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 Kirino Aozaki [APPROVED 0-5]

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PostSubject: Kirino Aozaki [APPROVED 0-5]   Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:43 am

Sǐwáng Human Template


Name: Kirino Aozaki
Nickname: --
Gender: Female
Age Appearance: 17
True Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135



"Victory without honor is meaningless...."

Kirino Aozaki was brought up to believe that there was no meaning in life without honor and that has stuck to her for her entire life. She can't imagine why someone would want to live their life without being a good honorable person. There is absolutely no point in something like that, at least in her view. Kirino's sense of honor is actually something that has the ability to get her into trouble. She'll drop what she's doing to make sure she gets an older person across the street. If she sees someone being hurt or picked on, she will not stand by and allow it to happen. She will interfere and a lot of the time, she will come out victorious. It's like she lives by an old knights code, though that is not the case. Older people like it, adults find it interesting, while the people who're who own age think she's weird. Kirino is a brave young woman. She has no problem standing up to bullies, thugs, or criminals. She will not hesitate to save another person's life just because it might cost her own. Kirino also has a sense of respect that is strange to some. Kirino's sense of respect is something that comes from way in the past. If someone elderly walks by, she has a habit of stepping off to the side and bowing her head until the person passes. She has a habit of saying 'sir' or 'ma'am' to those she speaks to, especially if they are older. Someone of her own age or even younger, she'll call Miss or Mister. A lot of people might find it odd, but she gives people her respect until they do something to not deserve it. She knows where her place is and isn't one of those that tries to go above it. She is also the type of person that will get a project done early just so she has time to make sure her findings are correct. She has a strong sense of responsibility that not many people find in those her age. She'll run home if she's a bit late, just to get her chores done on time. If her Mother needs her help, she jumps at the opportunity to do so.

A very noticeable trait of Kirino's is that she is always calm. She always keeps her cool and moves as graceful as a swan. Although it can happen, she rarely gets into arguments, she doesn't yell, nor does she get excited or anxious. She has a very strong sense of control within herself that allows her to keep herself in a tranquil state of mind. She could be in the middle of a battle and she won't feel the pressure against a strong opponent. An earthquake could hit and she'll calmly walk towards the area in which she'd be safe. If she was about to get hit by a car, she look towards the car and await impact without even flinching. This trait of hers compliments the manner in which she moves. She isn't just calm in the way she acts, but it the way she holds herself. She is never stiff. When she gets angry, her level of 'calm' is overwhelming. Someone could be yelling at her and she wouldn't budge. She'd rather stare them down, blink a few times, and walk away before actually moving into a screaming battle. There are times that this calm nature of hers can be challenged. For instance, if someone shows her, her friends, or her family disrespect and refuses to apologize, she can actually get very intimidating. She doesn't yell or scream in anger, but instead speaks in a manner that has a very threatening tone and can come of extremely frightening. Rarely does this happen because of how calm she naturally is, but it is possible. Another trait of hers is that she actually does have a giggly, cute side that is only shown to very close family or one she loves and only when they are alone. In front of others, she will not act in such a manner at all, but while alone there are sides of her that can come out, but only a few certain people will ever be able to see.

Because of the way Kirino is and how she was raised, she can always find a relaxing time in training her body. She absolutely loves to train and get stronger, but like most things, if she does too much of it then she gets tired both physically and mentally. Kirino is one of those people who just cannot stand the idea of loud. She doesn't like loud music, loud people, or loud places. She likes peace and quite. She likes tranquil and calm. Due to the fact that it is rare to find such in her home, she has learned to love the out doors and the peace it gives. She doesn't mind sitting by a lake, under a tree, walking through a forest, or taking a trip to the park if it means she won't be plagued by overly loud people. She has the ability to handle situations that are loud, but it doesn't mean she has to all the time. Sometimes the girl just likes to relax and get away from it all. In her relaxation time, Kirino has discovered that she actually really enjoys writing. It allows her to express herself since she sometimes has a hard time doing it otherwise. Kirino also dislikes violence, thugs, bullies, and criminals. She is not one to tolerate them and their disgusting behavior. A pet peeve of Kirino's are people who disrespect their elders. Even if it is a child disrespecting a teenager, she feels that child needs to be taught a lesson in respect. Disrespecting their elders is the one way that people actually have the ability to cause Kirino to lose her temper and maybe even yell at one, if she doesn't punch them straight in the gut first.

