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  Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]

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PostSubject: Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]   Fri Jan 25, 2013 4:31 am

Guardian Beast Template

"One who was born from immortal and mortal - does such a person even have any place in our world? "


Name: Kite
Nicknames: Azure Flame Kite
Titles:Kite of the Azure Flame, Kite of the Azure Earth, Son of Dawn, Azure Flame God
True Age: Unknown. Apparently quite old, despite his appearance.
Gender: Male
Personality: Kite is an odd fellow - but certainly not in a mean-spirited or evil way. Rather, he seems out of place nearly everywhere, and never fits in entirely, making him stick out quite a bit in every situation.

Probably inherited from his mother not only as behavior, but also in his very nature, Kite is a person that respects life, wants to help people, and is generally not unfriendly. He likes to make a few jokes here and there, but never in a mean-spirited way or to hurt someone - he would never actively try to make anyone feel miserable. It isn't easy to tell all the time, but Kite has a desire to sort out the problems not only of his friends, but also of complete strangers, and his actions thus often seem rather irrational or overly risky. He doesn't regard his own safety on a high standard because of that. However, this kindness isn't that much nature to him a one would think at first - unlike his mother, Kite IS able to feel hatred and rage, and in all of his kindness, he rarely gives people more than a second chance. A third one is unheard of from him. He also has not a single problem with killing people outright.

Kite has real trouble actually showing any emotions. Part of that is simply being socially awkward, but the other thing is that he doesn't feel emotions as strongly as other people, but that is completely normal to him - something that'd make another jump from joy will cause him to slightly smile, and that's how it has always been. He isn't numb to emotion, it just has less of an impact in total. This is a byproduct of being not entirely in his 'true' form, so the adjustments have influence on him. On the positives, this also makes him very calm in any situation, and his soothing voice can spread that calmness even in dire situations. His mere presence seems to reduce the rate of panic spreads. This also leads to his habit of sometimes explaining his emotions - and you'd better believe him if he says, completely calm and smiling, that he's 'burning with anger'. Because Kite never tells a lie.

As it was just mentioned, Kite never lies. He speaks his mind, be it brutal or encouraging to someone, but he may chose to stay quiet out of kindness if it'd be cruel to say something,  so he's not entirely without tact and feeling in that regard. This also leads to Kite never telling a lie about his abilities in combat, but he wouldn't go out of his way to properly explain Data Drain either. He would, however, tell someone if they're wrong about spoken assumptions, simply out of reflex.

He doesn't look the part and doesn't sound like it either, but Kite has seen a LOT of things during his time. He's an ancient in his own right, having lived for thousands of years, observing and learning - he's completely helpless with new technology, but his experience and knowledge are a welcome assert to anyone about to face a daunting task or foe. Advice from Kite is always given to the best of his knowledge, and he can even seem like a complete old man during his rants that come through at times. He's especially fond of reminding people of how superior the old Magitech was compared to modern technology while trying to figure the new stuff out.

It is rather hard to notice at times, since Kite, for all of his stoicism, seems like a nice and upbeat person - but he feels alone in this world, even together with his family. As the only one of his 'special' kind, he has the 'mind of the mortal' with the 'body of the immortal' - he feels attached to people, places, even just certain points in his life. However, he also can't die normally, and doesn't age - he rarely feels that he belongs anywhere, and has suffered so many losses during his long life that he almost thinks any new type of friendships would devalue his old ones. He was hit especially hard by the loss of his closest friends in the war against the shadow of all, just after they had managed to beat the Queen of Demise together.

Whenever Kite gets out of his shell of self-imposed loneliness, he often becomes a really nice and dependable friend, but not without any costs. He expects the same form others - comradery is incredibly important to him, and he doesn't like people that go back on their words at all. he is protective until it almost becomes a fault, even.

