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 Isana Shirotsuna [Approved, 1-1+]

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PostSubject: Isana Shirotsuna [Approved, 1-1+]   Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:23 pm

Shēnghuó Human Template


Name: Isana Shirotsuna
True Age: 500
Appearance Age: 25
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130


Personality: It's hard to really say that Isana has much of her own personality. Isana is more revolving around her values, goals, morals, and beliefs than anything else. Naturally she's more on the happy, yet shy side. She doesn't easily let people know about her and would normally keep to herself beyond her little personality altering ability. But, even with these small facts about who she is, Isana actually alters her personality to compliment the person she is talking to, wanting to get to know, or is around a lot. It all really depends on the situation she is in. To give a few examples, if Isana is talking to a person that is very confident and determined, she will become very supportive and constantly tell them that they can do it. If she is around an egotistical person, she'll feed their ego because that is usually what egotistical people prefer. If she's around a flirtatious person, she'll end up flirting back or blushing like an innocent girl depending on the type of flirt that are. If she comes across someone shy, she'll be calmer and supportive. If she comes across someone afraid or hurt, she'll be gentle and/or motherly. One thing that Isana does is go into a fit of rage, but this is if, and only if, someone has harmed someone she loves in anyway. Whether it is a friend, family, or a lover, if she feels love for this person and they are severely harmed, rage is something she feels instantly. One instance was when she mercilessly slaughtered people because they shot Snopy and killed him. There was no way in hell someone was getting away with that, not with her around.

As stated before, who Isana really and truly is revolves around the things that her personality alteration cannot change. These are her values; life, love, and happiness. Her goals; to find love and someone to truly care for her. Her morals (knowing right from wrong); do not murder, do not steal, sex should be willing, and many other common sense things that one could name. And the final thing is her beliefs; everyone has good inside of them, children should be cherished, people should be honest and loyal to each other, and true happiness is found with that one person that loves you more than anything. One of the other things that her personality alteration cannot change at all is her fears. If she is encountering something that she fears, her normal self takes over, reverting from whatever personality that she would have had up. Her fears consist of violence she can't get out of, though this is only a preference of not wanting to deal with violence. Strong fears, meaning ones that would knock her out of her personality alteration, are of fire, rejection, being hated, clowns, snakes, being buried alive, earthquakes, large dogs, and dying alone. The only thing that Isana really enjoys is being able to travel around and meet knew people, hoping to fulfill her goals. There are the small things, like ice cream, having a cup of tea, relaxing, playing video games at the arcades in the city, new fashion, shopping, and eating as much as she wants! Luckily, she doesn't gain weight very easily. Since she travels so much, she burns any fat she may gain quickly. She's also claustrophobic.

Character Background:

Isana was born into a noble family in Karakura. Her family, though they kept to themselves, was quite well known for the arts and few businesses they owned in the city. Her family was loved because they helped people get work when they needed it. They even provided protection to those who could not protect themselves, and even sheltered and fed children who were orphaned due to the violence in the city. Isana was brought up in this caring environment and grew up with many other kids. Unfortunately, she was much more timid than her family wished and was quite often forced into interacting with people she did not like or was frightened of. Rarely did she go outside to play with the other kids and was quite often caught in her room learning to read or drawing. Her Mother and Father raised her to be a kind, proper young woman so she would one day marry into a family as rich as their own, and from there had planned on her continuing the bloodline. Of course, none of this was her plan, it were merely cultural and socially accepted in noble families. Isana also had no problem with it at all. When she turned seven, she was able to meet the young man she was too be married to. He was nice, proper, but he rarely talked and didn't seem to like her very much. When they were around each other, he ignored her all the time and made her feel insecure. Once their visitation time was over, he was taken back to his family until they would finally be old enough to marry. Upon reaching the age of eighteen, she and her betrothal were reunited under ceremony to marry. Unfortunately, it seemed her betrothals parents had very different plans. When they arrived, they explained that they were to refuse the marriage so they're son can marry some daughter of a wealthy merchant to combine their wealth. They continued on about how Isana's family was too lenient to the weak, poor, and low class. They felt that the merging of the families would be detrimental to their reputation in the area and no longer wished to hold their part of the agreement.

After that, Isana's family was hit hard with an embarrassing reputation for themselves. Many people talked about how their daughter, Isana herself, was not a worthy woman to marry off and it began to slowly ruin peoples faith in them. Years passed and Isana had become the bain of her families existence. They all resented her because of what happened, as if it was her fault. It got to the point where she avoided everyone and stayed out of her home. She wandered the streets and even left town through the days to avoid the whispers and stares. A few people who knew her story felt bad for her and told her to leave, but she was too scared to do so. She had no money and was a woman in this time of Japan. Wandering around was not the safest thing to do and how would she survive? She chose to stay home and just avoid the people in her family, including her parents because of the shame she felt. It was just better for her to stay and for years that is exactly what she did. She became invisible to her family, no one wanted her around. This was at least until Isana met a man that changed her life. (Silim)1630 Karakura, Still at home where she feels it's safest and familiar, she's walking through the town when some guy runs around a corner and bumps into her. This man was able to notice that she was beginning to show signs of spiritual powers, but was reluctant to really practice them, so he offered an adventure. Thinking he was weird, she declined and tried to run, but he randomly appeared in front of her. She ran into him, he grabbed onto her and they were suddenly in a different place, in space. She freaked out and held onto him, begging him not to let her fall. He told her to watch and she did. He explained that what she was seeing was the earth's sun and it was about to explode. Of course she didn't believe it, but moments later it happened. Terrified that she was about to die, she screamed and clung to Zelretch until everything calmed. She looked back to where the sun had been and he told her that, "Enjoy time while it lasts because it will never be forever. Even the sun dies..." That day Isana learned to live life to the fullest and to try and help others do the same. She decided to travel around and see as much as she could, knowing that one day it'll all be gone.

