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 Eira von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-4, NORMAL]

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PostSubject: Eira von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-4, NORMAL]   Fri Aug 30, 2013 12:54 am

Sugiura Template


Name: Eira von Zarkonheinz
True Age: 936
Appearance Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 140
Sugiura Class: Normal Sugiura


Animalistic Traits: None

Personality: Above everything in Eira's being, the one thing that she can definitely be called out on is the fact that she has a 'Queen Concept'. Having been pampered for most of her life, it's no shocker that she is used to being taken care of and catered to. She's not used to someone telling her 'no'. She's not used to not getting what she wants, so when this stuff does happen it angers her. She has no problem barking out orders towards someone she deems 'lower' than herself. This does not mean they are beneath her as people, but merely lower than rank. That same person can jump up in rank and she will respect them for it. She's got a pretty good sense of authority and knows quite well where she belongs. She doesn't overstep her boundaries or disrespect someone who is obviously of higher rank or stature than herself. If they are below her though, she demands the same respect that she'd give them if they were higher. If she asks for something to be done, brought, or taken away, she expects it full well to be done, brought, or taken away. There are no ifs, ands, or buts with her. If she tells you to do it, do it. Of course this only applies within her own realm. In places like the World Of The Living, she knows that she is a mere spec among millions. She has little authority among those who do not know, so she does not bother trying to get them to understand where she is coming from. Because of everything she has been through, from her Father keeping her disguised as his son when she was younger, to being hidden away when her kingdom found she was indeed female, she has become very sheltered in certain aspects of her life. The early years in a persons life can effect them quite strongly. The only person she was ever close to was her brother and he was forced to leave. Once he did, she stayed in her room for most of her life, rarely making contact with the outside world. After the kidnapping, she became distrustful of those around her and since her brother was gone there was no way to regain that trust. It got to the point where she avoided as much contact as she could. She didn't feel comfortable being in front of other people at all.

Also a part of being sheltered through her early years of being alive, Eira has developed an issue that she sees no need to break. Because of her distrust of people, especially most men, she does not like people standing within arms length of her. As an example, if she were at a party and tried to mingle, she would intentionally keep at least a two feet distance between her and the person/people she is talking to. The only type of people that she let's close to her are those she knows for a fact are weaker than her, children, or people that know her brother. No, this isn't people that her brother trusts, though they do count as well. This is people who just know that she is the younger sister of Tsubine von Zarkonheinz. She has this childish attitude of 'if you hurt me I'll tell my big brother', so if she knows the person is aware of how her brother is, she will have no problem standing close to them. It's not like she'll goad them into hurting her or try to start a fight, but she won't distrust them as much. While around other people, Eira has this habit of really observing their actions to get to know them more. She could be sitting off in a far corner and just watch someone for a while to get her own little mental profile on how they act. This also helps her learn to trust them a bit more, especially if she learns that they are not a bad person. Now, if she weren't sitting in some corner and talking to people, she'll likely be more on the quiet side unless it's a direct conversation between her and another person. While being quiet, she will listen and watch, but not only that. Eira has the tendency to be really stiff around other people; strangers. It's obvious that she is not relaxed at all, borderline uncomfortable. This is because she's always on her guard. She's quite aware of her surroundings and the way people are moving. If someone gets to close to her, she'll know and move away from them a bit. She is also one of those people who stays silent until asked otherwise. As an example, if she's in a meeting with those of higher rank, she'd listen to every detail and stay silent until someone turned to her actually wanting her opinion on a situation. She does not interrupt or speak out.

Beyond all of her mistrust, her being guarded, and her need to observe people to get to know them better, Eira is actually a very sensitive and kind woman. She has her own little innocent side that can be seen depending on who you are and how much she trusts you. She has this little girl inside of her that doesn't mind kicking around in water or clinging to a teddy bear. She keeps up a bit tough girl, if you can call it that, act to the best of her abilities, but inside she's just as soft, sweet, and passive as she was when she was a kid. She's merely hiding it to prevent people from thinking she's too weak or from taking advantage of her. It is possible to get this innocent side of her to come out, but it's harder than with most girls. It only comes out when she feels safe, cared for, and happy. Happy can come easier than the other too because it merely depicts her mood. For to her feel cared for really just depends on the person and how they treat her. Different people show they care in different ways, but when trying to make her feel safe it means that she trusts you enough to stand behind you if a fight breaks out. She's not exactly a fighter, even if she does have skill in the aspect. She prefers a more diplomatic way of dealing with problems. She prefers everything to be fair as well, so kicking someone when they're down or sneaking up on them is not a way to make her feel safe. She sees things like that as a way of being lied to or tricked, which are two things she fears if she has grown to trust someone. One thing she never wants to happen is to give her heart to someone and then later find out that the only reason it happened is because they wanted to get close to her family, cheat her out of something, or harm her in some way. Because of this fear, it makes it even harder for her to trust people who don't seem to be outright honest, such as those who hesitate when asked a question. She does, however, always give the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't usually immediately say 'no, not even trying'. She will try to get to know someone if they are trying to get to know her. There is always at least one chance to be given, just don't fuck it up.

Note: Because of the last part in her history, she now has a bad fear of water, even being edgy in the shower.

Character Background: Eira was born ten years after her older brother Tsubine. It was made quite obvious that Tsubine adored his little sister, and she definitely loved her big brother. As a child, to prevent anyone from becoming interested in marrying his daughter, Eira's Father Vatou chose to disguise her as a male. She was deprived of all femininity that she would have or want, except for one thing: her brother. Eira stuck to him like white on rice, even when she was just a baby. Over time, Eira noticed that Tsubine seemed annoyed at her sometimes. She never really understood why and she wasn't put off by it, so she kept hanging around him. Eventually, he got used to it. When she turned ten something big happened. She was picked up, kidnapped by a neighboring kingdom in the middle of the night. They had come down stream and docked at the side of the walls. They climbed up with an extensive ladder, found her in her bed, and ran off with her. They were able to get her to the castle, but she wasn't there for very long. Just a few hours later, Tsubine showed up and absolutely annihilated every person that was in the castle. Her big brother had turned a neighboring kingdom into a bloody mess just to prevent anything from happening to her. And he was definitely successful, even though he asked her multiple times whether anything had been done. In fact, he had walked in on the only chance that a few men had decided to take. She had been blindfolded the entire time, set on a bed, and they had begun stripping her of her clothing. Realizing through further evaluation that she was indeed female, they began contemplating taking advantage of the young woman. Unfortunately for them, a certain brother had stepped in at the perfect time and went on a rampage. All Eira could hear was metal slicing through flesh, a few screams, and then everything stopped. Next thing Eira knew, she was wrapped in some sort of fabric, picked up, and was being carried off somewhere. She realized quickly that it was Tsubine and went to take off the blindfold, but he asked her not to. At first, she wondered why, but she knew to trust her brother's words and left it on.

The moment they got on the boat Tsubine took the blindfold off. Eira didn't look around. She merely stared at her brother and for the first time in the entire situation she cried. Tsubine did his best to calm her down and after a while was able to succeeded, but for the entire boat ride home it was noticed that she never left his side. Once they got home and everything was settled with their parents, Tsubine pulled Eira aside and gave her a present. It was a small red gem. He placed it into her hands and said in a serious tone, "This is the blood that saved you." She didn't know what that meant, but she could tell that it was important. Unfortunately, after that things were not going to be looking well at all for Eira. The one person she trusted not to hurt her or leave her alone was being forced to leave, sent away because of some sort of trouble he had caused when saving her. Details were always kept from her, people trying to 'preserve her innocence', but it was obvious that it was something bad. It tore her apart to see that her brother was practically forced out of their home just because he wanted to save her. After the loss of her brother, Eira became very isolated. She rarely very rarely left her room and stopped talking to the people she knew. She'd only speak to her Father and Mother, and even that didn't happen very often. Years later, when Eira was eighteen years old, a sickness over took the entire kingdom, including her. It didn't take long until she was found dead in her own bed. It was then that her Mother, Shimura, came forward and preformed a Konsou on her, turning her into a Sugiura and took her to the Sugiura realm. There wasn't much more she could do; she was dead. Eira's Father had apparently vanished and never came back. Over time, Eira was able to learn more about the Sugiura realm, particularly the east since that was where she was living. The problem was, she felt very out of place. She often left the castle and just looked around for something or someone to talk to.