General Appearance

Animalistic Traits: The signs on his cheeks are so-called 'Wave Symbols' and signalize that he is not human, but instead a being of celestial origin. Upon closer inspection, they are actually made up out of countless small symbols and signs that make up text - one would need a microscope to actually read it, and a large understanding of Guardian Beast Glyphs. The Wave Symbols tell the story of his life.
Appearance Age: 16
Height: 1,70m
Weight: 65kg

Natural  Abilities

Natural Techinques:

  • Demigod: Kite is the son of a true goddess and a mortal, thus making him a hybrid of mortals and immortals. This means that his body has a completely alien makeup to it, and is actually a 'vessel' that holds his true form inside, hiding it as a 'human' form. Instead of a normal heart, Kite posesses a 'core' made out of Azure Fire, while his blood and boby have unnaturally high temperatures. Most of his internal organs function the same as for a mortal, but he can turn it completely into living fire and back - making it hard to properly strike him with physical moves. Sustained damage can not simply be undone by transforming into fire and back, though, as his divinity is not complete. As another side-effect, Kite is permanently in his 'Untainted' form, and doesn't have a fully sealed one.
  • Azure Sphere: By dematerializing his body, Kite turns into a blue sphere of fire that can travel at high speeds. While not useful in combat, Kite can use ot to travel between the known worlds. Upon materializing from the blue sphere, Kite causes a small shockwave to erupt around him.
  • Azure Flame Burst: Channeling the power of his flames, Azure Kite can send out searing blasts of azure flames from any part of his body, but preferably his hands or weapons. However, Kite can also modify these flames and use them like force fields and force constructs controlled by his willpower, and instead of burn, can act like physical hard objects.
  • Dual Sword Grandmaster: Always fighting with two short blades, Kite is a fast, agile and accurate fighter. He can outmaneuver most opponents by using the quick and short blades to his advantage, and he's especially dangerous up close - the nature of his weaponry allows for quick blows, stabs and slashes that all have little to no windup and difficulty in execution. In exchange, the destructive power of a single slash can be rather low.
  • Data Drain: If there is one ability iconic and absolutely telling of Kite, then it is not his ability to use the Azure Flame. Instead, the thing you will hear about first and foremost is the ability to use Data Drain - a power granted only to the fewest of people. Data Drain is a weapon, support ability, destructive force and repairing tool all at the same time - because it is the ability to rewrite reality. There are many different 'variations' of Data Drain, but the basic concept stays the same - to forcefully invade the 'reality' of an object, person or creature, digitalize the understanding of it completely, and then using the vast processing power of Kite's own mind to reshape, damage, absorb and rebuild according to the targeted effect. The normal Data Drain, as used by Kite, is a multi-part 'beam' that shoots out towards the target as a weapon, to pierce them and take part of their power - that energy and knowledge gets absorbed by Kite and used to heal and strengthen himself. Also, any released forms used by the opponent get knocked down one level for at least three posts in the case of a full-on hit. Different usages of Data Drain will be detailed below.

Other Weapons: Kite was given the Twilight Bracelet he uses for his Data Drain ability by his mother, Aura. It changes depending on his form, cannot be seen or touched unless active, and is completely indestructible. In the case of his death, the bracelet would shatter and disappear.

For actual fighting, Kite prefers shorter bladed weapons, usually found with bright, white daggers in his Untainted form. These have no special properties and are simple tools for fighting. However, Kite also posesses a different set of dual swords - ancient weapons known as the Emtpy Skies. These blades contain a part of Kite's own soul within them.
 photo emptyskies_zps1c548dc9.jpg
The two extra blades that extend to the side of each Empty Sky normally fold upwards, and are only extended towards the sides if Kite himself uses the swords. Other people cannot extend those blades should they grab a hold of them. Also, the Empty Skies are known for being unusually hot when held by others, to the point where prolonged contact with the hilts could cause injuries. As they have no real crossguards, the Empty Skies are instead a fully offensive weapon that gives no regard to safety.

Guardian Beast

Element: Azure Fire - A special flame that only Kite is known to wield. It shines more brilliantly than any normal fire, thanks to the fuel it burns - it burns life.


Untainted Appearance: Kite is always in Untainted form at the least, no change occurs.
Untainted Abilities: The ability granted by Untainted that is not within him anyways is the ability to use old magic of the Guardian Beast empire. Their spells are a combo-system of words, with some words refering to the type of attack, others to the strength, and a final one to the element, by combining three of them, a spell is cast.
Gan summons the power of the earth, Rue the power of water, Vak is the word of fire, Juk summons the power of plants, Rai awakens lightning, and Ani channels the darkness. Each must then be combined with a word determining the type of attack, and may be proceded by a word of power to strengthen the spell. After speaking the words, the caster channels energy to release the spell, the more words and more powerful words charging for longer periods of time.
The area words are the following:  Don drops a ball of condensed element onto the enemy by calling it forth from above, Rom creates a whirl of the element, Zot makes the attack shoot forth from underneath, and Kruz attempts to throw the element from all sides at the opponent. The strengthening words are, in order of power: Gi/Me (interchangeable depending on the element), Or/Ra/La, and finally, Pha.


