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 Mimiko Akashiya [Approved 1-5]

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PostSubject: Mimiko Akashiya [Approved 1-5]   Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:21 am

Sōnansha: Affinity Of Qi

Name: Mimiko Akashiya
Appearance Age: 17
True Age: 340
Rank: Underling
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 135


Personality: Mimiko has two parts of herself. The first part is extremely sweet, gentle, pure at heart, wanting to do good for anyone and everyone she comes across, and down right adorable. The second part is rude, violent, has evil intent, only wishes to hurt those she comes across, and is down right sexy. Mimiko's normal self is the one everyone loves. It's the bubbly pink haired cutie that enjoys being around people. This is what you would call her natural personality. Mimiko's natural personality can get along with anyone. She's very energetic and loves talking to people, making it extremely easy for her to make friends with people. She can't handle it when someone is hurting and she knows she can do something about it, so that's exactly what she does. Even if she'll be putting herself in harms way, she will do what she can to help another person. Mimiko almost always has a smile on her face. She does her best to look on the bright side of things and help others see what she sees. Mimiko is also extremely accepting of other people and their quirks and personality issues. Someone could be a mass murderer and she'll still be foolish enough to try and get them on the right path. Some people it works for, others it does not. The problem lies within herself and her own insecurities. Mimiko is so caught up in helping other people and making them happy because she feels she can never be that way and does not want anyone else to feel unhappy. Because of her inner self and what she does, she feels she can never truly be a good person. If half of her is completely evil and sadistic, how could she be good? It's not like it's two different souls trapped in one body. It's her. She knows it's her and she hates herself for it.

Beyond all of that, Mimiko is very malleable. People can easily influence her into certain things. Mimiko knows what's wrong and what's right, so people don't have to worry about that. It's just that if someone wants to do something she hates, she'll do it to make them happy even if it means that she'll be miserable. She has a habit of giving into other people over doing or saying what she wants in life. Another habit of hers is that she'll randomly put herself down even though she doesn't deserve it. People will tell her that it's not true, she'll smile, and say thank you, but she'll feel it again, no matter how wrong she is. She does this all because of her own inner demon. This inner piece of her that comes out every now and then tears her apart emotionally. People have told her that it is just who she is and that she should accept it, but she refuses to accept such an evil part of herself. So, because of that, she continues to put herself down to the point that she pushes herself into self-loathing rants, and sometimes goes so far that she pushes herself into her own depression. Friends are usually able to pull her out of it, but when it hits, it hits extremely hard and at times she'll think very dangerous thoughts.

Seimei no Honō Personality: The cause of practically every one of Mimiko's problems. The second burst of personality that Mimiko intentionally sealed away after realizing how horrible of a person that she really was. The Inner Mimiko is a devilish bitch who has no problem killing anything that is in her way. Inner Mimiko actually enjoys causing other people pain and knows she's got the power to do it. Inner Mimiko is extremely rude and highly insensitive to the people she speaks to. If someone angers her, challenges her, or insults her in any way, she'll become extremely violent. Her violent isn't a normal 'getting into a fight' type violence, but a destructive 'they will not recognize you' type violence. She can almost be classified as insane, if she didn't know what she was doing. She knows every single move she makes and is calculated when making them. She's not stupid. She's doesn't go around killing randomly. She knows that can put her on some list and have people want her put in jail, so she avoids senseless violence. Inner Mimiko cares for one person and one person only, herself. In this case, that includes regular Mimiko. She won't hurt someone that regular Mimiko cares for because once she is sealed away, she is also forced to deal with the feelings of regular Mimiko. When this part of Mimiko is released, her care for other people is gone. She doesn't care who gets hurt, who dies, who hates her, who loves her. But she realizes that her hatred and violent tendencies being sealed away makes her feel certain emotions that she does not like to feel in any shape or form. Long story short, she doesn't care for anything when this part of her is released, but hesitates hurting someone/something she usually shows care for in fear of the normal emotions that one would feel when another person dies or is hurt by her hand.

Those Mimiko Turned: Zhanlue Mia, Destiny Young

Note: She is a fan of Anastasia from A.I.