Ayaka Arc: On her first trip she was able to meet an interesting young woman. Eira heard a scream from not too far away and headed in that direction to see if she could help. Strangely, she came across some sort of mutated plant that blew fire and had a second mouth. It was attacking another woman and had it's back turned to her. Eira looked around quickly and was able to find an axe that came in very handy. She snuck up behind the carnivorous plant and quite violently chopped away at it's stem and roots, swinging multiple times, until both it and she fell over. She was stuck for a few moments, even as the woman thanked her and went to tend at her garden. She certainly was calm about it; did this happen often or something? While she was tending to the garden, the woman offered Eira to come inside and have a cup of tea with her. Eira accepted and once the woman was finished, which was only a couple minutes later, the two went inside the woman's cottage. The two of them introduced themselves to one another as Ayaka began brewing the tea. Eira asked a little about the plant, but Ayaka seemed evasive. She merely went on a 'gardening gone wrong' explanation and left it at that. While the tea was brewing still, Eira sort of avoiding sitting down. She felt like she'd break something and things were too dirty to sit on. She began looking around the cottage, fiddling with a few things she just saw sitting there, and ended up asking, "Is there a reason that you're living way out here?" Ayaka explained that she was practicing magic and didn't anyone harmed. Eira didn't know why, but this all sparked her attention. She asked about what type of magic and was informed of something called a Magus, interest increased. After a little more conversation, Eira left Ayaka with a few thoughts running through her head. She went back to the castle, found a library, and began to study on numerous things. She spent a week doing so and then decided to return to Ayaka and ask if she'd help her learn some of the magic she was practicing.

"I don't know anyone around here besides my Mother and I don't even know if she could teach me... It doesn't have to be anything major, just the basics.... Would you?" Eira was hoping for a yes and was happy when Ayaka replied. "I... suppose I could, although... I'm not too, er... well, skilled in it... I could refer you to someone... but I don't know anyone else that could... I... I guess if you can handle the risk of my magic backfiring... which it will probably do... then it should be okay." She seemed nervous about it. Was it really that bad? It didn't matter too much, Eira really did want to learn more about it. Over the course of three years, Eira and Ayaka trained together. Because Eira is who she is, she was not able to stay there all the time, so it did take a while. When she got a chance, she began looking up new techniques and ended up find one that she thought might help them. She introduced it to Ayaka as soon as possible, but for some reason Ayaka wasn't very keen on the idea. Six months later though, Ayaka suddenly changed her mind and decided it would be okay to try the technique. Eira didn't question it of course and her skill ended up improving quite a lot. Over a full ten year span, the two trained together and Eira was becoming a lot better with her magic. Over this time, the two of them got much closer. Eira trusted Ayaka as a good friend and Ayaka seemed to feel the same way because she offered to show Eira part of her magecraft. Unfortunately, it didn't go very well at all. Eira stood back and watched. Everything was going fine, but out of nowhere she felt the right side of her body go numb. She couldn't move and ended up collapsing onto her back. She didn't scream. She didn't cry. She just knew it was very, very, very bad. After a few moments, Ayaka ran over to her and began attempting to heal her. Eira could tell by the way Ayaka was reacting that something needed to be done, but Eira couldn't move. Ayaka tried to heal her, but apparently it wasn't enough because Ayaka picked her up and carried her to the Capital within a minute. Ayaka was able to get her to some sort of healer. It took about fifteen minutes, but Eira was healed rather well and though she received a massive scar where the wound was. To reassure Ayaka that she didn't blame her, she went back to talk to her and continued doing so for two weeks, but when Ayaka seemed to never come back and the door never opened no matter how much she knocked, Eira gave up.

Shimura Arc: Eira and her Mother didn't seem like they'd ever get along again. They were once so close, but after Tsubine left, Eira blamed her Mother for it. Shimura understood what was going through her daughters head and how she felt, but it didn't mean she liked it. One day, a conversation about Tsubine and why it was done was brought up. The argument was full of so much anger, screaming, and tears that Eira remembers nothing about it. She knew she missed her brother and that the chance of seeing him against was 0. Why? Because she was unaware that he was live. In her mind, for all of these years Tsubine was dead and there was nothing she could do about it. He was somewhere in the fucking Soul Society likely not even remembering he had a little sister. That fact pissed her off. The argument continued for so long and only got worse and worse. Eira actually ended up picking up a decorative sword on the wall and throwing it at Shimura, telling her that she wished she had just left her there to die in the World Of The Living. Rightfully pissed off, Shimura caught the weapon and threw it right back at Eira. Luckily Eira was able to stumble to the side just enough to get out of the way. The sword pierced the wall behind her and Eira looked back to it. She then looked back to Shimura with the most horrified look on her face that she had ever shown before. Clenching the gem she always kept at her neck, she backed out of the room, turned, and then ran off as fast as she possibly could. Frankly, she didn't know where she was even going to run, she just kept going and was not planning on coming back. The problem came when she ran into a shady part of town. Someone took a bit too much interest in her, especially the little red gym she held at her neck. Eira stopped running and began walking through a few buildings, but was cut off by some large man. He asked what she was doing there, but she didn't answer. Instead, she turned the other way in an attempt to run, but there were three more of them. She turned to run another direction and then there were more, and then more, and then more. By the time they stopped coming there were fifteen thugs surrounding her.

This much fuss over one woman? Seriously? Eira had no idea what to do, she was stuck. She asked them to let her pass, but they refused. She foolishly shouted out that she was a part of the Queen's Family and that they'd regret anything they did to her, but that only caught their attention more. Can someone say ransom? They snatched her up and tied her wrists and ankles, tossing her over the shoulder of the largest man, and then wrapped a cloth very tightly around her mouth so she could not speak or scream out. Little did she and these men know, her Mother was searching for her. In fact, her mother had sent out every resource they could to find her and luckily someone was able to track her. Shimura was instantly informed of what happened and began hunting her daughter down. Unfortunately, Eira was quite far off and taken to some building in an area she did not recognize. They tossed her down on a table hard enough to cause it to break under her and making her fall through to the ground. These men were disgusting, just like before, except this time they didn't assume she was a boy. They began their disgusting laughter and began forcing her clothing off. She screamed out, but it was muffled. The leader of the group began caressing area's of her body that they should not without permission. She closed her eyes and began to cry, hearing the horrible things they mentioned they wanted to do to her. Right as the more dangerous actions were about to begin, a loud crash was heard. Then there was a scream, a bang, and the door opened. “Mom...” Eira looked towards the person who had entered the room and felt so relieved. This reminded her so much of before, when she lived with her Mother, Father, and Brother. The difference was that her Mom came to save her. It was like she heard a familiar voice tell her to close her eyes, so the moment her mother moved, she did. A few moments later, she was covered up, untied, picked up, and taken from the building and back home where she finally opened her eyes again.

“Mom...” she looked to her Mother with wide eyes as tears formed in them, “MOM!” Eira swung her arms around her Mother as tightly as she could and cried into her. “You saved me! You came after me! Even after all those mean things I said to you!” Eira continued to apologize while her Mother repeatedly said that it was okay. Shimura told her that she was safe and that nothing like that would ever be allowed to happen to her again. The two sat there for a few hours until Eira finally fell asleep in her Mother's arms. For the first time since she was ten, she had shown the little girl side of her to Shimura that she used to before Eira's resentment. From that day on, the two of them were closer than ever. Eira was able to confide in her Mother much more than she could before. It was like the air was lifted around them and the stress was all gone. They loved it and for the first time Eira felt like she had a family again.

Aoko Arc: Why was she in this area? She didn't know. She had no real reason to be out here, but something was pulling her in this direction, guiding her here. She hadn't exactly been this far out before. She suddenly heard a loud explosion and even though her mind was telling her to turn her ass around and head in the other direction, she didn't. She continued in the direction of the loud noises and made her way into what seemed like a battle zone. The thing was that there was only one person there, a rather attractive young woman with blue eyes and brown hair. Eira stood in silence for a few moments and just watched. The woman was highly impressive. She watched her throw off a few high powered attacks and decided to approach her. "Wonderful magic you got there..." Eira said in a monotone, which must have come off offensive because the woman's reaction wasn't exactly what she expected. "If that's sarcasm, you can buzz off. If not, you might still want to back away... at least a little farther away from the circle beneath me. There's a strong updraft that could send you flying." That took Eira aback a bit. She was not being sarcastic in any manner. She meant it. Ever since meeting her friend Ayaka, she was interested in the magics and magecrafts of those she met. It had been a while since she had seen anything so impressive. Though, she did take heed of the warning the woman gave her and jumped back a few extra feet to get away from the circle mentioned. "It wasn't sarcasm. I am actually impressed and thanks for the warning." Eira did as she was asked and stood back, but she was quite intent on observing the power a bit more; of course this was only if it wasn't suddenly shot at her. Eira was unsure of how the woman would react to being observed like this, but she tried not to bother her. She stood back a good fifty feet, standing on a large rock to get a better view of the field the woman was practicing in and just watched. An entire hour actually went by and not one moment of it bored Eira. She was intrigued by the woman's skill, in awe almost. Once the woman seemed to be done, Eira stepped off the rock and closer to her, though still kept her distance to be safe.