It wasn't long after that when Isana packed a few things, threw the bag over her shoulder and walked out. She didn't exactly feel wanted there, so what would have been the point to staying around? She merely made her way to the main road and began walking north, uncaring of where she was going or how long it was going to take until she got there. Her first stop was a small village only a few miles north of where she had come from. She walked around the area and noticed someone. A young man. She immediately recognized him, and she knew exactly where and when she met him. She walked over to him and struck up a conversation, but he treated her like he had no idea who she was. She explained when they had met, being when they were children and was actually able to make him remember. She was so detailed and specific in her description that it shocked him. She could even tell him the month and year. Isana always knew her memory was amazing, but she didn't think it was anything special. In fact, she remembered almost everything that has ever happened to her, including people she's met and when events happened. It had always been like that, but was it really something special? After her time there, Isana moved on and began noticing how advanced her memory really was. She ran into multiple people, some she even just bumped into on the street, and was able to remember the details of those specific moments, even if they had just stepped on her toe. Now, luckily she didn't remember everything all at once. Something triggered it, like seeing their face again, or hearing a voice. Sure, she could search through her memories and pinpoint things on a whim, but the moment she sees someone or something the memory floods back to her mind. This was proven over and over and over again. It got to the point that she felt like her mind was more of a log book or index. She could flash back to the decade, year, month, day, then to the hour to back track everything that was stored in her mind. She never forgot anything and recall even the smallest of details of a person or event, such as a missing button on a jacket or the way someone's hair was done.

+++(Tsubine)1631-1638: Isana's First Love Isana had only been traveling for six months when the first real piece of action started. She was walking down a road and out of no where heard a horrified scream. She wasn't exactly in the middle of a town, so there wasn't anyone else around to help out. Isana, as cautiously as possible, made her way into this house that already had the door seemingly forced open. She stepped inside, trying to be quiet, when her eyes caught sight of something horrible. Two people were already killed, a man and a woman, and this psychotic bastard was standing over a young girl and ready to kill her. Why she grabbed this out of everything? It was the closest object. It was a heavy wooden bucket with random objects on the inside of it. Isana picked it up and swung it as hard as she possibly can, slamming it into the back of the murderous bastards head and luckily knocking him out. Isana grabbed the girl and pulled her along. The other two were dead, nothing could be done to help them, so why be there when the bastard wakes up? She did her best to make sure that the girl was okay and took her into town. She had no plans on staying there, so once she assumed the girl was safe and settled, she began her journey along. It wasn't ten minutes into her walk, while in the forest, that she realized she was being followed. At first, she became frightened, assuming it was the man she had prevented from killing the girl. Some time passed, and feeling stalked, Isana glanced back and saw the girl, but she quickly hid behind a tree. Shocked and relieved, Isana narrowed her eyes in suspicion and continued on. Every now and then, she'd turn around to see her hide again. She'd quicken her pace and hurried onto a turning path, where she quickly hid behind a bush. The girl came around the corner and Isana stood up, asking why the girl was following. It was obvious that the girl had no where to go and didn't want to stay back in the village, so Isana was alright with her coming along with her, at least for a while.

The two traveled together for a while, but Kei was never too talkative. Sure, when Isana attempted to talk to her, she'd reply and this allowed her to learn a few things about the girl, but not too much. There was something about Kei that caught Isana's eye, but she pushed it off for a while. It came back again about two towns ahead, at a festival. It was the first time Isana was able to see her smile and something about seeing that warmed Isana's heart to a new point. Isana was starting to care for Kei more than she had initially intended to, or even thought about caring for a woman. It was probably only a week after that when Kei decided to pledge eternal loyalty to Isana. She didn't know how to react to it. Something so serious could not be told no, so she accepted it with nothing more than shock. The thing is, when Kei swore something so powerful towards Isana, such devotion caught her heart. There was no way she could deny that she was falling for this young woman. About four months into their journey, Isana recognized the area they were in and decided she wanted to show Kei something. They traveled for a long time, taking a little longer than Kei wanted, but when they arrived it was worth it. Kei was greeted with a beautiful lake, surrounded by tall thick trees. A cool, comforting breeze moved through, yet the warmth of the sun did not fail to make the idea of a swim more appealing. In fact, while Kei stood there, mouth agape at the gorgeousness of the location, Isana stripped down and dove in. It took a bit of convincing, but Kei finally joined, but Isana noticed Kei didn't ever really swim around. She didn't know how. Isana offered to teach her and Kei agreed, so the two girls began their swimming lessons. And since at this time there was no such thing as bathing suits, the two of them were able to get a clear view of each others bodies. And Isana took note of a scorpion 'tattoo' that Kei has on her lower stomach. Half way through their lessons, she got the nerve to ask her about it, but Kei knew nothing. She was born with it.