Random Facts: Kirino can speak multiple languages. She can speak English and Japanese fluently. She can also speak French, Spanish, and Dutch, although these languages some times seem a bit choppy when she uses them. She also has a problem forgetting her pencils. She has a tendency to get a little frisky if someone is able to initiate such a mood from her. She also prefers to be the more dominant person of a group of people, or in a relationship. Kirino absolutely despises what she calls 'trickster' powers. These are powers that based off messing with someone's mind or emotional state. Illusions, feint attacks, fear enhancers, sensory blockers. She considers them dishonorable lies and against her beliefs. There are times she'll refuse to take part in an action, fight, or duel with someone because of such things. She feels that strongly about them. Kirino has a habit of getting lost and being really bad with directions.

Note: Fan of *Lilli

Character Background:

Kirino was born in the slums of Tokyo Japan to a poor family. She had her Mother and an older fourteen year old brother, neither of which seemed to be happy. The three of them lived in a small apartment in a run down building. For years her family struggled to stay alive, not being able to eat very much, and never able to afford anything of value. When she was four, her brother graduated High School and was able to immediately get a job at a small restaurant as a bus boy and dish washer, which was able to help their food situation. Unfortunately, he was forced to stay at the job and was not able to go to college. This was because of his extreme love for his baby sister. Kirino found a new hobby, martial arts. Even if she was so young, the way she seemed to express herself in the art was a wonderful sight. She loved it and never wanted to stop. Because of this, both her mother and brother forced themselves on multiple jobs to make sure they could pay for her lessons. Because of this they became worn and tired, but never complained because of how happy Kirino was. They purposely kept her ignorant of the situation, not telling her about the financial situation and acting like everything was fine. With her ignorant to the situation for years, Kirino was able to train and practice her martial arts, becoming what would be called "black belt" by the age of ten. Her passion for Taekwondo was so strong, she was able to surpass even the strongest and fastest of the adults. She also began developing powers and began to train in them. She discovered that she was able to manipulate the energy, or reishi, around her in a large amount of ways that were able to expand her fighting ability. The first ability she realized she can do was to collect the reishi and alter it to do have different effects and then shoot them forward in different attacks. She even ended up naming the attacks to represent what they did; beams, blasts, and balls.

At such a young age, Kirino was seen as a prodigy and allowed to enter a teenage national ranked competition. The other competitors obviously didn't like the situation, feeling insulted that someone as young as she was allowed to enter a competition that had a thirteen year age requirement. Insults, glares, and teasing did not phase her. In fact, it encouraged her. It pushed her far enough to annihilate the competition without  hesitation and won the competition.After her flawless victory, Kirino was asked to increase her training by beginning to practice with things beyond her fist and feet. She was asked to practice with weapons. She was told to walk up to a wall and pick up the weapon she wished to master. She chose a chained sickle. Immediately she began to practice, memorizing the weight of her weapon, the length of her weapon, the durability, the mobility, and then moving on to a graceful practice session to teach herself to treat the chain as an extension of herself. She practiced her art with the chain every single day for three years straight, her passion not allowing her to skip a single day of the year, including her birthday, but excluding family birthdays and holidays. It was around this time that she discovered her second ability, which allowed her to solidify the reishi that she collected and create extremely strong, durable items. The first item she concentrated extremely hard to create was a chain, which she noticed came out completely white and had a blue aura that surrounded it. With this, she was able to practice a lot more since she was also noticed that it was a lot lighter than her regular chain, which forced her to alter the way she used it. She practiced extremely hard, even fighting through the pain and injuries she would cause herself through the practices. No matter what, she kept fighting and practicing, impressing her sensei's with every skill she developed. Not many girls her age would be this dedicated to the arts, at least not the way she is.

At the age of thirteen, she mastered the way of the chain, but she began to notice a few things. First off, her mother and brother seemed lifeless until she walked into the room. They were faking their happiness, which upset her highly. One day she sat down and forced them to tell her the situation and what was going on. After a lot of persuasion and glares, she finally got them to tell her the truth about their financial situation. Her mother was working two jobs and her brother was working three all to pay for her every day lessons, equipment, and then everything else that was naturally needed. Kirino immediately felt like the most selfish of people. She quit and began living life as a normal teenage girl. She continued her regular schooling and began to work extremely hard so she'd be able to get a good job to help take care of her family. Her brother dropped one job and her mother continued both of her jobs. Kirino didn't understand why and begged them to just work one job, but they refused. Six months went by and Kirino's grades were the top of her entire school, but she wasn't happy and neither was her family or her old trainers. Her trainers came by her house and asked her to return, but she explained the money situation. Her brother and mother tried pushing her back into her training, but she continued refusing until her trainers told her she would be able to start up for free if she'd stay at the dojo. After a lot of pushing, talking, begging, explaining, and then giving in, Kirino was convinced to move to the dojo to continue her training and her schooling there. She agreed to it because she'd be completely sheltered and supported, all while doing the one thing she loved. Her brother and mother would 'be better off without her', at least that is the way she felt about the situation and a big part to why she was giving in.