"You've really got the hang of it... May I ask where you learned?" Eira asked as politely as she could. Usually she'd speak in a slightly different manner, but she had gained a bit of respect for the woman through the hour she had observed her. "Well, you get that way when you've been doing this nearly all your life...  but you won't learn this in any books. I created it myself, essentially. I took concepts from other spells, combined them, and hoped for the best." Eira was jealous and came to a realization. Her own magic had advanced a little over the years, but not enough to even close to match this woman's weakest spell. She said you couldn't learn it in the books and that's what Eira had been doing, studying in books ever since Ayaka left and only practicing for short periods of time since then. "I see. You created it. You're very talented. I admit I'm envious of such skill." Eira raised an eyebrow at her admitting that and crossed her arms along her chest in slight annoyance, but she would not take it back. She meant it. "I am an Aozaki, after all. It's not something a normal Magus could do." the woman replied and the look on herself left Eira fighting a chuckle. "You're an Aozaki, huh? Never heard of them, sorry. I am Eira von Zarkonheinz, nice to meet you." Eira held out her hand for a friendly greeting, though the intentions behind saying her full name were obvious. "Never heard of them either." the woman took her hand and shook it, though they both seemed to have this ego thing going on between them, at least that's how Eira felt about it. "I know this is a bit forward, but if you wouldn't mind, do you think you could help me out a bit? Frankly, I suck." Eira was being honest about it. There was no point in beating around the bush. From there on, the two had a conversation about whether or not training would actually happen between them. There were a few moments that Eira figured that it was a lost cause, but in the end it turned out not to be and ever since then she's had a friend, her second while in the Sugiura Realm.


The next day: SHOPPING SPREE!!! Eira had not gone shopping with anyone for such a long time, she actually was quite excited about it! The two met in one of the upper class shopping districts of the capital and Eira immediately began dragging Aoko off to a clothing store! It was obvious that Eira really was excited about today and every cute outfit she found, she began tossing them in front of Aoko to see if they looked good. One's she didn't like, she tossed away. The others she did like, she held onto and shoved her in the dressing room so Aoko could try them on. Aoko informed her that a lot of them weren't her style, so Eira shoved it off. "Don't worry, that's fine. Pick out some you like! Also, how come you wanted to go shopping so badly? Remember, I am paying for everything too! Don't you dare pull out your wallet. Today, you shall be the pampered princess." Eira told her through the dressing room door while also looking at a few clothes on a near by rack. "Ah, that's fine with me. Just make sure to splurge a lot, not a little. I have money to spare, so why not on a new friend?" While Aoko was in the dressing room, Eira's eye was caught by something that she knew Aoko wouldn't like, but she'd force her to try it on anyway. She picked up a sexy lingerie bunny suit and tossed it into the room. "That one you have to try on no matter what. Just to see how it would look and if you like it. Any man or woman would melt seeing their lover in that." Eira stood by the dressing room waiting for Aoko to give her a peek at how it looked on her, but Aoko's next statement wasn't something she knew how reply to. "I don't really... have anyone like that so there's no need for me to try it on, heheh." She stayed silent for a moment, wondering if that was something that bothered Aoko, but then spoke up with a smile. "Don't worry about that... It's not like I have anyone either, but it is nice to look in the mirror and feel sexy. Even if you don't use it, it's just for fun. And who knows? You're a beautiful young woman, you'll likely find someone when you're ready."

Aoko kept denying, Eira kept pushing, and every time Eira glanced away Aoko tried to sneak passed her! "No, no! Come on! It's just for fun! You and me, no one else. Try it on!!" Eira goaded her back into the dressing room, trying to convince her to try on the damn bunny suit!! It took a while, but she finally gave in and when Eira was able to see the result she was awestruck with stars in her eyes. She ended up calling her adorable about 1000 times until Aoko hurried out of the costume and out of the store. Eira hurried and followed her apologizing while doing so, but stopped when something seemed to catch Aoko's eye. She watched her walk into another store and followed. By the time she got in there, Aoko was trying on a white fluffy jacket and Eira smiled. "It looks wonderful on you... You should get it." Eira said with a smile, wondering what Aoko also thought of the jacket. Aoko handed the jacket to Eira and told her to pay for it. The demand caused a bit of an eyebrow raise, but she did as she was asked. This was the woman that was going to be teaching her things. She had also just forced her into an erotic bunny suit. It was the least she could do. Eira went to pay for it, came back, and handed Aoko the jacket and receipt. "If anything happens to it there is a lifetime warranty. They'll either fix it up for you or replace it completely, your choice." she told her, noticing the embarrassment that Aoko felt. "I won't do that again, but you did look cute in it, so I regret nothing. Where shall we go next?" Aoko decided it was time to end the day, but suggested that Eira buy dinner for her to make up for the embarrassment of trying on that outfit. Understandable, though she still regrets nothing. The two decided to get their grocery shopping done first and absolutely splurged! Anything Aoko even glanced at in a way that showed she liked it, Eira had tossed into the cart. She got everything she wanted, needed, and more. And of course they had them delivered to her place, damn. Eira wouldn't have minded knowing where Aoko lived, oh well. Now that it was time for dinner, Aoko chose the most expensive Sea Food restaurant in the city. Eira had no problem with it, but she did notice she had probably spent about 3/4's of what she had brought with her.

As the two were seated at their table it was extremely awkward. They stayed silent. Eira assumed that Aoko was still mad at her, so it was hard for her to come up with anything to say. Aoko's constant silence wasn't helping either. It only made Eira feel like she was madder than originally thought. After some time waiting for the waiter to come, Eira was going to attempt conversation when some sort of thick red 'drink' was poured all over the back of her cape and down her arms. She instantly stood up to dodge any extra incoming liquid and saw that a young man had acted clumsily and fell. "Damn it to hell! Do you have any idea how much this costs?!" she said as another waitress took a wet cloth and helped wipe her arms down. They took off the cape and Eira set it down on the chair as the others attempted to clean it off, but it was obviously stained. "Forget about it... There's nothing you can do. It's not coming out of that fabric!" Eira said as she sat down and was repeatedly apologized to. "God damn it... I wear that thing all the time... Now it's ruined!" Thankfully, Aoko decided to break the ice with a serious comment and a straight face, "If worse comes to worst, you could just wear that thing you made me try on." Eira blinked a few times, looked at her and the two of them suddenly burst into laughter. It took a while for them to stop and when they did, Eira had to actually wipe a tear from her eye. "Nah, I think I'll keep that for the man who has the guts to pick me up." Eira giggled a bit and leaned back in her chair. From then on the two of them were able to hold decent conversation. In fact, Eira felt a little closer to Aoko once dinner was done. When finished, Aoko told her to meet where they met to start her training. The next day, Eira did exactly as she was told. Aoko had even dropped a little hint before they separated for the night to 'wear clothes that weren't so damn flashy'. Eira had to really search, but she was able to find a pair of loose fitting pants and a baggy t-shirt to wear. It wasn't flattering at all, but she learned it was worth it.

