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 Human Information

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PostSubject: Human Information   Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:35 pm

There are three types of humans. There are those who have no powers and those who do, and those who have powers are split into those that use Reishi and those that use Qi. Sēng (僧; lit. Priest) is what the ones with powers are called, no matter which one they use. As Qi is a mainly Chinese aspect, their titles and such are in traditional Chinese.

Qi is, in essence, a spiritual energy much like reishi. The art of using Qi is called "Yìshù Shēnghuó" (藝術生活; Chn. Art of Life). The short way of calling Qi users is "Shēnghuó." However, it can be called the "energy of life," as it only exists in large amounts when there are living beings nearby. This means Earth has more Qi than the Soul Society, because the Soul Society has no 'living' residents. Those that use Qi are separated into two types: Gōngnéng (機能; lit. 'Ability') and Jìnéng (技能; lit. 'Skill'). Gōngnéng are those that use the Qi around them to manifest 'Qi Clumps' around them to act as powers. On the other hand, Jìnéng manipulate the internal Qi of one's body to manifest powers. Gōngnéng are generally better at ranged combat and such, as their Qi is not within themselves. However, Jìnéng are far more superior with using the internal Qi at close ranges. This makes a team of a Gōngnéng and Jìnéng far more superior than a team of one or the other.

The Spiritual can also be called 'those that use death.' They are the mirror to Qi. Whereas the art of using Qi is Yìshù Shēnghuó, the art of using Reishi is "Yìshù Sǐwáng" (藝術生活; Chn. The Art of Death). The short way of calling Reishi users is "Sǐwáng." Reishi is still usable in the World of the Living, but it is very weakened. This is because Sǐwáng uses death, so their powers are more powerful when in Hueco Mundo, Soul Society, etc. as there is much more 'death' there. However, they also have their abilities split in two. Shílì (實力; Chn. Strength) is the first type, and is comparable to Gōngnéng. Shílì uses the Reishi around the user, making them exceptionally dangerous in the 'Realms of the Spiritual.' Zhànlüè (戰略 ; Chn. Strategy) is the second type, comparable to Jìnéng. Zhànlüè uses the user's internal Reishi. This allows them to fight the same in the World of the Living and the Realms of the Spiritual. However, they have a very limited supply, making them closer to a balanced fighter.

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Human Information
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