The two of them seemed to really enjoy each others company through out the swimming lessons, and once Kei was able to swim on her own, which ended up taking three hours, they just enjoyed the feel of the water and relaxed. Isana didn't know if it was the serene location, them being naked, or something more, but one extended look into the others eye ended up leading down a road that Isana did not expect. Secretly, she wanted it, but she had not expected it to actually happen. Women being together in this manner wasn't exactly common, but the two ended up enjoying a powerfully passionate intimate moment with one another right there by the lake. By the time the two were finished, they were out of breath and weak from an intense pleasure that neither of them had the ability to explain. From that moment of passion and on, the two considered themselves together, in a relationship that normally only a man and woman would be in. It did not matter to them, they had each fallen for one another. Isana, by habit, ended up dragging Kei around for a while on her travels, but about six months later, a total year since they had met, Kei mentioned settling down and Isana gladly agreed. Under the pretense of being friends, the two settled in a house outside of a town. Everything between them was wonderful and Isana admitted to herself and to Kei that she was in love with her. Unfortunately, their love was meant to be broken brutally by the same maniac that had taken Kei's family away from her. Isana was caught off guard and tied to a chair, her mouth bound so she could not speak. This monster of a man waited for Kei to return from shopping to see Isana sitting there tied and crying. Isana attempted to scream to her, but the sounds were muffled. Isana watched as a knife was plunged into the back of the woman she loved. Kei fell to the floor and attempted to look back to the man, but her face was kicked. Isana screamed and cried, struggling at the grasp of the chair, but she could not move and her words were muffled. This process just completed with each assault. Kei attempted to stand, but was stabbed in the knee. She tried again, was stabbed in the arm. Kei tried to crawl, but was stabbed through the other arm and this time the blade was left there.

Isana's entire body shook, her eyes trembling in horror at the sight of the person dearest to her reaching out towards her. There was nothing Isana could do. She struggled, cried, screamed, but nothing helped. Seeing Kei reach to her, Isana broke. She couldn't scream anymore. The tears just flowed down her face as she was forced to watch the horror of this man's foot slamming into Kei's back and breaking her ribs. He then moved to his foot up to the back of her head and slammed it down on her skull. Kei, finally passed out. This gave Isana both fear and relief. The person she loved would not be awake to feel the pain that this bastard was inflicting upon her, but this also meant he had damaged her enough that she could no longer stay conscious. Isana cried and screamed more, the thick rag in her mouth soaked with spit and tears that she couldn't hold back. Suddenly she heard a crack and her heart practically stopped, time froze, and she looked towards this man. He stomped Kei's head in, repeating the process three times until the man noticed her pain and decided to take advantage of it. The man took his blade, and cut Kei's head from her body. He then stabbed his blade through the back of Kei's head and lifted it up, pointing it towards Isana. Isana felt like vomiting. Kei's eyes were still open. She hadn't even had time to close them before this bastard smashed her head in. Blood trickled rapidly down the woman she loves face. Isana threw her head back and let out one last scream, but this one out of anger and pain, not fear or for help. The last thing she heard was a low thud, a chuckle, and then the man left her there. Isana's upper body fell limply forward and just stayed there, staring down at the body of her fallen lover. She couldn't cry anymore, nor could she scream. There was nothing that could change this, nothing that she could do to help. She had failed to protect Kei and now she was gone. Isana just sat there for hours. She was like a statue. She didn't move at all. It almost seemed as if she too were dead, if you didn't look close enough to see the smallest motion of her chest moving up and down, and since her hair covered most of it that would have been hard.

+++(Tsubine)1685-1689 in a random village along the mountains in Japan, Isana was hungry, thirsty, and weak. She hadn't eaten anything for a while, so at night, not realizing where she was, she collapses unknowingly in the fields of a village. the next morning, she awakes to the poke of something in her side. She opened a single eye to see a young man poking her with a stick. She immediately grabbed her own stick and hit him, only to get poked again. She groaned and rolled away from him, but he chased her and continued to poke her with that damn stick. Finally, after rolling about 30 feet, she is stopped by a tree and he pokes her once more. Irritated, she flails her arms, sits up and glares at him. Before she has a chance to yell, she feel really bad stomach pains and collapses back onto the ground with another annoyed groan. This man picked her up and put her on his back to carry back to the headman's hut where she was well taken care of. She was given food, a bath, and a place to sleep. Once she was well rested, she went through the village in search for the man who brought her in after poking her multiple times with a stick. Upon talking to him for a while, she became quite fond of him and stuck around. After a couple of months, she decided to ask the oblivious Takeru Saionji out on a little date. Not only was he oblivious to her interest in him, but when she chose to finally speak up and ask him out, he had actually asked her why. It wasn't something she could really explain, but the two went out anyway. The date went well and after a few more outings together, they became quite close. After a couple of months, they chose to move in together. Their relationship was very nice and she slowly was moving into really loving him, but then old age and illness set in. After watching him suffer for some time, he passed away. A few months of loneliness and depression went bye and she finally chose to get out of the village and move on. Isana said her goodbyes and began heading towards the Europe.