The two began their training and for two weeks and it was obvious that Aoko was not used to teaching someone. At that, Aoko failed to mention a certain ability she had, called Unlimited Rotation, that allowed her to cast so much faster. It began driving Eira insane and she wasn't exactly being calm about it. She apparently irritated Aoko as well because out of no where Aoko went "Fuck this" her hair turned red. She began activating a spell that Eira did not know of. A single instant later, Eira fell to her knees with one hell of a head rush and blinked a few times. Something about her felt different. She knew things, knew that she could do things, and was a hell of a lot more advanced than she was just a moment ago. "What... the hell... was that..?" Aoko replied, "That... was my specialty. It's called Magic Blue, and... well, your mind is basically that of you with fifty more years of experience. It's literally 'time' added onto your current 'time,' giving your mind that experience you'd gain in 50 years." Eira told her she didn't get it, but she'd roll with it. She liked the feeling that it gave her. She felt a lot more knowledgeable and stronger. It was nice. "It's a little hard to explain to newcomers, so I don't expect you to understand. But you should know how to use that Starmine spell I was teaching you. It has been 50 years in your mind, after all." New comers? Eira had no idea what that meant, but she ended up pushing the comment off. She assumed it meant to magic, which she wouldn't be shocked if that's what Aoko meant. She wasn't very good, at least before. In fact, she knew of a certain spell that Aoko apparently would have taught her in the future, Starmine. The day after, Eira returned to where they met thinking that Aoko was going to be there, but she wasn't. She returned the next day, same thing. Aoko never came back. Eira had once again lost a friend. She had never told Eira where she lived, so there was no way that she knew of to track her down. And once again, Eira returned to her roaming around when she got the chances to, hoping that one person would just stick around for a while!

R.E.M.M. Arc: Where is it? Where is it? Where is it?! Eira was freaking out more than she ever had before. She entered her room and everything was tossed everywhere. Her bed was messed up, her dresser on it's side, clothes tossed around, and the gem was gone! Her window was wide open, so she ran over to look around to see if she could see anything, but she could not. It was raining and coming down quite hard. Eira began to pace around, thinking of what she could do, when something caught her eye. A knife was lying on the floor and it was not hers. She picked it up, examined it, and noticed a crest that she had not seen before. There was only one person she felt she could go to about this, her sister Misaiko. Eira made her way there to talk to the current Queen of the Sugiura Realm and explained exactly what had happened. She showed Misaiko the knife in hopes of her recognizing the crest. Misaiko decided to bring in two people that she felt would be able to handle the job and get the gem back for Eira, but when they arrived Eira was instantly suspicious as to whether they would be able to handle the job. She asked Misaiko if she was sure and Eira was reassured. The two, Ries and Minato, were given the knife to look at and began speaking about some guy that was apparently into music. Eira stood back with a dull expression and listened to them. Ries looked down to the knife, “Minato, isn't that the mark of that composer... you know, the one with 'dan-da-da-da dun-da' on the piano?” Minato replied with a random name, but it wasn't the one Ries was thinking of, “No, that's "dan-dan-da-da dan-dun'." The conversation between the two went on like that for a while and ended with them actually forgetting about the knife and agreeing on going to a concert.

“You.. can't be serious...” Eira thought as she slowly turned to look at Misaiko with a look of irritation and a twitching left eye. Her eyes motioned towards the two, pretty much begging Misaiko to do something about what was going on. Ries must have seen the look on Eira's face because she confirmed why they were speaking about the concert. “Oh yeah... that's Lucian's mark. He has it on all of his pianos. We decided that's who we're going to see in concert.” Eira nodded and told them that she really hoped they'd bring the gym back as soon as possible. It was way too important for her to just lose. “Shouldn't be too hard... Maybe we'll get backstage passes for the concert.” Ries told her and Eira nodded in reply, leaving it up to the both of them. It took a day and a half of worry and stress, but Eira was informed that they had returned. She rushed to see if they had the gem and they had succeeded in getting it back for her. She looked to them both, seeing no injuries, but was extremely grateful for what they had done, so she offered payment. Minato was going to ask for something, but was cut off by Ries who asked for front row concert tickets to a show of their choosing. “Deal.” Eira smiled sweetly to them as she tucked the gem away somewhere safe. Eira made sure to honor their agreement and sent them off to the concert they chose with the tickets they wanted. Nothing could express the gratitude she felt when the gem was returned to her. She'd never lose it again.

60 Year Journey With The Living: The year is 2040 and Eira was becoming quite sick of it all. She didn't exactly have anything to do and at this point in her life she wasn't wanting to take up any 'important' positions within the Sugiura Hierarchy, so that was making things a little complicated. Out of nowhere, she decided that she was leaving. She told her sister Misaiko that she just wanted to get away from it all and did the same with her Mother Shimura. There was no point in trying to talk her out of it, her mind was made up, and they knew that. So, Eira up and left the Sugiura realm and headed to the World Of The Living. For the next few years, she stuck around for really no reason at all. At this point, she didn't really have a good reason to stick around anywhere. Frankly, her entire journey to the World Of The Living was quite boring and uneventful, at least until she had her little accident. Eira had wandered off towards a beach she didn't know the name of. Never before had she seen such a large amount of water, having never been to the 'beach' of the Sugiura realm. The people of the World Of The Living were right about it's beauty; she loved being there. She found her way onto this cliff to enjoy the breeze as the sun went down. It was truly relaxing and a wonderful sight to behold. Unfortunately for Eira, she had not seen a knocked down sign that stated that the cliff was unsafe. Out of no where, the ground crumbled beneath her and before she could react in time she fell. She screamed at the top of her lungs, watching the water come closer and closer until finally she hit. She cut her right arm and back on a few sharp rocks, but luckily missed all fatal impacts. She attempted to swim to the surface, but when she looked up a second batch of falling rock hit and began falling towards her. These rocks were much larger that the one's she had fallen with and she was not exactly the best swimmer since she hadn't done it very often.

In a panic, Eira raised her hands towards the falling debris and tried using her energy to repel it, but she had no way of doing so. The rocks were to heavy and began pushing her deeper and deeper. She already felt like she was running out of air and tried harder, but she was just wasting energy. Sinking deeper into water, she felt her back hit the floor of the ocean, the pressure of the water pushing down on her and making it hard to move. At the same time, all the rocks that were falling towards her continued falling. In fear of the death that was sure to come, right before she would be crushed, Eira instinctively exerted almost every ounce of her energy from her body, pushing the water around her away. As if acting defensively, the energy hardened around her, creating a globe of sorts. The rocks hit it, but it did not budge. Out of breath, Eira laid there trying to catch her breath. After some time, she felt herself becoming tired and soon ended up closing her eyes. The next time she opened them, the globe was rolling along. The rocks had some how come loose and pushed her out from under them. Eira screamed as she was being pushed and pulled along. Trying to gain some foot hold, she unintentionally broke dispelled the globe and was suddenly pushed along through water. The current luckily brought her to the surface, only to make her realize that she was far off from shore and being carried farther. Screaming out for help, luck shined it's light on her and a young man on a boat found her and pulled her from the waves. He quickly took her to shore and called the hospital to come pick her up. She was taken off in an ambulance and once she arrived at the hospital she heard someone mention the date. She freaked out when she realized that it was exactly sixty years later. Needless to say, Eira made her way back to the Sugiura realm to see her family the moment she got the chance to do so...

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Natural  Abilities

Techinques: In Eira's case, because of how many guardian beasts she has contracted, she can only use a single spell, technique, or move from each of them. Many of these are copied and pasted from the GB's, except minor details.

Ahri's Charm: This is the ability she gets from Ahri. It allows her to temporarily possess some sort of item and have it work for her. Once this object is charmed, it moves on it's own to obey the command it has been given upon being charmed. As an example, Eira sends out a stream of blue energy towards a sword and gives it the command to defend her blind spot. For a short amount of time, the sword will act on it's own will to constantly watch her back from incoming attacks that she may or may not see. Of course this is not only used in combat, though that was why it was created. Because of her little 'Queen Concept', Eira has been known to use this ability to do every day jobs, such as brushing her hair, washing her back in the shower, or even picking her clothes out of the closet. If no one is around to do as she asks, she'll tell something else to do it. Though this can be classified under Magic, it is a technique that was created because of her Sacred. It can't be taught to anyone. She is the only one that has the ability to do it.

Anivia's Crystallize: Eira will instantaneously summon a large wall of ice in a spot of her choosing. The wall of ice is about twelve inches thick and durable enough to take on level 80 Kidō and above. The problem comes when the wall falls after a single energy spell has hit it, or after three physical attacks have hit it. It's a good way to block an attack as fast as you can, but it does not hold up long enough for continuous attacks.

Ashe's Hawkshot: This is a modifies arrow that is shot off in a glow of ice, shaped like a small hawk. Where ever this is fires, the entire area that it is shot through creates a 'map' of sorts in Ashe's mind. This allows her to learn exactly what is in an area and have a pretty clear idea of it's lay out. She can also use it to prevent enemies from sneaking up on her. She only shoots off one at a time and that one will go through physical objects and stops once it has hit three hundred feet. She can use up to ten of these in a single thread and there is no cool down in between.

