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 Nishimura Hayate [Approved 0-4]

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PostSubject: Nishimura Hayate [Approved 0-4]   Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:08 am

"One man's death does not justify the slaughter of many. Justice is upheld by steel, not blood.
I will show you that my cause is righteous, and that sheer murder is not."

Name: Nishimura, Hayate
True Age: 1,432
Gender: Male
Sugiura Class: Normal

Personality: Hayate is bound by a strict code of honor: 'An eye for an eye.' He believes that what is given is what is expected in return, and will deal with it as such. If you were to kill someone close to him, he would not hesitate in striking down someone close. His way is to deal with justice in steel, not justice in blood--massacre is not righteous, and will not be condoned. If equal amounts of blood have not been shed; then of course the balance must be kept. In fact, he will quite happily injure himself if it means fighting on an equal standing with someone he considers a proper rival or enemy. However.. suicide is never the answer. Seppuku is not honorable--death by ones own hand is not the way to go. If he could, Hayate would prefer to die standing on his own two legs; sword in hand and the fallen around his feet--he wishes to die against an enemy that he considers a perfect equal to his strength, and is constantly seeking that being.

Of course, he also recognizes that there is a life outside of battle. He does not desire constant fighting, and does not look for war. He wishes only to deal justice to those who deserve it, along with helping those who require his hand. His sword sings when it flies through the air, creating a symphony of steel and blood. In fact, music is his everything. It helps him through the difficulties of his life--when he is not dealing justice upon the heads of those who have wronged, he is writing his own pieces and playing instruments. While he has mastered several instruments and has a preferred style of music, he is completely open to the idea of other kinds of music; even going as far as to attempt to play/write that kind of music for another person. That said, he has said that he will always loathe Justin Bieber--even going as far as trying to deny that that musical transgression even existed in the first place.

When it comes to matters of the heart, Hayate is calm and kind, but firm. He doesn't consider it the right of the man to lord over a woman--but he will also not take unreasonable orders from a lover. It can be said, at times, that he is the perfect gentleman; but even this is wrong: if he wants something passionately enough, he will likely take it upon himself to go for it. He enjoys the feeling of getting what he wants, but he will never try and go for it without permission. He abhors dishonesty in a relationship... and will openly cheat if cheated upon; such is the law of 'eye for an eye'.

In other matters... well, it's difficult to say. In most situations, Hayate is the calm before the storm. If transgressed he will become fury, but otherwising that it is difficult to even get a reaction out of line. He feels the need to show perfection, and that his justice is perfect--even going too far at times to prove to others that he is right. Some would say fanatical, but they would be wrong: if proven totally wrong, he will accept his mistake... but only after a good couple of hours of coaxing. He also has nothing against assassination or backstabbing. Why should he? Sometimes, it's the only way to win a fight.

General Appearance


Appearance Age: 23
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 73kg

Natural  Abilities


Justice is Blind: This isn't really a good thing. Hayate cannot discern power levels as easily as others can. He can have an idea of the power level of one target, but it's just a feeling of if they're stronger or weaker than him. Groups are much the same; he can only discern their average power level in relation to his, not their specific power levels as a whole.

Sacred Weapon: Hayate's Sacred has manifested itself as a Daibo sword pair--a Katana and a Wakizashi. It receives no benefits from being two weapons.

Guardian Beast


Guardian Beast: Iustitia
Guardian Beast Appearance:

Guardian Beast Personality: As you would quite honestly expect, Iustitia is a firm believer in justice and balance, wishing to see the world dictate itself accordingly through its actions and its well-being. She sees everything as being equal on this world, or if not--it having something that balances it anyway. She is affirmedly naive about the world and sees things in black and white.


Joushou Release: "Justice!"

Joushou Appearance: Immediately after shouting out the word of power, the air around Hayate will suddenly change, feeling heavier for a moment. An image depicting a large pair of scales will appear behind him, balanced in one way or another. After a second, the scales will weigh in so that they are balanced, and then disappear. The air will feel less heavy, and then nothing else will appear any different. However, much has changed.