(1690)Ten Years Of Tough Training The year was 1690 and Isana was heading North. She was making her way towards Europe, when she came across a small building and went inside. She was tired, unwell, and out of money and was glad to find that this place was a small tavern run by a slightly mysterious young woman. She wasn't planning to stay for long, but she noticed the woman was there by herself and that she could use a little help, especially with the more unruly customers that came through. Isana got up the courage to ask for a job. She began working there and was given a room to stay in for the time being. She would do some of the cleaning, taking care of customers, and pretty much split everything work related right down the middle with Natalia. Everything was great until a certain group of thugs ended up showing up at the Tavern. It was strange because Natalia was always someone Isana saw as calm and collected. She didn't seem to let much bother her, but when these guys attempted to scare her into allowing them to stay for free and rebelled at her denial, she became clumsy. It was understandable since they had drawn their swords at her, but this was different. It was done on purpose. She tripped one of of them back into another and 'in a panic' struck the other in the neck. Taking all of them out so quickly and 'in a panic' was shocking and would look like a fluke to anyone who did not know what to look for, but Isana saw able to see a bit more training had been put into that. Natalia was no push over, in fact, the thought of what she might be able to do behind this... facade of hers was rather frightening. Either way, the thugs were taken away after Natalia apologized to them for her clumsiness, and Isana had found a new interest in the mysterious young woman that ran the Tavern. Unfortunately, Isana never felt it was right to ask her about it, so she kept the suspicion to herself and continued on with her work. A total of six months since her arrival and Natalia approached her on something she was not expecting. Natalia actually offered to give her the Tavern because she was leaving. "You're leaving? If... that's the case, I'll be leaving as well." Isana told her. She didn't know whether that shocked Natalia or not, since it wasn't often that someone would pretty much tell another that the only reason they stuck around was because they were there, and that's sorta what was implied by what was said. If Natalia was to leave, Isana had no reason to stay.

"So you are. We're leaving at sunrise tomorrow; be ready." With a smile, Natalia turned and walked over to talk to someone else, presumably about who was next to run the tavern. Well that was a shocker, apparently she and Natalia were now going to be traveling together, but why would Natalia wish to travel with her? It wasn't too long after they began traveling together that Isana found out. A band of thieves decided they had the right to ambush to young women on the road and for the first time, Isana was able to see Natalia get serious. Isana had suspicions that Natalia was secretly holding something back, but this was just not it. During the fight, Natalia absolutely destroyed them without any hesitation or breaking even half a sweat. Isana had one of them trying to hurt her and was barely able to get away from him. In fact, Natalia had taken care of the rest, so she came over to protect Isana from her own attacker. After that little skirmish, Natalia brought up Isana's lack in any training and offered to train her. All she had to do was glance behind Natalia and to the men behind to make her decision. Of course she'd take the training. It didn't take a genius to know that Natalia was *good*. The next morning Isana and Natalia started their training. She was shown the basic techniques at first and taught to really put power and accuracy behind her strikes without using too much energy. During this time of training, she and Natalia moved through China and visited multiple martial arts schools through out the country. Here, Natalia was taught the histories of many and got tips and tricks from other people who also studied the different styles. Soon, she became a fighter to be reckoned with. She and Natalia would spar and slowly but surely Isana began to be able to hold her own against her. After a few years of this constant training and traveling, during one of their spars, Isana unintentionally let out a big more of her spiritual energy than she wanted to. In the heat of the moment, Isana's entire outfit changed and a burst of speed that was... just not there ever before allowed Isana to land a hit. The hit did not come with her fist though, it was with a sword. She had used this blessing two or three times before, but never had it come out so suddenly. Isana saw that Natalia's cheek had a cut on it and practically dropped to her knees to apologize in guilt. She glanced back up a moment later and saw that Natalia's cheek had just begun to heal, "...What?"

And then the intense training began...

The moment Isana saw that cut heal so quickly things began moving. Natalia began training Isana beyond the normal hand-to-hand combat that she was used to and began teaching her to control her Qi. As they continued traveling around and began heading South to make their way towards Japan, the training became more and more tough on Isana. Everything that was thrown at her was just so new. She even found that Natalia herself had a few tricks up her sleeve that were not considered human. After she had learned to control her "Dawn" Blessing, Isana was taught how to open the Aether Gate that Natalia told her about. They started about a year before they left China and just before they were entering Japan was the time she finally was able to master opening it. Ten full years had passed since the two of them started on their journey and through this entire decade, Isana had learned a massive amount of information, gained a massive amount of skill, and gained a massive amount of power. Isana no longer felt like some weak woman walking around the country. She could defend herself and not be worried about being attacked or mugged through out her travels. Natalia even confirmed that Isana would be able to continue her training and maybe even learn the other gates on her own, which left Isana excited. The two of them had become rather close, even if Isana had never gotten up the courage to ask Natalia much about her personal self. The two talked all the time and laughed together, but never got too personal. It seemed they both, at least from what Isana assumes, prefer it that way. Isana didn't like talking about her family, and since Natalia never asked, she never told. Isana had assumed the two of them were going to continue traveling together, but as Isana was getting on the boat to make her way to Japan, she and Natalia said their goodbye's. Before much else was said, Natalia practically disappeared. From there, Isana moved on and began making her way back to Japan to visit the family she left behind for the first time in years. She honestly assumed everyone would be dead, at least her parents or anyone who knew her. Unfortunately she was wrong. When she returned she was treated just as badly as before and pretty much walked in and walked right... back.. out.