Character Background: Mimiko Akashiya was born in the year 1759 in Tokyo. As a baby, Mimiko was often sick and needed constant medical care. Her family was unable to provide the care she needed, so they sent her off to a family in London who offered to buy her off of them. They promised to shelter her and take good care of her until she became of age and then would allow her to return. They were never given a reason as to why this family was being so kind to Mimiko and her family, but they accepted the offer. For years, Mimiko grew up speaking English and with little knowledge of her birth family. She was constantly treated like an elegant princess by the family and began to look at them as her own. At the age of twelve, Mimiko had a very bad episode and ended up bed ridden for a month. Finally, after a lot of treatment and the fear of her death, she was able to recover fully. Five years after that, Mimiko once again dropped into her sickness, but this time was not going to be pulled out of it. She laid in bed for days soaked in her own sweat and having trouble breathing. Every now and then, she felt something watching her, but could never figure out what it was. Then, once the nurse left her side to let her sleep, she wandered over to the balcony and looked around to find who this figure was. A large tree blocked her view of most of the area, but something caught her eye. There were two bright red eyes staring right at her in the shadows of the tree. She began stepping back away, her heart beating way to fast for her own good, but the figure seemed to run at her. She closed her eyes, expecting death, but when it never came, she opened her eyes to see a tall, beautiful young woman standing right in front of her with a angelic looking smile. Mimiko backed away out of fear, but the woman grabbed her. Her hold was strong, firm, but gentle all at once. Mimiko would never forget the words that woman said, especially since she changed her life forever. "You're in pain... Let me take it away." were the words. The woman showed her teeth, two fangs being quite apparent on each side of her smile. Mimiko could not move and the woman came closer until she felt a sharp pain at the side of her neck. She could hear the woman swallow, but before she could scream out for help, Mimiko fainted.

Mimiko awoke the next morning on the floor with memories of what she thought was a dream. She glanced to the clock to see that it said five in the morning, so no one had come to the room to check on her yet. Lucky for her because when she stood up and went to the bathroom what she saw in the mirror was not what she expected. She was shocked to see that she had snow white hair and blood red eyes, similar to that 'dream' she had the night before. She screamed at the sight and continued checking herself out. She noticed she didn't feel sick anymore and all of her pain was completely gone. A moment later, the woman that usually helped her in the mornings ran inside to see what was wrong. Mimiko got an instant feeling of rage and anger and struck the woman without any hesitation. The woman went flying back away from her and her body landed about ten feet away. She ran to the woman, picked her up by the neck, and forced her up against a wall before biting into the skin on her shoulder. Though she did bleed, Mimiko did not suck her blood like you'd think a vampire would. Instead, she pulled in a small amount of Qi from the woman, though it did not quench her thirst. A moment later, another came in to the room after hearing the large thud and Mimiko repeated the process until she finally felt satisfied. She fell to her knees and looked to a mirror. What had she become? It was that woman from the night before that had done this to her, that was easy enough to figure out. She had to find her, but how? She could some how hear her family running up towards her room and without any hesitation she charged out the window and ran away from her home. Being caught attacking two people was going to get her thrown in jail, though she did wonder if they were dead. Mimiko ran as far as she could to find this woman. She moved at a higher rate than normal people and for some reason she felt like she could sense her. She knew right where she was, and in a matter of minutes ran into her, literally. With how fast she was running, she figured she would have knocked the woman down, but she fell instead. And when she looked up, the woman was smirking at her. Mimiko stood and started asking the woman question after question, until the woman smacked her hand over Mimiko's mouth and told her to shut up.

