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 Anneliese Nicolette [APPROVED 0-3]

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PostSubject: Anneliese Nicolette [APPROVED 0-3]   Fri Feb 22, 2013 6:09 pm

Human Template


Name: Anneliese Nicolette
Nickname: Anna, Ann, Annie, Lisa
True Age: 130
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130




Anneliese has two different ways of acting. This does not mean that she has split personalities. She actually just has a professional way of acting and a casual way of acting. A lot of people do something like this and it can seem normal, but with Anneliese it can become a bit extreme. For instance, while acting formal and professional, Anneliese is always serious and rarely smiles. She's soft spoken and calm. She keeps herself held very well, having perfect posture and a graceful stride in her step. Anneliese is law abiding. She sticks to the rules no matter what. Anneliese also has a forboding aura about her. Similar to the way Unohana is seen by those around her, when she speaks it can seem threatening and kind of scary. Unlike Unohana though, Anneliese is completely aware of it and does it intentionally. She also has a respect for authority and demands it of her subordinates as well. If you are in a professional situation with her, Anneliese will demand formality and respect. She will want every to speak to each other in the manner that they are expected to. This means, if her rank is Captain, you better damn well be calling her Captain Nicolette. She will not accept it any other way. Anneliese is one of those tough girls that you don't expect to be tough. She won't back down from a mission and makes sure she completes what needs to be done. Now, when Anneliese is in a casual situation, she can seem pretty opposite. She still holds the same beliefs when it comes to obeying the rules and being polite, but she'll become slightly lax. Anneliese will even talk a bit more and get to know others.

Now, there are still things that stay with her no matter what. Anneliese will always have a guarded personality of her. She doesn't open up and tell people anything about her past, no matter how much they ask or wonder about it. Anneliese is very gentle in nature when she is not fighting or on missions. Anneliese is strong willed, loyal, and honest. One thing about Anneliese that some people dislike is her dislike for spiritual beings. She can accept them and does treat them like she would regular living people, but ever since spiritual beings became more apparent in the World Of The Living, she began to dislike the fact that they kept themselves secret for so long. Also, because of an incident in her past, she came to highly dislike Shinigami, thinking that their attitudes towards humans was purely negative and immediately developed a serious distrust for them. A few small facts about Anneliese are the fact that she likes working, going on missions, fighting, and taking out hollow before Shinigami could. She dislikes losing, being crowded, people who show off, liars, and a Shinigami acting better than her. She has a fear of tight spaces, heights, and losing a friend, suboridnate, or comrade in any way. Anneliese also has absolutely no sense of humor. She rarely laughs, chuckles, or anything like that, so someone making her do so is actually quite the accomplishment. Now, one thing that will always make Anneliese lose her cool is if she is doing something and a Shinigami or other spiritual being comes in and interferes. At times, she'll get angry enough to even attack them.

Character Background:

Anneliese was born one hundred and thirty years ago to a wealthy family. She was brought up normally until she hit the age of five when something happened to change her life. She woke up to the sound of a loud crash. Scared to death, she hid under her bed. She heard her mother scream, her father yell, and then a few other voices. Suddenly a light flickered through her door and she finally came out from hiding. When she opened the door, she noticed her house was on fire and immediately went to find her Mom and Dad. When she arrived in their room, there were a few men wearing strange clothing standing over the bodies of her family. A strange howling sound echoed through the house as she stood there in her pajamas with a horrified look in her eyes. She watched as a strange monster busted through the side of her house and the men attacked it. Finally she was noticed and one of the men went and grabbed onto her. She panicked and screamed out for her Mom and Dad. Out of fear, she passed out and woke up in the hospital the next day. It was then that she was informed that her parents were murdered. When she tried to tell them what she saw, none of them believed her and assumed that she was just having nightmares, too young to really understand what happened, or that it was just her way of dealing with the trauma of what she saw. Anneliese was then taken off to an orphanage to live with a whole lot of other children who had also lost their parents. She asked why she wasn't being taken to her Aunt or Grandmother, but was never given a reason for it.