Nidalee Spears: Eira summons spears very similar to Nidalee's, though they are much lighter and less damaging. The way they work is the farther they go, the more damage they do upon impact. For every ten feet, the damage is increased by 10%. When someone is hit by one of these spears, it is seriously like getting hit by a car or something heavier depending on the damage behind the throw. She can summon two within a single post and does not exactly have a limit on how many she can summon. They're created out of her energy, not a forged weapon.

Soraka's Astral Blessing: This is a healing spell that allows Eira to heal even the most horrible of injuries. The only thing her healing does not have the ability to do is restore lost limbs or organs. It can heal damaged ones and damaged bones, along with the obvious simple stuff like healing gashes, bruises, or lacerations. She can heal up to three times in a single thread, though if the  injuries are more severe it's only one time.

Wukong's Decoy: This is an evasive technique that gives Eira the ability to move away as quickly as possible. She chose this spell to use from him because she's not exactly a fighter and prefers the chance to get the hell out of the way if someone is heading towards her. She instantly creates a clone of herself that will preform a maximum of three actions after creation, this including expressions, speech, and physical actions. The real Eira will turn invisible for two seconds, allowing a quick escape or a good counter attack. This can be done once every three posts.


Starmine: (スターマイン) Taught to her by Aoko, Starmine is a basic artillery spell. Using multiple rotation-type magical circles beneath her, Eira kneels down and focuses energy through her arm. One circle about 5 feet in diameter appears around her elbow, a 3-foot one appears around her shoulder and upper torso, two 2.5-foot ones appear in front of her hands, one 2.4-foot one appears behind her, and a 2-foot one appears behind that one. In front of her, three more larger circles (10 feet, 5.5 feet, and 7 feet respectively) appear. These all follow a line (2, 2.4, 3, 5, 2.5, 2.5, 10, 5.5, 7) and it is aimed where ever Eira wants to aim the spell. Before firing, the circles condense into one tightly-packed location. When it fires, a beam of blue energy about two feet wide fires from the middle of the circle and goes to another circle far ahead or above Eira. This other circle in Starmine has four "prongs" extended from the sides. When the beam makes contact with this circle, the beam's power is amplified, and the beam can be redirected. The main drawback is that Eira has to stay in one place. It's not something she can just fire willy-nilly. If she does, she'll be blown through multiple buildings. That's what that circle at her feet is for. It diverts the recoil back upwards creating a massive updraft that can lift cars. It also takes a hell of a lot of energy for Eira to use, and she can only use it four times per thread with a eight post recharge period. Example Of Attack(0:00-0:32)

Static Shock: (静電気ショック) Concentrating energy into both of her arms, Eira's arms being to surge with electrical energy. She then aims the palms of her hands towards a target and fires this energy off. The energy creates a static or electric-like attack that sends a strong zap through a target, burning their skin and likely causing their hairs to stand on end. This isn't a highly damaging spell, mainly used to momentarily stun a person or get a point across. Eira can also choose not to fire it off and just grab onto a person and send the shock through them in that manner. This can be done once per post.

Sanctuary: (サンクチュアリ) By rapidly exerting a massive amount of energy, Eira takes .3 seconds to surround herself with a sphere of energy that is absolutely impenetrable. It is unaffected by pressure or anything of the like and it cannot be moved. While inside, Eira is unable to interact with the world outside, while the outside world is unable to interact with her. The only type of 'interaction' is the ability to see. The globe around her is semi-transparent, like looking through slightly foggy glass.  The entire globe is exactly ten feet in diameter, giving Eira a small amount of room to walk around this small area. The globe has the ability to last for years to come. Once it's created, the energy solidifies and just stays there. It isn't used up or drained once solid, so it needs to extra energy to maintain it. Whatever is on the inside of this globe is completely preserved, almost as if time has stopped for them. If in it for more than fifteen minutes, the person inside will fall into what can be compared to a coma. They will stay this way until the globe is disturbed in some way; such as moving it, knocking on it, or something like that. This can only be done once per thread. After this spell is used, there is a 2 thread cool down before she can use it again.

Sacred Weapon: The belt around her waist in her appearance picture. Has a total of twenty charms, ten with a ruby-like gem, ten with an emerald like gem. Each represent a type of power in her releases.

Other Weapons: None

Guardian Beast

Origin: Guardian Angel

Guardian Beast: Ahri
Summoning Chant: Hey Ahri, let's have some real fun...
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left! She's 5'9".
Guardian Beast Personality: Ahri is a seductive young woman that has no problem flirting with Eira or really anyone she's near. She's a tough woman with the abilities to back up what she says. She's quick on her feet and a formidable opponent. She's as fiery as the element she uses in battle and just as hot to. She knows she's beautiful and doesn't mind showing it off, hence the revealing outfit. The only thing that really gets on her nerves is if someone insults her looks in anyway. The words ugly, hideous, fat, chubby, or anything of the sort are pretty much taboo around her. As long as you don't insult her in those manners, she's actually a nice woman and fun to talk to, hence her close friendship with Eira.
Guardian Beast Ahri Abilities: Ahri's element of control is fire. Her fire is a vibrant blue color and exceeds the temperatures of normal fire by over 700 degrees. Ahri always summons an orb of fire in the palm of her hand and uses it for most of her attacks. Though it can be controlled through both physical and mental commands, she does have a technique that she uses often.
Orb Of Deception: This being her orb technique, hence the name, Ahri tosses the orb of fire towards an opponent in hopes to actually miss them. This is because after the orb reaches up to one hundred feet, it changes it's course and slingshots back towards Ahri at five times it's original speed. Ahri will line herself up so that the orb of fire will slam against her opponents body and do a massive amount of damage. If the orb hits them going towards, it does regular fire damage, burning whatever it touches, but if it hits them on the way back, the orb explodes on impact with enough force to severely dent a steel wall. This can be done once a post.
Fox-Fire: Ahri summons five small flames around her body and that shoot off towards a target the moment she comes within fifteen feet of their body. Ahri can choose to shoot off all five at once or one at a time. For each flame that hits the target, the damage is increased by 15%. Once this is done, there is a two post cool down.
Charm: This is Ahri's one non-fire based spell. It allows her to temporarily possess some any sort of item and have it work for her. Once this object is charmed, it moves on it's own to obey the command it has been given upon being charmed. As an example, Ahri sends out a stream of blue energy towards a sword and gives it the command to defend her blind spot. For a short amount of time, the sword will act on it's own will to constantly watch her back from incoming attacks that she may or may not see.
Spirit Rush: Spirit rush is Ahri's ultimate attack. She infuses herself with a massive amount of energy and then darts around the battlefield at such high speeds that it seems like she is instantaneously teleporting from one spot to another. Each time she reappears, she sends of a large wave off fire that is larger than her own body towards a target. The distance she can travel between each 'rush' is a maximum of fifty feet. She can keep this up for a total of 20. After the 20 is done, there is a five post cool down that prevents her from using it again.

Guardian Beast: Alistar
Summoning Chant: They've messed with the bull! Give them the horns, Alistar!
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left my friend. He's 10'1".
Guardian Beast Personality: Alistar is an extremely strong Minotaur in both body and mind. He doesn't allow anything to stand in his way and will violently barrel through whatever tries. He's a loud and demanding person, filled with rage that is unmatched by most. The madder he gets the more powerful he becomes. Yes, he's the animal version of the hulk! Even through his anger, Alistar is actually quite caring and protective of Eira. He does his best to make sure that she's safe, since apparently she's the only person who ever treated him kindly. Alistar has got scars all over his body from being whipped and beaten by those who he has come across in the past.
Guardian Beast Alistar Abilities: Alistar is what one would call a supportive tank. He's there to take the damage for his allies while making sure they're safe. He's a very durable, tough, and strong Minotaur who uses this to protect. Alistar's moves are all very basic, but also very strong. His first is called 'trample'. With this move he charges at the opponent and slams his body into a target with enough force to absolutely shatter someone's rib cage. His second move his pulverize and with this he slams his fist into the ground or on a person with enough force to shake and crack the earth beneath them. This third move is headbutt and this move allows him to slam his head or horns against or into a person, either impaling them or striking them with his skull with enough strength to shatter a rib cage.