"What's happening to me!?" Mimiko asked after the woman removed her hand from Mimiko's mouth. The woman took in a deep breath and sighed. "You were sick, constantly ill. I have been watching for a while, but I did not want to turn you at too young of an age... You, Mimiko Akashiya, are now one of me." Mimiko was stuck and became instantly frustrated when the answer wasn't fully explained. Mimiko went to strike her with the amount a high amount of speed and strength behind it, but the woman blocked her easily. Mimiko's hair was grabbed and she was thrown very harshly towards a large tree. Her body slammed all the way through it, yet not a bone was broken. Before she had a chance to move, the woman grabbed her again and they ran off. This woman was even faster than she was, frighteningly fast. When they stopped, the two were in the middle of a forest and Mimiko was dropped. "You are now part of a very powerful race of humans. Many will look down on you, others will call you a God, though remember that you are not. You'll need to drink one of three different substances to survive... The first you might use is blood, human or animal. The second and third are types of energy, Reishi and Qi. Whatever one you constantly crave is the one that will work best for you. You can drink the others, but it'll likely cause problems, it even kills some. I've been the only one to drink all three for sustenance." Mimiko pushed herself to her feet, shaking her head at what she was hearing. "Wait... wh-.. what am I?" Mimiko asked. "I haven't come up with a name for it yet. Most call me a blood sucker, snake, I've heard this vampire word, but that sounds like some stupid story someone made up for their kids at bedtime." the woman said, chuckling at the thought, "Anyways... Everyone seems to be a little different, but none of them have gained my full power as of yet... Face it kid.. It was either that, or die. Now you pretty much live for ever, I'm already going on four thousand, so yeah. Just pay attention to the sun, some burn, others don't." The woman began walking away, and before Mimiko could ask her anymore, she vanished into some sort of mist and was gone.

It took Mimiko a very long time before she was able to just understand what was going on with her. Walking around with demon-like eyes and snow white hair was not something people were used to. They insulted and attacked her, assuming she was the work of the devil. She noticed that when she got furious, she would attack people without any hesitation or concern for those around, and would even turn on the innocent people at times. It became a problem when she started feeling no remorse for what was going on. It got to the point where that was all she was and she did not care. Years as a ruthless murderer being hunted by humans began to catch up with her. In 1850, people were able to injure and capture her. They turned to some old woman who was some how able to seal part of her away. The people were shocked when they saw her hair turn pink and her eyes green. They had done this to kill her, but something stopped them. When her eyes opened, she was crying. All the memories of murder and senseless violence flooded her mind and she couldn't handle it. She fell to the ground and curled into the fetal position and cried until she couldn't anymore. After she stopped, she was told about a new item that they had wrapped around her neck. They told her that only another person can rip the cross from the chain and that it would temporarily release the 'demonic' state she was usually in. Mimiko was happy that she'd no longer be like that. It took some time for people to realize that she wasn't just an evil being anymore. She helped out as much as she could. Being as strong as she was even with part of her sealed, she was easily able to do the jobs that many people could not. After about a year, people began to trust her and even like her. The more time passed she was able to actually make some friends and live a normal life. Of course, after some time she was shunned because of her lack of aging and would have to move from place to place. One time, she made it to New York City and there she was actually able to make some friends...

It was the year 1918, right in the middle of the first World War. Mimiko had just arrived in New York and was not used to the city life. There was a reason she usually kept herself away from crowds, but she noticed something here that hadn't been made apparent in other places she had gone. Women here worked, a lot. The men being away gave them chances to get jobs, and they enjoyed it in comparison to their every day lives at home. They had to take care of their families while the men were off to fight, so this was a huge start for them. Mimiko became interested in the aspect of a woman worker and got a job as a factory worker. She was instantly liked because of her bubbly and extremely sweet attitude, even the boss enjoyed her time. There was one person who didn't, Destiny Young. That woman despised Mimiko for reasons she truly did not understand, nor did she have the guts to ask her about it. They worked right next to each other and whenever Mimiko tried talking to her, Destiny would glare at her and speak in a formal manner. She obviously did not want to be friends. Until one night, Mimiko was already low on Affinity, in her Seimei no Honō, and desperately searching for someone that could help her when she was attacked by something. A large beast with a white face. She held her own for a while, but was injured pretty badly. It got the advantage and if she stayed, she knew she would die so she ran. She kept running, but she was too weak. She turned a corner and slammed into someone she knew, Destiny. Being able to hear the hollow coming, she grabbed Destiny and ran off with her. She could smell the Qi within Destiny's body and was already planning on draining her. Coming to an ally, Mimiko pushed the woman against the wall, uncaring to her struggles and quite violently bit into her neck and began drinking out her Qi. Unfortunately, Mimiko had been hurt pretty badly and the seal with returning. The hollow seemed to vanish, sensing that she had just regained the force to fight, and left the two alone. Mimiko suddenly felt weak, her hair turned back to pink, dropping her Seimei no Honō, and an accident happened. As she was passing out, the energy shifted and she sent her own into Destiny, which automatically initiated the change into and Sōnansha. Mimiko collapsed and Destiny began her change.

