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 Sugiura Information

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PostSubject: Sugiura Information   Sat Dec 08, 2012 9:14 pm

Sugiura Information.

This a thread to help define what Sugiura are, what they can be capable of, and to increase interest in the race.

  • What are Sugiura?
    Sugiura could be called a mutation of Shinigami. But that's like saying that lizards and crocodiles are mutations of one another. Sure, they may have a common origin, but they are so distinct nowadays there's no reason to call them just a mutation. The interesting thing about Sugiura is that there are different "classes" of them. This isn't normally a path chosen, as it is closer to a path already predetermined. Sugiura can use Shunpo, much like a  Shinigami, as well as Kidō. The normal Sugiura have a Guardian Beast, a Sacred, and access to the Denryoku no Sanbagarasu (their release forms).

  • Guardian Beasts.
    Guardian Beasts are divided into two terms: Phantasmal Species (幻想種, Gensoushu) and Heroic Spirits (英霊, Eirei). But essentially, both are those of myths, legends, folklore, etc. given form. They can have existed, or could not have. It is all up to the strength of the legend. They can be ranked into three categories, which change as the creatures age and increase in power towards becoming higher existences. The lowest rank is Monstrous, which then change into Ascended, and finally become classified as Divine.

    Phantasmal Species is the common term used to refer to all non-human creatures that are found in legends. Rather than a classification for a separate ranking for beasts, it encompasses everything from demi-humans, such as fairies and giants, to monsters, such as dragons and oni. They embody mysteries simply by existing and it is said to be a miracle if one is simply observed being formed. Many of the Phantasmal Species fall into the category of all creatures that do not fit in the ordinary biological classification for living beings and those that do not fall within the normal ecosystem. The term "beast" does not necessarily mean quadrupedal mammals. They are true deviations from biology that cannot be explained by immature research or sudden mutations.

    Heroic Spirits are elemental spirits of heroicism itself that is considered a natural phenomenon in itself. Heroic Spirits are beings that accomplished great achievements such as saving the world and, after their death, became the object of worship and lore. As a result, they are placed outside the cycle of transmigration of the soul and ascend to an existence closer to the Phantasmal Species. Note that despite the origins of the term, they are not bound to the common understanding of the word “hero”, thus even Heroic Spirits of evil alignment exist.

  • Origin.
    Origin (起源, Kigen) is the orientation at the time that an event occurred. It is the starting point that defines one's existence and directs one's actions throughout life. It is the driving force from the inside that managed to stream out of the Source and take material form. The form it can take at times is that of a human being, and all humans match their actions to be in harmony with the driving force that originated them from the moment they enter into the world. These actions are more along the lines of an inherent compulsion that could be called a person's instinct rather than a conscious decision. If a person becomes awakened to their Origin, it becomes nearly impossible to stray from their Origin, if it's even possible in the first place. It becomes an impulsive behavior one would follow as though it were an absolute order.

  • Sacred.
    A Sacred is a weapon of a Sugiura used to release their Denryoku no Sanbagarasu. The weapon is not necessarily a weapon. Rather, it is a catalyst to release. It can take the form of a weapon, but it is truly a physical or metaphysical system used to release their power.

  • Denryoku no Sanbagarasu.
    Denryoku no Sanbagarasu (電力の三羽烏, Triumvirate of Power) is the name of the Sugiura's three releases of their power. The three releases are Joushou, Zenou, and Kyuu Kyou. Joushou (上昇, Ascending) is the Sugiura's first release. It can be compared to a Shinigami and Vizard's Shikai in terms of power. It generally allows for the base powers of the Sugiura+Guardian Beast to be released. Zenou (前王, Before the King) is the Sugiura's second release. It can be compared to an  Arrancar's Ressureccion and a Shinigami's Bankai in terms of power. It allows for more advanced powers of the Sugiura+Guardian Beast. Kyuu Kyou (仇供; lit. Pledged Revenge) is the Sugiura's final release. It is the most powerful and has no true power comparison from other races because of how it is done. This truly is not the Guardian Beast, but the Sugiura him or herself. It is the existence (but not necessarily the Origin) of the Sugiura taken form. Unlike other forms except for a Vizard's Ressureccion, Kyuu Kyou has an added risk of releasing a "buried self." The self is an Alter, which is defined more below. The Alter has more of a chance of being released the longer and more often Kyuu Kyou is used.