(Tsubine, Cryska) 1701; Her intention had been to stay in Japan with her family for a while, but as usual she did not feel comfortable there. So many people had aged, died, and hated her because she did not. Her parents had passed away long ago and so she saw only strangers. So, she decided to move on and find a new adventure. She some how ended up making her way to America, somewhere in the north-eastern part of the country. Completely lost, she attempted to ask a young white haired beauty where she was, but the woman spoke a language she did not recognize. It was understandable for the area, but she didn't speak English either. Bowing in respect to show her apology, she was about to walk away, but was stopped when a smaller "version" of the woman walked up to her. The two looked as if they could be sisters, but something within Isana told her something different. The girl spoke in broken Japanese and mentioned the woman's name, calling her Cryska and explaining that she only spoke Russian. Isana told the girl it was alright and asked the girl where she was. After her location was explained, she knew where she was headed to next.

(Tsubine) 1757 After traveling to a town in the Iwate Prefecture of Japan, Isana meets a young man named Seijrou who sells her a boat. He was a kind man, who was quick in doing what she wanted, so when she found out later that the town was hit by a Tsunami leaving no survivors, she became slightly upset. It was lucky that she didn't know him well at all, otherwise she'd be more than slightly upset.

(1860)The Saika Saga, The First Feeling Of Family She had absolutely no idea what was in store for her when she picked that little girl up. The child was obviously lost, separated from her parents. She was just so tiny and others were ignoring her tears as she looked around for familiar faces. Isana could not sit back and allow an innocent little girl to stand there afraid of never being found. She picked little Sumika Saika up, introduced herself, and asked if she knew how to find her way home. No, she didn't. Isana smiled and hugged the child to reassure her that everything was going to be okay. The two began walking around the area and kept doing so for hours and hours. In fact, night had fallen and Sumika was getting tired. "Let's have a little rest and we'll look again after a while." Isana told the adorable little girl and sat down under a tree. Immediately Sumika fell asleep in Isana's arms. Isana was tired as well, so she closed her eyes with her arms wrapped quite firmly around the small child. They were out in public; there was no way she was going to trust anyone that came close. She was always quite alert when sleeping outside, since she had done it often enough, so when nine o'clock came around and someone reached out towards Sumika, Isana's hand shot up by reflex and grabbed onto the wrist of a young woman. Sumika woke up immediately and yelled for her Mother. Isana instantly let the woman's wrist go and apologized to her. At first, the woman who's name was Yoshine Saika, was not very trusting of Isana, which was understandable. After Sumika told Yoshine what had happened and how Isana was trying to help her find home, Yoshine thanked her and invited her over for the night. Isana gladly accepted, not turning down the offer to sleep under a roof for the first time in three weeks. Except, it didn't end there. The next morning, Yoshine had to run off and her husband had gone to work, so she happily accepted the offer of taking care of the kids. "Wait... Kids? As in more than one...?" Isana realized as she stepped back into the house and was greeted with an annoyed look from a young blond man. "Oh..." she thought, confused at the young man's expression. And that... was her meeting with the little asshole known as Snopy Saika.

It seemed time with the Saika family was becoming continuous. This was a little shocking since before now Isana only wanted to continue traveling and meeting as many people as possible. The only time she had ever stopped was to get a job, and baby sitting little Sumika was not a job. She adored the young girl and helped her when ever she could. Over time, her and Yoshine became friends, though she secretly had a hate for Yoshine's husband. She could never put her finger on it, but there was something seriously wrong with that man. And though Snopy seemed to dislike her a lot, she had even grown to care for that young man's life as well. When she had first arrived, she caught a glimpse of a little event that took her by surprise. Snopy didn't seem to like Sumika, but when the child hopped out of bed and wandered into her brother's room, for the first time, Isana saw Snopy's heart soften towards the little girl. Of course, she never, ever, ever said anything about that to him. She smiled at what she saw and walked back down the hallway towards her own room, knowing that Sumika just wanted to be with her big brother. From that moment, no matter how harsh, rude, or just plain unpleasant Snopy was, Isana merely brushed it off because she knew that he had a soft spot somewhere in there. He loved his Mother, he loved his sister, hated his Father, and seemingly hated her, but oh well. Isana wasn't going to let it bother her. She stuck around. One day, while Yoshine was out and the children's Father went to work, so Isana was watching the kids. At this time, Sumika was eleven and Snopy was twelve. Some men had broken into the house and threatened the two of them. Snopy, being a good big brother, went to his sister's aid, but whether he wanted to protect her or not, he was a child against multiple grown men. Hearing Sumika's scream, Isana ran from her room to the front where the two were and saw one of the men holding Sumika in his arms while she reached out for her brother, and then saw Snopy being held in the air by his wrist. With knowledge over her years and the skill she had, Isana snatched Sumika right out of the man's hands so gently it seemed impossible. She them moved, with Sumika in her arms, towards the one holding Snopy and grabbed his wrist, all within what seemed like maybe a second. "Don't touch him." she said and snapped the man's wrist in two. The man yelled and the other four retaliated by charging her.

