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 Knight (Arrancar - Finished)

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PostSubject: Knight (Arrancar - Finished)   Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:54 pm

Arrancar Template


Name: Knight
True Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Personality: Knight is usually quiet and periodically says, “Whushire” (woe-share) as a form of checking their presence among his brothers; to tell it was a Horse Lord, the Horse Lords will say, “Whursheck” (whore-shack) as a form of recognition of higher rank. Though it would appear they have a simple mind as they eat, guard, eat, drink, guard, and repeat, their fighting style behaves similarly to the Quincy; Horse Lords are more complicated as they are constantly giving out commands and tactics even while fighting as they ride by and attacking with quantity rather than with balanced power and quantity like their lower brothers. The “Haunt Whisper” is a language that both Knight and Horse Lord use instead of Spanish or Japanese; Knight’s dialect is softer than the Horse Lords’ abrupt snap dialect. Example of it is the sentence, “Who’s There?” or “I am!”—Knight tends to say, “Whushire” for both question and answer while Horse Lord tends to say, “Whursheck” for the question and answer. They even have the same distinct voice, so if someone tries to mimic their voices, they will pick up on it quickly; Horse Lords have telepathic ability so they can pick up on the responses and can easily pick up on the imposters by detecting hesitation in between the imitation. Unlike other Arrancars, Knight cannot use cero while the Horse Lords have their own version called Invadir Cero. They believed in unison, thus identity was their foe and the loyalty is only to their brothers and the Ruler of Hueco Mundo; should they attain an identity, they are exiled from the group so they can feel “ultimate despair” where they are encouraged to commit suicide because having an identity to them is spitting on their brothers and not worthy to serve their ruler. When the ruler says, “Whushire” or “Whursheck,” in reply to identification, all Knight and Horse Lord in the vicinity will immediately be kneeling before them and in perfect unison and formation, which would honestly drive some Arrancar nutty; when a regular Arrancar replied like that, they would be expecting some Flecha Bala’s heading their way because they are not “them or the ruler.” Of course, they can make exceptions based on what the ruler will condone and not condone as their actions. Unlike the Exequias founded by Rudbornn Chelute, Knight and Horse Lord do not have an official leader other than the Ruler of Hueco Mundo, but due to Rudbornn Chelute’s demise, Knight and Horse Lord replaced the Exequias as the ones to deal with rebels and intruders as well as active guards throughout Las Noches; if commanded to, they can change their roles to assist other high-ranking Arrancar and attack enemies outside of Hueco Mundo while have talents for scouting and performing assassination. They are hardly seen outside Hueco Mundo in the eyes of Shinigami, Quincy, Sugiura and Human alike, thus seeing a small group of them is considered an unidentified anomaly until they are investigated further (provided they stayed or more comes.)

General Appearance


Appearance Age: Unknown.
Mask Fragment: The horns and face that is not black.
Hollow Hole: In the chest, but was hidden behind his armor.
Height: 5’5”
Weight: Heavyweight (armored)

Natural Abilities

Unreleased Abilities: Flecha Bala: Unlike regular bala, Flecha Bala can travel faster and has a more compact form, thus having more power and penetration applied. This means the attack will hurt a lot more than normal while he can fire it at a rapid succession. He usually fires it from his bow and there are two kinds of them. Green ones can do twice the damage while the red ones can do thrice the damage; when in resurreccion, the green can do 8 times the damage while the red can do six times the damage of a regular bala.
Psyche!: Knight has an intimidating presence as his voice can echo indoors as if he is a ghost while his heavy footsteps can make the fugitive of his hunting wish they have not met him.
One of Many: Knight is not just one person, but a mass of them under one name. There is no original, thus they cannot be tricked to trying to claim their own identity. If there is one, there is always more around somewhere.
Zanpakutō Appearance: The bow is the length of his torso. It has no string, but it can create a “cero bowstring” that glows to the corresponding kind of attack. As a spiritual weapon, it does not break unless its owner’s willpower is broken. Like the Quincy Bow, Knight can fire his Flecha Bala from it and able to do so at a rapid succession. Unlike the Quincy Bow, it is not purely made up of reishi, thus it can take a hit rather than phasing through or cutting into the attack.
Other Weapons: Knight usually carries a tomahawk with him for throwing or utility uses.