  • Alter.
    An Alter is the existence that exists parallel to a Sugiura. It is not an alternate existence like some may think the name implies. Rather, it is an "Alternate Vision." This is, essentially, an inversion of the character. However, that is too simple of a definition for it. It's closer to anything about a character that could have been changed to have been changed. Such as if a character had brown hair, his Alter could have blond hair. However, it's not just appearance. Personality also changes. If someone fought with honor, then her Alter could fight like a beast. Powers are also included, though they have a special case. Alters on their own have their own powers, to an extent. They do not have access to a full release, as they are not a full Sugiura. However, Alters do not truly exist until the  Sugiura learns Kyuu Kyou. This is because Kyuu Kyou is the learning of the existence of the Sugiura himself. The Alter technically does exist, but the Sugiura in mind and body does not acknowledge it, making it impossible for the Alter to manifest. In extremely rare cases, an Alter may be able to take physical form as a separate entity.

  • Reversion.
    The greatest threat with an Alter is that an Alter may take control of the original existence. This means that it is entirely possible for an Alter to take over the original Sugiura's body, making the original Sugiura the new Alter.

  • Special Body Makeup.
    “Spiritual Body” is a word that describes an existence with spiritual properties. In other words, a shape is constructed without relying on components with physical properties. On the other hand, “Material Body” means something that is identical in structure as flesh bodies. A Material Body, cannot walk through walls, and will hurt and become wounded when beaten with an iron baton. However, a Spirit Body is capable of completely disregarding such physical interference. Attacking a Spiritual Body with a regular baton or sword (unless they are magical items) will only hit empty space. Sugiura have a special mix of both. Their bodies can be seen by normal humans, but they are not able to be harmed like a Material Body.

  • Spirit Form.
    Spirit Form is how Sugiura travel across dimensions and long distances. It uses the makeup of the Sugiura's body and spreads it out. It's closer to separating and moving the cloud of particles.

  • Inversion Impulse.
    This is something all half-breed Sugiura can face. While in the Sugiura realms, it is possible for a half-Sugiura to "invert" their dominant half to become mainly Sugiura (allowing them to gain the Denryoku no Sanbagarasu). This is irreversible, and it can only happen if their dominant half is not a Sugiura.

Overview: For all intents and purposes, this is a list that will provide the basic info for all of the sub-races of the Sugiura. It shall explain what people need to know about certain sub-races, so that no point is left untouched. With that being said, let's begin!

Normal Sugiura

The run of the mill Sugiura. Nothing truly special about them in general, though there are some with traits that resemble animals.

Knight Sugiura

These Sugiura are the closest to the standard Sugiura. Their main trait is the ability to materialize armor from their own spiritual energy.  The power of the armor is ultimately dependent on the level of the knight. If the Knight is a stalwart warrior with a strong foundation of spiritual energy, his armor will be hard to slice or skewer with most weapons. Even people who pride themselves on hand to hand combat will find themselves at a extreme disadvantage against a master knight who has honed his armor to extremely durable levels.  Their next trait is known simply as Magic Resistance. This allows them to block things such as Kidō, Sugiura magic, Quincy Arrows, Ceros, Balas, etc. A basic Knight class Sugiura can block up to 20-30 in Kidō spells and low-level cero.  For the highest of Knight-class Sugiura, they are capable of blocking up to 60-70 Kidō spells, 99% of Basic Cero. In some cases, even high level magic can be blocked but that depends solely on how powerful the knight in question is. The third trait of Knight Sugiura is their excellence in combat. While not generally skilled in modern weapons such as rifles, cannons, and even hand-to-hand, the Knight Sugiura are rather skilled when it comes to swords, spears, lances, axes, hammers, flails, bows, daggers, and any other weapons associated with the age of clashing steel. The final trait is a skill known as Riding. Despite the innuendo, Knights are exceptionally skilled when it comes to commanding a form of transportation. This could be a horse, a house-boat, or even a house fly. If someone can use it as transportation, a Knight could control the method.