With Sumika in her arms, which was dangerous enough, a single kick sent one flying into the rest, so the moment she got the chance, she set Sumika down and stood protectively in front of them. They all charged again, excluding their friend with the broken wrist. "You guys messed with the wrong kids." she said, narrowing her eyes. In a few moments, all four of them were down and out. Her training with Natalia came in handy many times, but she had become very brutal and cruel against these men. How dare they even think they had the right to lay a hand on her childre-... Not her children, Yoshine's children! Yeah. That's it. Well, Isana had come to love the two of them so much that she might as well have thought of them like her own. She'd die for them, that was for sure... And a few years after that she was ready to, but she got there too late. Snopy was eighteen, Sumika was seventeen and something big was about to go down. She heard that Snopy had gotten into a pretty bad argument with some guy, but it was with words and Snopy had easily won that match. Unfortunately the jerk that he was arguing with did not and planned to get his revenge through a physical force. Isana was running hectically through the city to find him, and finally she did. The problem came when she saw the attacker first and Snopy second. The man already had his gun aimed and pulled the trigger. "Snopy!!!" she screamed at the top of her lungs, but the boy she had watched grown up was shot in the back of the head and killed right before her eyes. Out of pure rage, Isana charged and dragged those who intended this into an alley and slaughtered them, leaving their bodies there to rot. After her rage calmed down, she returned to the Saika house to be greeted by tears and pain. She wanted to tell them that she had taken care of who had done this already, but how could she? There was something, she didn't know what, that told her to just keep it to herself. Though, not much long after that another tragedy hit and this time Isana was not able to react normally. She was standing on the roof of the Saika house when she saw a lightning bolt strike Sumika. Isana was in such shock that she felt her heart stop momentarily, everything went black, and she fell off the side of the house and laid there unconscious for hours. When she awoke, she felt a dangerously painful feeling in her stomach and decided she could not stay. Memories of Yoshine's tears after Snopy had died were too much. Instead of going back, she stood up and left...

(Silim, Johnathan) 1972 London; She's unknowingly walking through the bad part of a neighborhood when she's suddenly grabbed and pulled into an alley. Four men pull knives and tell her to hand over the purse, so she does. Once they see she has little money, they get irritated and hold onto her. Out of no where, a man comes in like some hero out of a book and kicks their asses rather easily, saving her in the process. Isana thanks him and the two begin to talk. She asks him if he knows the city well and he does, so she asks to be shown around because she just arrived. He leads her out of that part of the neighborhood, showing her a few of the sights until they come to his favorite bar. He offers a drink and she decides that this is her first date in London and then takes him up on that drink. At the bar, the two talk for a while and he ends up having to get back to work. He pays the bill for her, she smiles, thanks him, and waves goodbye before deciding it was time for her to head back home as well.

(Tsubine, Sumiko)1945 Leaving Tokyo; Isana is fleeing just like many others while the city is being bombed. A truck filled with an entire family comes drives up to her and asks if she knew of a safe place to go. She told them yes and directed them a few miles up this very road. They thanked her, shook her hand, and she waved to each one of them as they drove off. It felt like only 2 seconds may have passed and a stray bomb slammed into the truck. The blast coming in her direction, Isana instantly protected herself. Once the blast stopped and things started to settle, Isana ran towards the truck horrified of what just happened. She went to see if anyone survived and noticed that only one person was alive, the older woman, the mother of the two in the truck. Isana got the woman away from the wreckage and carried her off to safety after realizing everyone else in the truck was dead. Once she was safe, Isana left her in good hands.


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Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Hand-To-Hand Combat: Isana was trained by Natalia herself and the training lasted over a span of ten years where it happened on a daily basis, so obviously she has done her fair share of intense training. She knows how to defend herself and was able to keep up with the hand-to-hand goddess, so fighting her in this way is not going to be the easiest thing for anyone. Since Natalia had the knowledge of arts that were lost, a few of these she has been trained in, so Isana has the ability to do a few things that many people would not expect coming. Though out the years of travel after her separation from Natalia, she continued her training and learning more as she traveled through the Asian and European countries, so her knowledge and skill has increased even from her training.

Weapons Mastery: Over the years Isana's traveling has brought her into many situations that require her to defend herself and hand-to-hand combat is not always the best way to deal with it. She has trained with many different types of weapons, which later allowed her to enhance her Blessing's, and advanced her ability to hold her own in battle. She can use katana's, larger swords, scythes, staffs, and has extremely good aim with different types of guns, mainly pistols and sniper rifles. She has mastered katana's and bow and arrows though, while the others are merely on the side of more advanced. She has had numerous training sessions with different people around the world to actually get these skills down and has always been more talented in swords and bows and arrows.