For three years, Kirino was able to just concentrate on her training and her regular schooling. She was having the time of her life just being able to train. She wished she could quit school and just train. She was able to move on to fighting with spears or spear-like weapons and then into regular blades. Her trainers, or sensei, told her that most people would choose blades first, spear second, and chain after that, for safety and difficulty reasons, but were proud that she chose opposite and was able to master and become advanced in each style she chose to practice. Her sensei, Kenshin, who never told her his last name for reasons that she was still confused about, began teaching her a technique called the "Five Foot Flash", that allowed her to instantly teleport five feet in any direction. At the age of sixteen now, her sensei noticed her grades were dropping because of the amount of training she was doing. They instantly stopped her training and told her to study. She refused and yelled at them because they convinced her to leave her home just to come back to train with them and now they wanted her to stop. They realized they could not stop her no matter what they said and decided to suggest something that might help her out a lot. They told her about a school in China that would allow her to train and harness her power. It took a bit of convincing, but once she realized they would pay for such a move, she agreed to the suggestion and was sent off to school a week after her seventeenth birthday.

Natural Abilities

Ambidextrous: This is obvious. Kirino can use both hands easily, not just her left or her right. This is what allows her to duel wield any weapons she chooses to use easily. She can use her left hand just as well as she can use her right.

Advanced Martial Artist: Kirino has been trained as a martial artist since she was five years of age. It was then and still is her favorite thing to do. From kicks, to punches, to grabs... she can do it all. The girl is extremely fast, quick on her feet, and when she's moving she seems as light as a feather. She doesn't really have a set style that she practices because she's been taught multiple and studies anyone that she comes across. If she had to choose a style, hers would be Taekwondo. Training in Taekwondo generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, open-hand strikes and a few sweeps and throws tossed into the mix. This style of martial arts can be brutal and deadly when used by someone like Kirino. Although she's proficient in all aspects of this style, she concentrates her own fighting around strong kicks that are initiated from a mobile stance. She emphasizing her legs longer range and strength, over the shorter reach of her arms.

Mastered Strikes: 

Roundhouse Kick: This is one of the more well known kicks in the style of Taekwondo. It is very powerful and can definitely deal a great amount of damage if used in such a manner. Also known as a 'turning kick', this is when Kirino raises her knee, turns her hips, pivots on the grounded foot, and snaps her foot towards the target at an eighty to ninety degree angle. This kick can be used while jumping or spinning.

Front Snap Kick: This kick is very powerful and fast, hence the name front 'snap' kick. With this kick, Kirino will bend her knee and in a very quick snapping motion, shoot her foot straight up towards the target's head or upper torso area. It can also be aimed towards the stomach, but it will not be as powerful. The only time this is really powerful when aimed lower is if she is aiming at the sensitive area of a certain gender. This kick can be used while jumping. 

Side Thrusting Kick: A very, very powerful kick that can either strike with the heel or with the side of the foot, depending on the damage that Kirino wishes to implement. This is when she turns her body 90 degrees away from the target, bends her knee and shoots it straight outwards towards the target. It can be aimed at the lower, middle, or upper part of the targets body and can deal a significant amount of damage.

Hook Kick: Although this isn't the easiest kick to pull of, nor is it the most popular kick invented, Kirino loves it. She uses it as a way to stop her opponent rather than do damage to them. She brings her leg upwards towards the opponent, but then brings her leg back and 'hooks' them. She can either choose to keep them hooked and prevent movement, or actually kick them to the ground. It all depends on how exactly the kick ends. This can be preformed while spinning and/or jumping.

Butterfly Kick: This kick is not something she learned from Taekwondo, but instead the style of Capoeira. It is when she pushes herself from the ground in the motion of a cartwheel, her hands now being used as her feet. During the flip, she uses both of her feet to strike the opponent. The flip ends with her 'flinging' her body back into a standing position once her feet have returned to the ground. This kick is very strong and if someone is hit by it, usually they will be knocked rather harshly to the ground.