Resurrección Name: Horse Lord
Resurrección Release Phrase: “Whursheck!”
Resurrección Appearance: Instead of his silver armor and blue glowing eyes, it turns his eyes red and his armor to gold with red tunic and boots instead of black. His wooden bow becomes more ordained is sturdier in appearance. He still has a black silhouetted body as his mask and horns turn gold with its armor. Appearing with him was a warhorse with matching armor coloring, which he uses to ride on. The horse is silhouetted in black as well with red eyes while capable of flying and using Sonido twice as better than its master.
Resurrección Abilities: Enhanced Sonido: The horse can flash-step at twice the speed, thus twice the distance covered at the same time than its master.
Flecha Bala Metralleta: Horse Lord’s personalized version of Cero Metralleta altered to outfit his Flecha Bala technique. The technique allows him to compete the speed and attack quantity to that of a master Quincy. Considering it is only in his ressureccion form, the technique can be twice as strong as before as it appears as red arrows.
Enhanced Armor: The armor was once capable of withstanding strong attacks, but as Horse Lord, he can withstand extreme attacks like Bankai and attacks from a Vollstandig Quincy.
Invadir Cero: Horse Lord can cue his horse to use its Sonido to trample his foes with the damage effectiveness comparable to being hit by a Cero Oscuras. Notably, the rush would appear like he was launching a black cero, thus it creates the common belief that Horse Lord can literally “ride the cero” to ensure that the foe is decimated. There is no chance to resist an immense knockback or an extreme crushing trample if hit.

Past & Roleplay Sample

Character Background: Knight was originally introduced after the Fall of Aizen as Arrancar foot soldiers (like Gillian Meno as Hollow foot soldiers) for Fraccions and Espada members to use for special assignments that requires a smaller presence. Though the method on their reproduction was unknown, Knight is found to be plentiful and seems to be replacing each other each time one dies. In a small group, they can serve as shock troopers while in a cohort, they are capable of making eradication very adverse for powerful adversaries. Despite the number and their abilities as Arrancars, there are always 20 Horse Lords (“Promoted” Knights in Ressureccion Form.) These Horse Lords are usually the ones giving out orders and instructions to their brethren, even though they speak in a language that only they understood as “Haunt Whispers.” During service, they are constantly found around Las Noches as guards and can be seen with Espada Members and Fraccions while they serve as watchmen for Numeros, ready to execute them on notice if they noticed that a Numeros is planning something against them (thus they appear in many threads without conflict.) Horse Lords are harder to find as they usually are found with the leader, the members of the Espada or training their lower brothers. Because of the Horse Lords’ combat style on horseback, denizens of Hueco Mundo often associate them as “The Riders of Las Noches.” In a short time in service, they became a common entity, which made the Arrancars frequently forget that they are there and only be noticeable when called upon. When an Arrancar plans a coup, Knight is often there to catch the traitors at the tip of their Flecha Bala. There are plenty of stories in their short time in the Arrancar forces, including on how they rebuild their numbers. It is said that if a Knight bites a hollow, the hollow slowly transforms into an Arrancar before slowly transforming into Knight, but there was no real proof that concept. Second known story is that Knight wipes out a hollow village in matter of seconds as a small cohort because the village challenged the ruling; the story was fantasized by a young Arrancar who witnessed the awesome power of a cohort of Knight led by a Horse Lord during a training regime. Third exemplified story was known to be true is that if a Knight somehow gains an identity, it commits suicide because having an identity is spitting on their brothers’ bodies.
Roleplay Sample: (Based on the situation if provided that Tia Harribel is Ruler in Canon.)
In the courtyard of Las Noches, one Knight was guarding before he hears footsteps off to the distance. “Whushire?” He inquires with his dark voice echoing throughout the courtyard. “Whushire.” Another Knight replies as he approaches. Another footstep off to the distance is heard as both Knights asks, “Whushire?” Another Knight approaches them with the response, “Whushire.” Later on, Tia was going out to oversee the training; suddenly, she hears a dark voice echoing from down the hallway ahead of her, “Whursheck?” Immediately, Tia knows that it is a Horse Lord, a captain of the Knight so she replies with, “Whursheck!” All is quiet as Tia walks down to figure out what happened; they are still new to her as ruling is new to her. As she reaches the courtyard, she sees over ten thousand Knight and all twenty Horse Lords kneeling in her general direction with hardly a flaw in their formation. Tia looks around and thinks to herself while a little perplexed, “This--will take a while to get used to.”
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Knight (Arrancar - Finished)
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