Joushou: The ability that is involved with Hayate's Joushou is simple. It "balances" the fight from that moment in time. This can be anything from amount of available energy to wounds on their bodies--but the balancing only happens on Hayate's body. No matter the difference, it will always be made up between them. If the enemy is a power that Hayate cannot comprehend, then activating his Joushou will make him even with that power for the duration of their fight. If the enemy is about as strong as a gnat, then lo and behold, Hayate will become as strong as a gnat. However, this also works for physical status. If the enemy is completely wound-less and Hayate is covered in wounds, then Hayate's wounds will be immediately healed--however, they will open back up the moment his Joushou ends, and vice versa for if Hayate is covered in wounds and his enemy is woundless--though those wounds on Hayate will close as soon as the fight is over. Any wounds gained during battle will not be repaired.

Obviously, this is very powerful for a Joushou. Even Hayate admits that it can turn fights in his favor, simply by putting him in a position where his power is unexpected. However, if one knows how Hayate's power works, then they can easily turn the tide. For example: wounds. If Hayate's opponent has a broken leg, and Hayate uses his Joushou to give himself a broken leg at the same time, then he will have a broken leg for that fight. However, if the opponent then has a way to easily mend their broken leg? They'll be unharmed while Hayate has to fight with a broken leg for the duration. This also works in terms of power levels. If an enemy gives off a certain power level and Hayate balances himself to it, there is nothing to stop them from raising their own level in response.

Groups are a different thing. In the sense of the power, the group becomes "one" entity with an averaged status and averaged power level. That is the level that Hayate takes upon himself. As a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, having an extremely weak ally who comes into battle with you to lower to average, or having a really powerful ally come in later to increase the average is the best way of dealing with Hayate and really gimping him.

Hayate's weakness is his lack of adaptability. His power can't adapt to a changing situation. It gives a snapshot of a moment, and he has to fight from that moment. He can't take multiple snapshots without going out of Joushou and back in--and that itself is weak. There is a minimum of three rounds that Hayate must remain in Joushou before he can change down, and then he has to take two cooldown rounds in between deactivating and reactivating Joushou once more. He also can't fight to his fullest potential without being in Joushou--without it, he is left with nothing but his swordplay to get him where he needs to be. With it, he leaves himself open to potential vulnerability. However, if he gets it right, then there's a lot of power open to him in his later forms.


Zenou Release: Honor!

Zenou Appearance: Once the release word has been spoken, the air around Hayate gets heavy again, and the scales appear behind his body once more. Balanced as they are, they immediately shift in one direction and then return to balance.

Zenou Abilities: Hayate's Zenou is a lot like his Joushou in many ways. It has the same idea of 'balancing a fight', by modifying both Hayate's body and his power level to match his enemy's. However, this one keeps up with changes in the fight. Any new factors included are modified on Hayate's body, two rounds after they occur. Obviously, this means that he lags behind in power level--but it also keeps him up-to-date with a fight as it continues onward. If an enemy heals wounds, two rounds later Hayate's wounds will also heal, and so on, so forth. This is probably Hayate's most-used form.

Now you may ask: What is the weakness of this form? It is still snapshotting. Each round a snapshot is taken, and Hayate is updated with that snapshot two rounds later. Therefore, you can get a sizeable power spike and take advantage of that power spike within the two rounds before Hayate changes. However, note that this power is also very good at snowballing an advantage--if you break a leg, Hayate has two rounds before his body updates. So it depends on who gets stronger first, and who can take advantage of that strength first. Note that, if the enemy dies, Hayate is not affected as the connection between him and his target breaks before his body can be updated. Unlike his Joushou, he retains his injuries after leaving Zenou.

Kyuu Kyou

Kyuu Kyou Release: Insight!

Kyuu Kyou Appearance: Upon speaking the release word, the air around Hayate gets heavy once more. In the background, a woman wearing a blindfold appears and stands for a few seconds, before reaching up and removing the blindfold from around her eyes. She stares down for a few seconds, before disappearing and letting the air go back to normal. Hayate's eyes take on a deep purple glow once she disappears.

Mystic Eyes: In this form, Justice is no longer Blind--in fact, she sees more than she lets on. Hayate gains the ability to see power and possibility in everything around him. These are Hayate's Mystic Eyes--Mystic Eyes of Enlightenment--and are only available to him when he activates his Kyuu Kyou, no earlier than that. The images manifest themselves as lines throughout the objects he sees, pulsating in certain directions regarding where their strength goes. This allows him not only the ability to see what enemies have in terms of power, but also what they're going to do with their power next. Having the knowledge doesn't exactly mean that he can use it properly and to full effect, of course.