Guardian Beast: Anivia, The Cryophoenix
Summoning Chant: Anivia, let your winter wind guide us all!
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance To The Left! Wing Span: 12ft, Height, 7ft.
Guardian Beast Personality: Anivia is a mature and wise guardian beast who chooses to help Eira by guiding her along a good path. If there was anyone that Eira would ask advice from, Anivia would be that person. Anivia is quite an old guardian beast, her age in the thousands, though she refuses to tell Eira her exact age. Anivia is more of a pacifist than anything. She doesn't like violence and prefers a more diplomatic way of dealing with hostile situations. Even though she doesn't like it, that doesn't mean she won't kick someone's ass if the time comes. She's very protective over the people she cares for and will gladly give her life for Eira.
Guardian Beast Anivia Abilities:
Rebirth: This is a passive Ability for Anivia. If she has taken a lethal blow in battle and is going to 'die', moments after this supposed death, an egg made of ice forms. As long as the egg is not destroyed, sometime within the next three days, Anivia will be reborn. It will be as if she never 'died' in the first place.
Frost Ball: This is a ball of ice that is shot forward up to fifty feet, exploding on impact and releasing one hundred small shards of ice in the explosion. These shards of ice shoot out and pierce anything withing a fifteen foot range of the area of impact. She can preform this up to three times in a single post.
Crystallize: Anivia will instantaneously summon a large wall of ice in a spot of her choosing. The wall of ice is about twelve inches thick and durable enough to take on level 80 Kidō and above. The problem comes when the wall falls after a single energy spell has hit it, or after three physical attacks have hit it. It's a good way to block an attack as fast as you can, but it does not hold up long enough for continuous attacks.
Frostbite: Anivia fires a shard of ice towards a target in an attempt to make contact. Upon making contact, it does not pierce their body. Instead, the ice hits them and instantly spreads along their body, freezing it for up to three posts. She can shoot one of these out per post.

Guardian Beast: Ashe
Summoning Chant: Strike Quickly!
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left! She's 5'5”
Guardian Beast Personality: Ashe is a good woman with a sense of justice that will not fall. She has a lot of confidence in her skill with a bow, which is well deserved because very rarely does she miss. She's very loyal and determined, willing to put her life down on the line for someone or something that she believes in. Ashe is a kind person above all, but does have a tendency to be prideful and rude at times. She is a 'princess' among the people that she grew up around, so she has her own little ego concept that can be compared to Eira's. Of course Ashe is not as bad as Eira, depending on the subject. Ashe is one of those people who thinks she is the best and can prove it, but also is quite prideful about where she comes from. Her and Eira's relationship is surprisingly not too bad, especially since every now and then the two do argue.
Guardian Beast Ashe Abilities: Ashe is beyond the skill of a master archer. She uses a bow made of ice; the cold obviously does not effect her very much. The arrows she summons are made out of her own energy and are condensed into ice arrows as well. These ice arrows act as normal arrows except the fact that they're cold on touch. Ashe has the ability to shoot up to three consecutive arrows in one second.
Focus: This is an ability that allows Ashe to 'zoom in' on a target. She uses this to aim her bow correctly and has mastered it to the point that if she uses it at closer ranges, she can aim direction for fatal or highly damaging spots. Focus also allows her to watch the movements of a persons muscles, allowing her to slightly predict where they are going to move next. This effect last for two posts, and has a two post cool down.
Frost Shot: This ability allows an icy effect to hit whatever the arrow impacts with. She can choose to shoot her normal arrows or add the Frost Shot effect. If a person is hit with a Frost Shot arrow, that part of their body will be frozen over for three seconds and then the ice breaks. She can only shoot two Frost Shot arrows in a single post.
Volley: Ashe shoots out a volley of seven arrows in a cone shape. Each arrow automatically has the Frost Shot effect attached to them. An opponent can be hit by multiple of these arrows, but only one Frost shot effect will be activated on them. She can shoot out one volley per post.
Hawshot: This is a modifies arrow that is shot off in a glow of ice, shaped like a small hawk. Where ever this is fires, the entire area that it is shot through creates a 'map' of sorts in Ashe's mind. This allows her to learn exactly what is in an area and have a pretty clear idea of it's lay out. She can also use it to prevent enemies from sneaking up on her. She only shoots off one at a time and that one will go through physical objects and stops once it has hit three hundred feet. She can use up to ten of these in a single thread and there is no cool down in between.
Giant Ice Arrow: Ashe shoots off one large massive arrow that keeps traveling until it hits something solid. Upon impact, the arrow completely encases the impacted target with ice for three seconds, not allowing them to move at all. Also on impact, the arrow shoots out shards of ice to any targets within twenty feet of the impacted target. Those who are hit will be subject to the Frost Shot effect. Ashe can fire one of these arrows every three posts.

Guardian Beast: Nidalee
Summoning Chant: Show these house cats real claws, Nidalee!
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left! She's 5'6".
Guardian Beast Personality: Nidalee is a wild woman! Acting on instinct and instinct alone, Nidalee has not ever really trained to fight. Being a survivor, she moves with the wilderness. When she fights it's like a hunter taking down her pray. She feels no remource towards those she is taking out. If you stand in her way, she will fight you. Whether with her claw or with her spear, the end of the battle will still end with her doing her best to tear her opponent into shreds.
Guardian Beast Nidalee Abilities: Nidalee has two forms. In her regular form she looks human and in her second form, also called her “Cougar” form, she looks like a wild beast. Each of these forms have their own abilities, though her Cougar form is the most dangerous. In either form, Nidalee is extremely capable. She's fast and she's got enough physical strength to take down a charging bull with one hand. Nidalee has the ability to transform in and out of her Cougar form twice per post (in > out) or (out > in).
Humanoid Form: In her humanoid form, Nidalee summons extremely heavy spears that only she seems to have the strength to carry. The way they work is the farther they go, the more damage they do upon impact. For every ten feet, the damage is increased by 10%. When someone is hit by one of these spears, it is seriously like getting hit by a car or something heavier depending on the damage behind the throw. She can summon two within a single post and does not exactly have a limit on how many she can summon. They're created out of her energy, not a forged weapon.
Cougar Form: In her Cougar form, Nidalee is that of a wild animal. She claws at, pounces, jumps on, bites, scratches, and anything else you can think of a large cat-like animal doing to it's prey. Her strength and speed in her Cougar form is doubled, allowing her to take something down quickly.

Guardian Beast: Soraka
Summoning Chant: Lend me your aid, Soraka.
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left! She's 5'5”
Guardian Beast Personality: Soraka is a wonderful young woman who prefers things to be peaceful, though she feels she can never find peace. She holds animals and other non-humanoid creatures close to her heart. This does not mean she thinks less of those who are humanoid, she merely feels closer to animals and other creatures alike. Soraka is very kind and gentle, hating the idea of going into battle. She used to hate the idea of contracting with a Sugiura, but upon meeting Eira and seeing how she treats her Guardian Beasts like friends, she chose to contract with her. Though they aren't the closest because Soraka is still wary of Eira to a certain point, she has promised to keep up her end of the contract.
Guardian Beast Soraka Abilities: Soraka seems to be some sort of celestial Guardian Beast. All of her abilities are based off of the sky, heavens, stars, and things along those lines. She's also more 'supportive' than she would be an attacker. Soraka has the ability to heal, restore energy, increase her allies defenses, or decrease her enemy defensive.
Starcall: Summoning small stars above every target within a fifty foot range, Soraka has the 'stars' fall onto their heads. This does absolutely no damage at all, but will cause the next energy based attack that hits this person to do 20% more damage. This effect stacks up to five times, maximum amount of bonus damage being doubled. This can be used three times per post and the effect lasts for a total of three posts. Once five stacks is on one target, there is a cool down of two posts, but this happens if and only if all five stacks are on a person.
Astral Blessing: This is a healing spell that allows Soraka to heal even the most horrible of injuries. The only thing her healing does not have the ability to do is restore lost limbs or organs. It can heal damaged ones and damaged bones, along with the obvious simple stuff like healing gashes, bruises, or lacerations. She can heal up to five times in a single thread, though if the  injuries are more severe it's only three times.
Infuse: This is a spell that allows Soraka to restore 10% of lost energy to a person over time. She does this by transferring 5% of her own energy into them, while at the same time increasing the restoration rate for their own by 100%, allowing for a full 10% to be restored every post it's being cast. She can hold up a spell for a total of five posts, or preform the spell once per post up to ten times per thread.