Magus Sugiura

A Magus Sugiura is a Sugiura that decided not to obtain a Guardian Beast. They decided to gain power they would tap into their Origin, the beginning of one's being. It is nigh-impossible to tap into one's true Origin, but getting close to it is not hard. An Origin is  Lightning, Severing/Binding, Water/Wind, Consumption, and otherworldly magic that cannot be calculated. Tapping into their Origin allows them to learn their magic, master it, and become an extreme threat against any opponent.  With a high-level Magus, they are even capable of defeating high-level Shinigami, Sugiura, Arrancar, or anything one can think of. Magus are divided into a Noble Colors system that allows them to be graded based on their abilities. The lowest is Yellow. A Magus determined to be Yellow in color is one who has recently tapped their origin with no real power. After Yellow is Orange. Orange is what most Magus Sugiura are. They are learning what their Origin can do and don't post much of a threat. Next is Green. Most Green Magi are directors, as they are decently strong and knowledgeable. This color means that they are halfway into mastering their Origin. The next is Red. Reds are rather strong and pose a minor threat. Next is Blue. Blue is the highest class one can attain normally. They are rare and are sometimes called Masters. They are close to mastering their Origin. The highest is known as Rainbow. They are the masters of their Origin. Rainbow-colored Magi are highly respected among the Magus Sugiura.

Tsurugi Sugiura

Tsurugi are a distinct class of Sugiura, where two Sugiura work as a single collective force.  There are Sugiuras who exist known as Blacksmiths. These blacksmiths are capable of forging otherworldly armors and swords, capable of allowing them to fight against the strongest warriors the world has to offer. Once the Blacksmith has completed the armor, they infuse their spirit inside the masterpiece as it's OS.  It is for this reason that most Musha(Tsurug-users) do not require a guardian beast.  This most due to the fact that once the Musha and Tsurugi become one being, they are capable of rivaling their Sugiura brethren, if not defeating them along with other warriors of various races.  Even if a Sugiura is a novice, if their blacksmith was an accomplished warrior, they can guide them through battles using their knowledge and skill.  Low-level Tsurugi are usually capable of rivaling vice-captains and seated officers depending on the pilot's skill. These are known as kazuuchi or "Many-Forged" Tsurugi.  The ancient Tsurugi are known as Shinuchi - True Forged Tsurugi. They are far more powerful and can rival any warrior with their Shinogi which is an ability that does not adhere to the laws of physics. They have a form of combat that is exclusive to them known only as TAC(Tsurugi Aerial combat) and most are generally well adept and masterful at many forms of Japanese and western swordsmanship.  

Beast Sugiura

Beast Sugiura are the rarest of all of the sub-classes of Sugiura. This is because of how they are created. A Beast Sugiura are those that have become one with their Guardian Beast(s). This can be through simply devouring their Guardian Beast or by fusing with them. No matter what, Beast Sugiura will always be mentally unstable. As their thoughts became one, there will be conflicts and thus the balance is gone. However, one can become more with one Guardian Beast by what is known as Mad Enhancement. This is by sacrificing more of the original Sugiura's mind for more of the Guardian Beast's skills. Beast Sugiura will have higher strength than the other Sugiura, since their body is now two merged. However, their mind's instability causes their magic skill to sharply decline. No matter what their skill was before, a Beast Sugiura is the weakest when it comes to magic.

Liner Sugiura

Liner Sugiura are a newer kind, of which not much is known. Liner Sugiura are almost a sub-class of Magus Sugiura, but they are fundamentally different. Liner Sugiura do not have a Guardian Beast, though they can form a Divine Contract (神の契約; Kami no Keiyaku; lit. God's Covenant) with one. A Divine Contract does not give a Liner Sugiura abilities like the Guardian Beast, but rather for them to gain a nigh-unbreakable (breakable only by things like the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception) connection with the Guardian Beast to summon said Guardian Beast. While Divine Contracts do not give the abilities from the Guardian Beast, they do give the Liner Sugiura the concept of the Guardian Beast. Thus, Liner Sugiura can gain abilities based on the concept from the Guardian Beast. Now, this means that they are not immediately given to the contractor, but the contractor can enhance the concept from the Guardian Beast if he or she wills it. A Divine Contract is nullified once either dies or the contractor and/or contractee willingly denies the contract. Once the Divine Contract is nullified, the Liner Sugiura loses the Guardian Beast's concept and all abilities from it. Liner Sugiura also do not have a Sacred. However, they do not have a Magecraft either. Liner Sugiura have things known as Sign Frames.