Kyuu Kyou Abilities: Hayate's Kyuu Kyou is better suited to fighting groups than individuals. This is the first thing that one must know. In this form, the group manifests itself as one form to Hayate--like usual, except that he now has an exact knowledge of their power and where it goes. How does this help him, you may ask. To put it simply: Hayate knows who the weaklings are that he needs to cull. There is now only a one-round lag between Hayate and his enemy(ies), which allows him to catch up at a better speed. As well as this, he is put slightly above the average of the group, rather than exactly average. Injuries sustained are mimicked from only the strongest member of the group, however--any more would overwhelm Hayate's body with information.

Snapshotting is still a weakness here, but it's mitigated by the fact that there is less time needed for Hayate to catch up than before, leaving the target(s) less time to take advantage of any reasonable spikes of power they may have. If an enemy dies, as usual, the connection is broken and Hayate doesn't receive the effect of death. There is, however, one objection to this rule when in Kyuu Kyou. If Hayate accepts that he had a perfect and glorious battle worthy of dying to, then he will allow death to take him away.

Alter Form

Alter Personality: At his very core: Hayate's Alter is a murderer of men. An honorless brigand who only seeks personal addition and wishes to further his own wealth and ambitions. He is not above murder to get what he wants, and will quite happily slaughter a city in order to find one man who has slighted him. If you kill his ally, he will kill your family. If you steal a personal item from him, he will kill your family. If you so much as sneeze in his general direction... he will probably kill your family. As such: it is a really good idea not to mess with this guy.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: The only thing in the air was the beating of his heart. Grey landscapes gave way to red blood, flowing down the valleys created by bodies and into the sodden earth. He wasn't sure how he was still alive, down on one knee and watching the battlefield with weary eyes. His weapon stuck into the mud and he leaned upon it, breathing out the air that he felt could be his last. Death was everywhere around him, a battle that had been fought for an unjust cause--greed. A simple land dispute had escalated, and mercenaries were hired to kill each other and secure this piece of land for the other. Hayate looked around himself, wondering if it was all worth the trouble. The ground was now soaked with the blood of Sugiura who had been forced to fight one another. Bodies piled everywhere, and only a few were alive. On either side, they would stare each other down. They had a job. They had been paid--there was no option but success, even if it meant killing their own brother in this lasting battle. Hayate finally strengthened his resolve, getting to his feet and bringing his blade up to his side. There was no reason to continue this fight. The land was forever destroyed. The men that were hired would not be going home to their families--there were maybe ten men in total left on this battlefield, out of the hundred or so that were hired. It was Hell on earth, and Hayate wondered if it was worth going on with.

A voice called his name and he looked in its direction, seeing a man whom he knew only by name staring back at him. His voice was raspy, but he was alive--or at least barely there. His name was called thrice more, and then the man stopped breathing. That was it. He was done. Turning away from the battlefield, Hayate moved to where he knew his employer was. He didn't care anymore. It was not worth the trouble. It was not, no matter how much gold he was paid, worth the lives that ruined the soil forever. Stepping through into the tent, Hayate was met with the man who had asked him to kill for this small piece of dirt. He threw insults at Hayate, telling him that he should not have returned until he had the head of his brother. His brother should've been dead for Hayate to even consider stepping off of the battlefield. In respose, Hayate beheaded the man with no words spoken.

Holding the severed head of the man in one hand and his blade in the other, he crossed the battlefield to meet with the enemy. Seeing the head in his hand, those who had stood against him would now stand aside, understanding what had occurred. Hayate would step into the tent and throw the severed head onto the lap of the other brother, who looked up at him fearfully. Knowing what it meant, the man lowered his head and allowed Hayate to deal the killing blow.

Ever since that time, Hayate has been a proponent of equal justice, and quite frequently tends to solve issues by simply taking what was taken. Throughout his life, he has seen bloodshed for petty reasons, murder and massacre for little more than bread, and those who have more lording over those who have little. Unfortunately, he could not live with simple means--even if he had tried, he would not be able to survive. Against his better judgement, he approached the Sugiura to the North, asking to be brought into their ranks. He needed a place to fight from, and a thing to fight for. Even if Justice would not be served by those who could, he would serve Justice as well as he possibly could in the situations that he could handle.

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Nishimura Hayate [Approved 0-4]
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