the people developed Gate Crystals, special contraptions able to teleport people to any place in the world and back, as their last means of travel between different parts of the dimension. This darker age would later become known as the 'first age of heroes'. To keep Aura asleep during this time, Morgana chained her conciousness to a lone magician, and stole the memories of him, while also making sure that a special beast known as the 'Ring Guardian' would always follow him and destroy any that could re-awaken his memories.

However, things took an unexpected turn. Thanks to the constant kindness and friendship of a small group of other Beasts, the humanoid magician beast slowly regained his emotions,  and finally, managed to break free from the suggestions of Morgana Mode Gone. Using her Ring Guardian against her, he 'hacked' into the Gate Crystals and unlocked the last location - Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground, the Hulle Granz Cathedral. As much a phenomenon as it was a building, this was the place were Aura and Zeref were kept in their supposedly eternal sleep. Together with his friends, he broke the seal upon Aura and Zeref - and with Aura's awakening, the power of Morgana Mode Gone over the world was broken and given to the rightful goddess of it.

At first, this seemed to be the ultimate turning point. With the young Aura and Zeref awakened, the Guardian Beasts were finally able to claim all of their dimension as their own, and they spread across the lands in the first Guardian Beast Empire. During this time, Aura and Zeref created the Order of Yggdrasil - the leaders of the new kingdoms as the branches of Yggdrasil joined under the banner of Aura as the Empire. This peaceful and beautiful world lasted for a very long time, if seen from our perspective - probably even longer than humanity had civilization to begin with. Advancing far in the realms of mysticism, the Guardian Beasts reached the ultimate point - Technology created from Magic, also known as Magitech. As the greatest of the magical races, everything seemed to be perfect...
But of course, it wasn't. In the darkness behind known places, the last followers of Morgana Mode Gone used their influence to slowly infect the Guardian Beast kingdoms, and quite a few started to secretly follow the Queen of Demise.

There had been conflict before in this world, and even wars. But to Aura and Zeref, those conflicts were minimalistic, as none really encapsuled all of the population of the world, and thus did not disrupt the balance of life and death. In order to keep the world stable, Zeref sealed away the majority of his body - that being would later be known as 'Cubia'. The 'mind' known as Zeref then went on to travel the lands... Just as Morgana revealed herself, and her dark plans.
In an effort to completely destroy her daughter, Morgana Mode Gone made the darkest legend real - one to evil that even Aura had not woven life into it. From her essence, Morgana created the Cursed Wave. Eight evils so powerful and complete, that should they complete their war against the Guardian Beast race, then there was no question about it - Aura would fall, and with her, an entire dimension would be cloaked in darkness and forgotten forever.

In this infinite crisis, Aura was all alone. Even her closest followers were only that - people that followed her because she was their goddess. She had no real friends, and the only family was Zeref, but he had mysteriously disappeared the moment her mother had declared war upon them with the Cursed Wave. Battle after battle was lost, entire parts of the dimension being destroyed in their fighting. Entire armies crumbled before even single members of the Cursed Wave, and whenever multiple ones appeared at once, the armies of light had no other choice but to flee in terror.
In this, her darkest hour, Aura herself sent a prayer out to the world. For someone, anyone to appear... To help her. To save her. To be what she was for the Guardian Beasts - a guiding light, someone to believe in. With all of her power, Aura wished for this person to appear before her... And without realizing, her desperate prayer had caused her world to latch onto a different one - one that was known as Soul Society. And from the darkness, he stepped.. a man that was unlikely to be a hero. A Shinigami without the ability to manifest a Zanpakutō - but who had the mind and heart of a true hero, and the swordarm of a true master. He was Arst Outsway, or as he was later called... the man with shadow.

With Arst on her side, Aura had new hope for the war. With her control over weather, land and sea, she and her new knight managed to outsmart the Cursed Wave - the world war grinded into a halt, before the tide was turning to either side again and again. Their strength was hope itself, and something else was happening... To Aura.
As a goddess of life, she was incapable of feeling true hate, and loved every living being equally, until Arst arrived. In his presence, the goddess began feeling a new emotion... true love, something that she should never feel just for a single person. But in the end, she could not betray her own heart, or throw away her love, as that would've gone directly against her pure hearted nature. From allies to lovers, Arst became the only person that Aura would ever love more deeply than anyone else, a statement that holds true till this very day, and will hold true until the end of time. For the love of a god is eternal.

