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 Canon Character Information

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Beast of Possibilities

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PostSubject: Canon Character Information   Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:36 am

To apply for a canon, one must not have ANY warnings from a rule break and must be active for at least ONE month on the forum RP-wise.  If you fit those criteria, you can apply for a canon. However, it's not as simple as a normal application. Before you can even start on the actual application, you must have pre-clearance from 3/4 of staff. How do you gain this pre-clearance? Not from just asking us in a PM or in Chatango, that's for sure. Instead, you apply here for the pre-clearance. If 3 staff members sign onto it, then there is a one-day waiting period for final checks within all staff. After that period, you may start on your application. However, you can only apply for a canon once per month. Whether you get approved or denied, you only get one a month.

To get pre-clearance, you have to satisfy all of our criteria. These are: Activity, Trust, Reasoning, and Capability. Activity is simple, and that's if you can be active with the canon character. If you're going to apply for a canon and they'll just sit on their asses, then you won't be getting them. This means you will need to show us some RP activity within the past month. If we don't deem it to be enough, you won't get them. Trust is a more subjective criteria, but it's rather simple. Can we trust you to be fair and just with the canon? Canons may have abilities that are normally not allowed by our rules, so we have to make sure that you won't get out of line with those powers. Reasoning is perhaps the most strict out of all of these criteria. Why should you get a canon? What do you think you can bring to the table by applying for this canon character? If you can't give a good reason, you're not getting them. The last is Capability. We have to know you're not going to make Byakuya do cartwheels through the Gotei or have Kenpachi become a mall Santa. Those are outlandish examples, but we do need to know that you're going to be capable of roleplaying the canon without "breaking" them. On that note, canon interactions can not be changed without a good, legitimate reason and approval from 3/4 members of staff. This means you can't make Rukia suddenly an enemy or lover of Renji without a good reason. If you plan on doing anything like this, note it in your pre-clearance application. If you DO something like this and do not alert staff, you will be stripped of your right to claim that canon.

If you somehow manage to get a canon, then there are some rules you have to follow. If you're not active with your canon, they will be stripped from you. You will not be allowed to re-apply for that canon, as you have proven to us you can't be active with them. There is ONE exception for this. If you are somehow not able to get onto the site for a legitimate reason, you MAY re-apply after the canon has been stripped. If this keeps happening, you will lose that right. If someone takes that canon in your absence, then there is nothing you can do. If you break your canon's character (see: Byakuya doing carthweels), they will be stripped from you. You will not be allowed to re-apply for that canon, as you have proven to us you can't keep them in character. If you use their powers in an OP or godmod fashion, they will be stripped from you. You will not be allowed to re-apply for that canon, as you have proven to us you can't be trusted with them. And as a side-note, if you do get a canon, do not expect to automatically get their position back. If it's filled by someone else, it's filled, end of story.

These are the canon characters that CAN NOT be made, period. Any other canon characters MAY be made, so long as they can fit within an existing race.

Canon Requesting:
Reason Requesting Said Canon:
Approximate Join Date:
Approximate Number of RP Posts Last Month:
RP Sample: (Please put it within a spoiler tag, 20 sentences minimum)

[b]Canon Requesting:[/b]
[b]Reason Requesting Said Canon:[/b]
[b]Approximate Join Date:[/b]
[b]Approximate Number of RP Posts Last Month:[/b]
[b]RP Sample:[/b] [spoiler][/spoiler]
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PostSubject: Re: Canon Character Information   Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:53 am

Username: Genpaku
Canon Requesting: Zaraki Kenpachi
Reason Requesting Said Canon: Because Zaraki?
Approximate Join Date: 2012-11-28
Approximate Number of RP Posts Last Month: 1ish
RP Sample:
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Beast of Possibilities

Posts : 881
Join date : 2012-11-27
Age : 24

PostSubject: Re: Canon Character Information   Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:43 am

Because of circumstances that I can personally attest to keeping you from posting actively, I am approving this. Congrats, you have the first canon... technically.

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PostSubject: Re: Canon Character Information   

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Canon Character Information
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