A Sign Frame (サインフレーム(表示枠), Hyouji-waku, lit. "Display Frame") is a device that manifests when an ability is used. It allows the interaction of a user with an ability, or can give the user a confirmation of the status of an ability. It is a versatile tool that serves a wide range of purposes, from basic communication, to interfaces in usage of abilities. Sign Frames appear when certain abilities are activated, and is basically a window that serves a purpose depending on the ability used. It is often manifested as a semi-transparent object floating in space, which can be touched and moved by the user at will. Depending on the affiliation of the user, Sign Frames may possess a distinct appearance reflecting the affiliation of the user of the ability. For example, those used by the East have the torii as the dominant motif of their Sign Frames, while the West has two overlapping squares as the shape of their Sign Frames. Sign Frames are also written in the user's native language (Sign Frames used by citizens of the West are written in German or Italian, those of the East in Japanese or Chinese, and those of the North in Russian and some Japanese and German). Sign Frames vary from palm-sized to large enough to hide massive ships. It is entirely possible for more advanced users to have custom-shaped Sign Frames. Sign Frames are used by users to interact with the ability they are using, and is in some cases the only way to perform such an interaction as abilities sometimes require activation through the use of Sign Frames. Otherwise, they provide an interface for users to determine the current status of the ability.

Sign Frames often show the name of the ability used and additional information such as the ability's specific information, and changes accordingly based on the ability's status. In some cases, abilities use Sign Frames as weapons instead of acting as mere interfaces for ability users. Abilities which use Sign Frames often use them for instantaneous manifestations of abilities like in shields, wherein used Sign Frames are destroyed the moment it is used in blocking enemy attacks. Using Sign Frames in such spells often have an advantage of easy deployment, as multiple Sign Frames can be moved and stacked like cards to boost the ability of one Sign Frame in an ability. Thus, Sign Frames are stronger when stacked and not by making them larger. As Magecraft is the "a powerset based on a concept," a Sign Frame is a "concept based on a powerset." Let's say that someone has the powerset of "speed." Their Sign Frames could manifest the concept of "Acceleration" and increase the user's speed. However, Sign Frames are not just for combat-related abilities.

About Liner culture: Liners are very close-knit, and they reside on floating ship-cities called Horizons. Horizons are divided into many different classes. All Liners have an "affirmative" response to something. The East has Jud. (ジャッジ, Jajji), which is the short form of the phrase Judgement. The West and North share a response, Tes. (テス, Tesu), an abbreviation of the word Testament.
Horizon Classes:
Wyvern-class - 1 to 3 kilometers
Dragon-class - 3 to 10 kilometers
Kraken-class - 10 to 32 kilometers
Jormungandr-class - 32 to 97 kilometers
Ziz-class - 97 to 291 kilometers
Bahamut-class - 291 to 974 kilometers
Leviathan-class - longer than 974 kilometers

Divine Correspondence: (神信(ディヴァインコレスポンデンス), Jinshin) Divine Correspondence is an ability which allows people to communicate to each other using Sign Frames. It is, by definition, "communication from the gods", or, "sacred communication". Using Divine Correspondence, a person can start a remote conversation with another person either through voice only or through a live video feed with the person on the other line. This is one of the most used functions of the Sign Frame because of the necessity of communicating with other people.

God Mosaic: (ゴッドモザイク, Goddomosaiku) Is an ability used by Liners instead of Shunpo. God Mosaic uses normal Sign Frames to move from place to place much like Shunpo. Where as Shunpo is one long step (essentially) to cross a river, God Mosaic is using many stepping stones to get over the river quickly. While it could be thought of as slower than Shunpo, God Mosaic is far more controllable.