Qi Abilities

Type: Gōngnéng (External)
Appearance change: Her clothes and hair style change, all explained below.
Abilities: Everything about Isana, including her abilities revolve around allowing her to transform in some way to fit the situation that she has been put in, or has gotten herself into. This goes along with her abilities in combat as well. Over time, she has developed different 'blessings' that allow her to take on different offensive and defensive traits to fit the situation she is in. Each of these transformations are based of of some deity, or God, which is why she calls them blessings and feels as if she is calling for help and calls them blessings. Isana's more basic 'blessing' is her "Initial" transformation. This is the first one she *has* to use first to allow the opening for the other six blessings. After the Initial Transformation is used, she can transform between all the rest at will. She is able to transform between the sets in one second, but the moment she starts the transformation, the traits of that set are ceased until the full change between blessings. Then and only then will the next set's traits take over, so there is a brief moment of vulnerability that she can be caught off guard in. Everything about the blessings are explained below...

Gift Of Ame-no-Uzume (Dawn):
This is the first of the blessings that Isana had ever received. While being attacked by a man during her travels, she was pretty much helpless when attempting to defend herself, so she called out for some sort of help. Right when her attacker was about to make the finishing blow, she put her hands up to block and a sword appeared in her hands and caught the man off guard. She took the advantage and was able to strike the man down, and after noticed an outfit change. In a few more situations, she was able to use this blessing to fight, but didn't ever really get the hang of it until her training with Natalia. Of all of the blessings, this is her most used. The outfit is very light, allowing easy and nimble movement. It grants her the ability to move at extremely high speeds that could keep up with the fastest of Captain's in the Gotei. It also grants her the ability to move at extremely high sudden bursts of speed that pretty similar, if not the same, as the Shinigami's Shunpo. The sword is quite strong and not easily broken. It's blade is sharp enough that it has been seen slicing through steel as well. Because of it's light weight, Isana is able to maneuver around with it quite well.

Guidance of Suijin (Water):
When calling forth for the Guidance of Suijin, one must take not of the power of that name. Suijin is the name of the Water God in Japanese Mythology. So, it's power goes along with it's blue color and allows Isana to connect with that wonderful element of water. Along with the transformation, her weapon turns into a staff. The staff is just as durable as any of the other weapons in her transformation and she has the ability to fight with it. She uses the staff to guide the way she wants the water to go. She has no set attacks. She merely manipulates the water around and in the air to do her bidding. While in this Transformation, she is unaffected by water or ice based attacks and can also take in the water/ice to regain small portions of her energy and increase the power of the water she uses. While she is using the Guidance of this Suijin, she can also manipulate the temperatures of water, making them boiling hot or freezing them for different types of attacks and defenses.

Call Of Kagutsuchi (Fire):
The Call Of Kagutsuchi gets it's name from the Japanese Fire Goddess, and also goes along with it's wonderful color of red and allows Isana to connect to the element of fire. The weapon with this Transformation is as seen above. Isana has a tendency to get a little aggressive when fighting under her Crimson Transformation. Every time her blade makes contact with something, a small burst of flame bursts out and has the ability to burn those who get to close. Beyond that, Isana has a few basic attacks that she can manipulate at any time she pleases. Like the Cerulean Transformation, while she is in this one she is able to regain small portions of used energy by consuming the element of fire. It can be her own fire because that's just like consuming something you created. It just isn't as satisfying and only replenishes 65% of what other fire would.

  • Burst: This is just a ball of flames that she shoots out from the tip of her weapon. It can be practically any size, depending on how long she chooses to wait to fire it. It does grow rather quickly and can reach the size of a minivan in 1.5 seconds.
  • Wave: A swing of the blade allows Isana to put as much power and strength as she wishes into a wave of fire that has enough pressure behind it to destroy a building. She can alter the speed at which is moves, the max being 350 mph (513 ft per second).
  • Cyclone: Emitting flame from the tip of her sword, Isana spins at a rapid rate until the fire collects and spins along with, soon creating a cyclone. Once it's created, she can send it towards any direction. It continues going until she chooses to dispel it. While this is going, the area within 800 feet of the cyclone begins to feel like it's being dragged towards the cyclone. The rapid rotation of the fire starts to pull in the air around at winds up to 250mph, so if someone losing their footing, they can be pulled into the fire. The closer you are to the cyclone, the stronger the wind gets.

Blessing Of Amaterasu (Sun):
Now this is a fun transformation, the Blessing Of Amaterasu! This allows Isana to turn the very sunlight into a dangerous energy and use it to attack and defend. This Transformation cannot be used in doors or during the night, but when she can use it (during the day and outside) she pretty much has a stable source of energy. She gets dual pistol weapon that has multiple blades that move in a circular shape from the front of the gun's barrel to an extension at the back. Each blade is as sharp as any other blade in her inventory, having the ability to cut through metal, but she has an ability that will allow it to cut even more. The sunlight that she instantly collects as her energy while she is in this transformation, Isana is able to use as bullets for the guns. Each bullet is the size of a normal 9mm bullet and move at two times the speed of a normal gun's bullet (1200 mph, 1760 ft per second). The guns are fired off mentally, not  bot trigger, and the bullets glow in a very bright yellow color that mimics the color of the sun.