A couple of years later, while still living in the orphanage, Anneliese was brought into the office of the orphanage to meet with a couple that was interested in adopting her. She was now seven years old, so a new family actually didn't sound to bad. She had become distant from all the other children and spent her time reading. When this couple was told about that, they couldn't help but want to adopt her. It didn't even take that long. Soon, Anneliese was brought to a new home to be the only child of this couple. They were actually great and she soon began to love them like they were her regular parents. Once she began to trust them, they sat down and told her something about why they wanted to make her part of their family. They were something called Quincy and they explained to her about Shinigami and how their entire race was destroyed by the Shinigami. They were filled with rage about this fact and wanted their revenge. They sensed power within Anneliese and wanted to train her to help fight against the Quincy. For years, she practiced and trained under these people and was soon able to develop her powers. It was when she developed these powers that they came to the conclusion that her powers were actually not what a Quincy would have. She had somehow developed powers through a different means, one that they did not understand. Now, at the age of fourteen, Anneliese was quite skilled in multiple fighting styles and swordsmanship. She was also becoming rather adept in her powers rather quickly and advancing even faster.

One day, as if she was reliving her younger days, Anneliese woke up to the sound of an extremely loud bang. She jumped out of her bed an ran to her adoptive parents room to see that they were not there and there was a large hole in the wall. She ran over to the hole and looked around. Off in the distance, she saw a large creature, similar to the one that killed her biological parents, walking through the field across the street. Angry, she grabbed her weapons, a sword and a few daggers, and ran after it. She ran and ran and ran, until she finally caught up to the large creature. When she got there though, there was a man in the same type of clothing that she had watched fight the monster that killed her parents. She drew her sword and went in to attack, but was stopped by the man. He told her to stay back, but she refused and went in to attack again. She ended up cutting off the creatures arms, but this angered the man and he kicked her in the stomach really hard, sending her body flying about fifty feet away. She immediately got up and went on the attack, but this time attacked the man. He countered and sent her flying again, telling her that a weak little human should never get into the business of a Shinigami. Anneliese realized that this was one of the men that her adoptive parents wanted revenge on and immediately went to attack him again. At this same time, the creature that she now realized was a hollow, went on the attack as well and began trying to kill them both.

Anneliese was then forced to fight them both, but quickly came up with a plan. She kept dodging and moving around until she was able to line them up perfectly. The moment they were lined up, she used her sword to fire off one of the attacks she had been practicing and shot a beam of light straight through both of their chests, killing them both. After that, she returned to the house with a colder look in her eyes that had been there before. She walked around her destroyed house and began looking for her adopted parents. She never found them. When the authorities arrived, no one understood what happened because Anneliese now knew that they couldn't see the Shinigami or Hollow, so explaining this to them would be pointless. It was a week later that she was once again placed in a new place, but instead of an orphanage, it was a military camp. She figured that the authorities assumed that she had done something to hurt her parents, but had no evidence to prove it, so they relocated her to a place like this. She didn't mind it though. She actually enjoyed her time there. She was able to learn a few extra things that she wouldn't in an orphanage. She stayed there for years, climbing through the ranks, and becoming stronger and stronger. She hit the age of 18 and noticed that she wasn't aging very much, if at all. Because of this, the moment she got to leave the military, she did so and moved far away to Russia to live a decently normal life.

After years of moving around from country to country, advancing her powers secretly, and killing hollow on the side, a war broke out. It seemed the military found a way to weaponize people with spiritual awareness and use them in the war. Anneliese actually joined in and fought when the war spread into China, but that was about it and only because that was where she was living at the time. Once the war was over, she had developed her powers to devastate those that she was fighting against. People who saw her fight were after her, but the moment things were done, she immediately vanished from China and made her way back to Japan. Now people were more aware of spiritual beings, so she didn't feel like she had to hide from them. Upon her returning to Karakura, she immediately went back to her hollow killing. Anneliese went to attack a hollow, but before her sword was able to slice through his mask, it's head split and she landed behind it. Looking around, she noticed a tall, blonde guy having already killed him. At first, she didn't realize what he was and was going to push it off as normal, but she quickly realized that he was a Shinigami. She did not hesitate to go on the attack. The two fought on equal grounds for a good twenty minutes before he suddenly had to leave. She narrowed her eyes in anger and asked his name, Snopy. When he gave it to her, she promised that one day the two of them would finish their fight since there was apparently no way that he could stay.