Guardian Beast: Volibear
Summoning Chant: I call for the Thunder, and so it shall be!
Guardian Beast Appearance: Glance to the left! He's 8'ft tall.
Guardian Beast Personality: Volibear is a lovable teddy only if you're on his good side! He's very honor bound and sticks to strict code of right and wrong, bringing a brutal justice to those he feels have wronged him or the innocent. At the same time, Volibear is an 'old-man'. He acts grumpy at times, and seems to give off a 'get off my lawn you meddling kids' attitude. He has a habit of making puns about himself being a bear, so there is also a fun sense of humor under that intimidating appearance of his. In battle, he's quite vicious, knowing his goal and only his goal. Though they're not what you could call 'best of friends', his way of honoring his contract with Eira over the years have created a sense of high trust and care between the two of them that is unable to be outmatched by any of the other Guardian Beasts she has.
Guardian Beast Volibear Abilities: He's a bear! And his element is lightning! Volibear wears the armor you see in his pictures to protect the more vital parts of his body. His armor is practically unbreakable and would need to be worn down a massive amount before it even cracked. Volibears strength is extreme, unmatched by many who face him, though he can't exactly beat Alistar on that one.
Rolling Thunder: Volibear surges with his lightning, charging forward on all fours with his lead lowered. He rams into enemies or whatever object gets in his way. The lightning infused with his body and armor cause one hell of a kick when he slams into someone. Most are either electrocuted, stunned, or thrown back by the power of it. He can do this really as much as he wants, but can only hold a charge for up to one hundred feet.
Thunder Claws: Infused with extra amounts of lightning and then condensed into his paws, Volibears punches, scratches, grabs, whatever you can think of him doing with his hands, are enhanced. Upon impact the lightning shoots through the object that he has made contact with, either stunning, electrocuting, or the power knocks them back.

Guardian Beast: Wukong
Summoning Chant:
Guardian Beast Appearance: 6'1”
Guardian Beast Personality: Off the battlefield, Wukong is a little bit of a trickster who likes to have some fun. He is quite powerful and he knows it, so he really enjoys testing his limits against new opponents. Even though he likes testing his power, he despises it when someone questions his ability. When those do, they will be challenged to a duel of sorts and he was fight to prove he is at the top! He isn't a person that settles for second. On the battlefield, Wukong is very strategic. He always thinks carefully and calculated. Beyond that he is a skilled fighter that Eira has come to trust as nothing more than her guard. When he's summoned, he stays by her side and protects her quite well. The two of them, like Eira and Volibear, have a trust between them that is considered very, very strong, and they do consider each other friends.
Guardian Beast Wukong Abilities: Wukong has enough strength to control everything stated below without any problems at all. The armor he possess is quite durable, able to withstand both energy and physical based attacks, though is more protected against energy based. Wukong's element is the wind, hence Nimbus and his Cyclone attack.
Wukong's Staff: Wukong always has his weapon by his side. The staff is originally seven feet long but it has the ability to grow to extremely long lengths at will. The maximum amount it's about to grow is fifty feet. The staff is an extremely strong, blunt weapon that only Wukong is able to hold.
Nimbus: Nimbus is a cloud of energy that Wukong can control. He uses this cloud to fly at overwhelmingly high speeds. Since his body is mainly muscle, he is able to take one hell of a hit, but he is not quite able to keep up with the speeds that so many others can accomplish. This is why he has nimbus. This cloud can move him up to speeds that rival the speeds of experienced Captains or other powerful beings.
Nimbus Strike: Nimbus strike is a sudden dash towards an opponent at a very high speed, while also striking them in some manner with his staff. The speed of the movement can be compared to the Shinigami Shunpo and is sort of considered a gap closer. Once within the opponents range, nimbus vanishes until it's needed again. This can be done twice per post.
Decoy: This is an evasive technique that gives Wukong the ability to move away. He instantly creates a clone of himself that will preform a maximum of three actions after creation, this including expressions, speech, and physical actions. The real Wukong will turn invisible for two seconds, allowing a quick escape or a good counter attack. This can be done once every two posts.
Cyclone: Wukong's body shoots out a burst of energy that seems like an extremely strong gust of wind. This wind then beings to circle him in the manner of a tornado. He then extends his Staff to whatever length he wishes, begins spinning himself along with the wind and moving through the battlefield as a cyclone. Though he doesn't move along the battlefield very quickly, like a tornado, the wind attempts to suck people in. Once they're sucked in, they will be struck in some manner by his staff as many times as it takes to either expel them from the tornado, until they're able to escape, or until something is able to stop him from continuing the cyclone. The strength of the tornado depends on the amount of time it takes him to start it up. He can start one up immediately, but it'll be on the weaker side. The longer time he has to charge, the better. Once a tornado has ended, there is a three post cool down.

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Joushou Appearance: Eira has the ability to turn on and off what she has come to call a 'screen' of sorts that is made purely out of her energy. She is the only one that knows how to read it properly, given that to others it just looks like a lot of glittery dust particles floating in front of their face.
Joushou: Upon the activation of her Joushou, Eira becomes a “Guide” of sorts. Ninety percent of her energy is spread around a ten mile radius at such a rapid speed that it has the ability to knock even the most powerful fighters off of their feet. This power of hers, when it's being spread like that, is not supposed to do damage to people. It's very similar to a extremely powerful wind, but is being shot out in all directions for ten miles and then stops. Because her energy is everywhere, it make it extremely difficult to locate Eira because she is literally sensed in every single direction within this ten mile radius. On activation, Eira will be located at the very center, but she does have the ability to move to make sure her location is not so obvious. When she moves, the energy already spread does not move with her. It sticks around in that same ten mile radius from her activation location.

Note: Too keep track of how much energy she is using, Eira's Sacred will be working off of an energy point system. Currently, her energy number is:: 2000 (90% of 2223) For every loss of 200 energy, Eira loses one mile of coverage.


The second effect of Eira's Joushou is that fact that it allows her to have a 'satellite' like vision of everything within it. From trees, to buildings, to animals, to people, Eira has the ability to see it all and keep track over every move that they make. The way this is done is by constantly have her energy moving through the area at a slow pace. It's constantly hitting off of things, reading their current locations and status, so she's automatically updated. Of course, she can't see everything at once. It's like staring at a TV, you have to change the channel to get a different show. Eira will have to lock on a certain signal or signature to concentrate on a certain area or person. Each time she switches back and forth between people, she spends 2 energy. She can have a maximum of three screens up, each screen costing an extra 100 energy upon summoning.

The third effect of Eira's Joushou is that she can use the energy spread around to send information to any person or people that she pleases. This allows her to help those in the battlefield, her allies, to have the heads up on people trying to sneak up on them. It also allows her to give warning for incoming attacks, etc...  It's like talking on the phone. She can concentrate on a certain signal from someone and then speak to them mentally, using her already spread out energy to do so. She can do this to a large amount of people, taking 1 extra second to connect to each. If she feels the need to she can also connect two to five people on the battlefield with each other. Each time she sends a single message, the cost is 5 energy. For each round a connection is going on, the energy cost is 5 for each person connected.


Zenou Appearance: N/A; See Joushou
Zenou Abilities: With the activation of her Zenou, Eira isn't just sitting back and relaying information. Instead, she actually becomes what she calls a “Guardian” with her Zenou. Using the already spread out energy from the activation of her Joushou, Eira is able to actually cast different types of spells around the battlefield. With her Zenou, though, Eira is only able to cast two types, both defensive.

The first type is a barrier type. By rapidly condensing her energy in an area within the ten mile radius of the activation point, Eira can actually solidify her energy to create barriers and prevent her allies from being injured, snuck up on, or any other similar situation  you can think of. These barriers vary from size and shape, some being a mere circle in a sheet of energy, while others may be a sphere, completely surrounding an ally from an attack. (Energy Cost For; Sheet: 50, Sphere: 75... Double in size: 100 and 150) Changing sizes does not effect the casting time.

The second type of spell is a concealing spell. She has the ability to use her energy around a person to conceal them in different ways. The first way is just concealing their energy by using her energy to suppress theirs. The energy cost is 50 per concealed person. The second way is actually making them invisible to the naked eye, the energy cost being 50 per concealed person. If she chooses to, she can do these at the same time on a person, doubling the energy cost to 100 per person.

Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Appearance: N/A; See Joushou
Mystic Eyes: Me Rinku : (眼リンク) Ocular Link is Eira's Mystic Eye ability. It allows a few things based on sharing what she has seen or is seeing with other people. By concentrating on a person, she can link herself with them, allowing them to see what she is seeing. If it's a past memory, she looks them straight in the eye and sends the memory through a connection between them. Combining this with the use of her Sacred is a fantastic way to allow her allies to know exactly what's going on, especially if she is unable to describe it accurately. If she chooses to combine the abilities of her Mystic eye with her Sacred's abilities, the energy cost is 30 per person.

