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 Elijah Wulf [Approved 2-1]

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PostSubject: Elijah Wulf [Approved 2-1]   Thu Nov 07, 2013 12:27 am

"No, you don't get it. I don't die. I can die, but I don't."


Name: Elijah Wulf
True Age: Unknown, considered to be at least 400 years old by now. Doesn't age naturally.
Appearance Age: 27
Gender: Male
Personality: Elijah is a bit disconnected from the world around him. He really doesn't have much understanding of anything that doesn't pertain to his survival in general, and doesn't quite have the necessary knowledge to craft links with other people properly. He can be said to be 'naive', and it's probably true. Instead of being a people-person, he is instead very isolated from other people, not understanding them or their nuances. He hears people chattering and dismisses it as idle noise, no matter the importance of what they're talking about. Unless you address him directly, he probably won't even take notice of your existence.

In fact, he really doesn't have much in terms of understanding or recognition of the value of human life. He understands that the life of another human is worth something, but he doesn't really know how much it's worth. He endeavors to save human life to understand what it's worth--but a lot of the times he does this, he simply dies himself. He doesn't get it--why has he been cursed to die whenever he saves another? Is it just that people are meant to die in the end? It is this question that he wishes to answer, since answering it will most likely bring him back to a point where he can finally age and die himself.

Hopefully, as Elijah starts to understand the words of she who cursed him, he will come to respect not only the value of human life in general, but especially his own life--which is what he sorely lacks. Even if he understood the importance of other humans in his life, not placing any value on his own means that it's all worthless in the end, which is why his memories of other people disappear when he dies--not because he doesn't value them, but because he doesn't value himself enough.

General Appearance



Height: 6'2"
Weight: 165lb

Natural Abilities

Natural Abilities:

Hidden Weapon/Item Master: To say that Elijah has experience with hidden weapons is a bit of a long-shot. Quite frankly, there are very few people in the world who can work so well with hidden weapons as he. His arsenal that he has at home is easily-restocked, and he spends a lot of his money on this. Whenever he goes into a fight, he carries what he needs on his body; it increases his weight by approximately fifteen kilograms, but doesn't affect his movement and agility too much--he's too well-trained in moving with them to be affected. He has mastery over all of what he carries. A list of the hidden weapons that he carries upon his person are as follows:

Flash Bombs x8 - The flash bombs that Elijah carries are designed to be detonated upon hard impact with the ground. The chemical combination is released upon explosion, blinding most beings within its visible radius of about 10 feet.
Smoke Bombs x8 - These smoke bombs are designed to be detonated upon hard impact with the ground. The chemicals react upon explosion, creating a large burst of smoke that is almost impossible to see through.
Tear Bombs x8 - These bombs are designed to be detonated upon hard impact with the ground. Upon activation, the chemicals react with the air to create a gas that irritates the eyes of most beings in its radius of effect. Elijah is immune to their effects.
Throwing Knives x16 - These knives are carried in various places along Elijah's body for easy retrieval and throwing. They are accurate and deadly on hit, but easily noticed and dodged by beings with skills in that region.

Qi Abilities

Type: Jìnéng

In the simplest description, Elijah cannot die. Well, this is not entirely true. He can die. In fact, if you hit him hard enough, he will die--he's just as fragile as any other human. However, the caveat here is that no matter how he dies, he will always return. The process takes a little while, depending on the severity of the injury that has caused his death, but it will always happen. And he will feel all of his pieces coming back together from the moment his nervous system begins working again--and usually the nervous system is the first thing that comes back, mostly as punishment. Once that is back, his body begins to reconstruct itself piece by piece until the end. And when he finally sits up, the first question he'll usually ask is: "Who're you?"

Why is this? Because he loses memories. He doesn't lose important memories that facilitate life--he remembers where he is, who he is, what year it is, how to breathe, everything like that. What disappears are his links to life. His links to other people. They become dreams in the back of his mind that he can't pick up on. People and things might be familiar to him, but best case scenario it's just base familiarity. He doesn't really remember any details about them, or even what they mean to him. He continues to live, but loses a piece of his life: His memories of people and the world he cares about are reset to waking up from the burning stake.

There is a way to fix this loss of memory. A person, or a thing, has to basically become essential to his existence (i.e the love of his life, etc). If that happens, then they will never be removed from his mind.

To summarize:

  • High Speed Regeneration - Can regenerate any sustained wounds after about a round. Regeneration takes at least one round, more depending on how severe the injury is.
  • Effective Immortality - Doesn't die. Regenerates one round after death--time frame remains the same as usual.
  • Memory Wipe - Unpon post-death restoration, loses memories of anything not essential to living in the age he is in.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background:

"Speaking through I is the voice of my Lord,
asking me to mete justice to those in sin.
You, I see, do not understand life and its meaning,
so this life will be one you are forever within."

If you'd asked Elijah what those words meant 400 years ago, he would've simply looked at you with a confused expression. However, having four hundred years to consider the thought of it all has given Elijah a rather interesting insight into his own fate.

His life wasn't exactly interesting before he was cursed. It was, at the most, rather average for a life. He was born, raised, learned and the like--but in the end, he never really had anything going on for him. There was one staggering problem with Elijah, however. He did not seem to understand the value of another life. He killed his first victim at the age of six. It wasn't exactly murder, moreso an accident. When asked what happened, however, Elijah said that he'd simply 'stopped moving'. Nobody could explain what had happened, nor could they justify any kind of motive on Elijah's part. They assumed it to be an accident, and left it at that.

The killings, however, did not stop. For some reason or another, dead bodies would always turn up around Elijah. As he aged, people began to be more suspicious of him. This was around the time that witchcraft became prevalent, and people were assuming that this young man was just a witch taking on a different form. Eventually, he would be burned at the stake--one of the first Witch Trials. Tied to the stake and stared at by mobs of angry men and women, he was approached by an older-looking woman who seemed to have a strange glint in her eye. She repeated a simple poem and then left him with a few quiet words: "I'm sure you'll eventually understand the worth of life. But until you do, your own life will restart from here every single time." With that, Elijah Wulf burned alive.

Everything Elijah knows from then on is burned away in the flames when he dies. Every death removes the memories he has made up until that point, leaving them as ashes in the recesses of his mind. While he is still capable of recalling them, they are fog-filled and hazy, as if they were just distant dreams of another lifetime. Through each of these dreams, however, he has heard that same line every single time:

"I'm sure you'll eventually understand the worth of life. But until you do, your own life will restart from here every single time."
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PostSubject: Re: Elijah Wulf [Approved 2-1]   Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:25 am

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Elijah Wulf [Approved 2-1]
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