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Mystic Eye: This power is located in her right eye, which is why it is silver and not gold. This power is mastered and able to be used up to ten  times a day. When this power is activated, it allows her to look through the thickest substances. It works sort of like an x-ray machine, allowing her to see through multiple surfaces to get the lay out of an area. It has two extra functions that help her in different ways. The first is a telescope-like function that allows her to look up to five miles ahead of her, allowing her to get maximum distance and hold the element of surprise. The second is a magnifying glass-like function that allowed her to focus in on a object to get a better look at it.

Enhanced Strength And Speed: Over the years, Anneliese's body has developed to match the amount of energy she possesses along with the life style she has chosen. Because of this, Anneliese has an immense amount of speed and strength. Despite her small frame and weak appearance, she could easily move around and even run while carrying heavy items over her shoulders. She has the ability to use a single leg to push a car a few feet away from her. She has enough strength to stop the strongest of punches with a single hand. A strike from Anneliese has the ability to destroy a building and cause it to crumble down. She can keep up with the fastest of people and has the fastest of reflexes, able to quickly block attacks.

Accomplished Hand to Hand Combatant: Having been trained for combat and perfecting her skills for over one hundred years, it should be obvious that her skill in hand to hand combat would be exceptional. She is quite experienced and well versed in multiple styles, but prefers combining them to meet her goals. Though she is definitely great in this aspect, Anneliese prefers to fight with a sword.

Mastered Swordswoman: This is her preferred choice of fighting, so her practice over the years has been great. She has experienced a lot in battle and has become a magnificent swordswoman. She is able to pull off the most difficult techniques and strikes. Though the sword is definitely her favorite, she can also use throwing knives and daggers when needed. Blades are definitely extremely dangerous when put into the hands of this woman.


Energy Type: Light
Color: Yellow

Abilities: Anneliese's abilities are based upon the fact that her energy is made up of light particles. Because of this, darkness is a problem for her. She cannot be at her maximum potential during the night time and will be unable to use a few of the abilities named below, such as Burendo and Hisanmai. Energy that she already has collected can be used, but once it is gone, if she does not have a significant light source, she cannot collect anymore than she already has.

Neutral Abilities:

Hisanmai: (Light Absorption) This ability is what keeps Anneliese fueled to fight. Any time that she is in the sun, she is able to naturally and automatically absorb small amounts of light energy, or light particles, that stores in her body and builds over time. She can also get even smaller amounts of energy from man-made lights and fire. Anneliese can increase the amount of light energy/particles that she collects by intentionally absorbing them. The rate of absorption is increased by twenty times when she collects energy manually. She can only do this five times a day. When this ability is activated, it continues the absorption for five posts and gets her back up to three quarters of her maximum energy. It has a ten post cool down. Note: When doing this manually, she cannot be disturbed. If she is disturbed, it counts towards one of the times that she is able to do this in thread.

Kuikkusuteppu: (Quickstep) This ability is pretty much the same as the Shinigami's Shunpo, or Flash Step. It is an extremely quick burst of speed that allows her to move small to large distances, depending on her goal at the time, so fast that it seems like she is teleporting. This is a mastered ability of Anneliese's and she takes pride in how great she has become in this skill. As most suspect, she developed it to make sure that she would be able to keep up with the Shinigami that she feels are her natual rivals.

Shikon: (Fang) This ability allows her to create an extention on either her arm(s) or sword. When it is an extention on her arms, it is similar to a gauntlet. It takes the shape of a three inch wide blade, twelve inches long, and as sharp as a newly made blade. It sticks out from the end of her wrist, seeming to float, but extremely stable and stationary and easily able to be used as a blade. When it is an extention of her sword, it just increases the length of her sword by twelve inches. Now, this ability can be triggered instantly, allowing a shock factor and a sneaky way to connect a blow that otherwise would not hit. It can also be turned off instantly, but can only be turned on a total of ten times in a thread. If not turned off, it can last a total of ten posts.