  • Amaterasu's Intent: Using the collected energy, Isana has the ability to cause the blades on the guns to vibrate back and forth at such a fast rate that the already extremely sharp blades become saw-like. This will allow her to cut through practically anything that presents a challenge for her blades or bullets. This move is able to be activated once every two posts and lasts through out the entire post they are activated in. They can be stopped sooner if that is what Isana chooses to do, but the cool down still applies.
  • Amaterasu's Warning: The energy Isana has is used in an attack similar to a small beam. They shoot out from the tips of the blades, either all together or one at a time. These beams travel at half the speed of the bullets that shoot out from the gun and have the ability to pierce their target. Piercing is not usually the intent of these beams, since they are actually more solid and hard. They are meant to slam into a target to stun, stop, or knock them back.

Wrath of Futsunushi (Swords and Lightning):

Wrath of Futsunushi is a much more destructive power. The outfit turns into an armor in the shape of a dress that's heavier than her others, gives her an extremely durable shield, and a large sword as her weapon. The armored dress can be compared to the durability of any spiritual armor out there. It takes physical attacks very well and is even able to deflect lower grade energy/elemental attacks. While in this armor, she is also completely immune to any type of electrical or lightning attack. The shield she has is able to take physical attacks just as well as the armor and has the ability to hold of stronger energy based attacks than the armor can. The sword she carries while she is in the blessing is three times as sharp, durable, and strong as any of the other weapons in her arsenal. What the Wrath of Futsunushi's blessing grants Isana is complete immunity to electrical/lightning based attacks and the ability to manipulate lightning and electricity for her own attacks and defenses. If someone is able to strike her with attacks of this element, she absorbs 40% of the energy exerted to use that attack, which is quite helpful if she's running on low. One very notable thing about this Blessing is the harmonization between sword and lightning. The two of them come together automatically, so any time that Isana attempts to strike something there is a force behind her blow that comes from a burst of lightning that is collected within her blade. So even if she's not intentionally using the element, when she attacks, there is already lightning within the blade. It sort of acts like a conductor.

Elegance of Fujin (Wind):

The Elegance of Fujin can be as destructive as a tornado or hurricane. The Blessing grants the power to manipulate, create, and control the wind, along with the immunity to wind or air based attacks. Beyond that, Isana's body becomes very light, almost as if it's effected by gravity, but that is not the case. The air around her moves rapid enough to create a vortex around her body that keeps her floating around. She uses this 'light no her feet' method to out maneuver her opponents in different ways. She can mentally control the wind and push her body in different directions to allow easier and quicker dodging and attacking capabilities. And example of this is a sword coming towards her neck to decapitate her and it's too close for her to easily dodge, so she dodges at the same time as using the wind to push her away from the sword faster. She can also use the wind to slow down the attack of the person that's attempting to harm her. By using the wind to create a strong resistance against their attack, she can slow it down and maybe even alter it's path, depending on the power behind both of their techniques. Besides that, she merely uses the wind to attack and defend in any way that she can think of.

Grace of Izanagi:

With this Blessing, Isana grows a pair of wings that come with the change in outfit. The big thing about this Blessing is the fact that her energy alters to have a 'purification' effect. The 'purification' effect makes it where she can't harm the innocent. Because of how massive her abilities are with this Blessing, it can be hard to make sure people around aren't drawn into her powers, so the fact that she can't harm anyone 'good' or 'innocent' is a very, very helpful way for her to deal with the enemy without worry. With this blessing, Isana's weapon becomes a bow that shoots arrows of her energy.

  • The Purification Effect On People: This effect causes those within a twenty foot radius of Isana to have their thoughts, feelings, and intentions temporarily altered (unless you want a permanent effect on your character) from negative to positive. Meaning those with evil intentions will have those slowly taken away and replaced with good intentions. The closer a person gets to her within the radius the faster the change occurs. The effect also only harms those with evil intentions, that's it.
  • The Purification Effect On Attacks: This effect only effects energy based attacks with ill intent behind them. If someone is attempting to harm her or another person, when the attack reaches within ten feet of her (where her aura is much more concentrated) the aura can slowly the attack down by 95% (if she is staying in one spot) or 65% (if she is moving) and begin to break it down before it hits her. This makes it so that if she's staying still there is still a chance the attack can hit her. Weaker attacks will obviously be broken down much easier, but stronger one's make harm her if they're able to get through.
  • Bow and Arrows: Isana's bow is a decorative traditional bow that shoots arrows of her own energy. These arrows are very strong concentrated  pieces of Isana's purification energy that are targeted. Being targeted means whatever she chooses to shoot them at, they'll effect. If the person isn't of 'evil' or 'negative' intent, then it will be like getting hit with a normal arrow, piercing and all. If the person is of evil intent, then the arrow will start to physically purify them. It's similar to getting hit with acid. It will slowly melt the area that was cut or pierced. If shot into an attack, such as a cero, the arrow will be able to dispel the attack, move through, and pierce anything behind it.
  • The Wings: When they are contracted her wings merely give her minor flight, allowing her to move up to twenty feet off the ground and move through the air at the same pace that one would walk or run. The moment they're expanded, the wings allow her to move up to 450 miles per hour. The wings are extremely durable and can often be compared to steel. The wings are also used for attack and defense as well, each feather being as strong and sharp as a blade. There are four hundred feathers on her wings that she has the ability to throw out. Each feather should be treated like a blade and hold the same Purification effect that her arrows do.

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Isana Shirotsuna [Approved, 1-1+]
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