Aerial Switch Kick: This kick is when she pushes off with her 'right' foot, sending her rather high into the air. While flipping, she turns her body and brings her 'left' foot down to the floor to land, while her 'right' foot comes down to strike the opponent. This is a very tricky kick and can cause problems if not executed correctly. It can be switched to where she pushes off with her left and strikes with her right. 

Axe Kick: To pull off a kick like this, you have to be a person of extreme flexibility, and luckily Kirino is one of those people. With this kick, she brings her leg straight up into the air and in a very swift swoop, slams it down onto an opponent with full force and strength behind it. She'll usually only use this kick if she wants to damage her opponent a lot. When using it, she'll usually be jumping and use it in mid-air, but she can still do otherwise. 

Master Swordsman: Having trained with weapons for over ten years, it's obvious that she would be extremely skilled in such the styles of sword fighting. Her strikes are swift and precise. When she hits someone, a lot of the time it takes the wound half a second to appear on the person she has cut. She has the ability to duel wield as well, making her even more deadly, but she will not duel wield unless she knows that it is a fight to the death or that she is going to lose if she does not. Kirino has practiced the art of Kendo as well, becoming more than proficient in two handed sword wielding. 

Advanced Spear Weapon Fighter: Kirino does not only fight with a sword, but with a spear as well. This doesn't JUST mean spears though. She can use long poles, sticks, pikes, etc... Her advanced skill using the spear is astonishing to some since it can be a very difficult weapon to use. Of course using a spear at times can be a pain because you don't always have enough space to use it, but when she does use it, her strikes can be extremely powerful and unpredictable. 

Master Chain Weapon Fighter: Now those who think the spear is a hard weapon to master have not attempted to fight with a chain weapon. It is extremely hard to control a chain when it's already been thrown, but Kirino was able to master this within her ten years of martial arts and weapons training. She's mastered this weapon to the point that she can duel wield these as well, although it makes it difficult for someone who does not have her skill. It isn't always just a chain though. She can add some sort of blade on the end, which usually ends up being a sickle. She also can do the same thing with ropes, but because of the lighter weight, she always has to have something on the ends to counter balance. 

Reishi Abilities

Type: Shílì. External Reishi
Appearance change: None.
Abilities: Kirino's power allows her to completely manipulate the reishi that she absorbs from around her and exert for different reasons and in multiple ways. Kirino has the ability to solidify her reishi to temporarily create extremely durable and powerful items. She can collect and fire her reishi at high speeds in the manner of beam attacks. She can compress and expand her reishi to create barriers to protect herself or her loved ones. Kirino can circulate the reishi through her body to enhance it's natural attributes, such as speed and strength. She even has a single ability that allows her to create marks that she places on people to make sure that if they ever needed help or she needed to find them, she could.

Go-Ashi Hirameki: (Five Foot Flash) This is a 'flash step'-like technique that was developed by Kenshin. It's a type of movement that instantly transfers your body up to five feet in any direction. Whether the direction is up, down, to the left, to the right, forward, or backwards... This technique is so instant when it is mastered, and for Kirino it is mastered, that she could be in the middle of throwing a punch up to five feet away from the target and suddenly appear right in front of her opponent, attempting to strike with the punch. This technique is used to not only shock an opponent, but overwhelm them with speed. It is only able to be used up to 3 times per post, maximum of 30 times in a single thread.

Baria-Tossa: (Instant Barrier) This is exactly how the name sounds. It is an instant barrier that is meant to block energy based and physical attacks that are equal to or less than the power of the caster. Kirino holds her hand out in front of her and casts it  by exerting her reishi through the palm of her hand and compressing it down into a 2 inch sheet of extremely durable reishi. A blue square of reishi that is five foot wide and ten foot tall appears. This is a very simple spell that only lasts three seconds, which is usually enough time for the attack it's blocking to cease. It can be used up to six times a thread since it doesn't take very much energy at all to cast, but only once per post.

Tei-Dangan: (Paralyzing Bullet) This spell is shot out from the tip of ones finger at 1,000 mph. It is a small bullet of energy that does absolutely no harm to the body, but if it hits it stops them from moving for two seconds by spreading Kirino's reishi through out the target entire body upon impact. If a person is  in mid run, punch, or whatever, their body will suddenly freeze like a statue for two seconds. This spell takes a large amount of energy to cast, but takes no time at all. It can be cast instantly, but can only be used a single time in a day (thread), so the user, in this case Kirino, must be extremely careful when they use it. If they miss, they have literally wasted it.