Unleashed Appearance:  photo sample_83d39fdc6eba2564089c765bedc4.jpg
 photo faab4f462de769c2bbea0906243fb23728f.jpg
 photo dfdf779266fd2b8b4b9cd5e29adc0598.jpg
Known as the Azure Flame Kite, this form looks patched up and zombie-like, as the body is barely held together because of the power dwelling within. Kite loses the ability to speak normally in this form, at the most managing single words or grunts.
Unleashed Abilities: In this form, Kite's body is nearly always made out of fluctuating fire, making hurting him a whole lot trickier to pull of. His offensive power and Azure Flames grow in destructive power immensely, and this form is not nearly as pure as Kite usually is - it is the expression of the time he spent within All The Worlds Evil that causes this drastic shift.
He also obtains a special move through this form, called the Ghost Falcon. To execute this, Kite jumps into the air and dashes at the opponent using Azure Flames, executing a magnitude of slashes right at the enemy from above, creating many eruptions of fire in the form of his blade attacks while doing so. After ten slashes, Kite finishes with another ten stabs and a backflip, after which he sends out the final erupting wave of fire from his swords. The power and energy consumption is higher if the tri-edged blades are extended.


To unleash this form, Azure Flame Kite regains his ability to speak for a short moment and speaks an incantation.

Burn in the brightest light
From the Azure Flame's might
Unleashed from the darkest hate
I'll burn you all, that is your fate!

Beast Appearance: photo Azure_Flame_God_Trilogy_zpsf8ebc0d6.jpg
 photo AzureFlameGodAvatar_zpse7bf0b12.jpg
 photo Azureflamegod_zpsd1a976c3.jpg
To reach this form, Kite's body splits apart to reveal the true form dwelling within, twisting his limbs into abstract new forms. His entire 'wingspan', so to speak, is easily 15 meters and can grow until up to 40 if he so desires. He is constantly shrouded in the Azure Flames, unless he gets too weak to keep them up.
Beast Abilities: While in Beast Form, Kite can use magic without speaking the spells, but instead thinks the incantations. The charge time for any spell is also cut down by a fourth. Furthermore, he obtains a number of new abilities in this form:
[*]Avatar Space: The basic ability of this form is to create an instant avatar space. In any battle are that the Azure Flame God is in, heaven and earth disappear and are replaced by a black void filled with some debris of the surroundings - within this space, gravity and solid ground are however each person wills it for themselves and themselves only, making it the perfect battle arena for everyone. After the Azure Flame God is resealed, the battle area will show not a single sign of damage or destruction.
[*]Azure Claw: Kite throws his burning flame claws at the enemy like sharp disks of raw cutting power, and grows a new pair out of his arms.
[*]Azure Slash: A simple, more powerful fire-wave in the form of multiple sword-slashes fly at the opponent to burn everything to ashes.
[*]Azure Destiny: Azure Kite will create two clones of himself made purely out of flame, and they are easy to distinguish from the original. Until a strong energy attacks destroys them, they float right besides him and mimick his every move and attack besides Data Drain. Takes a great deal of energy to maintain over long periods of time.
[*]Azure Shot: Summoning forth energy, Kite fires out rapid-fire balls of azure flames to burn his enemies into cinder. Doesn't have a lot of accuracy.



A form exclusive to Kite, and by far his strongest - as the true strength of someone born with celestial blood is not either the human or god side. The true strength is only unleashed when Kite uses both equally, and fights for his place in this universe as a true demigod.

Now as my final light
I let my human soul ignite
Discard your fear and bathe in light
For hope burns bright!


Demigod Appearance: To transform into this new state, Kite needs to be in his normal, Untainted form. Instead of using the Azure Flame to burn around and with him, he burns himself in the blue flame - the life-melting flame erases his body, and his baptized soul combines with it, revealing Kite's true body and form, an older, more mature version of himself. Switching back into his normal form is a lot less impressive, with a simple command of his mind his new demigod-body regresses into the normal Untainted one.