Hae: (Fly) Anneliese gathers and compresses her energy down to become solid, yet flexible. The energy forms a pair of angel like wings on her back. These wings give her the power of flight, but can also act as a barrier from attacks and even be used to attack and aid Anneliese in combat. These wings last up to ten posts and have a five post cooldown. They're able to be used twice in a single thread.

Offensive Abilities:

Himei: (Shriek) This is the most basic of Anneliese's attacks. It can be channeled through her arm and hands or through her sword. This ability is a concentrated bolt of her light energy that is shot forth by the swing of her sword. It shoots forward at high speeds, able to reach up to 450 mph. As it is shot, it sends out an extremely high pitched sound that causes very strong vibrations through the air, causing blurry vision, dizziness, and slight loss of balance. If the attack hits, it does burning damage that has the ability to scold the skin. She can use this ability up to twenty-five times in a single day.

Nokogiri: (Saw) This ability is a flat circle that spins around at extremely high speeds and has saw like edges. She forms them at the end of her sword and swings it to send it at a target. Or it can be formed in the palms of her hands and thrown towards a target. These saws are so sharp that they can slice through the thickest of metals without any resistance. She can make two at a time with her hands and only one with her sword. She can make up to twenty with one hand and ten if using both. They reach up to 200 feet away from her and disappear to make sure that they don't hit anything important.

Rasen: (Screw) This is a beam of energy that is shot forth from the tip of her blade, or finger. It swirls around at high speeds like a cork screw, or drill. Whatever it hits, it will attempt to drill through. If successful, it causes burning damage and a tennis ball sized hole in the object or person fired it. This can be used up to ten times in a single thread.

Danmaku: (Barrage) Anneliese summons from fifty to two hundred golf ball sized orbs in front of her. They then shoot forth at the speeds of bullets from a high powered rifle and shoot towards their target all at once. These orbs have enough power behind them to shred a building until their is nothing left. This can be used ten times in a thread.

Shuuha: (Wave) Anneliese swings her sword, shooting out a large burst of light energy that glows bright yellow. This energy flies forward at speeds up to 450 miles per hour and can reach up to sizes similar to that of a tsunami. Whatever is in the path of this wave suffers an immense amount of burns and pressures similar to that of a tsunami falling on the shore. This ability can be used up to five times in a single thread.

Defensive Abilities:

Toku: (Shield) This is the most basic of Anneliese's defensive abilities. It can be erected through her hand(s) and sword. It is a concentrated sheet of energy that instantly appears once it is cast. It is ten foot by ten foot and can block some of the strongest of attacks, both physical and energy. If she adds her second hand into the shield, the power of it is doubled. The shield can be used up to ten times with both hands, twenty with one hand.

Zubutoi: (Bold) This ability creates a dense shield of energy around her entire body, causing her to glow a bright yellow. The shield of light energy is extremely strong and pretty much creates a enhanced armor around her body, making it much harder to injure her. It's no different than how a knight would wear of a suit of armor in the old days. She can do this a maximum of two times in a day and lasts for ten posts.

Sokushin: (Acceleration) Anneliese uses her energy to accelerate the healing process by fifty times. It allows Anneliese to heal extremely fast, but takes up a large amount of energy, easily draining her of most of it. Depending on the severity of the injuries being healed, the full healing process can take from 2 to 5 posts. This can only be used a single time in a thread.

Burendo: (Blend) Anneliese uses the light particles she has absorbed to alter and bend the light around her, or other objects. This allows her or that object to become invisible. She has the ability to physically attack someone in this state, but cannot use any of her energy based attacks because it will disturb the flow of bent light energy she uses to keep her from being seen. This can last up to five posts and be used three times in a thread.


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PostSubject: Re: Anneliese Nicolette [APPROVED 0-3]   Sat Feb 23, 2013 5:00 pm

Application Checklist
  • Name [x]
  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Blonde Wars 6, Return of the Blonde Chick
Tier: 0-3


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Anneliese Nicolette [APPROVED 0-3]
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