And from this impossible love, another miracle was born - in the form of a son. The first and only demigod of the Guardian Beast realm - the son of Aura and Arst Outsway, he was called Kite, son of dawn. The war waged on for years - it was no quick victory, but slowly and surely, Arst managed to beat back the Cursed Wave. A brother to his men, a friend to everyone that knew him, for Kite growing up, he became the ultimate role model. But even more... it didn't take quite as long as it would for a human for Kite to grow up, and to wish to help his father. So Aura did the best she could to help him achieve that goal... By granting him his own 'power of a god', and the first tool created by her. The Bracelet of Twilight.

As the war waged on, Kite and Arst both became heroes. Under their massive power, the Terror of Death, first of the cursed wave, cast aside his connection to Morgana Mode Gone - joining them in their battle as Skeith, he became his own entity, a 'Morganna Factor'. One after another, the cursed wave was destroyed, until only one remained... Corbenik, the Rebirth. It was then when Aura called out to all living Guardian Beasts - and with a prayer of them all together, they gave their two heroes the strength to strike down the final foe, and with that, destroy Morgana Mode Gone for good. The Queen of Demise was no more, as the shards of Corbenik burned in the Azure Flame and became nothing.

And with that, there was peace once more. The empire was ravaged and mangled, but they were still alive, and glad to be so - Aura had lost most of her power, though. This great price was the cost for such a long, hard war - every single death from either side had been felt by her as if it was her own, and both her strength and will had taken serious damage. In fact, the damage was so horrible that for a time, Aura became unable to leave the Hulle Granz Cathedral without the help of Arst. Still, the Guardian Beasts were looking forward to another golden age, to rebuild their old empire and become the greatest beacons of light and life.

But disaster struck once more. War is a terrible thing - and the war over the entire dimension had not gone over without any dire consequences. All of the hate, death and suffering had given strength to the 'shadow' of this world, and the mind of the end could no longer resist the calling of his destiny. From the unknown regions, a beast came, stronger than any before him, cruel and merciless, with power unimagineable. His name was Cubia - the fully awakened Zeref.
With his great power, he unsealed the parts of himself once sealed away, and took the waters around the Hulle Granz Cathedral away to turn it into the 'water of the grail'. With his great powers came those he corrupted or that chose his side willingly - the Dead Apostles of Cubia, lead by the one who fell from the greatest glory, Roa, the Serpent of Akasha.

Faced with this new, nearly impossible to defeat foe, Arst and Kite were once again called into action, before even properly recovering from the last battles. But now, everything looked even worse than ever before. No single battle against Cubia ever was a win, or even a tie - his corruption destroyed big parts of the dimension forever, while even a single touch of the black waters of Angra Mainyu turned even the best and strongest warriors into marauding monsters or killed them immedeatly.
In their despair, the Guardian Beasts turned to Aura for guidance. The weakened goddess knew that, if she didn't act, her brother would completely destroy this world for good, and after that, all the other worlds. To stop him, she gave a part of her essence to the best Magitek-specialists of the Guardian Beasts, who forged and forged to create the ultimate weapon against Cubia. Many were developed, and many failed.

When it looked like times were at their darkest, though, the unlikeliest of the smiths found the one way to properly utilize the energy of Aura - not for a weapon, but for a tool. A perfect prison, one that could hold Cubia - an entire dimension, one without life to corrupt and consume.

It was a terrible battle, and Aura was forced to only sit by and watch. Kite was swallowed completely by All The World's Evil, and his presence vanished from the known world. Even Arst himself fell into the dark waters, but being the man with shadow, he managed to fight off the influence of this terrible evil and fight on. His determination and strength would finally win out for good - with his strength, Cubia was weakened enough to become sealed within the pocket dimension.