Mimiko woke up what seemed to be the next morning in a home she did not recognize, but then she saw Destiny. The woman who hated her was sitting in a chair next to the bed she slept in. It became obvious that this was Destiny's home, though why would Destiny bring her here? Did she want to ask about last night? Mimiko thought about it for a moment and realized that she might of actually turned Destiny. "Oh no..." she thought. Trying to play it off, Mimiko asked what was going on, where she was, why Destiny was there. She got all of her answers, but nothing seemed to be off, except Destiny's more kind way of speaking to her. And then Mimiko asked what happened the night before to see if Destiny remembered the same things that she did. And it was confirmed. Through out the entire explanation, Mimiko sat there with a dull look and an aura of shame over her. She asked if Destiny felt any different and she did. She felt happier and kept smelling something. Mimiko couldn't help but giggle. After that, everything came out. She explained about what she was, how she changed Destiny, and what she was smelling. It was interesting to have the first person that Mimiko ever turn be an accident and at that like her more for it. Destiny said she felt a lot happier once it was done, her depression was gone. That made Mimiko feel a lot better. The two ended up being fine at work for the days after that. They got to know each other to the point where they were best friends. There were even a few instances that Mimiko helped Destiny through her rage induced Seimei no Honō. Years passed and of course Mimiko decided it was time to move, and this time Destiny went with. There was no point of them staying in New York any longer. The two of them stayed by each others side for years and constantly had each others back. Up until the revealing of the Sōnansha to humans and spiritual beings, they kept their secret hidden very well. They only drank when needed and hadn't had to turn anyone, so everything was great. As they entered the present years, they became more and more open to telling people what they were, though they were still discriminated against in some areas. Even if things got bad, Mimiko always knew there was one place that she could go with Destiny to make sure that they would not be harmed by anyone...

Natural Abilities
Natural Abilities:

Mimiko has been trained in nothing. She knows how to throw a punch and a kick, that is about it. Besides what is given to her through her inheritance and then her Seimei no Honō, she's got nothing...

Inherited Abilities
Sōnansha Class: A
Inherited Abilities:

Sounmortality: This is a form of immortality. It freezes the person's age at the time they were turned. Mimiko was turned at the age of 17, so she is stuck like with this appearance until death. Because of the effect of this, Lilith harshly and strictly enforces a law that states “No human under the age of 13 is allowed to be turned”. Mimiko is well aware of this rule.

Men'eki: (Immunity) Sōnansha are not all immune to human diseases and illnesses. This ability is what allows a Sōnansha to not contract a disease, which is very helpful if you're of Blood Affinity. This also is what allows a Sōnansha to walk around during the day. If a Sōnansha does not have this ability, they will be injured upon being exposed to sunlight/fire/bright electric lights (light bulbs, lamps).

Hypnotism: This ability grants a Sōnansha to hypnotize people by looking straight into their eyes. Breaking eye contact for a certain amount of time, depending on the Sōnansha's skill, will break the hold they have over that person. Having this ability makes you immune to most other forms of hypnotism. Mimiko's hold on someone breaks after she has lost eye contact with them for 1.5 seconds.

Wall Gliding: This allows the Sōnansha to walk on walls and ceilings. It's done by manipulating the gravity around themselves automatically. It isn't something that they can project. It's only on them. Though, having this ability does allow immunity to minor gravity based abilities.