Kyuu Kyou Abilities: With the activation of her Kyuu Kyou, Eira becomes what she has come to call an "Overseer". The first thing that happens is that she is given the ability to watch all screens at once and no longer has to turn between them. This allows her to be able to help three different situations at once, instead of the possibility of helping one to miss something that happened on the other. The second thing that happens is that an extra 5% of her energy is sent out to 'replenish' parts of what may have been lost. So, this adds an extra 110 energy points to her current pool, allowing for either more coverage or extra spell casting. Beyond these, the activation of her Kyuu Kyou allows for one hell of a dominant control over her territory. With this, she is able to activate the green and red gems she has on her Sacred, the belt she always keeps around her waist. There are ten red and then green. These colors stand for the two powers given to her in her Kyuu Kyoul; Absorption(green) and Redirection(red).

Green Magic Circle:
The green Magic Circle above is the one that will be used to absorb an attack. It acts both like a barrier and a portal of sorts. The way it acts like a barrier is when it's summoned to protect someone. But while protecting, it acts like a portal because it will open up a space and seemingly 'absorb' the attack. It cannot 'absorb' people, but it can absorb any energy exerted while this person and that person's weapon are making contact with it. After the attack or energy is absorbed, it passes through it's own 'dimension' and can either be held there for a while, or it can be redirected through the Red Magic Circle. If Eira chooses to hold it there for a while, nothing really happens to it. She can't enhance it in anyway by herself. The only way this can be done is if she chooses to absorb another attack and then the energy collects together to create a large attack. She can stack up to ten attacks total before it must be redirected in some way. Also, this does also mean that Eira can be collecting energy from attacks, wait till she has what she feels she needs, and then use the Red Magic Circle to redirect all of that energy towards on target. It allows for one helluva finishing move and if her friends are up against a seriously dangerous enemy, she can aid them from the background with this.

Red Magic Circle:
The Red Magic Circle is one that will be used to redirect the attacks that have been absorbed the the Green. No matter what type of attack was absorbed, it is not the attack that is actually redirected. It is the energy that was used in that attack, absorbed, and then the energy is redirected in her own form of attack. There are also three different sizes of Magic Circle, allowing for larger range of attack.

The Sizes: [Energy Costs: Small(2), Medium(4), Large(6), Extra Large(10)]: Small is just eight foot in diameter, summons instantly, and can maybe protect two people (width), though it'll protect anything in that line behind it. Medium is fifteen foot in diameter, summons instantly, and can protect up to five people (width), and anything in that line. Large is thirty feet in diameter, summons after one second delay, and can protect up to fifteen people (width), and protects anything within the line behind it. Extra Large is fifty feet in diameter, summons after two second delay, can protect anything that fits behind it and in that line.

Type Of Attacks:

Rapid Fire: This attack merely redirects the energy is a flurry of basketball sized spheres, creating a machine gun effect. This is done by breaking up the absorbed energy and firing it off one at a time, but at a high enough rate that it seems continuous.n Upon missing targets, the balls impact other objects and cause small explosions through out the area. There can be up to two hundred spheres, twenty for each attack that may have been absorbed. Energy Cost: 2 per sphere.
Beam: This attack redirects the absorbed energy in a full beam, sending it straight towards the target at high speeds. Upon hitting the target, the beam will creating a burning effect on the skin, applying enough pressure that could tear through them or break bones. Upon missing the target and impact of other objects, the beam creates an explosion with the area, enough force to blast some people back. Energy Cost: 10 per beam
Disks: by separating and flattening the energy absorbed, the energy is then redirected towards a target in the shape of a thin and extremely sharp disk. Catching is stupid, it will cut through you like a knife through butter. It moves quickly, but is easy to dodge, doesn't last long, and doesn't come back. There can be up to 20 disks fired off, two for each attack that might have been absorbed. Energy Cast: 5 per disk.
Lazer: Similar to the beam effect, this attack is shot out with the same concept. The different is that this attack is a condensed and 'thin' version of the beam effect that actually moves at triple the speed and hits and triple the force. If someone is hit by this, it has the ability to pierce through their armor and body, creating a hole, and shooting out the other side just to do it to whatever comes along behind them. Don't try and block or shield, catching is retarded, dodge it. It's not like it can come back towards you anyway. Energy Cost: 20 per lazer.

Alter Form

Alter Appearance:

Alter Personality: In her Alter Form, Eira is pretty much the exact opposite of herself. Usually, Eira expects people to do things for her, listen to what she says, and pretty much demands respect from everyone who steps to her. While in her Alter, Eira is actually quite kind, respectful, and that 'Queen Concept' of hers vanishes. Instead, she's got a 'Servant Concept'. If she is told to do something, she'll do it as if it were a superior ordering her around. If someone speaks to her, she'll hold them in high regards, treating herself like she is lower than they are. Eira will no longer feel that it was people's jobs to listen to what she had to say, and instead will not speak until spoken to. Eira's Alter is also very cheerful, upbeat, and energetic! She keeps a smile on her face all the time and tries to make sure others are happy as well. Instead of moving around with a prideful demeanor, she's free spirited and very loose with her actions. Instead of being the mature woman she usually is, she's a young girl who really just wants to have fun and hang out with some friends, when she can find some. While Eira is normally outspoken and 'in your face' about everything, while in her alter she can be extremely shy and vulnerable. Beyond that, Eira normally is not a fighter and lacks the spirit to even try to do so. She prefers to be in the background, giving orders, and watching from a distance while those who can fight do it for her. While in her alter, Eira completely changes out of that. Eira is no longer the leader of an army, she is a soldier. Within her Alter, she will be the first to step out on the front lines and jump into battle to do what she can to kick someone's ass. She is very protective of her allies and has a tendency to become slightly violent if one of them is harmed to has been threatened in such a manner.

Alter Powers: Eira's normal powers are based off of exerting her energy to watch over everyone else, so while under her Alter Form, her powers are based off of keeping energy within her own body to watch over herself. She becomes overwhelmingly strong, ludicrously fast and agile, and her body becomes extremely durable.

Starting on the amount of strength that she's got, Eira's punches are devastating. The moment she attempts to throw one, the amount of power she's putting into it shows on her fist and ignites with energy that looks like fire! Being struck with one of these punches has the ability to absolutely shatter a concrete building, punch a whole through a steel wall, and will likely shatter the skull of anyone that she has hit just within that area. This happens because on impact, though she is very strong physically, a burst of energy is shot through the point of impact and creates even more power behind the blow. She can exert this energy through out her entire body. Her Alter can even be known to slam her foot into the ground just to crumble it beneath her and slow someone else down.

Secondly comes her speed and what she is able to do with it. It is not her most powerful of the three previously mentioned, but it definitely cannot be ignored. Eira's energy being kept within her body instead of exerted allows for immense speed and agility. She's able to move her body quick enough to keep up with experiences Lieutenants and new Captains, so it's not exactly impressive, but her being so agile does give her a bit of a boost. Because of how strong she is as well, her strength does allow her to push herself farther and faster.

Lastly is her durability, probably equally impressive to her strength. Eira's body is swirling with her energy, allowing it to take the strongest and most sudden hits and barely be phased. This is actually pretty good since she doesn't fight with a weapon and goes against people with just her fists. She doesn't have any armor either, so her body being so resistant to attacks; energy, blunt, sharp, and anything else you can think of, is a very good thing for her. To use as comparison to how durable her body is, here are the following examples! All of these are of the situation where she is just standing there, not blocking, and the named person is running their fist into her chest at full strength. She'd dust Rukia off, Chad might make her twitch, Renji would knock her on her ass but she'll be fine, Ichigo would send her flying with minor pain in the area struck, and Kenpachi would break 1-2 ribs. Also, that's Kenpachi with the patch on... Off, she's sorta stupid to just stand there and will likely be dead just allowing that type of punch to hit her.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [×]
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  • Gender [×]
  • Appearance Present [×]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [×]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [×]
  • 15 sentences for personality [×]
  • History is 15 sentences [×]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [×]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [×]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [×]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [×]
  • RP Sample is 15 sentences [×]

Comments/Notes: Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.
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Eira von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED, 0-4, NORMAL]
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