Noblesse Sugiura

Noblesse Sugiura are, besides the Beast Sugiura, the rarest of all. Though to technically call them a sub-class is an insult to the Noblesse. The Noblesse are truly one of a kind and can be called the bridge between a Knight and a Magus. They have the Knight Sugiura's trait of being ambidextrous whilst also having a penchant for magic akin to that of a Magus. They are nobles, gifted with powerful weapons or trinkets called a Légendaire whose legends can be comparable to those of Guardian Beasts. To put it into a phrase (that is untrue in terms of the site)—King Arthur's legend would be a Guardian Beast, but Excalibur's legend would be a Légendaire. Noblesse Sugiura wield the Légendaire without using a Guardian Beast as it takes the place of one. However, it also changes the Sugiura to no longer use their own powers (i.e. the Denryoku no Sanbagarasu) but allows the Sugiura to use the powers the Légendaire holds. This normally does not take the form of releases like a normal Sugiura might have, but it most certainly can. The powers of a Légendaire are called Noble Phantasms. The Légendaire is generally almost always at full strength, making Noblesse the "strongest" Sugiura at the beginning. However, that's pure "strength." A Noblesse that tries to use too much of his Légendaire's power will most certainly have the Légendaire overpower him and kill him. Légendaire can go to another user after a user's death, as the contract between a Légendaire and its user is by blood. Upon mastering a Légendaire, it is entirely possible for an Alter to appear. However, that is not mandatory. One can't just release the power of a Légendaire like they want to. No, there is a thing called an Oblige. An Oblige is a prerequisite to use the power. It could be taking enough damage, it could be removing people from the area, it could be saying a simple phrase. An Oblige is always tied to a Légendaire, meaning that even if someone else inherits it, the Oblige stays the same. As it is always tied to the Légendaire, the Oblige must have some tie to the legend of the Légendaire. Another note is that many Noblesse take steps to hide their precious Légendaires, as it could easily give away the value of the item and makes them a target for thieves. It is also possible for a Noblesse to have up to three additional Légendaires, but that requires permission from Tsubine or Minato.


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PostSubject: Re: Sugiura Information   Sat May 18, 2013 7:41 pm

Collective conciousness of Light-based lifeforms

The Vajra. Strange, alien looking creatures spawned from the eternal well of life, recreated endlessly for the sole purpose of existing. Everything about them is an enigma - they seem to follow a form of intelligence, even though the biology of captured or destroyed forms do not indicate them on even having higher brain functions. Their weapons are highly destructive and seem mechanical, yet are completely biological in design and material. With every single fight, the Vajra adapt and evolve, and what might've once killed an entire swarm of them might now not even scratch a single small form.

The question that remains is why they even bother attacking the Sugiura, though. They first appeared during a raid on a BETA group, and were believed to be new forms of them - until they started to also attack the BETA. Their desire in combat is unknown, as they have not been observed taking any resources with them, or even eating fallen biological enemies. As they are still a large questionmark to even the military of the north, even their existance is classified to anyone not likely to encounter them on the field - even their name was only derived from the crazed ramblings of the only psychic that ever managed to enter the mind of one.

The Vajra Forms

Over time, multiple distincitvely different forms of Vajra have been observed. Alone, they almost always try to kill every living being around them, but while grouped, are known to utilize tactics and high level strategy. It is unknown at this point if they attack Sugiura out of malice, fear or maybe a reason that the normal mind cannot comprehend. Scientists have noted that, when compared to one another, younger specimen of the same Form will have differing defensive abilities - this has lead to the assumption that Vajra learn from attacks used on them, and adapt to them. Unconfirmed sources say that multiple Forms of Vajra by now even adapt their fighting style to humanoid opponents.

Larvae Form: The smallest observed Form of the Vajra. Unlike larger forms, these have not been seen attacking anything, and are also the only ones observed eating - although they do not eat any known substance, but a glowing white fluid produced by larger Vajra Forms for them. Assumption currently goes that they are the newly born Vajra, and as such, are harmless. Any sightings need to be reported, though, since infestation by multiple Larvae could very well be an invasion force used to hatch behind enemy lines. The color of Larvaes also shifts - there have been reports of white and yellow Larvae, which act, much like other Vajra Forms, in groups. Green Larvae have also been seen, but they seem to be rare - only one sighting is officially confirmed so far, and could have been a single mutation. In the case of finding multiple Larvae, elimination should only be done after confirming that no larger Forms are in direct vicinity, as they will try to defend the young.

Small Form: The name should not be taken literally in this case. A Small Form Vajra is still larger than most Tsurugi and other large combat suits, and exceptionally fast. Deployed as shock-troopers and first offense of the Vajra, they can freely fly in ways normal technology doesn't allow for. The 'horn' on their front allows for an incredibly devastating tackle attack, and they have a rapid-fire guns mounted to both the horn and their bodies. The large tail is equipped with a hook of hard material, able to rip apart most armors by swiping past them. Last, but by no means least - Vajra have missiles stored in their bodies. LOTS of missiles. And they produce new ones fairly quickly. A single Vajra missile doesn't cause too much damage to proper defense, but you will not face a single missile. You will face hundreds, from a single Small Form. Only fast movement and erratic dodging maneuvers can get out of these massacres. The downtime between each missile barrage is roughly three minutes, in which the Vajra must be engaged quickly and destroyed. Close combat is advised, as they will be unable to utilize their devastating missiles. Small forms are usually beige in color, but rare green forms have been seen in the field. Their color also reportedly changes when they use 'active armor', an ability they use to deflect energy weapons. This ability was recently developed by them.