Kon-Rinku: (Soul Link) This is Kirino's marking technique. By condensing her reishi into a small patch on the tip of her fingers, she can place a 'mark' or 'seal' on a person of her choosing. The mark is completely undetectable. Once the mark is placed, it is active until the person dies or Kirino removes it. This mark allows Kirino to find the marked person's location through the sensory of her own reishi. The marked person must still be in her realm if she is to find them. The marked cannot be in the Soul Society if she is in the World of The Living if she wishes to find them. They both must be in the World Of The Living. The mark must be activated for her to find them as well, otherwise it is constantly sealed. Kirino has the ability to mark up to five people and that is currently her max.

1) Minami Shimada

Reishi Solidification: This ability allows Kirino to use the reishi she absorbs from the world around her to create object varying in side. These objects are extremely strong, sharp, and durable, depending on which object she chooses to make. When created, the objects are all as white as snow, but have a faint blue aura swirling around them. Kirino has mastered this ability, so it doesn't take her long to create the items she feels she needs. Every item created does take time. If it is a new item, then it will take a lot longer than an item that she has created hundreds of. Since this ability is mastered, the type of material made can differ. She doesn't just make 'steel' based objects, but can also make fabrics. Mastered items of Kirino's have the ability to be made in the blink of an eye, while newer or less created items can take anywhere from five minutes to five hours, depending on size and strength.

Kirino's mastered items include: A Normal Katana, An Eight Foot Pole, A Twenty Foot Chain And Sickle, Three Foot Sash, A T-Shirt of her size, A Rope, A Dagger, A Wall (8 ft tall, 5 ft wide, 4 inches thick), Kunai, Shuriken, Pencil

Reishi Projectiles:

  • Reishi Energy Balls: An energy ball is just a small amount of rapidly swirling energy that is compressed down into a spherical shape. It is a ball of blue reishi that is manifested within the palm of Kirino's hand or at the tip of her finger, depending on the size of the ball. Kirino throws it at her target and if it hit's, it's similar to being punched, whether by a giant fist or by a small one. It is always the same amount of energy, that if not compressed can be rather large in size. The smaller the ball, the faster it moves and the more damage it does when it makes impact with someone. The largest size of energy ball that Kirino can make is ten feet in diameter. The smallest size she can create is the exact same size of a marble. If shot out in a small size, these can be shot up to five hundred times per thread, similar to that of a machine gun.

  • Reishi Energy Blasts: An energy blast is exactly the same as an energy ball, except it explodes upon impact. The sizes and power is no different than that of an energy ball as well. The difference between Energy Blasts and Energy Balls is the fact that the BIGGER the energy blast is when thrown, the larger the explosion and more area it will cover. The SMALLER it is, the faster it moves, but the explosion will usually only be large enough to damage a single limb or small area of the targets body. If smaller in size, these can be shot up to 200 times at a person per thread, and also similar to that of a machine gun.

  • Reishi Energy Beams: Energy beams are just like the name sounds. They are shot from the palm of the hand, tip of the finger, and from the mouth if needed. They vary in size, but the largest is ten feet in diameter. They have a constant speed of four hundred and fifty miles per hour. Smaller beams, that are shot from the tip of the finger are double that speed and have the ability to cut through steel like a laser would. These beams can last up until Kirino chooses to stop them or 20 seconds. These can only be used up to five times per thread.

Reishi Body Enhancement: Kirino will use the reishi she has gathered from the area around and push it through her muscles in different ways and areas. If she pushes the energy to her muscles their strength and durability become exceptional, increasing them immensely. (Example: If she could currently pick up one hundred pounds, using this technique to increase her strength, she can now pick up two hundred and fifty. ) Now, if she pushes her energy through her muscles and has it constantly moving at a rapid rate, she can increase her speed just as greatly. (Example: If she could originally run one hundred miles per hour, using this technique she could now run two hundred.) This is only able to be used once a day (thread).


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PostSubject: Re: Kirino Aozaki [APPROVED 0-5]   Sat Feb 02, 2013 8:30 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: (YUM) @ her picture
Tier: 0-5


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Kirino Aozaki [APPROVED 0-5]
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