The price for this victory was far greater than anyone had imagined, though. When Arst returned to the promised place where Aura told him to meet once the war was over, he found nobody there - Aura had vanished completely. No matter where the search took him and others, no trace of the goddess was found. The reason remained unknown, but it was as follows...
When Cubia was sealed, Aura had already lost almost all power. Now, she had to choose - absorb Zeref, and become the Goddess of both Light and Shadow, or seal him within a new body. While the first option would grant her the strength to continue on... she would no longer be Aura. She'd become a 'complete god', without any attachment, being only the spirit of the world. And Aura was afraid - afraid of losing her feelings, not being able to ever be herself again. And also afraid of 'killing' her own brother like that. So instead, she accepted the fate of slow death - and used the gift of life to seal Zeref in a body similiar to the one Arst had, but with distinct Guardian Beast differences.

After that, Aura had fallen into her 'twilight'. With so much of her world destroyed, Aura was forced into the last stage of a god's life. This stage, a 'punishment' for eternal life, forced the god in question to just look upon their world - unable to touch, talk, or help anyone, no matter how much she tried, Aura had lost ALL of her powers. While slowly dying away in this state, she still had the connection to all of her children, and to her dearest Arst.

Millenia of torment awaited Aura now. When the fake god rose, she was unable to tell people that he was NOT acting upon her orders, and the last belief in the great goddess Aura faded, throwing her into more despair. For every single one turned into a mindless drone, Aura felt their spark of the mind die out as if it was her own being killed over and over. And when Arst lost his best friends, she was there besides him, unseen and unheard, but crying just as much as he did.
At the final battle, when Arst faced the fake god for the last time, she was there with him. She felt his pain, as he was forced to throw away what he had been to kill the fake god for good. She felt the fake god die, and his spark fading away. When Arst turned into Zefonse, she cried for him and his lost ideal in her eternal silence and suffering, unable to comfort the man that meant the entire world to her.

But the suffering would not end so quickly for Aura. Being held in her twilight by the dying sparkles of her essence, Dhaos appeared. Much of that time is now known as the darkest time of the Guardian Beasts - possibly just as bad, if not worse, than the war against Cubia. His destructive insanity brought death to so many of her children that Aura just wished to die so the sadness would end for her, but that wish should not be granted - but in her sadness, she obtained the clarity to see behind the madness of Dhaos, and see what was underneath it. Seeing that what was beneath the insanity just broke the shards of her heart into even tinier pieces, but she had to deal with it alone, forgotten by the people she so dearly loved, by the world she had created. And so, Aura accepted her fate... true, final death in complete sadness.

That would've been it for Aura, and her story would've concluded... if not for a Demigod with a will so strong, that he managed to escape from the ultimate prison. Even though it took him millenia to do, Kite had survived being swallowed by Angra Mainyu - and burned his way through the end of all things, and into reality again. The time within the darkness had changed him deeply, made him into the second 'man with shadow'. As a demigod, he was able to see the spark of Aura as it was withering away - and by burning away part of his own life force, managed to reconnect the damaged and destroyed parts of Aura to her own world. By carefully giving her power through what remained of her own world, the goddess was rejuvinated - weaker than before, far weaker, not nearly able to create life on the scale she had been able to before.

Most importantly, though... Aura was alive. She felt the energy in her, and molded a new, weaker body to hold her essence as a vessel, and now... messages of a girl in white appearing are spreading.

For years, Aura had to keep herself hidden, being too weak to sustain a proper form like her new body for long. But with every day, and every helping hand she was able to extend, Aura regained her strength little by little. Now, she has enough power to maintain her new body... And she is dead set on making right what once went wrong. Aura, the Goddess of Life. Hope of Dawn. She would make that name mean something again...

...And lead this world into a beautiful, new day.

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PostSubject: Re: Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]   Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:15 pm

Finished. An admin or advisor should check this, preferably.

Even if there is no god or buddha or even a fair system of law... there is, without a doubt
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PostSubject: Re: Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]   Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:22 am

I reserve the right to checketh this app.

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Fuji Ren

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PostSubject: Re: Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 10:39 pm

Application Checklist

  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes:Sorry for making you wait so long, my german broski. >w<;  Seeing as she's pretty much the goddess of guardian beasts/their creator, i'mma go out on a limb and give her 0-4, as judging from her history, she's a weakened god. If anyone feels like i should change this, though, then be my guest.


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PostSubject: Re: Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]   

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Aura, Goddess of Life[Approved, Guardian Beast; 0-4]
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