Enhanced Senses: Luckily this does not speak for all five senses. For the three senses that this does enhance, Mimiko's sight is the strongest. She can see up to a mile away, zoom in on objects, and is able to see clearly in the dark. Mimiko's hearing comes right after. She can pick up even the smallest of sounds and has the ability to follow where they're coming from easily. Whispering around her will do nothing for you. Mimiko's sense of smell is the last enhanced and the weaker of the three. She can pick up smells much easier than most, but tracking a scent is not something that she can easily do.

Regeneration: A Sōnansha has no ability to regenerate while they are in the sun, but once encased in darkness, they have the ability to completely regenerate any lost part of their bodies. (This excludes any of their Affinity that they need to take in again). Being stabbed by anything through the heart halts all of the regeneration process, no matter in the sun or in utter darkness. To kill a Sōnansha, you rip their bodies apart and burn them to ash. Once ash, nothing can be undone. Mimiko is no exception to this rule. She keeps her windows painted black and dark curtains over that to make sure that she's at least safe in her own room.

Seimei no Honō
Seimei no Honō: Mimiko had her Seimei no Honō sealed away because she was completely incapable of keeping it down and was always in a fit of rage and had no problem killing anyone in her way. Since it was so destructive, people captured her and sealed it. It can now only be released by another person.
Seimei no Honō Appearance: Mimiko always wears a cross that hangs from a chain on her neck. This isn't just for decoration, but it keeps a part of her sealed away. Unlike most Sōnansha, Mimiko was unable to gain any control over the violent tendencies her Seimei no Honō causes within her. After some time, Mimiko was captured and they put this cross around her neck to seal that part of her away. When this cross is pulled off by someone, she is able to temporarily release the seal and use all of her powers. Her hair will lighten until it's as white as snow and her eyes will change from their naturally green color to a demonic crimson red. It's not just her appearance that changes though, it is also her personality. She turns from her normally sweet, gentle self into a sadistic, violent person. Her aura of 'cute' is completely gone and a more 'sexy' appeal comes forward in the way she holds herself.

Seimei no Honō Abilities:

Power Enhancement: Mimiko drinking Qi enhances her powers by restoring her strength, but it also allows her to take on the abilities of the person that she drinks from. For example, if she were to drink the Qi of a fire user, she'd be able to use the Qi she has within her to connect with fire the same way they do. If she were on fire, but then drank the Qi of an ice user, all of her Qi changes to connect to ice. She can't connect with more than one power at a time. Powers that are more complicated or more fit to the user, such as Alison Spencer's Lock and Key power, are not one's she can connect with. The power must be basic, such as ice, electricity, water, fire, earth, metal, shape shifting, enhancements, etc... etc... This also refers to the last person she drank the Qi of, it doesn't have to be recently. If she drank the Qi 5 days ago, she'd still hold that connection.

Enhanced Superhuman Strength And Speed: Super human strength often refers to the strength of ten men, but that would refer to her regular strength when not in her released state. Fifty would be a fair estimation as to what she can do while she is released. Mimiko's Seimei no Honō strength allows her to hit, hold, lift, move with 3000 pounds of force behind her. As a small example, if Mimiko needed to drink blood in her released state and was holding someone down, it would be like something that was 3000 pounds holding them in place, though it would not squish them, it's very hard (if not impossible) to get that much weight off of you alone. Moving on with Mimiko's speed, both her body and mind have been tremendously sped up while she is in her Seimei no Honō. This gives her the ability to mentally and physically react in an appropriate manner to what is going on around her. It'd be useless, though hilarious, if someone were to be really fast, but their mind couldn't keep up with what they were doing. Starting to run and hit a brick wall is just comical.


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PostSubject: Re: Mimiko Akashiya [Approved 1-5]   Wed Aug 21, 2013 8:43 pm

Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [x]
  • Gender [x]
  • Appearance Present [x]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [x]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [x]
  • 15 sentences for personality [x]
  • History is 15 sentences [x]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [x]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [x]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [x]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [x]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [x]

Comments/Notes: Destiny: Must. not. let. her. catch. me. drunk...if she catches me drunk then I might end up confessing...
Tier: 1-5


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Mimiko Akashiya [Approved 1-5]
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