 photo dcf68315e024b0736ea771a18108f0d4.jpg

Demigod Powers: Kite retains his power over the Azure Flame, but uses it in a different way. Instead of burning away at his opponents by using it as a simple fire weapon, he instead purifies the light of it inside of himself, augmenting his body to insane levels - his speed, strength and durability increase to levels far beyond what the Azure Flame God is capable of. In exchange, this power burns away at his own life force, tiring him out rather quickly. This can be averted through a gruesome method that Kite would never use willingly - to take in the soul and lifeforce of someone else, and using them as fuel for the fire. That would jump his powers even higher, but also undoubtedly kill the sacrifice in short time.
Another change occurs to the Empty Skies, formerly swords that represent the emptiness of Kite's own heart. By embracing his own human self, he unleashes the true power of the Empty Skies and turns them into the Sky Heart, a weapon of legend forged for him by Aura herself. This weapon can act as two different types of weaponry - first of all, the Sky Heart is a bow, with the two energy blades attached to it creating the string. As ammunition, Kite shoots out purified Azure Fire, which acts both as a piercing, burning and explosive weapon, depending on the needed situation, with a bit of manipulation by him. While he can't fire multiple arrows at once, or in really short succession, like a Quincy could, his shots are known for incredible power.
However, the Sky Heart can also split up into two weapons that act a whole lot like the normal dual swords that Kite prefers to use as weapons. The energy blades act as actual blades in this form, and are sharp enough to cut through nearly any material. As they are made up of purified Azure Fire, they can never grow dull as long as Kite holds them in his hands, and they will deactivate if he were to be disarmed, or if someone else tried wielding them.
Apart from the weapon change, Kite also unlocks his final ability with the Bracelet of Twilight - the Drain Arc.
Simply put, Drain Arc is a far more powerful version of Data Drain. While Data Drain invades the reality of the target and rewrites it, possibly stealing the power and 'reality' back to Kite, Drain Arc goes beyond that - instead of just the reality of the target, Kite also affects past, future and present of it, possibly causing loads more damage to enemies by scrambling with their eternal timeline. While their time will usually always return to what it has always been eventually, being hit by Drain Arc will cripple the one hit for quite some time, possibly locking away most of their powers and making them helpless. However, Drain Arc is not actually meant for combat use, and using it like this causes a lot of physical pain to Kite. Instead, Drain Arc is meant to hack into reality itself, not 'aimed' at something, and 'fix' whatever went wrong. In theory, Drain Arc can rewrite not only objects, but entire events and part of history with careful application, and rescue someone even from death. Used like this, Drain Arc becomes a 'miracle' instead of a weapon, making it a divine intervention - after one such use, Kite will have used up most of his power and return into the Untainted state, unable to continue fighting.


Kite's body is as much made from information as it is made from the usual spiritual energy, and thanks to his unique DNA, he can sometimes accidentally 'scramble' himself after turning into flame, or just when highly surprised or shocked. The result of that is a rather odd flip - his hair grows longer, and his body and clothing change... and Kite completely changes into a female form. This form of Kite is refered to as 'Sakuya', the 'error-form', and can take on both Untainted and Unleashed forms, but not the other ones, during which she automatically changes back. Her mind is even slightly different from Kite, seeming a lot less aloof and out of the loop, being more friendly and slightly bubbly, always up for another exciting adventure... He can turn into this form willingly, as well. Instead of the Empty Skies, she fights by using two nornal short swords.
 photo 2425e72744344230a038b00b89f1397e_zps416aa3f9.jpg
 photo sakuyah_zps9aeba93a.jpg

Past & Roleplay Sample


Character Background: Aeons ago, a Shinigami was called into the realm of the Guardian Beasts, to help fight against an unbeatable enemy. That 'man with shadow' turned out to be a great warrior... and great friend of all those that got to know him. Eventually, the goddess of that world threw away her fear and hesitation... And through the love she felt for him and their time together, a son was born.
That son was the son of dawn - Kite, the bearer of the Twilight Bracelet. From his very birth on, it was clear that he would be a special person - a chosen one. He was neither god nor human, a Demigod - one who held both a mortal heart and an immortal body. From the start of his life, Kite loved his parents very deeply, and would've just wished to remain with them... But the enemy his father had been called to deal with was not yet defeated, and his mother was growing weaker with every day of combat. Once Kite was old enough to understand why, a new determination started to burn in his heart, together with a flame never seen before.
In his wish to help both of his parents, he learned how to mastet he Data Drain all by himself, as a child still. Impressing his parents with that determination, he was trained in the art of combat from that young age onwards - always with his high goal of helping his father, to stand side by side with him in the face of evil. And Kite would get his wish as what you would call a teenager for human years - together, they managed to defeat the first of the enemy commanders, Skeith, the terror of death. Impressed by the young warriors, he decided to throw away his allegience to Morganna Mode Gone and became their ally.