Large Form: These flying tanks make up a smaller part of the Vajra battle force, but are also way more dangerous even alone. Their hard shells and beetle-like appearance makes it unadviseable to engage them in close combat - their strong front legs can grab most oppositions and crush them, or hold them close enough to be massacred by their array of fast-firing heavy guns. Like smaller Vajra, they can unleash a torrent of missiles. These do not have higher destructive power, but unlike smaller forms, a Large Form can unleash the next barrage as soon as twenty seconds after the first. The real devastation comes from the 'horn' of Large Forms - it can be utilized as a high-energy beam cannon, easily able to rip through entire battleships with a single usage. Deflector shields are usually the only thing able to stand up to these beams, as normal materials quickly melt and evaporate, even hardest metal. Like the Small Form, they recently developed 'active armor' to protect them from high energy beams. Sniping and rapid-fire with heavy explosives or large calibre rounds is advised.
The Large Forms are also able to 'teleport' with an ability called 'Fold Space', a technology that the North recently discovered themselves. It allows them to transport smaller forms with them into combat.

Carrier Form: A gigantic form only rarely encountered with huge swarms. Their size varies from 500 to over 1000 meters, and since not a single one has been disabled or destroyed so far, it is unknown wether or not they are living beings like the rest of the Vajra. They are known to operate as levitating bases for the Vajra armada, but are fairly slow compared to fighter forms. They are equipped with large anti-aircraft cannons wich make boarding them nearly impossible. Like Large Forms, they are able to open Fold Space rifts, but on a much larger scale.

Special Notice: Should a Carrier Form switch to the 'open' mode, immedeatly evacuate the area infront of it and cease all battle actions for a swift retreat. Underestimating the power of this particle cannon will lead to certain death.

Queen Form: This form has only been seen once at the initial first contact. The scale of this being is massive - it easily towers as high as a mountain. From what little we know of the Vajra, this 'Queen' seems to be their center and their source - and it's mobile, although rather slow. Combat capabilities are not yet determined, but any offensive measures need to be cleared with the highest ranking officer present. Attacking it could very well lead to an all-out war against the Vajra. No communication with the Queen Form has been reached yet. From the first-hand reports of their first sighting, the Queen seemingly commands all of the Vajra swarms at once.

Extra Note: Special Forms

Other forms of Vajra may exist already, but their identification is not an easy task. As the source of Vajra is apparently a 'shard of life', and given their adaptive capabilities, some of the more paranoid scientists even suspect them being soon able to take on humanoid forms for any number of purposes. Even without such extreme possibilities, the Vajra release a 'virus' through their metabolism, which causes a V-Type infection in Sugiura. This infection leads to them developing multiple brain tumors in the form of pink crystals, which will eventually kill the victim. Mortality rate so far is 100%, but infection rate is low. Infected in later stages develop other dysfunctions as well - 'hearing' the voices of Vajra in their head, feeling when they are nearby, and hair color changing into a slight tone of green, which eyes taking on red and pink colors. Death often follows shortly after.

Operation Frontier

Much like the Alternative programs, attempts have been made to communicate with the Vajra, especially since they seem less vicious than the BETA. So far, the only successful attempt was done via a psychic link to a captured Vajra form - however, the 'mind' of the Vajra was so alien that it nearly killed all of the psychics involved in the event. What little could be salvaged from the initial reports is that Vajra seemingly do not have individual sentience or even identities - each 'swarm' is an 'identity' in a 'colony' of Vajra. The name Vajra was taken from the only name they mentioned in this network. The only surviving psychic of the event had been deemed mentally unstable and was under constant surveilance, until he came down with V-Type infection. Since he was never in direct contact with a Vajra, the infection was most likely caused by the mental link, and any other attempts to link with the Vajra were suspended indefinitely.
Verbal communication has proven to be impossible. However, crystalized Vajra blood - a special pink crystal, not unlike those found in V-Type infection victims - has been shown to carry any sort of audio input through very far distances, possible application to communicate or fight the Vajra with this new knowledge is still being researched.

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Sugiura Information
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