From then on, it all unfolded as if out of an old prophecy. Father, son and old enemy, facing impossible odds together - and winning. Through the incredible strategy of his father, coupled with their unified strength,  the duo subjugated the Cursed Wave - and managed to defeat Morganna Mode Gone, the being from a world long gone. It was a glorious victory and triumphant return - now his mother could recover, and Kite would have the beautiful life he had always envisioned. His high spirits and hopes had been fulfilled...
For a short while, at least. Because after their victory, not much time passed until their true enemy made itself known.

A 'shadow' of all that was good and living, feasting on dark intentions and power. Cubia, the shadow of all, came over the land like a plague, with an army of apostles and dark magic weapons like they had never seen before. Back into battle, even father and son could not beat Cubia - a successful retreat was their biggest victory at all times. Their powers were getting weaker by the minute, and victory seemed impossible... Until the Guardian Beasts created a last vessel of hope, the holy grail. A wishmaker designed to grant their ultimate wish - to seal this evil away. Blessed with the last strength of Aura, father, son and their closest allies and friends went out to what would be their last battle together...
This last fight of the war was fierce and full of desperation. In order to buy time for his father to weaken Cubia into a state that could be sealed, Kite realized his ultimate power - and turned into the Azure God, a fire avatar of great power, unlike the Azure Flame God of today. With his power, Kite managed to protect the Holy Grail until it was ready to be used... But at a great cost. With his power sipped away by the dark god, his flames went out mid-air - and Kite fell into the dark waters of Cubia, head first. Swallowed by darkness, there was nothing left... And the battle ended there for Kite, and many assumed his life did, too.

But something happened that nobody saw coming. After Cubia was sealed away, Kite got swept away with it... into the true end of all things, the home of the timeless being known as Cubia. There he was alone, only kept safe by the weapons his mother had given him... And so, he began to walk through the nothingness. He wouldn't stop - he couldn't. The moment he'd stop his legs, he knew he would accept his fate and be swallowed by the end... But this wasn't the end of his story. He had not seen it yet... The true fate of his friends. He didn't have a chance to tell Black Rose, his best friend amongst the warriors, his true feelings. Elk, the magician who always supported him... who would be there to be his friend? What about Mia, the one rescued from darkness? Or Piros, the excentric atrist and master of the spear? Kite couldn't leave them behind. And his mother and father, too... He was sure, if he just kept walking, he'd reach them. The loneliness would end, and one day, he'd reach the light of day again... And be free of darkness.
Thousands of years passed without Kite noticing it. The fake god came and went, destroyed by his changed, older father. Dhaos destroyed the majority of the remnants, only to get sealed himself. But then, he reached it...

Kite blinked a few times in surprise. He was at the bottom of the lake that had once surrounded the Hulle Granz Cathedral - appeared out of thin air. There was no trace of Cubia anywhere... It had given up. In the face of Kite's endless determination and will to be free, to be ALIVE, had broken even the ancient evil. And so, with the last of his strength, Kite climbed out of the dried out lake, and entered the Cathedral that had once been the central part of the Guardian Beast Realm...

There, he finally learned of what had happened. The Yggdrasil was only a dead memory, the Sugiura had claimed the land and the friendship of the Guardian Beast race... his father had turned from his original path and was practicially a different man. His friends had all either died, moved on, or simply disappeared over time - Kite was alone. The last of the legendary heroes, and the only Demigod - he stood there, infront of the empty altar with the broken statue of his mother having disappeared as well.

"Even so, I won't stop. I can't stop. Mother... Come back to me. This world needs you... I need you."

Yggdrasil is now only a sprout, a small group with not many members. But Kite is certain that the old times can be remade... That it wasn't all in vain. One day, he'd be back here in the cathedral...
With old and new friends, in a peaceful land without conflict, laughing, having fun, making jokes. And right besides him, they would be... his mother, Aura.
And his father, no matter his name - because even Zefonse has a part of Arst still alive in himself. And Kite intends to make those flames ignite again...

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PostSubject: Re: Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]   Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:06 pm

Ready for checking.

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PostSubject: Re: Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]   Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:04 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]

Comments/Notes: Nada.
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PostSubject: Re: Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]   

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Kite of the Azure Flame [Approved, 1-1+; Guardian Beast]
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